2015 Key turning point to save the planet

In 2008, British scientists declared that humans have only seven years left to save the planet and humanity themselves! If greenhouse gases cannot be controlled in these seven years, then the earth will enter an irreversible vicious circle in 2015. All kinds of disasters will sweep the earth, causing humans to encounter all kinds of unprecedented “doomsdays”.
This is not an alarmist. British scientists claim that if human efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions fail, then the Earth will face the greatest disaster threat since the asteroids hit the Earth 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of dinosaurs, a series of catastrophic Natural events will sweep the earth unstoppably. Experts say that the current climate of the Earth is less than 1 degree Celsius from the warmest climate in 1 million years. If humans burn out other fossil fuels left on Earth, the temperature of the Earth will rise by 13 degrees Celsius. Within a year, the lack of water resources will become a headache, and violent conflicts may follow.
Pathogens swept through modern cities. If the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, some killer bacteria from the tropical jungle will sweep through the modern city of mankind. Mosquitoes with malaria will take root and multiply in the UK, most European countries and the continental United States, and malaria now kills about 1.5 million people worldwide each year. The deadly viruses carried by other insects will also follow, such as dengue fever, West Nile virus, encephalitis and yellow fever. If human efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions fail, by the end of the century more than 180 million Africans will die from deadly diseases related to climate warming.
In the next few decades, the “climate refugees” who were forced to leave their homes will rise to 1 billion people. Experts say: “By the middle of this century, climate warming will force people to leave their homes and cross borders into neighboring countries, triggering social instability, racism and resentment from local residents. & rdquo; Climate warming will cause many parts of the world, including California, Australia, southern Europe and most of Africa, to be gradually eaten or deserted by the desert, and millions of Africans will experience drought and famine. By 2050, how to feed the 9 billion people on the planet will bring an unimaginable burden to the planet and agriculture.
In the early 21st century, it has been described by some scientists as the beginning of the 6th era of annihilation. Today, the rate of disappearance of biological species on Earth is 1,000 times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years. Experts predict that by 2050, a quarter of the plants and animals on the land will suffer extinction, especially animals such as polar bears are in danger of extinction.
The UN report pointed out that nine of the top ten natural disasters in 2007 were caused by climate anomalies. There are indications that the Earth’s ecological environment is undergoing qualitative changes. Behind the enjoyment of material civilization that gives us a comfortable life, there is a huge crisis. The Earth’s north and south glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate. This disappears not only with beautiful glaciers, but also with the ecological environment we live on. Global warming is evolving into a huge crisis in human history. Humanity is facing the danger of collective extinction. If we ignore it, we will become the chief culprit of the children.

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