Earth sculpture in memory of the pony pit okorder

The shape of the horse extends over 200 meters in Caerphilly (South Wales), a spectacular sight as a unique geographical sculpture. Designed by Welsh artist Mick Petts, the enormous work of art is called the biggest metaphor of the UK, for the earth sculpture. The sculpture, located in the park, surrounded by woods, grasslands and swamps, has been meticulously carved and decorated with unobstructed views of the original coal trails.

With stone, mud, and the structure of 60,000 tons of coal gangue, the sculpture is called “Sudan” ;, a well-loved pony pit, said to have been in the back pit of the local mine, pony is generally used for long-distance transportation, in the underground mine from the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. Although the pony pit was retired, the people used the grand form as an industrial revolution, marking a significant part of British cultural heritage.

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Sydney’s new modern home okorder

Normally, when a family owns the terrain near the ocean, we are all looking forward to seeing what kind of house they will build. Modern, ecological, antique, small, large … perhaps we will be surprised to find that an amazing family faces beautiful seaside scenery. Because the land is located on a cliff above the sea more than 100 meters, the owner believes that this is a shame, if they do not take advantage of this magical landscape, they hired an architect to design the house.

Located in Sydney, Australia, this magical three-story house is designed to be thermally efficient and uneven terrain forcing architects Design a floor on the ground, enter the entrance through the middle floor, including the living area, kitchen and dining room, as well as a spacious bedroom, a large balcony, allowing the owner to spend the morning watching the sunrise. On the back is a yard that strangers can’t see, so this is a place for the privacy of the entire family.
Inside, we can see that the entire structure is designed to face the ocean, a place that allows natural light and ventilation, and a place where you can enjoy your sky. You may ask yourself why this house has many different angles, especially on the roof. Yes, the architect believes that the sun’s light reflected in the ocean’s water will destroy the morning mood, so the house needs a shield to block the sun’s dazzling light.

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Gorgeous transformation of the Parisian attic okorder

A set of apartments of only 25 square meters is quite small as a comfortable home. Everything needs to be imagined in such a space, which also includes a guest bed and a home office. You must be thinking, how can this be accommodated? Well, this apartment in Paris will tell you.

Everything here is carefully designed. Look closely and you will see that a part of the kitchen is under the stairs. A separate kitchen and a group of open bookshelves form an area. There aren’t any big kitchens here, but there is plenty of storage space. You may notice a country ladder. This is why it must exist. Climb up and you will see a comfortable corner to sleep. Although tiny, this "room" is quite comfortable once you have experienced it. In addition, this space can also be used as a reading corner.

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Furniture meets at the 2015 International Trade Fair okorder

The International Trade Fair will be held in Germany from February 13th to 17th, 2015. More than 4,700 exhibitors distributed their finest furniture to 27 exhibition halls, including many pieces of furniture: office supplies, kitchen utensils and household items. At the exhibition, exhibitors learn from each other’s strengths, analyze the development trend of the furniture industry, and at the same time improve their own furniture and explore new markets for furniture.
The furniture at the exhibition covers everything from work to life. This means that dealers who need different furniture products do not need to spend a lot of effort to buy goods from different channels and buyers, can be directly selected at the exhibition, saving time to detect market and industry trends. International trade fairs have gathered more than 4,700 exhibitors, which has also increased convenience for buyers and sellers, increasing business volume and reducing transaction difficulty.

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Furniture warehouse was burnt down okorder

A furniture store warehouse in Madison County, Kentucky (WKYT) was burnt down. The fire occurred around 11:45 am on Saturday and the investigators were still investigating the cause of the fire. Furniture store owner Kenny Sachs said: “I put a lot of furniture in the store warehouse, and some of the more precious furniture I collected earlier were burned, I lost all these things. The store was destroyed and my business was badly damaged, but fortunately no one was injured in the fire. & rdquo;
Store owner Kenny Sachs and his family spent the afternoon cleaning up the warehouse, trying to rescue the furniture that can be used, and reducing the loss. Kenny Sachs’ father said: “This warehouse was built in the last two years. The warehouse also contains the original accessories of the 1926 Ford Model T that I spent years collecting, although they are now burned. But my son and my son Kenny Sachs will re-establish the warehouse. ”

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Dome porcelain vase designed by Oato okorder

2014 Dutch Design Week: The Dome Porcelain Vase is designed by Dutch studio Oato and has the same hexagonal bottom so they can be arranged together without any gaps. Dutch studio Oato has created a enamel vase with a Dutch master of porcelain, which is designed to look like a hill and a sleek top of a six-sided base.

A small, modular flower vase with a small shape and a landscape. Handmade vases are available in three sizes and colors in dark grey, camel or mixed with pigments to make porcelain light grey. Small, medium and large versions have the same size base, allowing them to fit without any gaps.
We came up with a hexagon because it has multiple angles, fits together, and is completely filled with space. Oato’s desired shape, a two-dimensional sketch created by a porcelain expert to form a three-dimensional piece of mold. The largest mold was created for the first time, using the same footprint.

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Solar pavement has appeared on Dutch roads okorder

The Netherlands is known for a lot of things that break the traditional design. The Netherlands recently announced that it is preparing to launch a 70-meter-long bicycle lane with built-in solar panels to become a solar pavement, the Dutch Applied Science Research (TNO) project consortium, hoping to expand the lane 100 meters to 2016, and perhaps will put this technology in the future , extended to other regions.

Bicycle lanes are made up of multi-layer rectangular concrete blocks with built-in solar panels. The fragile panel is housed in a 1 inch thick glass that can withstand the weight and pressure of the truck without breaking. This solar pavement can generate enough power in a family of three, even if the solar panels cannot move or angle toward the sun.
Hope to embed solar panels on all roads in order to generate enough power to power everything from electric cars to homes, businesses, and other power-hungry objects. The vision will certainly help alleviate the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. There is a huge problem plan here: it is very expensive.

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Clay louvers as a feature of the University of Queensland architecture okorder

Hundreds of clay visors in this new engineering building, at the University of Queensland, Australia, designed by architect Richard Kirk on the sunny north facade. Architect Richard · Cork and Australian company Hassel teamed up on the campus of the University, aiming to advance the Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) through its latest technology in design and equipment.

Wood, steel, clay and glass are used in different combinations to control light At the level within the building, it combines classrooms and lecture halls with research laboratories. Most laboratories are located along the southern elevation to ensure the level of daylight, so the appearance includes an array of ducts. At the same time, the northern glass curtain wall is made of clay louvers, which are flooded in the sun and screened in one day.
The dynamic angle of the clay louvers has the best shadow, from the sun and the traditional materials used as a point of contact, in the building, there will also be a shadow process. The 22,000-square-meter building is built around the atrium space, extending through the structure’s full height, neglected through various stairs, walkways and balconies. The integration with the teaching space of large-scale manufacturing and civil engineering laboratories is to encourage students and employees to interact with each other and other disciplines. Passive sustainability is characterized by reduced energy consumption. As well as the northern front of the clay shutters, it can be adjusted to suit different conditions, and the building utilizes natural ventilation and controls for daylighting.

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Reston Bus Station transformed into a youth center okorder

At the Lancashire County Council, the head of the Youth Center proposed: “To transform the Preston Bus Station into a youth center, and to build more activities for young people around the area. Such as gymnasiums, climbing walls, art centers and outdoor sports venues. In addition to the transformation of the youth center, part of the £23 million will be used to renovate the existing structure of Preston Bus Station and improve the surrounding roads, making it a first-rate youth centre.
Preston Bus Station was built in 1969 and is now facing demolition. Some people have different views and do not support the demolition of Preston Bus Station. John County Councillor John said: “The list of estates clearly states that the bus station has been kept in Lancashire for decades and is a property owned jointly by Lancashire. Now in order to establish a youth center, we propose to contribute to the Preston Bus Station and contribute to the construction of the Youth Center. ”

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Mark Hynes submits national park plan okorder

Architect Mark · Mark Hines has designed a plan to submit in the South Downs National Park. The house, near Petersfield in Hampshire, will be built off-site. Oaks replace existing houses around ordinary homes from the 1930s, designed to capture lightly rolling landscapes and natural skies.

Hines, who created the British TV presenter Kevin · MacLeod’s house, as The portfolio indicates that you will be able to enjoy the surrounding green spaces. “It’s a simple form, covered with wood and oak, reflecting the importance and type of modern and traditional rural outbuildings in the area,” he said. If the plan is awarded it is completed in 2016.

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