Home decoration makes good use of material changes to enhance the space texture okorder

Space pattern: main building materials in living room, bathroom, bedroom and dressing room: paint, wallpaper, marble, tea mirror, crystal panel. The only change in this space is the entrance to the original kitchen. The position is adjusted to make the space more spacious, and at the same time, it can obtain a more reasonable activity area in a limited space. As for the mezzanine part, the designer uses glass instead of the wall surface to save the budget. It also makes the overall space more transparent, without the feeling of being closed.

In terms of decorating methods, since the owner hopes that the overall space can be based on black and white, it is considered that space cannot be allowed. It seems too monotonous, and with the need to save the budget for the homeowner, the designer uses a lot of cheap materials to make up the space. For example, the curved bar uses the skin of the crocodile skin, and the grille of the toilet wall is made of aluminum. As for the curtain, the owner of the house asks the Shanghai master to make it. Because the material itself is cheap, it is Under the premise of the overall style, the greatest benefit is created at the lowest cost. The focus of the space reconstruction is to change the stairs at the entrance to the kitchen and extend the bar, taking into account the function and space. The stairs are moved to the living room, which makes the use of space more extreme. Create visual focus with wallpapers and grilles to make the space more individual.
In addition to the bedroom above the mezzanine, a large dressing room is planned to meet the storage needs of the homeowner. Partial adjustment of the space, and the use of penetrating materials and color matching, not only saves the budget, but also makes the space open. Designers think that small apartments have a small number of flats, but as long as they can make good use of materials and matching techniques, they can still create many interesting effects and changes. For young homeowners who want to save budget, they can use decorative materials. Consider more, as long as the color and form are properly matched, even if the texture of the material is not the top, you can still create a very homey environment for yourself.
The wallpaper imported from the Netherlands is used here. Although the owner prefers the black and white color combination, the wallpaper itself is rich in texture, so it is very decorative, and the slightly more expensive material can be upgraded at the right time. The texture of the space. The designer finds the aluminum material with low cost to make the wall of the grille. In addition to the purpose of saving the budget, the wall itself also brings a more three-dimensional feeling to the space because of the unevenness, and also reaches the plane layout. Change effect. The space is brightly colored, and the sofa in the living room is made of violet color. The designer thinks that although the owner prefers black and white, the visual focus is still needed in the main space, so the sofa specially chooses the violet snowflake material to make space. The color is more abundant. The main headlights form a visual focus.
The main lamp designer in the living room boldly chooses a transparent trumpet lampshade. When the main lamp is turned on, the whole space will become very bright, and the modeling effect is very strong. And because the material is glass, the cost is relatively cheap, it is crystal. Another alternative to the lamp. Imitation crocodile skin enhances luxury. The designer’s triumph is in the small kitchen bar. The curved design bar is a relatively labor-intensive place. In addition to the styling-based design, the designer uses the crocodile-like skin to create cost-saving products. A luxurious effect.
Due to the limited space of the mezzanine, in the case that the ceiling can no longer be installed with lamps, the designer replaces the ceiling lamps with lamp posts, and installs lamp posts on both sides, in addition to the purpose of lighting. The effect of the decoration was unexpectedly obtained. The wall of the bathroom is specially made of metal-like mosaic tiles resembling LV grids. In addition to the noble texture, the metal surface itself reflects the characteristics of light, and makes the bathroom feel brighter and space. Achieve bonus points. In the small flat building of only 9 pings, as long as the decorative materials are used properly, the same quality can be created with a small price.

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British tax authorities poach Vodafone’s top CIO okorder

Vodafone’s Chief Information Officer Mark Dean Lee will be the new chief digital and information staff, announced for the UK’s tax authorities, the Tax and Customs Administration (HMRC) on Thursday. As a private enterprise, we have recently seen some high-profile government employees marching toward a private sector coup.

The UK government department said it will be responsible for the £500 million annual ($755m) IT budget at Deanley, providing approximately 450,000 taxpayers, 48,000 businesses, government employees and 65,000. Deanli will also take a $200 ($302) digital plan for the Tax and Customs Administration, which says it will help taxpayers and digitize up to 50,000 businesses and tax authorities, saving money in the long run . It is hoped that by the end of 2016, there will be small to medium-sized businesses “almost all of them need to go through a single personalized, repaired webpage.

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Classic production of royal furniture okorder

It is often misunderstood that the words “design” are used, and people often use the word “design”. In fact, the meaning of design should be broad and in-depth, not only in the external surface modeling, but also in the spirit contained in it, as well as consideration of natural environmental issues.

Furniture” width=”491″ height=”317″ src=”/Upload/Other/23333341262575352345.jpg” />

The international design guru has been active in the creative fields of environment, space and industrial design for a long time. It is also committed to revitalizing and activating the local craft industry, applying traditional techniques and materials to modern design and integrating resources. Re-use and use; in the international awards in Italy, Japan, Korea, China and other international design awards, such as Japan GoodDesign, Spain DeltaADI-FAD Design Award, International Design Competition Audit Committee Chairman, etc., and the Singapore government with the design as the main strategy of the country Inviting courtesy, went to work as a design consultant and other important positions. WAJIMA paint dish Xi Duojun when he first came to Italy to develop in Milan, he was amazed that after the second war, Italy not only quickly rebuilt, but has become the center of the world design trend.
He found that the main reason for the development of the Italian design industry, in addition to the government to adopt a national policy to help improve the design of the living environment, plus furniture or household items At this time, the operators have undergone a major transformation of emotional life, cultural cultivation, behavior and behavior, and form a common deep foundation. Therefore, Xi Duojun often mentioned that design is to find inspiration from a beautiful life, when design and life When it is cut off and only considered in industrial products, designing it has no meaning at all. That is to say, if there is not enough dialogue and interaction between people, it will not produce a good design.
MOTCollection series sofas, Kita Jun will be the first to publicly publish the “MOTCollection” brand sofas in cooperation with Zhongtai Life Development. This is not only the first furniture brand that Xi Duojun has cooperated with Taiwan, but also one with Osaka and Tokyo. The success story of the combination of traditional industries in the two places; one of which was produced by the Osaka Centennial History Sofa Manufacturing Association, and the other was produced by the classic master of Tokyo’s long-established royal furniture, at the beginning of the exhibition. In addition to the debut, the future “MOTCollection” series will also be sold exclusively at MOTCASA.

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Amazon’s “forest harvesting” speeds up okorder

Scorched wood chips spilled around a newly built large farm in the Amazon region of Brazil. On the new species of pasture, the herd ate the grass leisurely, raising her head from time to time to look at the dense forests in the distance, where piles of freshly cut wood were piled up. The same fate will soon come to the forest.

The cattle industry in the Amazon region is developing rapidly

Such a scenario is in the Amazon region of Brazil. Very common, large forests have been felled and burned due to the expansion of the farm. According to the International Forestry Research Center, due to economic development and increased demand for Brazilian beef, large areas of the Amazon rainforest have been cut down, and the Amazon region, which is responsible for the heart and lung function of the Earth, is being dismembered.

“Approximately 80% to 90% of deforestation in the region (Amazono, Brazil) is for the construction of pastures or large farms,” said Robert Walker. He is a professor of geography at Michigan State University and an expert on land use change in the Amazon region of Brazil.

Speed ​​of forest harvesting

Brazil has always been the country with the most serious deforestation in the world. According to Walker, in the past three decades, the Amazonian region of the Amazon has been cut down to 16,835 square kilometers per year – this is larger than Connecticut.

satellite data show that deforestation in the Amazon is accelerating speed; in some regions even 50 percent faster than last year. Today, the Amazon region is home to more than 20 million inhabitants and 70 million heads of cattle – which is 600% more than 60 years ago – and more and more trees have been cut down to clear the land to build farms.

Small-scale farmers—including poor self-sufficient peasants—have invaded the rainforest slowly, and they cut down trees to build small farms. In contrast, the landowners quickly razed large areas of forest with tractors and bulldozers, burning the remaining vegetation to build large farms. Either way, the ecological environment of the land was severely damaged and the land was fragmented.

Source: China Wood International Network

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Asia International Furniture Materials Create China’s first new material headquarters okorder

On April 28th, the flagship area C of Asia International Furniture Materials Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as Asia International) was officially delivered, which also announced China’s first The furniture material headquarters was completed and delivered in Longjiang, Shunde.

Asia International Commercial Real Estate has achieved huge sales and sales in the first phase of the store. On the basis of success, the C-zone commercial real estate launched at the end of October last year has a total construction area of ​​about 170,000 square meters, consisting of 9 271 4th to 5th floors and 1 high-rise apartment, of which 440-550 square meters. / About 70% of the buildings, all equipped with private exclusive elevators, this move subverts the tradition of the flat structure of the shop.

Asia International Deputy General Manager Qian Jiang said: “C District In terms of functional and quantitative divisions, careful consideration has been made. For each high-rise retail store, the first floor guides merchants to make transactions, the second floor can be new product display, the third floor is office, and the fourth floor is storage. The fifth floor is a business or private club. Because we sell not only shops but corporate headquarters. If it is a simple distribution department, these functions may be redundant. But on the contrary, as a The headquarters of the enterprise, it should be a management, decision-making place and marketing base, which is an advanced design and layout.”

For many years, most of the furniture materials companies have traded and operated through front-office and post-factory customers, or through temporary facades to attract business, focusing on small In the market of miscellaneous goods, such as miscellaneous and chaotic, there is a lack of brand awareness to produce products, and corporate culture and office image are lacking. Material traders are also aware of this. A survey company in Guangzhou has conducted similar surveys. As a result, among the 1,000 furniture materials companies surveyed, more than 90% of the bosses who want to improve the office environment and enhance their image.

“We want to be the master of the materials business, give They provide a comfortable and decent office headquarters to help companies better shape their internal and external image.” Qian Jiang said.

Recently, Asia International also announced the establishment of a furniture design and creative industrial park. And build a high-class apartment community as well as a star-rated business hotel to meet and enhance the food, clothing and accommodation of the people in the area. At the same time, it has created a large-scale convention center and a central business district consisting of six high-end office buildings. As the industry’s portal and profit platform, Asia International’s e-commerce platform is also coming soon, and the furniture material testing platform supporting Asia International is also under construction.

It is understood that the flagship area C of Asian international brands is now hot. Rent and sell. On the evening of May 18th, the Asian International Flagship C District Handover and the China Furniture Materials Enterprise Headquarters Base will be held at the Asian International Furniture Materials Trading Center. During the period, there will be “10,000-person lettuce meeting” and “Fireworks Display”. Industry colleagues came to the scene.

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Indian household goods fair export transfer mode upgrade okorder

The first Global Sources India Household Products Sourcing Fair was held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from April 20th to 23rd. Organized by Global Sources, Asia’s leading B2B media company, the fair is the only professional sourcing fair for Indian suppliers outside of India to meet the growing demand for Indian products in the global market.

It is reported that buyers can purchase various Indian products, including metalware and glassware, at this fair. , kitchen utensils, home decorations, coir products, steel and plastic products, home textiles, handicrafts, leather products and bamboo and rattan crafts.

Ms. Sarah Benecke, Executive Director of Global Sources, said that Global Sources will provide an extremely efficient international promotion for Indian suppliers through this fair. The platform allows them to showcase the latest products to the world’s top importers. The date of the fair is fully in line with Hong Kong’s procurement season. Tens of thousands of international buyers will come to Hong Kong to purchase Asian products during this period.

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Furniture companies are caught in a more difficult situation than last year okorder

In the eyes of many financial professionals and furniture industry experts, 2019 is a very crucial year. Especially after the first quarter, external uncertainties have subsided and real estate has recovered. Many people believe that the furniture industry will usher in an inflection point this year. Before the furniture market continued to be depressed for many years, even more so in 2018, so I have some expectations for this year, not expecting the market to improve, but expecting financing to be more difficult, the market downturn is close to bottoming, and the original model and interest chain have been hit by an unprecedented impact. If furniture companies can seize the opportunity and change their sublimation, they will inevitably achieve new opportunities for enterprise development.

In fact, it is understood that this year, for furniture companies, the market has been a downturn than expected. In particular, many furniture companies have always relied on brand franchise chain sales. In the current market channel diversification pattern, the increase of various new channels makes the store sales in the store unsustainable. Although furniture companies are willing to try new modes and new channels, they are not completely determined to do well, and there is no good way to do it. Trying is still only trying, so it is not very helpful to the enterprise, and it takes a lot of time and energy. Effect. At the beginning of the year, because the real estate policy was relatively loose, on the surface it seems that real estate has recovered in the first quarter, but it has not continued; the furniture market for resettlement houses and second-hand houses has not met expectations, and the external environment has not improved. Instead, consumption is more cautious. In many areas, the government’s implementation of environmental protection requirements, whether it is the emerging furniture industry base or the old coastal furniture industry base, enterprises are under pressure. For now, furniture companies are caught in a more difficult situation than last year.

It can be said that this unprecedented difficulty, the near-bottom performance decline, also ushered in the turning point of furniture companies.

The turning point of furniture companies is not in the real estate market, not in the international trade environment, nor in other external unstable factors. In the enterprise itself, the enterprise breaks the inherent thinking in the confusion. Models, from product to profit model and management operations reforms.

Furniture companies have talked about the implementation of refined management for many years, but in addition to the majority of other large enterprises, most of the companies are only staying on the understanding and surface, and have not implemented. In the current market where competition is becoming more and more fierce, refined management has become more and more important, and it has a better promotion effect on work efficiency and cost control, including channel management, and truly enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The whole house custom enterprise is still developing rapidly. This is not only a new product model but also a new channel model, and it is also a performance of the company’s service capabilities. For finished furniture companies, it is necessary to understand that the market for finished furniture is still there. The key is to see whether the company can grasp the market trends of the products, understand the real needs of the market, and develop new products with the thinking of consumption. Products are the core of the enterprise, and products suitable for market demand have greatly boosted the development of the enterprise. At the same time, according to the actual situation of the enterprise on the channel, various kinds of channels such as factory purchase, real estate collection, soft-packing institutions, customized experience points, etc. are developing rapidly, all of which are in the market of branch-shops, and enterprises can choose diversification according to their own strength. Development, companies that have the strength to do brand development must of course strive to promote the brand, but in fact, for most furniture companies, it is not suitable for the promotion of consumer brands, and supply for all channels.

The extreme pressure of the market, the requirements of all aspects of the enterprise are higher, a team that has sufficient operational capacity to adapt to market changes, self-iteration ability on products, and product quality and service with competitive advantages. In order to form a new development drive, enterprises can continue to develop steadily in the market changes.

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Select the tiles to see these keywords okorder

Use the eight-character rumors to teach you how to choose a good tile

Whether it is a new house renovation or a retrofit of the old house, most of the first time we think of is the tile. However, the quality of the tiles largely determines the quality of the home decoration. So today, Xiaobian will share with you the choice of the eight-character rumors of ceramic tiles:

Select the eight-character rumors of ceramic tiles: Look, knock, smash, touch, step, pour, scrape, care.

1 Look

The first thing we want to look at is the glazed tile, the clearer the glazed texture, the glaze and print The more abundant the way. The glaze and texture of the tiles can also reflect the stylish texture and grade of the home.

2 Knockout

We can judge the quality of the brick by tapping the tile by hand or by clicking on the porcelain rod, listening to the sound of the tile. If the sound is crisp, the brick has a high density and few pores. In the future, the phenomenon of tile penetration and odor is not easy to occur during use. If the sound is dull, then this turn is not a good brick and you need to go deeper to verify.

3 拎

It’s a tough job to take care of the room. Choosing bricks not only depends on its quality, but also on it. Is it good to take care of? How to intuitively identify whether a brick is well managed? In addition to the knocks we mentioned above, we can also verify them by means of embarrassment. You can go to the store to take a look at the tile sample. Because the tile of the same specification category, the heavier the weight, the higher the density, the higher the density, the less the surface of the tile, the less the stains and the like.

4 倒

We can experiment with water, soy sauce, juice, vinegar, big pen, etc., and pour the residue on the tile for a while. Then use a rag to wipe, you can intuitively feel whether a tile is good.

Pour water can distinguish the water absorption of tiles. The national standard for porcelain tiles is less than 0.5%, and the water absorption of good tiles will be much less than 0.5%. The low water absorption rate not only effectively prevents the free flow of residual water on the tile surface, thereby reducing safety hazards, but also effectively preventing the infiltration of the stains, reducing the burden of cleaning the tiles, and ensuring that the tiles are lasting.

5 Touch

Be sure to touch the surface of the tile with your hand when buying tiles. We can feel the quality of the tiles according to different tile properties. For example, the whole body marble: when we feel the brick surface by hand, it will be obvious that some bricks feel delicate and soft, and some tiles will be harder. Brick touch and perception are inextricably linked to its craft. Many brands of whole-body or full-glazed glazes have only about 4 to 5 layers of glaze, while good brands can reach 7 to 8 layers in this process.

6 Stepping on

When you buy a tile, you often have a doubt, whether the brick will crack. We remove the problem of the installation process, and the good bricks are basically not cracked without being subjected to a huge impact. In order to make ourselves more comfortable buying bricks, we can go to the store to do an experiment to test the bending strength of the bricks, put the sample in the store volley, and put it on the ground while zooming in on the edge of the slanting board, then we can step on it (pay attention to safety) . We will find that the hardness of a tile is better, and the higher its resistance, the less fracture will occur.

7 Scratch

7.1 The more layers of glaze on the tile surface, The less likely a tile is to be scratched. We can use a knife and a key to scrape the tiles to see if the tile surface is scratched.

7.2 See what glaze is used. The better the material of the glaze is, the higher the hardness of the tile surface after sintering at high temperature, the less likely it is to be scratched by hard objects.

8 托

If there are children in the family, then we can simply test the anti-slip properties of the tiles by means of ceramic tiles. Health index and balance are far less than adults. As the saying goes, “I am afraid of 10,000, I am afraid of it.”


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Aurora porcelain, it sounds beautiful okorder

The most precious thing about natural marble is the beauty of its texture and the texture of each piece. Because of the combination of marble and ceramic tiles, marble tiles are highly recognized by consumers from all walks of life.

Although the marble tiles combine the advantages of the two camps in the original tile field, “polished tiles” and “antique bricks”, they soon became popular products in the industry. It has the characteristics of antique brick glazed surface stone texture and bright glazed brick, which has won the recognition of consumers. But the long-standing problem of dark brick color development has always been the point that the ceramic industry is seeking to break through.

Originally, when the marble tiles were just developed, most of them used the traditional screen printing or roller printing process, which formed the effect of marble texture on the tile surface according to the natural stone texture pattern imitated. Therefore, the production process is more complicated and costly. It has become a symbol of high-end ceramics when it was first introduced. However, with the introduction of inkjet printing technology and the introduction of advanced inkjet printing equipment from abroad, the marble tile surface printing technology has been revolutionized. The breakthrough not only speeds up the production process, but also becomes the effect that any stone layout can imitate. Therefore, in order to pursue a more natural and changeable paving effect, marble tiles rely on the technological innovation of inkjet printing, “one stone multifaceted” “Multi-color” marble tiles have been published.

Originally, marble tiles ran on the road towards the effect of natural stone, but people found that there is always a “imitation of dark stone”. Natural defects that are innate: the effect of dark marble tiles is very unsatisfactory. The reason is that the chemical composition and color development principle of the glaze and the ink itself used in inkjet printing technology have limitations, and it is impossible to restore the color of natural dark stone. Especially blue, brown, yellow, red, black, etc. This is also the reason why the modern minimalist style caused by black and white ash, especially white marble, which has been gradually formed in the industry in recent years. However, we know that people’s exquisite demand for life is always improving. When it is found that the world of black and white, the simple world, and the normal people have become like living in the world of color blindness, naturally, the richness of marble tiles The demand for color products is even more urgent.

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The operating principle of electric ceiling curtain okorder

The electric ceiling curtain is mainly used for the electric curtain shading system in the skylight. The electric ceiling curtain can be divided into a reel-type ceiling curtain, a folding ceiling curtain, and a leaf-turning ceiling curtain according to the operation principle.
The electric double-track folding canopy curtain is a sunshade system that can be retracted on the top of the indoor lighting roof or the oblique side glass lighting window frame, that is, the double-track translation system.

It can be a straight line or an arc. According to the architectural characteristics of the building, we use a linear double-track ceiling curtain. It is both shaded and maintains the style of architectural design. Each pair of ceiling curtains consists of two left and right guide rails. When the motor starts, the track is driven, and the elastic guide shaft pulls the fabric in the middle to achieve the purpose of shading.

Electric double-track folding canopy curtain can be used for commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, etc. It can also be used for high-end residential sun room, flower shed, glass balcony, etc. to adjust the sunshade and maintain the indoor temperature. To avoid strong light radiation and improve the lighting effect.

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