280,000 people in France protest against rising oil prices, more than 200 injured

China News Service, Paris, November 17 (Reporter Li Yang) French official local time on the evening of the 17th revealed that there were 280,000 people participating in the anti-oil price demonstrations on the same day, more than 200 people were injured in the demonstration.

The French Ministry of the Interior released news that night, about 282,700 people participated in the demonstration, and 229 people were injured in the demonstration. Six of them were seriously injured. The above figures have increased significantly compared to the figures published earlier in the day. The number of deaths in the demonstration remains one. In addition, the French police arrested a total of 117 people throughout the day.

The French Minister of the Interior, Castane, inspected the traffic command center and reiterated that the demonstrators were obstructing the road, and he asked the organizers of the demonstrations to take responsibility.

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