A fire broke out in a middle school in Uganda. The student was trapped in a dormitory and died in 11 deaths and 8 injuries.

Overseas Network, November 13 According to Uganda’s publication Daily Motion, a fire broke out in a middle school dormitory in Lakay District, Uganda, killing 11 students and injuring 8 others.

The fire broke out at night when at least 50 students stayed in the bedroom. The report quoted a local resident as saying: “The police arrived at the scene after receiving the report for 2 hours. “The eyewitness said that if the police can act in time, they can avoid the death of the victims.

After the arrival of the incident, the security forces representative Tamwan said that the incident had been investigated. Tamwan also pointed out that the responsibility lies with the school management office, and all the spare exits are blocked by the school, which causes students to be trapped in the dormitory and cannot escape.

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