Internet + bathroom industry development welcomes the opportunity okorder

Mobile Internet will be a new opportunity for bathroom upgrades

At the moment, the mobile terminal has become the largest entrance to the Internet in China, along with terminal popularity, tariff reduction, infrastructure and services. Ascension, etc., China is bound to usher in the next big growth of mobile netizens. Through the integration and penetration of the mobile Internet in the bathroom industry, it can promote the transformation of the production industry and become a new opportunity for the upgrading of the sanitary industry.

The so-called “Internet+” was proposed by Tencent founder Ma Huateng, which refers to the use of Internet platforms, using mobile communications, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to combine the Internet with traditional industries to form a A new industrial ecology. According to this understanding, “Internet+ does not simply add the Internet to the industry, but requires the deep integration of traditional industries and the Internet. From production technology, business philosophy to marketing techniques, Internet technology and ideas must be applied. Call it “Internet+.”

For traditional sanitary ware companies, the biggest significance of “Internet+” is “connection”, a connection established through mobile Internet technology that separates the gap between enterprises, users and partners. The time interval is completely broken, forming a communication system without geographical boundaries and no time span, which enables enterprises to avoid the loss caused by space isolation and time difference in the traditional business model, improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise and reduce its operation. cost.

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The rosewood furniture has risen again, and the price of raw materials has increased by 25%. okorder

Since 2016, some countries in the redwood export have greatly strengthened the regulations on the export of the mahogany materials. Under such circumstances, the price of redwood has ushered in a round of “price increase new” climax. With the price increase of mahogany raw materials, it will affect the trend of mahogany furniture. What serious impact will it have?

The rosewood furniture set off a new wave of upswing

The year 2016 has not yet finished, the average increase of Siamese rosewood raw materials has reached 40%; Barry Dalbergia Raw materials rose by 50%; Burmese rosewoods rose by as much as 65%; while the most unrecognized African rosewood raw materials rose nearly 100%. In view of this, at present, all major domestic mahogany merchants have issued notices of price increase of 3% to 10%. The original purchase of red wood furniture has not paid the full amount within the specified time of the enterprise, and the order is re-ordered. They are all executed at the adjusted price.

CITES conference, including a variety of commonly used red wood species, “rejected entry threshold. In the absence of the CITES Contract for Import and Export of the 17th CITES Conference of the Parties, China as a member of CITES, China Customs must implement the Convention to refuse entry.

The rise in the cost of inbound and outbound transportation has actually been in sight since early July this year. Since July 1st, due to the weight change of the dock, the restrictions on weight have become stricter, and transportation costs have been increased in disguise. At the same time, the global container transportation costs have been raised, and the transportation costs of major routes have also increased. The costs incurred by these two factors have increased by about 10%.

Since September 21, the new transportation policy has passed the implementation of this week, and the burden on the merchants has gradually revealed: the 13-meter semi-trailer is reduced by ton, and the total weight cannot exceed 49 tons. The height must not exceed 4 meters. The total amount of freight is unchanged, but the actual load is reduced by about 25%, the freight unit price is raised by about 33%, and the corresponding increase in taxes, transportation costs may increase by 35%.

Whether it is endangered regulation, strict smuggling by countries, or increased transportation costs, it is difficult to prevent the price of raw materials from rising and then rising. At present, the influence of Southeastern Redwoods” has gradually been reflected in the price of rosewood , and the impact of endangered control will continue to ferment for half a year or even longer. . It can be said that the price increase of this rosewood is the symbol of the arrival of mahogany furniture in 2016.

The only remaining mahogany in the world of redwoods

After the CITES conference, the only remaining 15 kinds of mahogany are: rosewood rosewood, Andaman rosewood, Indian rosewood, big fruit Red sandalwood, sacred red sandalwood, bird foot rosewood; African pea wood, white flower pea wood, iron knife wood of wenge wood; ebony ebony, thick ebony, hairy ebony, poncho ebony; striped ebony Lavigne Ebony and Philippine ebony.

Chicken-winged wood has many purple-brown shades of crab claws, which resemble chicken wings, and the name of chicken wings is also derived from this. Similar to ebony, the proportion of wenge and ebony furniture in the mahogany furniture market is currently small, and more furniture is rosewood and rosewood.

The strengthening of mahogany control may be an opportunity for wenge wood and ebony, and it may also make rosewoods leap to the top. The emergence of alternative species is indispensable, but as the most “orthodox”, the status of the old mahogany will still be the authority of many people.

“The remaining mahogany is not huge. For example, the CITES ASEAN Expert Group plans to submit a proposal to include the large-flowered red sandalwood and the bird-footed rosewood in the endangered appendix II at the Assembly of States Parties. Due to the reasons of the government of the country of origin, no formal proposal has been submitted to the General Assembly for consideration.

From the previous market, it can be seen that the large fruit rosewood has gradually become the weather vane of mahogany furniture. As soon as it enters the market, it is widely acclaimed for its clear and moist wood grain, the mellow pear flavor and the price of the people. The tough stability of the large fruit rosewood and the obvious tiger skin pattern, also known as “the closest to the sea yellow grass pear.”

Bird’s foot rosewood is named for its wood texture, which is mainly produced in Laos, Southeast Asia. Since 2016, the local wood ban in Laos has caused the price of the bird’s foot rosewood to fluctuate, but relatively speaking, the price fluctuation of the big fruit rosewood may be more representative of the furniture market.

The price of rosewood raw materials rose by 25%

The continued rise in the price of various rosewood raw materials has caused concern in the industry: African rosewood rose from 4,600 yuan/ton in September to 5,500. Yuan/ton, and the recent market arrival is very small; Siamese rosewood is climbing all the way, the price of conventional materials has increased from 150,000 yuan/ton to nearly 200,000 yuan/ton in half a month, and the increase has exceeded 33%; The price of Burmese rosewood has also increased from 16,000 yuan / ton to 20,000 yuan / ton, an increase of more than 25%.

The reason for the soaring price of mahogany raw materials, one is the exhaustion of resources, and the other is the international attention to the export of redwood. The number of existing mahogany is far less than people think. It takes a long time for precious redwood species to survive and grow in nature. Combined with the amazing amount of redwood wood imported from China in recent years, these huge mahogany stocks are behind the natural resources of the gradual depletion of origin, so the endangered control has been strengthened. .

When these factors are reflected in the market, this year’s rosewood logs are gradually rising and recentThe rapid rise. The rosewood furniture market has begun to rise in price, and Myanmar furniture has generally increased by 8% to 10% in the near future, and no deposit is paid.

Hedgehog rosewood and large fruit rosewood are undoubtedly the most eye-catching species in the recent market. Although the price index has stopped rising, the market turnover is very active. Among the various types of materials, the furniture factory actively stocks the high-quality materials, which is the main reason for the recent surge in the rosewood market. Since October, the expected rebound in the mahogany market has caused many timber merchants to look forward to the market outlook. Guangzhou Yuzhu, Shanghai Furen and other markets under the strength of Hedgehog rosewood, Daguo red sandalwood, broadleaf Dalbergia, Sian rosewood and other species, the market sales continue to increase, giving The market has a large support.

The development of fine-grained development or “Hundred Flowers”

Although the market is booming, the characteristics of concentrated hotspots, single varieties, many transactions, and small quantities are not to be ignored, but with With the completion of the manufacturer’s replenishment action, the sustainability of the market capacity needs further observation and confirmation.

Among the various representative species, the influence of the hedgehog rosewood on the broader market is very important. However, under the influence of factors such as cautious manufacturers and typhoon invasion, the daily sales volume and price increase of the hedgehog rosewood narrowed. Market participants said that from the market form, the mahogany market still has upward momentum, but due to the limited amount of capacity, it can be foreseen that the recent mahogany market will be dominated by shocks, showing a slow attack.

In fact, due to the production cycle, the recent rapid rise of mahogany logs has not really been transmitted to the price of finished furniture. The current increase in the price of finished products in the mahogany furniture market only reflects the increase in the previous period. The price increase of mahogany materials has a great impact on mahogany furniture enterprises. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the primary task of mahogany enterprises is still to go to stock.

In the face of the price-oriented mahogany furniture market, the final trend depends on the supply and demand of wood prices, and the future development remains to be seen.

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The Double 11 Carnival is coming again, and the three major e-commerce companies are surprisingly attracted to consumers. okorder

Now, the distance from the double 11 has been less than a month, this week, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Tmall three e-commerce platforms have announced the start of this year “Double 11 Carnival. In a blink of an eye, the Singles Day has entered its eighth year. Is the e-commerce promotion method a bit tricky?

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. As an Internet product that grows from the grassroots, e-commerce combines the latest hotspots every year to succeed in the hearts of many consumers. “Growing grass, of course, “the way of planting grass is very strange. This year they use “VR.” , "Global purchase and “ serious shopping concept to plant grass.

From another point of view, for consumers, even if it is “to pull out the grass, it is necessary to pull out the peace of mind, value for money, how can we accurately pull out what you want” grass ?

First look at Jingdong.

Jingdong has more self-operated products. Relatively speaking, the quality is relatively reliable, so it is always the main product with good product quality. This year, Jingdong high-profile play “sell seriously, buy a good slogan, advocate consumers to refuse impulsive, rational shopping. Jingdong’s poster shows 11 figurative pictures of multiple delivery personnel walking in the frontier, into the mountains, and wearing the plank road. The main theme is logistics, the theme is “11.11, I am by your side. Their purpose is to take advantage of natural logistics and consolidate their e-commerce market. Song Jing, vice president of Jingdong Group, said that this year, entertainment and impulsive consumption will no longer be the mainstream of the Double 11. When consumers buy goods, the necessity of purchasing goods and the individual’s demand for goods, this will affect the final shopping decision. Rather than saying that as in the past, as long as the price is low, go to pick up the goods and then buy a lot. When you come back, you will find that many of them are not particularly necessary.

Look at Tmall and Taobao again. Eight years ago, it was the double 11 of the first year. The turnover of Taobao was about 52 million yuan a day. However, last year their turnover in the day has reached 91.2 billion yuan. At the beginning of the opening, the number of orders generated by clock per second is 140,000, and the payment per second is 80,000. Behind the all-round carnival brought by the Double 11 reflects the profound changes of the whole society, reflecting the tremendous changes brought by the Internet and e-commerce to all businesses, consumers and economic life. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said: “Double 11 has gone far beyond the concept of shopping and even consumption today. The reason why Double 11 became a carnival, because it has many carnival elements, there are many entertainment attributes. The reason why the double 11 became a carnival and became a consumer holiday, it is definitely not mechanically let our business put a few goods, marked with an attractive price, consumers go up and look at the picture to buy and buy.

Alibaba still emphasizes the concept of “carnival” compared to Jingdong’s introversion. In order to allow this carnival to continue, this year Alibaba’s first push is interactive and live broadcast, vowing to entertain consumers to the end. Just today, on the 23rd, Tmall is holding an international fashion week for 8 hours. The show is a global fashion event, including 50 world-class brands such as Burberry, Maserati and Guerlain. From October 21st to November 11th, the official live broadcast plus the number of merchants will be more than 60,000. Including hundreds of entertainment and sports stars, including Yang Yang, Yang Mi, Zhang Yixing, and hundreds of net red people will interact with consumers in the live broadcast. This year, they also launched VR shopping, which is not a simple simulation of foreign shopping scenes, but in the simulation shopping, if you look at a good product, you can place an order directly.

Zhong Yuzhi, senior manager of merchandise marketing at Macy’s in the United States, said that at 11 o’clock, consumers can directly purchase about 20 VR experience products through Tmall’s flagship store. This may be the first time that Chinese consumers can make virtual reality shopping in the history. The focus is not on how much to buy and how much to sell. It is to bring a future experience to consumers through Macy’s cooperation with Alibaba. In fact, this It’s a bit like jumping out of the future. In addition, they also launched a globally-purchased business. Opened at home and abroad, not only consumers can buy all over the world, brand merchants will also realize the convenience of global sales.

Let’s have a look at Suning. This year, “Double 11, Suning chose to build another city in the Three Kingdoms Waterfront City on the shores of Taihu Lake, to create a “buy and buy” and entertaining nature. “Antiques Street & mdash;— According to reports, from November 8th to November 11th, more than 100 first-line brand merchants will settle in Xiaocheng City, 111 well-known net red live broadcast, together to create an entertainment shopping carnival, is expected to be Suning Yi within four days The purchase brought 500 million exposures. Huo Guang, deputy director of Suning Tesco Public Relations, said that their focus this year is to open up and down the line. Building a city like a carnival, there will be a lot of retro layout, there will be many shops in the city, there are some places to play. There is a street inside which is a retro reflection of Shanghe Street shops in Qingming. The core is to encourage everyone to play while buying, including eating, drinking and shopping to buy a one-stop shopping experience.

At this point, the various tricks of the three largest three e-commerce platforms in China have already appeared. However, for consumers, the appearance does not mean that they are all reliable, but also need to polish their eyes and carefully choose .

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Focus: Postmodern tiles will become the terminator of wood flooring okorder

Humanized Ceramics Listed

Once, a film that was being filmed, “Aunt’s Postmodern Life,” evokes the collective taste of the word postmodern. At the same time, it seems that new tiles that are not related to the movie, but are closely related to life, are on the market. Aunt has aunt’s postmodern life, and this time the tiles are also sizzling: we also have postmodern life.

Integration into life, imitation of life, high-end price, is the most important three factors in the post-modernity of tiles. Even, it has already shown a strong limelight called plank flooring.

Postmodern tiles will become wooden floor terminators?

The tile area that visited the building materials market four or five years ago is simply a ‘physical activity’, repeated in a pile of square and square white, square and white materials. What is said to be ‘aesthetic fatigue’, basically the so-called beauty is not felt. At that time, consumers according to their own family needs, pick a medium-sized, and the color of the home is not the same, is the magic weapon in the decoration.

After a few years, the development and consumption of ceramic tiles, after a round of classicism, naturalism, and realism in the market, we are more willing to call it the current trend. Postmodern–post-modern tiles have been able to replace many decorative materials and become an important part of family life. As far as solid wood flooring is concerned, the current tiles have realistically mimicked its color, texture and even specifications. If you judge it visually, this is the tile, which is clearly the solid wood floor! There are even people who choose different flavors like wood grain and red sandalwood. For the home user, the only such imitation wood brick can not meet the solid wood floor, it is the touch, cold and hard. However, before frowning, don’t forget the advantages of being a brick in nature, which is unclear: wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, not wet, easy to maintain, etc.

So, if the price is similar, from a comprehensive consideration, will consumers choose ceramic tiles or solid wood in the future? It is now concluded that the conclusion that the tile should end the era of wood flooring may be early, because under the concept of not postmodern, the home life without floor is probably unacceptable.

Recall that a few years ago, can you accept the tiles from the bathroom, the kitchen to the wall of the home or the entire wall of the study? Now this is not at all rare. Through the use of composite materials, glass, metal and other related materials are matched in the tile-based design, and all kinds of beautiful and unique ceramic tiles have appeared in the most eye-catching and most beautiful home decoration. The finishing touch is on the spot. I thought it was the leather-wrapped background wall that was shocked by the effect of the tile paving; a classical or European mural was actually a masterpiece of the tile. In 2007, the ‘marshmallow’ and ‘bread bricks’ that are closely related to life in the new products are not only materials, but also highlight the taste of life.

Since the tiles are omnipotent in terms of decoration and creativity, then after another three or five years, who can say that tiles will not end the era of wood flooring?

Release date: 2011/11/10 9:59:01

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Waste floor recycling into a new profit growth point in the industry okorder

With the increasing scarcity of forestry resources, the cost of flooring products that are overly dependent on forestry resources has increased. How to reduce the production cost of the floor without reducing the quality of the floor has always been a headache for the flooring companies. It is even more difficult to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from the floor production process. Then the old floor recycling action is making a new trend across the country. It is difficult to reduce the production cost of the floor and to do low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, it has spawned a production and sales model of replacing old and recycling, which is not only affordable to the people, but also beneficial to the people. It has brought a new concept of flooring products to thousands of households.

With the involvement of major brands in the recycling of wood flooring, there is no doubt that this will become a new hot spot in the flooring market, and even a new profit growth point in the flooring industry. Because this method not only effectively reduces the production cost of the floor, but also alleviates the shortage of forest resources and reduces the carbon emissions, which not only improves the company’s income, but also enhances the public’s new understanding of environmentally friendly flooring products. Achieved a win-win situation. Many flooring companies with old floor recycling businesses use a ‘old-for-new’ sales model to sell products to consumers. From the feedback from consumers who participated in a lot of floor-to-floor trade-in activities, we learned that many people are suffering from the contradiction of throwing out the old floor in their homes.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021834171643.jpg”>

Recycling of waste floors into new profit growth points in the industry


With this awareness, consumers are more likely to accept the trade-in of the floor. Through the trade-in of the floor, the floor manufacturers can use the old floor to re-use, and consumers can choose the floor that is satisfactory, more importantly. Yes, this is an environmentally friendly business and a correct choice to reduce carbon emissions. Nowadays, the production and sales model of this floor has become a new trend, which is highly appreciated and favored by consumers. By saving more than 10 times of forest logs and their reduced carbon emissions and increased oxygen emissions, the environmental benefits of emission reductions are amazing.

The old-fashioned replacement of this floor not only allows the old floor of the consumer’s home. There is a good ‘ownership’ and a new floor can be bought at a favorable price. This sales model will naturally be recognized by consumers. This is beyond doubt. And with the impact of the 2010 Copenhagen Climate Conference, many Consumers start to empty Concerned about environmental protection, and raised awareness of environmental protection. Relevant statistics show that according to the calculation of household solid wood floor decoration area of ​​80 square meters, through the recycling of solid wood flooring, it can directly reduce the carbon emissions of 908.8 kilograms, which is 23.3 per capita carbon emissions per year in China. %

Release date: 2011/11/11 11:11:43

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The five maintenance cheats are used as long as new flooring okorder

As more and more consumers pursue home comfort and environmental protection, wood flooring has gradually become the protagonist of floor decoration materials. The use of wooden flooring depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on the entire paving process and daily maintenance. What are the details that need to be paid attention to in life to avoid common problems such as deformation, cracking, and noise of wooden floors?

First, how to avoid the arching deformation of the floor

The reasons for the deformation of the floor arch are: 1) the floor is flooded; 2 the air humidity is too large; 3 the expansion joint is too small, After the floor is inflated, there is not enough space; 4 The moisture-proof film has poor moisture-proof effect, which makes the back of the floor damp;

Precautionary measures: 1 Check the waterproof measures of kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, balcony, window sill, etc. before paving Whether it is perfect; 2 purchase high-quality moisture-proof film; 3 do not use the wet mop to drip clean the floor;

Second, how to avoid the floor from the seam

The reasons for the seam are: 1 the environment is too dry; 2 the floor is installed too loose; 3 the floor or the environment humidity is too large to expand when the floor is paved or used, when the ambient humidity is lowered, the floor loses water and shrinks, causing the shrinkage to be too large; 4 The weights in the room are placed symmetrically.

Preventive measures include: 1 the ground should be laid with moisture-proof membrane, and the seal is tight, it is recommended that the indoor relative humidity is 40% ~ 80%; 2 indoor heavy furniture should not be placed symmetrically. 3 According to the floor material, choose the appropriate floor cleaner. Before use, pour the appropriate amount of floor cleaner into the bucket according to the degree of dirt, and then use the mop to mop the room from the room to the door. If it is a corner or floor seam and other places that are difficult to clean, you can use the old toothbrush to directly scrub the floor cleaner to remove the stubborn dirt. You can also directly pour the floor cleaner onto the rag. Remember to clean the floor with a wet mop with drip.

Third, how to avoid floor discoloration

The main causes of floor discoloration are: 1 damp; 2 natural discoloration; 3 caused by strong light or high temperature.

Precautions include: 1 to maintain indoor ventilation, so that the indoor humidity is appropriate; 2 to avoid floor flooding and moisture; 3 to avoid long-term direct sunlight on the floor.

Fourth, how to avoid floor cracking

The main reasons for floor cracking are: 1 drying or baking caused by shrinkage cracking; 2 no reservation when paving The shrinkage seam or shrinkage seam is too small, and the floor is swollen after expansion.

Precautions include: 1 to avoid the floor exposed to sunlight and high temperature baking; 2 to keep the room ventilated frequently;

Five, how to avoid the floor Sounds

The reasons for the sound of the floor are: 1 the ground is not flat; 2 the floor is swelled when the moisture is inflated; 3 the symmetrical arrangement of the indoor furniture (heavy objects).

Precautionary measures include: 1 adjust the room furniture placement, put heavy furniture on one side, leaving the floor space for expansion; 2 do the floor moisture treatment; 3 check the floor paving effect When observing, when the length or width exceeds 8 meters, there is no partition and bridge treatment.

Most of the problems caused by the use of the floor are caused by imperfect paving. Consumers broke through the inferior floor, even the high-priced, high-quality flooring that they bought. It is very likely that the pavement is unprofessional, causing troubles in use and cumbersome maintenance.

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There is also a minimum consumption for buying a floor? okorder

After visiting the Jinan floor market, the reporter found that although the brand flooring claimed to be installed free of charge, after careful inquiry, almost all the merchants said that they could not reach the minimum area for purchase, and the customer had to pay another amount and said that it was ‘ regulation’. In the floor area of ​​many home stores in the provincial capital, when the merchant introduces the product, most merchants take the initiative to express that if the floor is purchased, it can provide additional services for free installation and free measurement. Recently, some consumers have reported that the floor industry has also set a minimum consumption. If the customer purchases the floor space that does not meet the minimum requirements set by the merchant, additional fees will be required. ‘Home decoration video wall to make the shape to use the floor, went to the mall to buy six seven flat, neighbors to buy the floor is free to install, the result said that the area I bought is too small, in addition to the material fee has to pay another 50 Block money. ‘In recent days, the provincial city folk money has encountered such a thing when it is consumed. A home store in the North Park Street of the provincial capital, a salesperson of a domestic brand floor did not mention the minimum consumption when introducing the product. When asked by the reporter whether there is a requirement for the purchase area, the staff member said that if it is lower than the merchant’s regulations The minimum area requires a small fee. In the interview, the reporter found that although they all claimed to be free to install, most merchants secretly stipulated the minimum consumption for enjoying this service. The floor brands are different, and the lower limit of the free installation area is different. A salesperson of a Swiss brand floor said that when the purchase area is less than 10 square meters, a small order fee of 50 yuan is required; a salesperson of a domestic brand floor said that if you purchase more than 30 square meters, it can be installed free of charge. After asking a number of reporters, the current minimum floor area for free installation is from 10 square meters to 30 square meters, and the extra charge is generally 50 yuan. However, some small and medium-sized brand floor sales staff said that although there is a minimum consumption, it can be negotiated. The merchants talked about the reason of the current ‘minimum consumption’. Why did the reporters say that the minimum consumption was the same? ‘This money is mainly subsidized freight. If you buy less, we have to send workers to drive to install. Now the oil price has risen. How powerful. ‘Some merchants also said that the area is not enough to pay the paving fee, and some merchants say it is called the lathe fee. ‘Big brands have their own professional installation team. The wages and fares of the installers are paid by the profit of selling the floor. If the customer purchases less area, the profit will be small, but the wages and oil of the installer will also be paid. The fee, the extra charge is to subsidize this part of the cost. In the interview, the provincial city floor dealer said. For the floor seller to set a minimum consumption behavior, the Consumer Association staff said that if the merchant has written notice, or express this clause before the consumer pays, there is no problem, otherwise it will infringe the consumer’s right to know. Fair price after-sales service is guaranteed With the popularity of home improvement knowledge, more and more consumers are beginning to realize the importance of floor covering for the future life of the floor. In the current flooring market, there are several types of floor coverings that consumers can choose from – paving directly by floor manufacturers; paving by professional floor installation companies; paving by home improvement companies or guerrillas . Among the three types of paving, the direct paving of the floor manufacturers is the best, they are professional and guaranteed after sale. The floor installation company is not properly paved, because this industry is a mixed bag, and good companies are rare. Most of the home improvement companies and guerrillas are not professional enough, and it is difficult to define the responsibility of the problem. It is not a good choice for consumers. An important reason why some consumers are hesitant to choose the flooring manufacturer’s paving floor is that they feel that the paving fee is high, and they don’t want to pay too much for the paving after purchasing the floor. Insiders pointed out that the concept of consumers has yet to be reversed. If more consumers are willing to pay for the pavement, this will help promote the level of industry pavement and the improvement of service quality, and will only benefit consumers. Consumers should be aware that in terms of floor covering, reasonable charges will be significantly different from those of extremely low-cost, even free paving. For example, Lin Dalun said, for example, the pre-design before the floor pavement, this is actually a very important link. Through this link, each customer can see the designed construction drawings in advance, and the workers can also strictly follow the drawings to accurately assemble. Come out with the pattern requested by the customer and reduce the consumption. The installation of wood flooring will change with the increase of labor market cost. Compared with other categories of building materials, the flooring industry is the first product to enter the market competition. After more than ten years of development, a large number of large-scale, strong and heavy services Brand companies have emerged, but in the eyes of Shengxiang Group President Weng Shaobin, compared with European and American companies, there are still many gaps in our flooring companies. Whether it is the degree of development of the enterprise, the maturity of the market, and related laws and regulations, there are many gaps and problems, and there is still a long way to go. Weng Shaobin admits that foreign consumers, especially European consumers, have higher requirements for the details and quality of their products. There is still a long way to go before Chinese flooring can meet their needs. Compared with foreign companies, the cheap labor of Chinese companies is a big advantage. However, with the increase of labor costs in China and the requirement of participating in international competition, in the future, the service mode of the flooring industry will inevitably change. For example, the installation of flooring will be changed from free to charge. Weng Shaobin said that most of our domestic building materials products have free services for free installation and free measurement. This is because of the demand for competition, but the labor cost will become more and more expensive, and the demand of consumers will increase and become more and more. The more detailed, therefore, service charges will inevitably become the direction of development. ‘A lot of foreign companies have almost perfected the service. One product has extremely strict requirements from every aspect of material selection, process workshop, finished product quality, sales and after-sales service. From the purchase to the use of the customer, every step has a mature service, of course, every step will be charged. Our current market development situation, companies can not do so, but this is the direction of development, the installation of the floor to charge is only the beginning of change. ‘

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How do flooring companies spend their money in the right place? okorder

When many flooring companies are in the cold in the industry, it can be said that most bosses are almost self-taught in terms of saving money. They are very professional. Many financial controllers are masters of saving money and have a strong sense of cost. However, most of the flooring companies are lacking in how to spend money properly, and because they don’t know how to spend the money in the right place, the money was wasted by the company far more than the money saved from the teeth.

In many cases, people who dare to spend money can create greater value for the company. I have seen a buyer of a small floor factory, is the relative of the boss, do not understand the purchase, special tips, buy things to know the price and bargain, whether the purchase of large or small pieces of content must be divided, make supply The business is very hot. As a result, many materials and equipment of the company have been repaired and scrapped. The annual maintenance cost is amazing. The employees often complain that this is not easy to use. It is always bad and not satisfactory. Later, the boss hired a professional purchasing person in the industry. It is very reliable for people to do things. Any one-time investment must buy the best. The production machines and tools are imported. One penny is for the purchase of raw materials or semi-finished products. When people look at the hand and touch it, they know what technology and materials are used, and what the market price is. Not only the suppliers are convinced, but the employees no longer complain.

The cost of the enterprise includes many aspects, the place to spend money is indeed quite a lot, many bosses have been very fine, when a company really has to save money from the teeth To the point, you have to be financially careful about how to make careful calculations. At this time, it is actually a way to save money by looking for loopholes in spending money and spending money correctly.

In addition to the money spent by some companies mentioned above, I believe that spending the following aspects should be the consensus of every company, and it is most worthy of our reflection:

First of all, recruitment must be willing to spend money. Many companies now say that we don’t need the best talent, we only need the most suitable talent. This is a good thing, but you can’t just say no, the boss may not know that it is harder for a company to find the right talent than to find a good talent. It takes more cost to find the right talent. Therefore, companies must be willing to spend money on recruiting and selecting talents, and even spend a lot of money. The cost of finding a person must be much less than the cost of finding the wrong person. Many cases around you can explain this. Therefore, investment talent will never lose money.

Second, training should be willing to spend money. It is because of the above that it is difficult for enterprises to find the right talents. Most of the time, only half of the right ones can be found, and even half of them are suitable. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of the later stage. Talents. How to cultivate a semi-finished product and a defective product into a suitable talent for the enterprise is absolutely necessary.

In short, the floor company should train a person who specializes in how to spend money, even if he hires a consultant, but this person must not be the company’s financial controller, and should not It is the boss himself. If the boss thinks that I am the person who knows how to spend money, basically this company has problems. Only from the perspective of financial and investor, standing in a professional, objective and rational position, dare to spend money, will spend money, in order to give companies how to spend money to provide correct guidance and advice.

Release date: 2012/3/30 9:46:50

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Floor companies should give dealers a moving support okorder

In the channel construction, in order to promote market development and benefit others, the company will give the channel vendors some support. Even if the support of the same strength is supported by some manufacturers, the dealers are grateful to Dade, and some manufacturers support the dealers. It is considered to be a matter of course.

Why is the gap so big?

One problem that we always face in the process of enterprise channel management is that many dealers cry all day to make policies, give discounts, approve advertising fees, get some specials, and it’s okay. The feeling for the manufacturer is that it is hard to fill, it is a bottomless pit!

To be honest, many quotients are like this, but most of them are doing poor business. ‘Wait, rely on, want to be serious, and look forward to the company advertising, CCTV, broadcasting, etc. I can’t wait for the resources of the manufacturers to be put on his three-point land, but he does not actively promote it. How can the products be sold?

Don’t use heavy hammers, good merchants are ‘no need to whip their own hoofs’, business is to do for themselves, people rely on their own efforts to do the market, manufacturers give away, do not give or ask, because they I understand that it doesn’t make much sense. The supporters will not be less than one. You shouldn’t support it if you want it. Dealers do market like farmers give their own land, God does not rain, does not wind, you still do not water yourself, this crop is still not collected?

Operating in the regional market, the dealer is always the protagonist, the manufacturer is only the supporting role, and the dealer needs to position himself. The support of the manufacturers to the dealers is on the one hand to mobilize the enthusiasm of the dealers, to inspire people, on the one hand, for the market development and operation must.

The same strength of support, how to create dealers moved, how to let dealers feel the support of manufacturers? This is indeed a proposition placed in front of each manufacturer.

The author believes that grasping the common needs of dealers while paying attention to the individual needs of dealers, and then giving targeted support in ‘reasonable, unexpected’ can make dealers feel support, create dealers to move, stimulate Dealer’s enthusiasm for the market!

Reasonable: The terms of the manufacturer’s annual contract support policy promise to be given.

Unexpectedly: Each dealer faces different problems, what the dealer needs, and what we can meet in the context of the company’s permissible scope, even if the customer asks us to come forward in advance, The idea is to walk in front of the customer.

What is the dealer’s personalized needs?

Some dealers don’t need money, don’t care much about the company’s support, lack of operation methods, then the company gives him strategies and methods, and the person is stationed to help him operate the market.

Some dealers need training on shopping guides. The company will send professional lecturers to the local store to teach the hands and hands, and the store will practice and demonstrate.

Some dealers don’t know how to do activities promotion. The company sends professional planners to give training and practical operations for various activity modes.

Some dealers have subordinate network management confusion. The company organizes professional channel management personnel to help them survive the fittest, optimize management, and improve network quality.

Some dealers face good opportunities for local market expansion. For example, there are new stores in the local market, and there are pressures on the funds. The company can give internal interest-free loans or give certain financial support.

Manufacturers’ policies are yes, there are explicit, there are hidden, there are common, there are applications, the key is whether the dealer friends have the heart of the market, whether the market is because of you With the heart and change, can you rely on one heart to impress the manufacturer? The author believes that dealers friends only need to work hard, you do not need to take the initiative to support, manufacturers know your needs will be put away from the market and your point of view Gain insight into your needs and consider targeted support for you!

In addition, advise dealers and friends not to make sales commitments to manufacturers in order to get support from manufacturers. It is better to make a look at shouting scorpions. People are looking at manufacturers, he is watching what you said or watching you do. ?

When the dealer friend is approved by the manufacturer, is there any support? When you feedback your needs to the manufacturer, you are often moved, if you have touched the manufacturer! Dealer friends, the manufacturer brand may be your only, but you are almost impossible to be the only manufacturer!

At the same time, enterprise channel management personnel should go deep into the market, conduct strategic thinking from the perspective of market sustainable development, gain insight into the needs of dealers, urgency in the market, urgent needs of dealers, full market needs, full distribution. The needs of the business, create market touch, create dealers to move, the relationship between manufacturers will become more and more harmonious, the market will get better and better!

Release date: 2011/12/29 11:26:09

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6 misunderstandings to pay attention to floor heating okorder

1. Floor heating will definitely increase the load on the floor.

Some communities have no industry to worry that the owner will increase the weight of the floor when doing the floor heating, so the community is not allowed to do floor heating. In fact, ultra-thin floor heating products, without pouring cement, will not increase the weight of the building.

2. The height of the floor heating will be high.

The residents of China are more concerned about the height of the living room. The main problem in communicating with the owners in the business seems to be the high degree of calculation. … The thinnest floor is only 12mm, which has almost no effect on the height of the floor.

3. The floor heating pipe will be blocked.

The independent heating generally uses a wall-hung boiler. The water in the floor heating circuit is closed, and generally does not need to be replaced, and there is no possibility of blockage. The floor heating that is connected to the central heating system does have to consider the problem of plugging due to the problem of corrosion aging of the central heating pipe. However, it is sufficient to add a filtering device when doing floor heating.

4. The heating of the floor heating pipe will make a loud sound, which will affect the residents downstairs.

The water in the floor heating pipe circuit is closed without gas, very calm at work, no Will make a sound. Floor heating will only help to soundproof.

5. Water leakage problems

The life of a good quality pipe is even longer than the life of a building. Some people have to destroy it. If there is a problem with the quality, the owner can find a floor heating installation company. And pipe manufacturers claim. But the floor heating project does not seem to be so fragile.

After the water leakage, the traditional floor heating needs to plan the ground, but it is not necessary to plan all the holes. If you press the pressure, you can find which circuit has a problem. After the new floor heating finds the problem, it is also necessary to uncover the floor treatment problem, but it is relatively simple to deal with the problem.

The heating water of the home is installed in a closed loop. The amount of water is not so large to the extent of the water. The ultra-thin floor heating has a maximum of 2.16 liters of water.

6. Under the furniture without legs, it is also necessary to warm the floor.

‘My home decoration is less than half a year, the floor of the bedroom is somewhat deformed. ‘Mr. Yang is puzzling about this. Later, when I found a professional check, I realized that it was the bed of the bedroom. Mr. Yang’s bed has no bed legs, and the entire bed is in direct contact with the ground, and the hot air is blocked under the bed.

Expert analysis: If the interior is paved with floor heating, do not make decorative parts or legless furniture on the floor. Because the floor heating floor is a cooling surface, the hot air circulates from the bottom to the top, producing a greenhouse effect. If legless furniture or the like is placed on the floor, the heat dissipating surface will be reduced, which not only causes the heat effect to be weakened, but also does not allow the heat to be sufficiently dissipated.

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