Germany launches kitchen countertops made of tempered glass okorder

For many years, the kitchen countertops used by people are mostly made of granite and marble. The cost is high and the weight is large. After installation, they cannot be moved, and they are not easy to clean. The touch is also cold.

The kitchen countertop made of tempered glass” width=”400″ height=”295″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQ screenshot 20141211103935.jpg” />

Now Germany has introduced a kitchen countertop made of new materials, which is a kitchen countertop made of tempered glass. This kind of tempered glass is very thick, people can be assured that it will not be easily broken or damaged. Moreover, the tempered glass is easy to clean, and there are many colors. There are white, black, brown, yellow, and dark blue … … people can choose the right color according to their hobbies and other designs in the kitchen. Beautiful and practical.

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A warm and lovely apartment in Gothenburg okorder

This apartment is located in Gothenburg. It is about 90 square meters in size and it is located on the 7th floor and the entire building dates back to 1907. The apartment is currently sold for 3.395 million kronor. It features spacious indoor air conditioning and it also includes a beautiful south-facing balcony.

This lovely loft apartment has a beautiful living room and a warm fireplace painted black. It also has a large room that allows a lot of natural light to enter. The apartment also has a newly renovated kitchen and two bathrooms. The entire place was refurbished by the current owner in 2007 to have such wonderful conditions. The balcony has black iron railings and hardwood floors that can accommodate breakfast tables and chairs. Overall, the apartment is very fresh and tempting, and it seems to have a flexible layout.

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Interior design of a white apartment in Paris okorder

The white interior is very popular, especially in modern and contemporary spaces. However, there is usually a white background that needs other colors to balance. In this case, we have an apartment that is almost completely colorless. It has a very simple, minimalist interior design. The walls and ceiling are white and most of the furniture is white. The wooden floor is black and the contrast created is powerful, making the space more elegant.
This apartment was designed in Paris by the architect of Grasso Pascal. The goal of this project is to create a connection between the internal space and the platform. The balcony, like other apartments, is bright and simple. In addition, natural light will further emphasize the main line of decoration through large windows.
The apartment has a balcony and there is a direct connection between the two spaces, which is a seamless transition. The interior design is clean and has a nice combination of shapes. In the living room, the coffee table has a nice geometric line, and the bedroom has beautiful curved lines to balance the other decorations in the room.

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Chicago’s new Ashley furniture retail store is about to open okorder

Chicago will open a new furniture retail store, the full name of the Ashley Furniture Retail Store, which sells tables, chairs, sofas, desks, office chairs, wicker chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, and dressings. Taiwan and so on. The entire store covers an area of ​​454,525 square feet and includes a furniture showroom, distribution center, office and more. The furniture showroom can display some valuable, unique and popular furniture for people to enjoy; the distribution center is to deliver the furniture purchased by people; the office is to handle some other business.
Kurt &middot, head of Ashley Furniture Retail Store; Haines said: “The Ashley Furniture Retail Store will create affordable furniture for everyone, and there will be big discounts on the opening day. One-third of the products can be discounted, welcome to visit our store. ”

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Family Inipi sauna designed by Eoos okorder

The Inipi sauna designed by Eoos is a perfect combination of style and happiness. Cool and minimalist lines, but they are equipped with the latest electronics, such as a light and music set with a remote control. The bathroom design expert Duravit created the line features. It has a simple and functional design, and the glass walls are also a nice detail.

Sauna is what everyone wants. Unfortunately, a home version of the sauna is not easy to get because few people have enough resources. Anyway, let’s go back to the design of this sauna. This is a very beautiful creation, with a clean and beautiful line that gives a refreshing image. The white color looks very fresh and modern.

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San Lorenzo Residence in Los Angeles okorder

San Lorenzo Residence is located in Los Angeles, California, and was designed and built by Mike · Jacobs, whose building was completed in 2012. The home is a contemporary design and striking home for a local client. The location is very beautiful, sitting on the road to the canyon, there are many beautiful scenery around the house. It has a private indoor garden and golf course.
The design and structure of the home are simple and modern. The public space is mainly steel and glass structures. The home is organized into two l-shaped areas. The first is an open enclosure with transparent walls and balconies. It is a main living space integrated with steel and glass, gardens, swimming pools and theatres. The second l-shaped volume is an opaque stucco and cedar structure. It contains a private bedroom and service space.
The living space and outside space connected by the modern staircase, as well as a secondary staircase, can access private rooms and service areas. The large window panoramic environment also allows light to enter the house, which also contributes to the ventilation of the space.

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Library sells old-fashioned furniture to raise funds okorder

There is a library in the southwestern city of California, which has a long history. The relevant departments are expected to renovate the library in June next year. At the beginning of this year, the city allocated $5.1 million to repair the library. In order to raise more funds to rebuild the library, the head of the library, Caroline Fleming, decided to sell the mid-century and retro-style sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves, bookcases and other furniture in the library.

Caroline Fleming said: “The library sells not only furniture, but also an investment. These furniture are more investment-worthy and can be bought for home use or bought back for collection. ”

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Up to 25 meters of timber apartment in Australia okorder

With the discovery and promotion of building materials such as concrete, cement, and steel, timber-built houses have gradually withdrawn from view, because timber-built houses are generally not strong enough to collapse in harsh weather such as heavy rain, and wood Water is easy to rot, moldy, black, cleaning is very laborious, and cement does not have these problems, modern buildings can generally reach more than a dozen layers, up to tens of meters, durable, even if you encounter a slight earthquake, do not need to be afraid .

Australian wood product developers decided to build high-rise timber apartments. Combine light wood structures and cross-stacked buildings to build high-rise apartment buildings of up to 25 meters in timber. Developers are currently submitting applications to the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB), and if the application is approved, it is expected that the 25-meter timber high-rise apartment will be completed in 2016.

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Apartments in George Street, Melbourne, built using laminated composites okorder

Building a new apartment in George Street, Melbourne, this apartment is a simple, modern European-style building with convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and some public facilities. The designer of the apartment originally wanted to use fiber cement board as the main interior decoration material, but the subsequent maintenance work using fiber cement board is complicated and requires long-term maintenance, such as painting, dyeing, etc., in order to keep the fiber cement board It’s glamorous, it won’t look old and it will also prolong its service life.

For these reasons, the apartment’s designer decided to use the newly developed PermaTimber Eco cladding composite, which The materials do not require long-term maintenance, do not require dyeing, reduce construction costs, and have a beautiful and generous appearance, which is more suitable for the construction of apartments.

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Swedish Vasastan apartment interior design okorder

This apartment in Vasastan, Sweden has a typical Scandinavian style with spacious rooms and a whole decor. The walls are white, which is also the dominant color throughout the room. The apartment has recently been renovated and now has more features and a better internal structure.

Overall, it has a modern feel. The room is spacious and the living area is an open space that also includes a kitchen. In addition to the public areas, the apartment includes two comfortable bedrooms with large windows facing the yard. In fact, the entire apartment has large windows that allow a lot of natural light to enter into a bright and airy environment.
The white walls are beautifully complemented by pine and oak parquet. This is a classic combination, simple, elegant and versatile. The apartment also includes panelled doors that match the entire minimalist décor. It has enough storage space between the two closets. As for furniture, it maintains a modern and minimalist style.

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