2019 global industrial robotics market size and growth trend analysis – by the downstream industry, the impact of industrial robotics industry cold

Industrial robots are the most representative intelligent manufacturing equipment. Japan, the United States, Germany and South Korea is an industrial robot powerhouse. Japan is known as “robot kingdom”, in terms of production, export and use of industrial robots in the world are the top; the amount of equipment of industrial robots in Japan accounted for about 60% of world industrial robot amount of equipment. International industrial robot market by the economic impact of the slowdown in the United States is the birthplace of the robot, as early as 1962 developed the world’s first industrial robot, in spite of theoretical research in the history of the United States through a robot development attention, ignore application development tortuous road of research, but the US robotics in the international community still has a leading position, its comprehensive technology, advanced, adaptability is also very strong. The total number of industrial robots in Germany in third place in the world CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , after Japan and the United States; research and application of industrial robots in Germany in a leading position in the world. South Korea is a rising star of the industrial robot, in the late 1980s began to develop industrial robot technology, under the guidance of the government-funded and South Korea in recent years has been among the robot powers. At the same time, industrial robots in the field of world-renowned manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, the US, Germany and other developed countries represented, such as Swedish ABB, Japan’s Fanuc (FANUC), Yaskawa Electric (YASKAWA), Germany KUKA (KUKA), Italy and the United States American robot Comau (COMAU), these manufacturers of industrial robots have become an industry standard in the world are widely used.
Since 2010, with the development of robotics and industrial automation technology innovation, global demand for industrial robots has been significantly accelerated. 2012-2017, the global robot sales compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 19% compared with the previous sales of industrial robots has never been a substantial increase over. From 2005 to 2008, the global robot average annual sales of about 115,000 units, but because of the financial crisis in 2009 led to robot sales fell sharply. In 2010, investment is restricted in 2009 to become the main driver of the increase of robot sales. In 2011-2017, the average annual global sales volume increased to 23.6 million units CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , about 2005–2 times the average annual sales in 2008. In 2015-2017, the average annual global sales of robots increase to about 31 million units, which is the world’s demand for industrial robots increased significantly logo. According to the latest report of IFR (International Federation of Robotics) released 2018 global sales of industrial robots continue to maintain rapid growth, reaching 384,000 units, up 1%.
From the size of the market point of view, 2013-2018 global industrial robotics market size has been in a steady upward trend in 2018 has reached $ 16.82 billion.
market demand, mainly in the automotive, electronics and metal manufacturing, automotive, electrical and electronics, metals and machinery, chemical and food and beverage industries a total of five industrial robot industry is important applications industry, industry sales accounted for five more than 80%. The automotive industry and the electrical and electronic industry is the most important industrial robots two industries, two industries accounted for more than 60% of sales. According to 2018 IFR data, in 2018 the world’s industrial robots in the automotive, electrical and electronics, gold and mechanical, chemical and food industry sales accounted for respectively 37.44%, 26.28%, 11.16%, 5.35%, 2.79%.
regional distribution of international markets – China has become the world’s most important consumer Japan, the level of industrial robots in Germany the world’s leading, four families is the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots, mainly because they have first-mover advantage and technology precipitation. Japan have strong technical barriers in key industrial robot components (reducer, servo motor, etc.) of research and development. German industrial robot has some advantages in terms of integration of raw materials, components and systems of the body. Since changes in global installed capacity of industrial robots point of view, according to IFR statistics, in 2018 China increase production to 147,682 units, the proportion of installed capacity in North America, Japan, South Korea and Germany fell slightly. Overall, the 2018 Asia-Pacific region is still the biggest industrial output increment robot market.
become a sore point with the aging of the major countries, industrial robots will usher in an important period of development Institute for Prospective industry analysts believe that the major industrial countries proposed the robotics industry policy, such as the German Industry 4.0, Japanese robot new strategy, the United States advanced manufacturing partnerWith plans, mainland China’s 1.3 Five-Year Plan and the “Made in China 2025” and other national policies, are included in the development of the robotics industry as an important connotation Control Engineering Copyright , the industrial robot market will lead to continued growth in cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , IFR expects 2024 global industrial robot production will reach 85 million units control Engineering Copyright , sales of $ 35.5 billion.

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