ADI’s cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company introduced the industry’s first all-digital road noise noise reduction system

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced a strategic cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), Hyundai Motor Company plans to launch the automotive industry’s first use of ADI car audio bus (A2B) technology, all-digital road noise noise reduction system. Hyundai also plans to more widespread adoption of A2B ADI’s technology in its automotive products on the basis of audio connections and infotainment systems.
Hyundai’s researcher Kang-Duck Dr. Ih, said: “As a company A2B early adoption of technology, we realized , this technology is not only applicable to road noise Active Noise control (RANC) system, but also for other improvements to passenger and driver experience vehicle applications .A2B technology to ensure low latency control Engineering Copyright , allowing us to implement this ground-breaking technology RANC, and accelerate mass production. “Hyundai Motor company RANC system can significantly reduce the noise in the vehicle cabin. The system can analyze real time noise, and generate an inverted acoustic wave. This new technology can handle multiple different road noise, such as acoustic resonance between the tire and the wheel, or the like thunder from the road surface. Patrick Morgan, vice president of vehicle electrification and infotainment division ADI, said: “We worked closely with Hyundai Motor Company to jointly build an all-digital RANC system, using our A2B technology to reduce equipment costs, weight and design complexity, thereby increasing the overall fuel efficiency, to help solve the many challenges facing electronic systems RANC .ADI cooperation with Hyundai Motor’s A2B not only confirms the growing importance of technology, further enhance the market competitiveness of the modern car. “A2B technology can reduce up to 75% cable weight, improve fuel efficiency of automobiles and reduce total system cost. The ADI is the industry’s lowest latency A2B art high-speed digital interconnect technology, through a single pair of unshielded twisted pair transmission of audio, control data, clock and power supply. Currently, the deployment of automobile road noise noise reduction system requires a cost-effective low-latency network technology CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can be required for efficient input sensor connected to the central processor unit. With traditional analog-based technologyRoad noise noise reduction system solutions compared to Copyright Control Engineering , ADI of A2B technique can significantly reduce the associated cost and complexity of the harness. ADI’s cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company demonstrates the importance of A2B in automotive applications CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright car manufacturers for the technology-intensive emerging lines and delay-sensitive applications, including road noise noise reduction, in-vehicle communications and personalized audio or sound partitions.

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