Furniture inspired by the Memphis movement

Benjamin AshtonDesigned a pair of functional furniture pieces inspired by the Memphis movement. Bleched Memphis looks like a console and a table, but AshtonI want you to decide how to use it. Played with the Memphis movement and modernist architecture, the work is an interesting show of enticing colors and eye-catching patterns, hoping to add some happiness to your day.

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Limited Edition Community Tray

To celebrateSawtelle Opening of the restaurant,casual LA eateryLemonadewith designerIlan DeiCooperatively created a limited edition community plate collection.

There are Ilan DeiThe photography of some original works of art and landmarks that celebrate the Los Angeles culture and will be in the restaurant Displayed on the wall. Typical locations include the Griffith Park Observatory and the Disney Concert Hall.

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Egg-shaped tent made of 4760 3D printed blocks

3DPrinting technology has continued to create miracles over the years. Dutch designerMichiel van der Kleyspent3D spend three years developing and building this tent with the help of a few people.

egg Project is made by 4760Block3DPrintedStoneBuilding, each one is slightly different, forming this 60Cubic organic modules. Each piece is made by 3DPrint one by one and print them out, and then put them in the exact order and place them in the desired position. The components are held together to form the final shape with openings at both ends.
Van der Kley
Let anyone use the desktop3DPrinter participates in printing stones.
If you don’t have a printer, he It will let you choose a stone and print it for you so that you can still contribute to the project.

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Architectural Kitchenware – Contemporary Kitchenware Collection

launched a new collection of contemporary kitchen pieces inspired by architecture. forminimal composed of fashionable sculptural works with practical functions, you will not want to leave your counter. The collection is made of durable polypropylene, and the surface treatment of the sea shell powder gives it a ceramic texture. They are white or gray.

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Jake Dysonand his team has already spent10Year of time to perfect their lighting technology to overcome the currentLEDLights problem. Jake DysonThe results of extensive research have led to an incredible design——hisCSYS™ LEDWork light.

First,CSYS™Worklights overcome overheating problems, Absorb with heat pipe technology LEDThe heat. Second, they use gravity instead of the traditional tension. This means CSYS™Lights can be moved smoothly in three different ways——The arm of the lamp moves vertically using the balance pulley system.
high powerLED produces a warm white light with a fairly sensitive continuous brightness control. It even has a memory stick that can be turned back to the final brightness level.
NowCSYS™Lights include floor lights and table lamps. The height of the lights is from 31.8”to53.54”.

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Architect colleague designing house

Pergola is a minimalist house located in Saitama, Japan, by architectsApolloDesigned with his colleagues. Customers want an open house, especially from the houses on the West Coast of the United States. The house is located behind a monthly rented parking lot.

house By a simple L formation geometry Grouped around a courtyard entrance of the center. The courtyard is used as a passageway to enter the entrance and is also a transitional space between indoors and outdoors. The master bedroom is located near the door and the child’s room is next to the courtyard.

There is no partition on the second floor, it is a completely open space, you can see a row of beautiful wooden ceilings. These rafts extend outward from the interior of the house, blending the interior and exterior. A skylight glass is located on the top floor, providing plenty of natural light,LEDThe lights are placed between the rafters to illuminate the night.

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List of outstanding works of IDSWEST 2015

Floating Houseshelf, fromStraight Line Design, bringing modern architecture to your walls while providing storage.

Design Zoë Pawlakand Jeff Martinjoined their work, they worked together to design a cabinet and a set of tables and chairs.

Hinterland Design brings a beautiful stand full of their iconic style of work around wood and textiles.

Montauk SofaShowcasedALEXSofa, it may be my experience The largest and most comfortable sofa ever. The back and armrest pads can be raised or folded, no matter which makes you more comfortable.

Merkled Studio brings an amazing Designed, they showcased simple but very practical coat hooks and hangers.

Cerno Brought some new pieces, such as this faceted chandelier, covered in dark stained wood, and the interior is smooth stainless steel.

MTH ​​WoodworksBloomCoffee/Table/stools are made of western red cedar wood and filled with resin.

Pistol BespokeSimple wooden accessories including these fashionsClock

Arostegui StudioDesignedSofiThe bench provides a conceptual design of the ultimate form of concrete.

RUFprojectBrings and its bold The tabletop landscape creates a magical dining table using light panels and glassware.

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Orwell sofa becomes an indoor shelter

The Orwell sofa was designed as a home with a sofa, bed, and combination of properties & quot; cottages. According to the author of the novel George · Orwell, citing people who lack privacy, in their own home. This sofa has a remedy that has a pull-down zipper that closes the dark and comfortable place to sleep on the couch.

Orwell sofa is a tempting place to relax on both sides of the cloth, whether it is ascending, descending or each Half of it. It’s like your own private cottage, right in the middle of your living room, or in your room, or in the family room, or anywhere you choose. Drop the curtains to isolate the sound, making it the perfect home office or learning center. Orwell’s design is particularly comfortable, whether sitting or lying down. In addition to being super-featured, let the furniture reach the magic and mystery.

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a house called Maltese in Malmö

This lovely home is called “Fruit Sugar”. It dates back to 1961, so this house has a lot of historical personality decoration. It is located near Malmö, even though it is relatively small but very attractive and beautiful.

This house has a total area of ​​256 square meters. This is a lovely home with bright windows and beautiful decor. Even though the house was built in 1961, it still has an amazing modern look. It looks fresh and modern because it has been refurbished for many years. Some decorations have changed over time, but some elements remain the same. For example, the house has the original wall. The owner said that no one touched the wall during the renovation, so the house still has a part of its original charm. It has a traditional Nordic decoration, very comfortable and hot please. The furniture is simple and traditional, but with bold and eye-catching decorations.

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Spanish greenhouses highlight food theme

B720 Architects designed a greenhouse-style pavilion that represents Spain at the 2015 Milan Expo. Representing the gastronomic traditions and innovations of Spain & quot; fusion, the colonnade structure will be used in a repeating form.
On the one hand, the wooden frame in the “shed” structure will represent the country’s traditional cuisine, a series of outdoor spaces. On the other hand, a closed space wraps stainless steel, reminiscent of Spain’s best-known products that will represent the country’s culinary innovations.

Architects say: “The reputation of Spanish cuisine, based on a balanced mix of tradition and innovation, makes it international Outstanding in the market. A new generation of pavilions creates two separate area-related roles and applies different constructs.
Produced by recycled materials and natural materials, “environmental pavilion” will be a fixed structure of a series of laminated porches from 1.50 meters, made of luminescent wood and square uneven rolls. Between these porches, below the outdoor area as a climate protection is the endurance board. To promote natural ventilation, fixed louvers are located at sparse heat at a high level, with similar mechanisms to those used in the greenhouse. The depth and distance between the porches are calculated to the comfort of the shadows to below the semi-outer area, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional closed areas. All construction processes are based on dry assembly, easy to install, unload and recycle.

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