Are there curtain styles that you don’t know?

From the current room dressing, every window will have curtains, and if you are careful, you will find that the curtain style of each room is different, and the utility is different. For the curtains, some are decorative. Some can block the sunlight, avoid the indoor furniture from being exposed to the sun, and some are for the concealment of the interior, then what are the curtain styles? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
What are the curtain styles: Fabric curtains

The quality of these products is very soft, and the hand feel is very good, the color is rich and delicate, according to the different fabrics and crafts, it is divided into printed cloth and dyed cloth. , yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, etc., while its natural, rough, elegant, and layered advantages make it the most fashionable product in 2018, very popular.

What are the curtain styles: plastic aluminum louvers

In many people’s minds, most of these materials are used in office areas, but less in the living room, but from In recent years, many homes have begun to have a soft spot for blinds. It has good shading effect and strong air permeability. However, the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not as good as fabric curtains, so it is recommended to Inside the kitchen.

What are the curtain styles: wood woven curtain

For many users, especially like the style of returning to the original, so when choosing the curtains in the home, I prefer wood weaving. The curtains show a strong style and taste, and the wooden woven curtains are very particular about wood. They are made of imported Lamin wood, so the price will be higher, between 200~300 yuan. .

What are the curtain styles: bamboo curtains and curtains

The materials are very decorative, but if they are used as curtains, it is not very suitable, it is more It is suitable for use in the quaint and culturally rich living room, hanging it on the wall, it has a special flavor, and its price is very affordable, that is, it can be replaced by a long-term mildew phenomenon.

What are the curtain styles: rattan curtain

It is mainly made of the surface of bamboo, so even if it is wind and sun, there will be no deformation, and Very breathable, very suitable for use in the summer, among the various wood-woven curtains, it is the most aristocratic product.

How much does a set of curtains have?

Different brands, styles and quality make many users especially troubled when choosing, and of course affect the price level to some extent. For example, the bamboo curtain is simple, simple and durable. The smell is large when it is first installed. The price is about 45-160 yuan/meter. The price of grass roller blinds and hemp curtains is about 45-75 yuan per meter.
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