2019 New Perspective: On the latest developments and IPC classification

With the continuous development of industry, market demand for IPC rising. Initially, the IPC only for industrial process measurement, control, management and other aspects. And with embedded computer, industrial panel PC applications derived , IPC is no longer confined to the field of industrial automation, has now become the core of the information industry automation equipment and infrastructure equipment.
According to professional analysis report, the domestic IPC market average annual growth rate of more than 15%, IPC potential in all walks of life are constantly being excavated, increasingly strong market demand, IPC’s role has become increasingly important . In this context, industrial machines, industrial boards, data acquisition boards, and other applications related manufacturers will usher chain significant opportunity for development. At present the domestic industrial market Control Engineering Copyright , mainly to foreign Siemens, Beckhoff, B & R, Omron, Kontron and other international brands dominate, but like Advantech, EVOC, NORCO, AAEON, Queensland Institute, also well-known brands, because of its wealth of industry experience, but also occupy some market share, it also wanted to touch intelligent, GSK, Apu Qi and other rising star brand gradually open the market, it can be said as the market rising demand, domestic brands are constantly emerging.
Then, in the trend of industrial automation, follow the small series together to find out what is the latest IPC and its classification of it! What is the IPC? IPC namely industrial control computer, but now, more fashionable name for industrial computers or industrial computers, English abbreviation IPC, the full name of Industrial Personal Computer. IPC said the popular computer is specifically designed for the industrial site. What IPC classification? The main categories of IPC are: IPC (PC bus industrial computer), PLC (programmable control system), DCS (distributed control system), FCS (field bus system) and CNC (CNC) are five. 1, IPC namely PC-based industrial computer bus. Because of its low price, high quality, large output, abundant hardware / software resources, has been familiar with and recognized by the majority of the technical staff, which is the basis of industrial computer hot. At the same time, IPC has the reliability, timeliness, scalability features, compatibility, electromagnetic interference can solve the industrial field, vibration, dust, high / low temperature and other issues. Applications: can be connected to the industrial field of the various peripherals, such as the channel controller cards, video surveillance system, a vehicle detector, so as to accomplish various tasks.
2, PLC programmable-logic controller. PLC specifically for applications in industrial environments operating electronic digital computing system. It uses a programmable memory, stores therein performs logical, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operation instructions and the like to control various types of mechanical equipment or a digital or analog input and output through the process. Applications: can be widely used in various fields of industrial control , it is a huge thrust to promote mechanical and electrical integration process. 3, DCS i.e. distributed control system. It is a high performance, high quality, low cost, flexible configuration of the distributed control system products, may constitute a variety of independent control systems, distributed control system DCS, supervisory control and data acquisition system (the SCADA), to meet a variety of industrial needs in the area of ​​process control and information management. Applications: can be widely used in a variety of large, medium, transformation of decentralized control, power plant automation system of small power plants as well as iron and steel, petrochemical, paper, cement and other industrial process control. 4, FCS i.e. fieldbus control system. It is an all-digital serial, two-way communication system. Measuring and control equipment in the system, such as a probe, the actuator and the controller may be interconnected, monitoring and control. In a hierarchical network of the plant, both as a process control (e.g., PLC, LC, etc.) and the smart meter applications (e.g., drive, valve, bar code readers, etc.) of the local network, but also with an embedded control application distributed over the network Features. Applications: a wide range of applications, now known on the international field bus types are more than forty kinds of typical fieldbus have: FF, Profibus, LONworks CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , CAN, HART, CC-LINK and so on.
5, CNC i.e. computer numerical control system. It is the use of a microprocessor or special purpose computer numerical control system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a system program previously stored in the memory (software) inThe control logic implemented, NC implement some or all functions, and a peripheral device coupled via an interface. Applications: Manufacturing Technology; Information processing, processing, transmission technology; automatic control technology; servo drive technology; sensor technology; software technology.

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