5G: the traditional industrial system caused disruptive changes

Commercial license issuance, means that China has officially entered the first year of commercial 5G. 5G network not only brings big broadband high-speed, low-latency high-reliability network environment connected mass, more traditional industrial manufacturing offers new possibilities. 5G promote the transition from telecommunications services to new growth industries, boost quality and efficiency of industrial development, has become the focus of attention. To provide more traditional industries 5G may seem just another generation of telecommunications technology has evolved, but people expect it to be stronger than any previous technology upgrading. Chinese Academy of ICT chief engineer Yu Xiaohui expressed: “5G traditional industrial system can bring disruptive change, so far the entire global system of industrial applications of wireless technology, there is no better technology to meet industry performance, but 5G provides a very large possibilities, so the future of a great change. “the industry believes that, 5G industry will reach outbreak in 2020, the unmanned intelligent vehicle, industrial automation, medical and other fields wisdom will directly benefit from 5G. China Jianyin Investment Research Institute recently released the “China Investment and Development Report (2019)” shows that in order to 5G-driven digital economy related industries, will be the main line of 2019 a large investment in key areas of the industry. Smart car, smart healthcare, smart home, the robot industry there is a trend of investment opportunities. “5G technology in the future will be mainly used in mobile networking, mobile Internet of things will be the largest car market or networking.” Minister of Industry and Miao Wei, had 2019 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia, said unmanned vehicle may be 5G technology one of the earliest scenes. It is understood, 5G includes a data transmission rate faster response speed lower latency, higher throughput, and other advantages. As in the transmission rate, peak rate 5G is 10 ~ 20Gbps, which enhance than a few times or even a hundred times the speed of 4G. Further, the response speed will be lower. 5G, can reach 10Gbit / S. Compared to 4G, 5G can provide faster, more secure, more reliable data exchange. Tongji University Automotive Institute think Zhang Lijun, 5G will give new impetus to the automotive industry, will not only promote the development of automated driving a significant impact on the entire ecosystem transportation, urban planning, will also be networked computing through the vehicle was effectively reduced social costs of automobile companies and vehicle owners. For example, by interaction 5G background, we can more quickly monitor the entire traffic in the center of the whole network of intelligent AI, and constantly improve the userUse disorders among encountered, then solve the problem CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright through the OTA upgrade, to help owners achieve intelligent travel. When 5G arrival, countless factories have been in the factory for the realization of a comprehensive intelligent gearing up. Professor Zheng Lirong information Fudan University said that for the full real-time intelligent unmanned factory, need lower latency, to 10 microseconds or less. This subversion of the state of mind existing industry, but also the 4.0 target industrial struggle. In this network among the new generation Zhaopin network bandwidth requirements and latency requirements demanding. 5G also means that the future of telemedicine to achieve disruptive innovation. Zheng Lirong believes that the current network or can not achieve real-time remote operation of robots. Immersive remote machine operation and telemedicine services, intellectual needs of real-time network security services. 5G ultrasound can do, do image transmission. But to really do remote surgery, to multi-party collaboration and more, the current 30 ms can not be achieved. Remote operation and more multilateral collaboration such as this, it is necessary immersive network, you need less than 10 ms delay, in order to ensure real-time services, therefore, 5G went immersive Chi networking, there are many way to go. Industrial enterprises to actively promote the application when 5G 5G opened a mysterious veil Control Engineering Copyright , just as industry experts said, the company should be market-oriented and business, and actively promote the development of innovation and application integration 5G for more vertical industries enabling Fu Chi. The face of strong industry 5G 5G application needs change and business cooperation model requires each ring chain, including operators, equipment manufacturers and terminal vendors, including in-depth collaboration and communication, optimizing the web experience, build a healthy, complete industrial ecology. “Existing features of 5G, very fit the needs of a new generation of robots.” As one of the earliest contacts 5G and participate in industry to verify the feasibility of the business, the new song Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. official says CONTROL ENGINEERING China Rights All , has established a new song with the butt of many industry giants – new Song and China mobile jointly establish a joint innovation center 5G innovative technology, complete 5G-based environment, testing and validation of robotic equipment. Cooperation with Huawei, ZTE and other companies to jointly develop digital factory prototype based on 5G technology. MakeAs the leader of 5G, vice president of Huawei Yangrui Kai said: “After nearly 10 years of research and development and to increase its investment, we now have 2570 patents related to the standard 5G from the chip to the network to the terminal to the base station, we become global. the company 5G-end solutions. “recently, Huawei also said that Huawei will end with the overall leader’s ability to fully support China 5G 5G 5G network construction and large-scale commercial. According to the reporter , from the beginning of April 2018, Huawei has been carried out in more than 40 cities in China and three Chinese carriers of the 5G-scale commercial trials, including urban, indoor, highway , subway and other scenarios measured, have reached the commercial standard. In addition, Huawei still in power, manufacturing, agriculture, health, education, culture and other fields to actively explore and expand the attempt. “We want to be the benchmark 5G intelligent electronic manufacturing plant. 5G and intelligent manufacturing on the basis of the establishment of such parks dimensional warehouse logistics systems and air-based delivery line, cloud-based, digital production and intelligent operation of large data. Based network infrastructure and industrial internet platform for intelligent plant, which is our plan. “Su  ZTE Group president, said Sany and ZTE has formed a research 5G technology industry depth and integration, particularly in the security industrial park , remote driving depth cooperation in other fields. In the unmanned technical director of Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute Guoji Shun opinion, the arrival of the era of 5G not only the automatic driving safer, but also the cost of production of autonomous vehicles lower. According Guoji Shun said the Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute has launched a year ago related to testing of 5G, 5G and the establishment of base stations, base station in the area is completely covered with intelligent network to achieve a fully driverless car, without any security officer , and it operates 24 hours. Changan Automobile was established intelligent network and Tencent joint venture with automotive networking products developed car will be equipped with the latest models on Changan Automobile; SAIC and Alibaba developed zebra system has been applied in SAIC’s models.

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