A “fake doctor” illegally practiced for 22 years! Britain will investigate more than 3,000 foreign doctor qualifications

[World Wide Web Report] The UK’s department responsible for physician qualification review is busy with one thing in the near future: whether the qualifications of thousands of foreign doctors are valid. According to CNN’s November 19 report, the UK is currently working on more than 3,000 people as a New Zealand doctor stares at the fake psychiatrist’s title for 22 years of illegal medical practice in the UK. The background of foreign doctors is under investigation.

This incident will start from last October. At the time, the female doctor named Aremi was sentenced to jail for fraud because she changed the will of an elderly client and made herself a beneficiary. But it was quickly discovered that when she first registered in the UK in 1995, Aremi succeeded in deceiving the British agency responsible for foreign doctor qualifications, convinced that she had a diploma from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

The British Medical Association (GMC), which is responsible for the review, has now conducted an investigation into thousands of foreign doctors in the UK who registered the doctor’s license in the UK in the same way as Aremi.

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