5G + Intelligent Manufacturing Manufacturing in Zhejiang upgrade

As the pace of business on the layout of the industrial chain to accelerate our 5G, 5G life is getting closer and closer to us. 5G our lives biggest change will occur in the Internet industry, manufacturing quality and efficiency and help the real economy restructuring and upgrading. 5G 5G boost industrial development of the Internet can be provided over the Internet for industrial 10G peak rate, transmission delay millisecond, one hundred billion connectivity and nanosecond high synchronization accuracy, thereby opening depth human-computer interaction, all interconnected wide new era, new vitality to upgrade quality and efficiency of the manufacturing sector and the real economy in transition. In industry, 5G can be things, aspects of automation and control, industrial applications such as AR, boost industrial processes remodeling. Things in the smart factory, 5G technology can be adapted to different industrial scenarios, to meet the connectivity needs of the vast majority of things. Prolonged industrial automation control 5G providing low, high reliability, mass network connection, such that the closed-loop control applications is made possible by a wireless network connection. AR AR AR numerous industry scenarios in intelligent manufacturing process, can greatly reduce labor costs Control Engineering Copyright and improve efficiency. Such as remote monitoring processes and production processes, remote guidance in the production tasks, equipment maintenance remote expert business support and other scenes. Zhejiang 5G + Internet industry practice, Zhejiang Mobile has concentrated promote 5G, artificial intelligence, networking, cloud computing, big data integration of innovation, with major industrial edge computing applications, currently has a demonstration of more than 30 points, Hangzhou Steam Turbine, Xin’an chemical, Xilinmen Shaoxing, Tongxiang Fengming, Ningbo, Zhejiang Zhoushan Port, a large number of well-known companies to tap 5G. In Xilinmen factory, we have three pocket spring production line, production line 2 quilted manufactured through 5G intelligent network. Mattress production, especially in intelligent production processes pocketed springs, the information between mechanical systems and control systems conducted “delay” requirement is very high, must be guaranteed in less than 30 milliseconds, otherwise it will affect the production process and bed mat quality. Staff, one month down CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , delay 5G network remained at less than 25 milliseconds, the number of breaks very little. Hangzhou Steam Turbine Group and Zhejiang Mobile to build 5G modeling three-dimensional scanning detection system.
HSTGGroup 5G modeling three-dimensional scanning detection system significantly enhancing the efficiency
by a laser scanning technique Copyright Control Engineering , can quickly obtain accurate three-dimensional surface data and generating three-dimensional model, as measured by real time network 5G the data to the cloud mass, fast processing than the cloud server, and determines whether the three-dimensional solid model of the original model is consistent with the theoretical, while real-time feedback to the factory results. The system enables the detection time from 2 to 3 days to 3 to 5 minutes , based on total amount of product detected achieve the established quality information database further, in order to analyze the quality of the late traceability not only cost savings, but also directly enhance efficiency. Promote the development of intelligent manufacturing 5G + 5G Hangzhou as the pilot city of the three operators, we have a first-mover advantage. Zhejiang Province issued the “Opinions on Accelerating industrial development of 5G” made it clear that 2022 should be the first area of ​​the country 5G network construction, innovative applications and demonstration area industries gathering area, 5G related industries to achieve operating income 400 000 000 000 yuan, support the digital economy industrial core business revenue of 2.5 trillion yuan. In the “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing” pilot and demonstration projects, Zhejiang proposed to carry out the “5G + Industrial Internet” pilot demonstration, key enterprises to build human, machine, material things fully interconnected network system of the plant. 5G and promote things, the integration of artificial intelligence, industrial visual inspection, industrial AR / VR, wireless automation, cloud robotics, logistics tracking and other applications, as well as manufacturing equipment self-aware, self-learning, adaptive, self-control . Promotion of “5G + Intelligent Manufacturing” new model , scroll through the implementation of 500 intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects, the construction of “no shop” “unmanned factory.” Zhejiang Mobile said the next step to carry out application testing in remote maintenance, intelligent control, industrial quality inspection. Zhejiang will accelerate the upgrading of the manufacturing sector in the 5G help maintain a strong competitive edge in the new era.

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