2019 or scale up to 68 billion yuan was the network security market intranet / Internet security industry market prospects

With the continuous improvement of Internet technology, the rapid popularization and application, market volume is growing, but it is followed by network security threats and risks have become increasingly prominent. Our country attaches great importance to network and information security issues, and has taken a series of major initiatives to deal with the increasingly prominent network and information security, network security market in China developed rapidly. According to data predicted that by 2019 China’s online security market size or up to 680 billion yuan, an increase of 25%. With more attention to network security and layout, the size of the market will continue to expand, is expected to 2021 China’s network security market will reach one hundred billion yuan. In this context, two important segments of the network security market will usher in development opportunities. First, the Internet of Things security market has great potential cloud security involves the scope is very broad, networking is the huge potential of those areas. With things in the production, consumption, security and other fields of application further penetration of the Internet of Things equipment scale showing explosive growth. Things in our daily life, work to bring convenient, but there are also risks, things get more and more attention to information security.
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With the application of deepening future massing of Things market will continue to expand, networking and security market ushered in rapid development. According to statistics, in 2018 China Internet of Things security market size over 8.8 billion yuan, an increase of 35%. With the continued growth of the market is expected in 2019 IOT security market size of nearly 13 billion yuan. By 2021, things will exceed 30 billion yuan market scale security, or over five percent.
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Second, the industrial scale Internet security market in 2018, attacks on critical infrastructure manufacturing, communications, energy, municipal facilities, etc. occur frequently, attacked the industries expanding, it has become even more serious consequences, attention industry Internet security market will increase. With the intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet to promote the continued introduction of the policy, the government and companies began to gradually pay attention to investment in the Internet security industry, the industry has a faster growth of the Internet market. According to statistics, in 2018 China Internet security industry market size of about 95 billion yuan, an increase of refrain. With the emphasis on Internet security industry, the future size of the market will expand, is expected to nearly 12.5 billion yuan in 2019. To 2021 year, Chinese Internet industry or scale will reach 23 billion yuan, rose over 35%.
Source: Institute for Industrial Commercial finish
Third, the development trend (1) self-controlled technology to defend cyberspace “Thirteen Five” period, self-control and information security market trend is the localization of alternatives clear. On the technical side, network security products in order to complete self-control, alternative must achieve localization in a key part of the following, include: chips, operating systems, databases and middleware. From the point of view of the chip, the Godson China, Shen Wei, Zhao soar and core, respectively, using MIPS, Alpha, ARM and X86 architecture, whether it is self-developed instruction set and microstructure, or buying foreign manufacturers authorized instruction set with independent research and development microstructure and open source inspection, are to meet at this stage controllable safety requirements. From the analysis of the domestic operating system, Kylin, Price Waterhouse and other domestic operating system to meet the needs of self-control, it has been formed for desktop operating systems, server operating systems, security, operating systems and other types of products, to support X86, Godson, Shen Wei, soar and other CPU platforms. Based on the above situation analysis, self-control technology for a key component, the industry has basically have the capabilities to produce alternative products abroad, the application conditions are relatively mature. It is foreseeable that, self-controlled products will develop in such good condition, truly defend the country in cyberspace. (2) Things security usher in development opportunities According to statistics, in 2018 the rapid growth of IoT devices , the number of devices worldwide has reached 70 million units. With the large number of IoT devices, and there are many devices loopholes and weak passwords, another serious challenge infection problems, leading our country become the world’s most frequent IoT attack, but also the biggest victim (proportion of the total attacks reached 19.73 percent) . 5G and IoT in the field CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , very large number of terminals, when a large number of terminal control device has been compromised, an attacker could exploit these devices DDoS attacks or malicious mining, resulting in material normal traffic on networked devices affected. The IoT all directions have been developed to more independent art, security in the various fieldsFull requirements differ. With the future development of the field of IoT 5G and things that will secure the future of IoT huge market space. (3) cloud intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other predictive technologies become the focus of traditional security security architecture, the more dependent feature matching pattern. In this mode, protective equipment need to first write an attack signature database before you can attack this defense, safety equipment and features of the library, the number is very limited, so the biggest problem is the lag and limitations, protective side forever behind the attacker, and other unknown threats against 0day powerless. Today, the trend of network security industry is a flip turn for the upper hand, so that security becomes more active, more front, the main technical means including cloud threat intelligence and machine learning techniques to predict. (4) adaptive security infrastructure to promote safe landing adaptive intelligent safety system to break the traditional theory of the concept of security , an increase of many links in the security architecture, pointed out the different aspects of integration relationship, which led not only to the security products continue to introduce new features, but also different and interrelated functions organized in the order, in order to advance the technology of intelligent landing on security products. In the future, we will include more adaptive security aspects, features, security products will also be more and more, has become an inevitable trend in the development of intelligence. (5) cloud security spawned new virtualization security infrastructure cloud security technology development CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not only to better address the cloud security issues, but also with NFV (network function virtualization) of ecological get a good development. At present, the security capabilities of virtualization technology + security architecture is the ability to schedule a number of one product, such as level of protection one machine, one machine export outlets, data center security guard one machine, it has achieved a partial substitute for the embedded network communication platform . Future, the division of network security technology will be more sophisticated, security capabilities will be more and more, especially in the private cloud and other environments is particularly evident CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a new virtualization security architecture will have more broad application prospects.

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