A Denver home in the United States fired 1 death and 13 wounds. Some people jumped from the building to escape.

Zhongxin.com, November 18, according to foreign media reports, a 6-storey nursing home in Denver, Colorado, had a fire in the early morning of the 17th local time. The smoke caused many elderly people to be trapped, causing one death. Another 13 people were injured.

The fire broke out in one of the rooms on the first floor. Firefighters and police arrived to help evacuate the elderly. The high-rise guests waited on the terrace to wait for the smoke to dissipate before leaving. The man living in the fire unit was killed and the cause of the fire was temporarily unknown.

The police said that at least one person had escaped from the second floor and that others were smoking. Three of the injured were in serious condition and the rest were in stable condition.

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