Actively promote the Intelligent Manufacturing, leader in action

Intelligent Manufacturing is based on the new information and communication technologies and advanced manufacturing technology, deep integration, throughout the design, manufacturing activities in all aspects of production, management, service, self-perception, self-learning, self-decision, self-executing adaptive features such as the new mode of production, to cultivate new economic growth momentum is the only way, is to seize the commanding heights of the future strategic choice of economic and technological development, manufacturing power to achieve strategic importance. Although China in recent years in the process of actively promoting intelligent manufacturing, and introduced a number of favorable policies, but in the development of intelligent manufacturing still faces many problems. In this regard, major manufacturing enterprise, Internet and communications industry giants put efforts to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, and promote China’s manufacturing supply-side structural reforms to create a new competitive manufacturing advantage. Favorable policies after decades of rapid development, China’s manufacturing industry scale ranks first in the world, and establish a complete range of independent and integrated manufacturing system, but compared with the advanced countries, there are still big but not strong issue. As China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the shift in economic growth, structural adjustment pains, growth momentum conversion intertwined long been a dominant factor inputs depend on resources, extensive development mode scale expansion unsustainable. Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, to promote the manufacturing supply-side structural reforms in our country, cultivate new economic growth momentum, build a new manufacturing system, promote the move to high-end manufacturing, to achieve manufacturing power of great significance. In recent years, the introduction of China’s “Internet + manufacturing” of relevant policies in Table 1.
2018 government work report, presented to adhere to reform and supply-side main line, focus on fostering the growth of new kinetic energy, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of economic structure. Closely rely on economic development and reform to break the structural imbalance problems, fostering the growth of new momentum, transform and upgrade traditional industries, and improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system. Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology committee member, Xin Guobin solutions General Assembly in 2018 on China Intelligent Manufacturing, said intelligent manufacturing as a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution of the important driving forces, is creating a lot of new industries, new formats, new models, unwise to energize, to intellectual efficiency, as global manufacturing has injected new momentum. It is reported that the Ministry of Information Industry and the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, deployment, focus on accelerating the construction of manufacturing power and network power, depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy to promote the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence and depth of integration of the real economy, promote large-scale application of the Internet of Things controlEngineering Network Copyright , optimizing industrial ecology, breaking core technologies, improve the standard system, speed up the demonstration, to deepen things in smart city applications, the development of things open-loop applications, to promote the construction of smart city, the rapid growth of industrial scale , the regional distribution of continuous improvement. In actively promote the relevant favorable policies as well as the depth of integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing development China has achieved remarkable results: First, the initial formation of propulsion system, the central linkage, established the China manufacturing digital, networked , to promote the development of intelligent parallel paths; second is to achieve breakthroughs in key areas, a number of technical equipment, software industry to fill the gaps, initially set up intelligent manufacturing standards, industry internet architecture; the third is a pilot demonstration achieved remarkable success at the national level implementation of 305 pilot demonstration projects, average productivity increase of nearly 30%, while the formation of a number of new models to promote related industries; Fourth, openness and cooperation continue to expand, architecture, standards roadmap in the standard system, mutual recognition of standards, industrial parks and training base construction and other aspects to carry out pragmatic cooperation. Intelligent manufacturing transition is still grim task relatively industrialized countries, and promote China’s manufacturing industry intelligence transformation, the environment is more complex, the situation is more severe, the task more arduous. China is still facing many problems in the process of the development of smart manufacturing, such as key common technologies and key equipment controlled by others, weak intelligent manufacturing standards / software / network / information security, intelligent manufacturing a new model of maturity is not high, the system overall solution supply capacity shortage and lack of international industry giants and cross-border integration of intelligent manufacturing personnel. Xin Guobin said that the current pattern is still no three changes: First, the core technology and key equipment, the kinds of situation has not fundamentally changed; the second is the global industrial chain division of labor, is still in the low-end of the pattern has not changed a whole; the third is blocked ago after the chase, from both sides of the external competitive environment has not changed. In addition, in recent years, relatively high valuation of innovative enterprises are mostly concentrated in e-commerce, Internet banking, logistics, entertainment and other fields, few in the manufacturing sector. On this situation, the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Zhang Wenkui Enterprise Institute think CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China’s manufacturing industry has been deeply embedded in the globalized system. If viewed in a global perspective, China’s manufacturing industry added rate in the world at a low level. PartySide, the US, Germany, France, Britain, Japan and even the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, the national industrial added value ratio is probably around 40%, compared with a difference of about 10 percentage points. On the other hand, China’s industrial added value ratio higher monopoly industry generally, the upstream resource industries, such as mining, tobacco and other industries, electronics and other downstream sectors of industrial value added rate is very low. From productivity point of view, China’s manufacturing production rate equivalent to about 40% of the United States, Japan and South Korea more than 60%. Only “Made in China” to “Chinese wisdom made”, China’s manufacturing industry to grow stronger. Zhang Wenkui recommendations, should mobilize the enthusiasm of local private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, and support the manufacturing sector through existing channels such as the use of fiscal policy, such as subsidies from building up into fill operations, research and development complement, especially fill in basic research . Manufacturing Research Institute of affirmative action leader in forward-looking industry “issued by China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Strategic Planning Market Outlook and Investment Analysis Report” shows that in 2019 China Intelligent Manufacturing industry market size will more than 1.9 trillion yuan, the concern is that technology in depth high degree of industrial scene is expected to become “AI +” breakthrough widely used to construct accurate closed-loop data flow will be the key to build intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, the added value of industrial enterprises to enhance the value of key mining equipment will redirect the user value of mining, high additional value manufacturing will become the additive manufacturing industry in the optimal entry point, and 3C and automotive industries will lead the digital technology to accelerate the popularization of twins is expected to become the future trend of development. In the process of actively promoting the intelligent manufacturing, Haier, Gree representatives of advanced manufacturing enterprises, to seize the division of global manufacturing restructuring and strategic opportunities for the rapid development of China’s Intelligent Manufacturing, Development Way out in intelligent manufacturing. For personalized, high-end user needs, the traditional large-scale manufacturing has been difficult to upgrade and iterative user experience. Haier COSMOPlat solve large-scale mass customization and customization of contradiction, to create a win-win ecology open platform, COSMOPlat results of the first to be verified in the Haier factory interconnected. At present, Haier COSMOPlat has built the world’s leading Internet 11 large factories, the product is not storage platform overall rate of 71%. Order cycle time by half, productivity increased by 60%. It is worth mentioning that Haier COSMOPlat ecosystem through interoperability mode with seven parts, Enabling clothing networking, networking food, agriculture, car and other 15 industries Things ecology, practice cross-industry, cross-cutting enabling ecological, social services provide mass customization. Gree select continuous efforts in the field of intelligence equipment. Currently, Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. products cover more than 10 categories of CNC machine tools, robots, automated production lines, logistics and warehousing equipment, testing equipment, over one hundred kinds of product specifications, core components and key technologies independent R & D and manufacturing. Servo motor, reducer and controller, is an important bottleneck of industrial robots, “the three core components”, also constrained the development of China’s robot. 2017, Gree variety of servo motors to complete the 20 product development, product batch used in robotics, “Industrial robot with high performance servo motor and drive” to achieve “advanced” level, where the servo motor power density, overload capacity and other performance indicators have reached ” leading international “level, breaking the monopoly of high-end servo motor by Japanese and European situation. Software and manufacturing convergence will become an important way to the development of high-quality manufacturing it is noteworthy that in 2018 the software industry will accelerate the empowerment manufacturing. Industry and Information Technology Department data show that in January 2018 to November, China’s software and information technology services to complete the software business income 5.6092 trillion yuan, up 14.7 percent year on year increase of 0.2 percentage points. Among them, in 2018 the pace of China to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector, industrial enterprises in research and development of digital design tools penetration rate of 68%, the key process NC rate of 49%. Software and manufacturing convergence has been regarded as an important way to the development of high-quality manufacturing. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chief Economist Wang Xinzhe intelligence solutions Assembly in his speech made in China in 2018, said there are still some problems and shortcomings for the development of China’s manufacturing intelligence, to develop the Internet industry. Hope industries and enterprises, industrial alliances and actively participate in the construction of the Internet industry, promote key technological equipment, core support software system integration, and constantly promote intelligent and digital technology in the R & D, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, management, service and other the key aspects of deep application. In the process of promoting the Internet industry in order to Ali, Huawei, Jingdong, represented by the Internet and communications industry giants positive action, to develop their potentials to lay a solid foundation for the restructuring and development of high-quality manufacturing. November 7, led by Ali cloud construction industry supET Internet platform was elected to the WorldInternet industry’s leading scientific and technological achievements, is the only industry award-winning Internet platform. It is reported that the platform innovative use of the “1 + N” open collaborative development model, that supET platform as the core foundation, but the construction of the N sector level, regional level, enterprise-class platform that can effectively solve the industry facing the Internet N industries and many technical problems difficult areas of cross-border cooperation. On supET platform, cloud computing capabilities provided by Ali cloud, build cloud Ali IoT, ET Industrial brain, provide technical support for intelligent manufacturing , the digital transformation of consumer manufacturing companies, while providing industrial App operational services. 2025, supET platform to platform 30 carries the industry level, the development of integrated 10 million industrial App CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , connecting 200 million industrial equipment, service industry enterprises 300,000. Jingdong manufacturing enterprise user service capacity is mainly reflected in the technical ability manufacturing enterprises are most concerned about, the marketing scene, a production scenario, not only to meet the needs of manufacturing companies integrate all aspects of supply chain management, to realize its full supply chain information flow through; more manufacturing enterprises to achieve a cost reduction and restructuring and upgrading, Improve efficiency and demand, accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing enterprises and more scenes. To make the company’s core scene – production scenario as an example, Jingdong purchase by businesses get through the effective connection “Wings mining platform” with its management system for industrial southwest of cement companies to standardize settings to ensure southwest in the early production of cement procurement the process can achieve fine management, to ensure product quality and price to achieve unity, it will help enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency. In the marketing scene, Jingdong company purchased in cooperation with Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, in blessing Jingdong Chilean mining platform, open up China Unicom channels, online and offline, so that enterprises can accurately understand the target user portrait, thus recommended for users of goods more in line with their own preferences, and promote marketing activities to maximize the effect of further strengthening consumer user stickiness. As the communications industry giants, Huawei officials think, industrial Internet is IT, highly CT, OT and DT fusion core of all industries with IT functionality are integrated together, through the production figures of the whole process of business maps to help companies improve the overall flow of information between business systems and various departments, so as to enhance the level of business operations, which also led to the actual business applicationsThe scene is very complex. In addition, manufacturers of sub-sectors properties CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also the industry at a very low cloud fit different types of businesses. According to reports, Huawei is positioned in the whole Internet industry is the “platform of the platform”, in the application of its own manufacturing practice on the basis of cooperation with the segments of the leading manufacturers, platform gives enterprises the ability to understand the industry know-how through ICT technology application integration of industrial chain resources and industry leaders together to promote industrial Internet. Speaking specifically on enabling mode, Huawei can provide public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud services to achieve interoperability by means of a wide range of enterprise data connection, while computing on the edge of their products and intelligent edge-side through the chip.

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