2019 two of the country | NPC hot Internet industry

the Internet industry, the product as a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth of integration, is increasingly becoming the key to support new industrial revolution, the future of industrial development to produce a comprehensive, in-depth revolutionary impact. Currently, the construction and development of the Internet industry, ushered in a crucial historical opportunity, two of the country during 2019 is being held, the Internet industry has become the hot topic on behalf of members of conferences and attention. Liu Lihua: Industrial Manufacturing Internet to promote the development of high-quality
former deputy minister, deputy director of the Thirteenth Economic Committee of CPPCC, the Ministry of Industry Liu Lihua from what the Internet to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing in depth analysis. Liu Lihua noted that the development of the Internet industry first, help to optimize inventory, reduce overall costs, such as reducing the amount of labor, compression transportation costs, improve product quality. At present, the pilot in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region; the second is the Internet industry is conducive to the expansion of the increment, to better support the advanced manufacturing extend the value chain, to achieve cross-device, cross-system, cross-plant and inter-regional interoperability, increase corporate profits, pushing the entire manufacturing intelligence service system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , promote the development of service-oriented manufacturing; Third, industrial development facility in favor of the Internet to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Manufacturing and services by the depth of integration, resource cross-industry, cross-regional, cross-rapid convergence of time and space. Xu Xiaolan: industrial construction related to the Internet core competitiveness of China
Thirteenth CPPCC Standing Committee, president of China Internet Industry Research Institute Xu Xiaolan told the media CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Internet is both industrial development of the digital economy essential infrastructure is an important starting point to promote the development of manufacturing high-quality, high-quality development of the national economy will play an important role in promoting. Xu Xiaolan said in his speech, the Internet industry, artificial intelligence and new things as infrastructure, has an important role in promoting the construction of the digital economy. We see that Germany introduced the “Industry 2030” program, the United States also give the country to promote the development of artificial intelligence, the ultimate focus is to explore new momentum of economic and social development, enhance their core competitiveness. Xu Xiaolan pointed out that currently, construction and industrial development of the Internet has ushered in a crucial historical opportunity, we need to develop the Internet industry as a starting point for the development of high-quality manufacturing, and ultimately promote the development of high-quality national economy and society. Zhang Jun: Chi networking industry is a new knowledge and skills as the core of the Internet industry system
Beijing Polytechnic University, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Jun at the meeting demonstrated its Internet + Intelligent Manufacturing industry by creating the “Industrial progress intellectual things “. Zhang said that after 5G large-scale commercial, the development of intelligent industrial entities will be greatly enhanced, and finally achieve synergies through the man-machine interaction was intelligent level. “Industrial Networking Chi is a new knowledge and skills as the core of the Internet industry system.” Zhang pointed out that in the future we need to cultivate new format based on industry wisdom networking, new models, new applications, form a group of major industrial networking applications wisdom, seize the commanding heights of wisdom networking. Meanwhile, personnel training in related fields also need to upgrade, Zhang believes that to increase industrial intellectual networking personnel training, cross-border cultivate innovative talents proficient in manufacturing and information technology. Zhou Yunjie: proposed legislation to protect the industry of Internet data security
National People’s Congress, the Haier Group President Zhou Yunjie recommendations to strengthen legislation related fields, in order to protect things, especially in the Internet industry data security. Zhou Yunjie said he sustained attention in recent years, Internet data security issues, including both consumer spending data, including industrial and more Internet information security issues. He believes that in the era of things, consumption data security legislation and data aspects of things to be strengthened. Both to give consumers a better consumer experience, but also to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Zhou Yunjie said that consumer protection, security of user data is divided into three levels: First, the legislative level, to establish a sound system; the second is the technical level, to be able to protect each individual data privacy; third is the level of corporate culture, to establish a kind of respect for the consumer, respecting consumer privacy culture. For Industrial Internet data security problem, Zhou Yunjie that this matter of national industrial safety, because the transaction data of the Internet industry, wider than the consumption data, the structure is more complex CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , involves a lot of design data, risk elements, but also involves a lot of information for consumers, so it’s information security appear to be moreIt is important. Sun Pishu: Industrial ultimate goal is to link consumers to the Internet
National People’s Congress, Sun Pishu wave chairman said that “the current Internet industry is still in its infancy, mainly driven enterprise cloud platform on the stage.” Sun Pishu think that the Internet is a new industry an important part of the Internet, the Internet industry’s ultimate goal is linked to the C-terminus, to achieve B2B2C, and ultimately the new Internet. For the current development of industry Internet, he said that as still in its infancy, is currently accelerating the industrial development of the Internet, the key need to address the real economy, especially private enterprises, small and medium enterprises to the cloud on enterprise, digital transformation afraid of difficulties Control Engineering Copyright (C) , promote the enterprise cloud platform, to achieve cost quality and efficiency. In addition, he also believes that lack of supply of cloud chemical industry software solution is not strong, difficult to form industrial innovation ecosystem. Recommendations to promote the construction of industrial PaaS platform to the open source model, fostering massive industrial APP, to promote the development of the software industry, building industry PaaS ecosystem. Which is an important part of cloud ERP software and cloud industry APP will play an important role in the industrial age of the Internet. Industrial Internet platform is the core of the Internet industry, industrial resources ubiquitous connection, an important hub elasticity of supply and efficient configuration. For the development of industry Internet platform, Sun Pishu that the current industry Internet platform, although many, but the lack of a typical model benchmark, so he suggested that the Internet industry operators should be combined with more segments of the industry leading companies to establish a model together to create industry-level industrial internet platform. It is worth mentioning that, due to industrial internet platform for a large initial investment, short-term slow effect, he believes that the country needs financial support, while those who have trusted cloud platform support capabilities, enterprise information to promote service capabilities, advanced manufacturing experience in the industry internet platform operators to give preferential policies to market.

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