2019 Robot Industry Focus: an urgent need to develop a unified cloud platform compatible

2019 Control Engineering Copyright , foreign media “The Robot Report” raised the issue of the robotics industry need to be resolved, and that is cloud robotics development platform that can allow code-sharing, to establish a unified standard, large-scale simulation at the same time You can also dock the robot device. And this compatibility layer will greatly promote the development of the robotics industry.
need to establish the main problems the industry standard intelligent robot yet to come is the lack of software and hardware standards. Robotics nascent Control Engineering Copyright , most of the parts have to be custom , each robot experts have to start creating your own routines to access robotic equipment everyone in the creation of different localization and mapping software, everyone create their own object recognition system, everybody is creating a different routine. However, to build a single system itself in these systems is a difficult task. Therefore, you can build a dedicated navigation, object recognition, you can seize the team complete robotic system objects, you must create all of these components. Hardware and software are lack of global standards robots, not to mention the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning techniques. In retrospect, we have not established a well-defined platform , will be connected to a different robot manufacturers of components. The software follows the standard model developed robot can overcome the problems mentioned above. Like different printers can use Windows systems, because the operating system itself is a compatibility layer, different parts of the robot can work in the same system. And such software already exists, and this is one of the biggest advances in the past 10 years for the public to develop robot technology, robot operating system (ROS). ROS can let people around the world to share code, and robotics experts no longer necessary to build repeat as the early 2000s. Through a common interface to access the hardware, ROS allows the same program to run on different robots.
even need to build a unified platform to create ROS-based program, but that does not mean that the robot can operate freely. In many cases, the ROS-based code to download only the first step, so that the code to adapt to a particular computer. And its useOthers produced ROS code that is much faster than starting from scratch, but the rapid development of the robot is still not enough. Because ROS platform still some problems, such as code synchronization problem can not be updated with the device. So we need to develop a robotic system that can create, test and share robot software. The robot system with a single click to copy the code, people can more quickly verify the results of other developers and start building from the foundation has been running on. The system allows developers to share code has been run in conjunction with other people through the simple process. Then, the recipient can reproduce exactly the same results immediately, regardless of whether the machine is running on Linux, Windows or Mac OS. With this solution, no one would waste time on the initial code because it can be shared. Instead, the robot developers can continue and move forward from the current results. And such systems, cloud technology can help us achieve Control Engineering Copyright , it is time to move to the cloud robotics.
cloud a cloud development platform for robotics robot development platform needs to meet the following conditions: * must be based on cloud: This is a mandatory requirement, because the only way to guarantee the implementation of the conditions are the same for all cases. Conditions for the implementation of the code is a cloud computer, not the local computer. Cloud computer software is to ensure that the foundation of all instances with the same conditions. * Proof of concept must be applied to the robot simulation: This requirement allows the solutions proposed in the simulation to see how it actually works. Even simulate different from the real robot, they also provide equipment is a good functional test. In addition, the simulation provides a good method for comparing operation results in a massive way, which will enable us to benchmark solutions. * Must allow the use of standard procedures transferred to the real robot: Finally, the program must be able to work on a real robot. In sending to the robot controller, the step of changing a number of code execution condition may occur. In order to ensure that the results of any developer to achieve the same in the real robot, the transfer process must be standardized. 2019 Control Engineering Copyright , we still can not bear to imagine the tedious and dangerous task robots. Robotics development from the beginning to now, although there are many improvements, but sinceIntelligent robots move or not and we still have a long way to go away from this goal appears. And a cloud-based robotic platform that can accelerate the development direction of the robot toward more intelligent.

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