What is the difference between a T-shaped door and a flat door? okorder

As a big category in the home furnishing industry, wooden doors have gradually matured in recent years. However, in the face of the choice of wooden door types, many consumers still have many doubts, so for the two types of wooden doors commonly found on the market, T-type Doors and peace gates, how should we choose?
   Xiaobian is here to give you a simple science from three dimensions. What is the difference between the T-door and the Peace Gate?

   First, it is the difference in design. From the lateral side of the door leaf, the traditional flat door is square, and there is a 3 mm gap between the door leaf and the door frame; while the T-shaped door leaf is a capital “T”, the door leaf and the door cover adopt a double curved tooth structure, and the bite is tight, and then With special sealing strips, its privacy and sound insulation are several times higher than ordinary flat doors. The design of the T-shaped door was inspired by Germany during the Second World War. At that time, people suffered from the wind and the sound of gunfire, so they changed the style of the door to reduce the impact of harsh environment on life. After the end of the war, this kind of T-shaped door with good performance in sound insulation, sealing and heat preservation was widely promoted. Until today, the heat is still not reduced, especially the domestic T-shaped door leader Holtz, whose products are large. Favored by consumers.

   Second, there are differences in the materials. On the core material, the common flat door on the market mainly uses MDF, particle board, honeycomb paper, etc. as the filling material, and some even have no filling at all. Such a wooden door has poor flatness, is not resistant to impact, and is easily bendable and deformed. The T-shaped door adopts the German Sauerland core board and is filled with E0-level environmental protection bridge mechanics environmental protection materials. It not only has excellent sealing properties, good stability, and is not easy to be deformed, but also extremely environmentally friendly. The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5MG/L. The highest environmental standards in China. On the decorative material, the German imported Dutra surface material on the surface of the T-shaped door has considerable scratch resistance and flame retardancy, while the surface of the flat door is mostly PVC and PVT material, which is not only scratch-resistant, but also easy to stay. Obvious traces, affecting the appearance.

   Finally, it is about the comparison of the two manufacturing processes. The flat door is simple in process and the equipment requirements are not high. Therefore, many small door factories have appeared in China. They are mass-produced and the quality of the products is not controlled. Due to the complexity of the process, the T-type door must have T-port professional equipment, requiring enterprises to invest large equipment funds. On the hardware accessories, the T-shaped door also has almost perfect requirements. Its exclusive mute lock is strictly manufactured according to the German industrial standard DIN18101. It requires that it must be opened and closed without sound, and the manufacturing process is extremely strict.

   Through the above three comparisons, I believe that consumers are already familiar with the purchase of wooden doors, I hope you can buy To the heart of the wooden door with excellent quality, good material and fine craftsmanship.
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How to judge whether the shower head is leaking? okorder

The sudden flow of water after the shower is turned off is a problem that most people will encounter. Sometimes it is turned off after a while, and the time is short. Is this the quality of the shower? actually not. The water that appears after turning off the shower is actually the water in the top spray and shower pipe. So how do you judge whether the shower head is leaking?
Why is the water leaking after the shower is turned off?

In order to pursue the comfort of the bath, the current top spray of the shower is quite large, and the larger it means that the more water is stored inside the faucet. After use, the air pressure and atmospheric pressure inside the shower are in balance, so the water inside will not flow out for a while, and will flow out after losing the balance water for a while. This is a problem with large top spray showers. It is not that the shower leaks or is broken, so you can rest assured that you encounter this problem. If it is a continuous dripping water leak, that is the quality problem.

How to judge whether the shower head is leaking?

1. Hold the spout of the shower head with your palm and use your mouth to align with the water inlet to check for water leakage. If there is a leaking shower head, it will leak.

2. When the shower head is watered, it is slightly sideways when the water is discharged. It is easy to see if the shower head is leaking.

3, multi-function shower head is the most leaky in the case of dual function, some shower heads only do not leak when in a pattern, but it is difficult to ensure that it is not under dual function Will leak.

What if the shower leaks?

1, the leakage of the shower head to the ball

Firstly, the shower head should be unscrewed from the steering ball ring to find the O-ring inside or A similar seal and replace it, then turn the shower head back into place.

2, leakage at the shower head handle connection

Select the appropriate shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, and replace the rubber ring and reinstall it.

3, Leakage caused by gravel or sediment

Rotate the shower head, if necessary, soak the parts with vinegar and scrub the parts. Be careful to avoid scratching it. If the shower head is adjustable spray, carefully inspect all movable parts to see if there are excessive signs of wear. If the rotary handle does not move smoothly, or if the internal cam is broken, the entire shower head needs to be replaced.

4, the shower head water becomes thick and thin mix

The shower shower takes a long time, the water output will become smaller, because the water quality is not good, the water inside With a large amount of alkali, scale deposits at the outlet hole, causing the shower to clog. It is also very simple to solve. For a shower with silicone particles, knead gently. If the scale is serious, use a plastic bag to hold the white vinegar, wrap the shower for a while and then rinse with water.

Although the shower is small, if the problem of water leakage is still very troublesome, the bath is even more uncomfortable. Therefore, when you buy at the beginning, you must not be tempted by small and cheap and blindfolded by inferior products. Xiaobian always believes that the indispensable thing in life is to take quality first, perhaps it is expensive when buying. But it can save the cost of repair and replacement in the future.
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Water knife parquet, beautiful natural stone painting okorder

Waterjet parquet, also known as stone mosaic, is a beautiful natural stone painting that people use art to conceive and use natural stone instead of pigment.
It is mainly made up of the natural unique color, texture and material of natural stone, combined with clever artistic conception and design. With the development of stone processing technology and technology, as well as the complexity of the pattern and design of stone mosaic, stone waterjet cutting equipment is widely used in the processing of stone mosaic. And for complex parquet design, waterjet has become an indispensable tool, so stone mosaic is also known as waterjet parquet. Due to the rich and varied layout effect of natural marble, and the fine texture of the marble, the hardness is moderate, it is very suitable for the processing of the mosaic, so most of the stone mosaic is made of marble. Therefore, the so-called parquet, sometimes referred to as marble mosaic. There are also newly developed sandstone mosaics and slate mosaics that are also very distinctive, but with relatively few applications. Stone parquet can be seen as a development and extension of mosaic technology. It is a new stone product derived from the combination of mosaic technology and new processing technology and technology. Like the early stone mosaic, mainly the stone plate products, this can be seen as an enlarged version of the stone mosaic, and later due to the application of waterjet technology and processing precision, the stone mosaic mosaic mosaic technology has been brought to the fore. Extremely, it has formed its own unique style. However, stone mosaic in foreign countries is still in the category of stone mosaic. Waterjet puzzle, a form of deep processing of stone, is not limited to stone and ceramics, such as glass, copper, mosaic, etc. It is also a very high decorative art.

The type of stone water knife parquet

1, according to the scale: there are outdoor square water knife parquet, large building indoor water knife parquet, villa water knife parquet.

2, according to the process points: there are three-dimensional water knife parquet, flat water knife parquet, inlaid water knife parquet.

3, according to style: there are European classical pattern water knife parquet, neo-classical and Chinese water knife parquet, modern minimalist pattern water knife parquet and so on.

Stone water knife parquet craft

I. The importance of material selection:
Before the process, let’s talk about processing Before the selection of materials, material selection is particularly important for the final effect. Designers and customers should pay attention to these three points when selecting materials:

1, color:

In the whole mosaic pattern, the layout color of the same stone must be the same, but for some color differences (Simi, Jinxiangyu, Shanhuhong, etc.), there is a large color difference on the same plate. It is necessary to distinguish between plans and materials. The basic principle of material selection is: one is to select the material according to the principle of gradual color transition, and the second is based on the principle that the aesthetic decoration effect of the mosaic is not affected.

2, texture:
In the processing of stone mosaic, the change of the surface of the board is also very important. Especially for high-end products with high quality, high requirements and high artistic quality, it is best to combine the changes of texture with the design, so as to better display the design effect.
The top luxury mansions must have those eye-catching stone waterjets. For round mosaics, the texture can be around the circumference or along the radius, but whether it is around the circumference or along the radius, the texture must be guaranteed. Consistency. For a square mosaic, the general image of the grain extends along the length direction, and can also radiate in the width direction or at the same time along the length and width directions.

3, 瑕疵:
The top luxury houses must have those eye-catching stone waterjets. Such as color lines, stains, cracks, holes, sand holes, mildew, from the quality of the mosaic, these stone defects are absolutely not allowed. However, since the stone is naturally generated, there are more or less certain flaws. Therefore, when selecting materials and materials, we need to consider the problem comprehensively, avoiding as much as possible, and avoiding it depending on the specific situation. And these appearance defects should be repaired as much as possible. However, the range allowed is not to affect the overall decorative effect of the mosaic.

Second, from the CAD line drawing to the factory processing process:

First, the design department confirms that the color map is consistent with the customer, and will draw the color map and CAD line drawing. Passed to the computer drawing room for computer production.

1, computer graphics include:
a, sub-layer (separate layers are separate materials of different colors)
b, typesetting (distributed parts according to actual use The size of the material is regularly arranged.) Processing, compiling, reviewing, and decomposing drawings. These six parts have many details. For example, the processing part has the compensation of the water jet, the parts are connected, and the “DXF” file format is saved. After the computer drawing is completed, it is delivered to the factory for the waterjet cutting process.

2,Factory processing:

Top luxury houses must have those eye-catching stone waterjet parquet
Waterjet knife cutting parts
Top luxury home Essential stone water knife parquet with stunning eyeballs
↑Artificial collage
Top luxury home must have those eye-catching stone waterjet parquet
Top luxury home must Those eye-catching stone water knife parquet
↑ surface polished finish

The top luxury mansion must have those eye-catching stone water knife parquet
top luxury home must have those eye-catching stone water Knife parquet
Third, the quality acceptance criteria

1, the same mosaic pattern in the same stone color texture should be consistent, no obvious color difference, color spots, color line defects, can not have a yin and yang color.
2, no cracks on the board surface, no damage, no gaps.
3, peripheral dimensions, gaps, mapsThe stitching error of the case is less than 1mm.
4, flatness error is less than 1mm, no gap.

5, the surface gloss is not less than 80 degrees.
6, the color of the adhesive for bonding the color of the gap or the stone should be the same color as the stone.
7, diagonal, parallel lines should be straight, to be parallel, the arc angle can not be moved, the sharp corners can not be blunt.
8, packaging must be light facing the smooth surface, to prevent scratches, and vertical standing to make it longitudinally stressed.
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Kitchen cabinet standard size recommendations okorder

Kitchen decoration is a very important part of modern home improvement. After all, it is a place to make delicious food every day. So do you know the standard size of the kitchen cabinet? How much is the height of the kitchen cabinet off the ground? Let’s introduce it to you. When designing cabinet heights, there are many design factors to consider, which are the principles mentioned. How much is the height of the cabinet? The height of the cabinet here includes the height of the cabinet and the maximum height of the cabinet. When designing the height of these two aspects, we need to combine the height of the person who cooks at home. Generally speaking, the height of the cabinet workbench should be based on the bottom of the basin when the housewife is standing. If it is too high, it will make people feel tired. If it is too low, it will make people feel the acid back pain.
   cabinet height designed the design of the cabinet workbench, as well as the design of the cabinet wall cabinet. The height of the cabinet hanging cabinet is also very important. Generally speaking, it is still necessary to use the height of the housewife who cooks at home. Generally speaking, the housewife can easily open the hanging cabinet and can safely get the items inside. quasi. But also consider the size of your cabinet and the size of the entire kitchen.

  kitchen cabinet standard size

  1. Kitchen cabinet standard size: plastic cabinet decoration size (requires kitchen The net height is about 2.4 meters)

  2. Blister cabinets, solid wood cabinets (net height 2.400M high)

  3. Table height: 820mm Water height: 50mm

  4. Front skirt height: 60mm Countertop width: 600mm

  5. Height: 750mm Thickness of the cabinet body: 380mm

  6. Hood of the range hood: 170mm.
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Aluminum alloy doors and windows, in the end is diversified or specialized? okorder

  People often say that it is better to be more refined and finer than to do more, especially for enterprises, it is best to do fine management, and now many companies tend to diversify, more and more aluminum alloy doors and windows Brands are moving towards diversified development, and there seems to be fewer and fewer specialized companies. In this case, how should aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises choose?
   Diversified development requires two kinds of strength

  Overview of China’s aluminum alloy doors and windows industry, Diversified development has become a trend. Many aluminum alloy doors and windows companies have been diversified in horizontal expansion. For aluminum alloy doors and windows companies, diversification is an important way to grab consumers and markets, and to seek breakthroughs in fierce competition. However, diversification is not a panacea, and there are many companies that blindly expand and destroy them. Industry experts point out that big homes have always been “pan”, but not everyone can “generalize” and be careful to “pan”.

   So, what kind of conditions can the company achieve “pan”? The industry insiders have two strengths to enter the big home. First, consumers have decoration phobias, home integration services are market trends; second, enterprises have a leading edge in the field, and can naturally expand to other customization areas. It can be seen from this that it is an important strategy to expand relevant fields one by one based on the advantages of a certain field. Companies with a diversified layout mostly follow this principle. Expanding from related product categories, whether from the technical foundation, resource integration or consumer perception, has inherent advantages.

  Specialized management also has a spring of development

   Compared with the enthusiasm of the “diversification” of the layout, it still insists on deepening the professional operation of a single category. There are fewer and fewer companies. Does this mean that there is a lack of broad development space for specialization? The industry believes that specialization is a big market. “To be good, to be good, to be fine, to be fine, is the strongest company.”

  From a global and historical perspective, internationally renowned brands and centuries old Shops have indeed grown through specialization, and they have achieved the ultimate in the field of specificity, becoming the well-deserved leader in their category. For consumers, they tend to think that professional branded products and services are more professional and reliable. According to industry insiders, companies need to be focused, focused, and take a professional development path.

   future home return to professional development

   From the current situation, the aluminum alloy door and window industry is quite “diversified” overwhelming “specialization “The trend.” In the future, will more and more enterprises abandon the deepening of specialization and choose diversified expansion? The industry believes that from the perspective of market, it should be both professional and diversified, with a focus on professionalism. He pointed out that the diversified layout, especially the “big home” strategy, has high requirements for the talents, resources, capital, R&D and design of the company, and not every enterprise is suitable. In the future, there will be some strong brands in the field of home furnishing, but most companies still need to return to specialization.

   In terms of diversification trends, experts believe that companies should diversify on the basis of a deep degree of specialization of a single category. Because companies cross-border to do other categories will have the risk of “unprofessional”, after all, most Chinese companies have no absolute advantage in the segmentation category. It can be seen from the above that the industry professionals will be specialized and diversified as the choice of different stages of enterprise development.

   In general, aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises should still be professionally developed, and at the same time develop diversification under different circumstances, let the two models coexist, develop together, and maximize .
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When you talk about the painting process of wooden doors, how much do you know? okorder

The paint painting process of the wooden door is a production process at the end of the wooden door manufacturing, and is also a very important process in the wooden door process. The level of the coating process can largely reflect the manufacturing level and competitiveness of a wooden door enterprise. The painting process of the wooden door is also a more technical operation in the whole wooden door manufacturing process. I often hear the sighs of the wooden door business owners: to do wooden doors, woodworking does not have to bother, it is even more headaches. When it comes to the painting of wooden doors, the coatings used are mainly divided into PU paints (polyurethane paints), PE paints (unsaturated resin paints), UV paints (UV-curable paints), and NC paints (nitrocellulose paints). , W paint (water-based paint) and other five. They account for different shares in different periods and different types of enterprises.

I. PU paint coating

PU coating is a kind of paint that is more commonly used by domestic enterprises. It has good comprehensive performance, such as: construction performance, filling, fullness, hardness, grinding, scratch resistance, etc. have a good performance.

Second, PE paint coating

PE coatings are more commonly used PE primer. It is divided into a clear primer and a colored primer (primarily a white primer). PE primer is a kind of paint with high solid content. It has high hardness, strong anti-sag property and high fullness, but its construction performance is more complicated and brittle. PE topcoats only have bright products and no matt finish, so the use of PE topcoats on wooden door paintings is rare.


3, UV paint coating

UV coating is one of the two more environmentally friendly coatings recognized in the world (other One is water-based paint). As a new paint, it has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta region furniture factory, wooden door factory, wood flooring factory, at the same time, the matching technology, equipment, technology The more mature it is. Among all wooden door manufacturers, the early use of UV coatings was mainly concentrated in Hong Kong-owned enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. They used transparent UV and UV surfaces to make transparent or transparent colored wooden door products. With the common development of UV coating technology and equipment technology, the construction technology of solid color UV products is also mature. At present, many companies in the Pearl River Delta region have used UV coatings to produce solid color wooden doors. In addition to environmental protection, UV coatings are also excellent in coating performance, with good hardness and chemical resistance. High efficiency and low cost are also key factors for the widespread use of UV coatings. Its efficiency is dozens of times that of general coating, and the cost of paint used is one-third to two-thirds of that of general paint. If you count the labor costs, the space saved will be even more impressive. However, UV coating also has its limitations, it can only be used for the flat door of the wooden door. In addition, UV coating has a relatively large investment in equipment. In the early days, the price of a complete UV coating line imported from abroad was as high as 15 million yuan. At present, many joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises in China are producing similar equipment production lines, ranging in price from several hundred thousand yuan to several million yuan.

4, NC paint coating

NC paint is a very old paint, and it is also a widely used variety. Its main applications on wooden doors are: transparent lacquer, colored lacquer (white, beige). Nitrocellulose varnish has good construction performance and shorter coating process time. Transparent nitrocellulose paint is commonly used in “open” and “semi-open” painting effects, and has a good expressive power. The solid color lacquer is mostly used in the full-closed coating.

V. W paints

Most of the renovations are done with water-based paints. W coatings are relatively rare on furniture and wooden doors, but there are also some companies that use them to meet specific foreign customer requirements. Water-based paints have relatively low solid content, thin paint film, low hardness, poor water resistance and high cost. However, with the continuous development of coating technology, these limitations are gradually being solved. The choice of coating type for the wooden door depends on the positioning of the wooden door and the requirements for the surface effect. A reasonable selection can achieve the desired results, save labor and materials. On the contrary, it will pay a high price, but it will not produce the desired effect.

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Children’s paint purchases need to pay attention to these okorder

Affected by the family planning policy and the improvement of the economic level, today’s children are richer than before, both physically and mentally, especially in big cities. Even in many single-child families, parents can even spare no effort to create a quality environment for their children. Therefore, in order to cater to the consumption needs of these parents, many children-specific products have emerged, and children’s paint is one of them.
Now, major paint brands have launched their own children’s environmentally friendly paint products under the banner of “high-efficiency antibacterial”, “strongly effective aldehyde removal” and “zero pollution”. Are they all in advertising? So trustworthy? I believe that there is no need to say that everyone has an answer in mind. Therefore, when choosing children’s paint, the brand and quality must be strictly checked. Otherwise, not only will it cost more, but the child will not be able to get really effective care, and the wife will lose the soldiers. Therefore, on the occasion of Children’s Day, Xiaobian will talk with everyone about what factors need to be considered when purchasing children’s paint.

Selecting non-toxic and environmentally friendly coatings

As a chemical product such as paint, its environmental protection is naturally the most important factor to be given priority. One of the most intuitive ways to reflect environmental protection is the environmental certification of the paint brand. In addition to domestic certification, more stringent foreign certifications are also worth considering.

Select a friction-resistant, easy-to-clean coating

For children, 80% of the time stays indoors every day, and lively and active, so touch It’s always inevitable that you can touch it. Some children even like to graffiti on the wall, so the paint is easy to clean, and even if it is scrubbed many times, it can guarantee the original color, otherwise it will not be long before the wall will become messy and affect the mood. In addition, the paint must not appear to fall off the powder, to prevent these tiny dust from inhaling into the child’s body during sleep, causing harm. It is best to use paint specially designed for children’s nature, such as the following children’s paint, anti-allergic, anti-asthma, stain-resistant and easy to scrub.

Select a waterproof, mildewproof and moisture-proof coating

In addition to the above factors, wall coatings must also be waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, even if the child Delicate skin contact will not cause adverse effects. If the wall is damp and mildewed, then the first person affected by the breeding of bacteria is the child with low immunity. In particular, rooms with short indoor lighting times and low floors require special attention.

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Finished furniture and custom furniture are two parallel lines that cannot intersect? okorder

– Traditional channels – hypermarkets, business declines in a cliff-like manner, because the hypermarket rents are too high, and more and more, and fewer and fewer customers.
  ——More and more hardcover rooms, the business of the model room where the bag was stayed, and the business of the hypermarket was grabbed.
  ——E-commerce, micro-business and other channels, also robbed the traditional channel business.

  ——Customized, whole house customization opened in different places, and also robbed the traditional channel business.

   Therefore, the downscale furniture retail business must be a comprehensive channel, strive for traffic, and can no longer wait.
Finished product and custom furniture integration:
Currently on the market, finished furniture and custom furniture are two parallel lines, almost no intersection. You grab my business, I grab your business. The development of custom furniture has become a whole-house customization, which is to grab the market share of finished furniture. In fact, it is impossible to grab, custom furniture is basically plate furniture, can not do, can not handle soft furniture or solid wood furniture, can only go to find suppliers, earn a hand. This does not conform to the so-called “new retail”: the product does not go through the second hand, and the interests of the consumer are prioritized. Moreover, custom-made furniture is made of wood-based panels such as MDF and particleboard, which limits the design style and changes. The finished furniture is made of wood-based panels, combined with wood and wood, and all solid wood. Therefore, the design is relatively rich, can be modern from the classical, American, French, Chinese, Nordic … national style, which is the main reason for the intersection of custom furniture and finished furniture. Therefore, regardless of a family, the finished furniture can adopt Nordic, Chinese, Jane, European, etc., and the custom-made wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, etc., can only be straight and straight, simple panel furniture. Therefore, in one home, finished products and custom furniture constitute an uncoordinated “freakish family”. How to make the finished furniture and custom furniture blend well? By the finished furniture factory, no; relying on custom furniture factory, not. Both of these products are furniture, but for the factory, the difference is no less than cross-industry. I have been engaged in furniture manufacturing for decades. The wooden furniture factory can’t make soft furniture, and it can’t make plate furniture. The plate furniture factory can’t make soft furniture or solid wood furniture. Similarly, the sofa factory can’t make plate furniture or solid wood furniture. Called the industry has a specialization.
   In foreign countries, I have not seen any factory that manufactures all kinds of furniture. Unless it is a group company, there are several different factories that produce different products; or the company merges with other different types of factories. But in management, still have to be very careful about the original profession of the group owner or responsible person? Can he balance other unfamiliar categories (assuming the group’s boss is still in the furniture industry, not the financial consortium). Who is best suited to integrate furniture and custom furniture? I think it is a big dealer. Dealers should upgrade themselves to operators, what are operators? In a region, such as a province, operating a certain style of products, of course, when choosing products and manufacturers, you need to pay attention to:
& emsp; & emsp; – products that you are familiar with, that is, products that are suitable for you. For example, some people are not suitable for young people’s products, or do European-American products, they do not understand, how to sell?
  ——Verify the material, style, and price of the product is not suitable for the mainstream market (if you want to do mass market), the symbol does not meet your own market positioning.
  ——Awareness of the factory owner, Chinese people do business, or recognize people, three different views, how to cooperate in the future? You can say that everyone is profitable now and can cooperate. But in the event of a conflict of interests, can the two sides cooperate with each other? This may be life-and-death at a critical time.
   Inamori Kazuo attaches great importance to the ethics and outlook of life of businessmen, and makes sense:
  -In the region (province), intensive cultivation, from the provincial capital To the second and third levels and even to the county and town level, long-term followers are trained. Of course, the operator must let the followers make money, and let the profit be followed by someone.
  ——With these conditions, operators must look for three or two custom furniture factories, not to be large, and to take on custom parts. This customization must be coordinated with the finished furniture, and the materials, styles, and tones should be as uniform as possible and organized into a “unified family”.
   To this end, the operator must be formed:
& emsp;   – salesman
& emsp; & emsp; – designer
& emsp; & emsp; Installer
  ——after-sales service
  ——transportation tool
   salesman receives the order, submits the designer to measure the design, and then hand in the custom factory Processing (in order to match the finished furniture, some parts may be provided by the finished furniture factory, such as cabinet doors, drawer panels, etc.). It is then installed by the installer of the custom factory, and then delivered to the operator after completion, allowing the operator to do the after-sales. The finished furniture is also provided by the operator. Under the coordination of the operators, the design style of the customized and finished furniture can be unified. This is the integration of the finished product and the customized furniture.
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Brands without data will gradually lose market competitiveness okorder

The future competition is data competition. Brands without data will gradually lose market competitiveness. It seems that no one will raise objections, but how can household brands build consumer data? Here are three suggestions:

   First, the brand needs to serve consumers with the distributor
    brand owners need to bear the responsibility of service consumers, because the service characteristics of the home industry, heavy personality and high requirements for regionalized services, so it is not realistic to provide services entirely by the brand, but completely do not bear the responsibility of the service Will allow brands to be separated from consumer information.
   Therefore, you can choose to be able to solve the pains of dealer service, but also reflect the advantages of brand service, and can enhance the service experience of some parts of the service, such as the delivery of certain household goods. , after-sales consultation, etc.
  The dealer will not cooperate with you to upload data because your brand needs consumer data. The dealer will only start from his interests. If he can help him solve the problem, he can get the most consumption data. Good result. This is why many big home brands in the past have spent a lot of money to build an IT service system, but they can’t get the data.
   Second, establish a unified national commodity sales pricing
   goods should have a clear pricing, the same goods can not see people from the price, this is the basic business guidelines, but it is The home building materials industry did not do it. Why can’t household products be uniformly priced nationwide? The main reason is that the merchants are “impurity is not pure” and hope to meet the right opportunity to report high prices. Then why not get profits in the normal way, but because people are pricing?
   Because of the lack of premiums on brands and products, there is a lack of normal competitive chips. If the brand is not close to the unified market pricing, then there is no way to share the online data, the brand is not convenient to participate in the consumer’s service, and more importantly, the dealer will also artificially create the information barrier, so it is impossible to establish a unified Service standards and common user interaction channels are even more difficult to talk about the closed loop of consumer data.
   Personally think that home products can also have relatively standard terminal pricing. A brand does not have a unified market pricing. Just like a country does not have a unified currency, other things will not be discussed.
   Third, develop information system tools based on user needs
   If you can do the above two points, you also need to use an information tool to “people” “goods” “field” In tandem, products and services can be online. Brands need to have their own information systems. The front desk of this system is the mall, and the back office is the relationship chain and service chain.
   The article defines what is called data at the beginning, and needs to be able to be electronically recorded and updated from time to time. Remind again that the premise of informationization is based on user needs, including dealers and consumers. This system must first ensure that they provide convenience and benefits to them, or that they can provide convenience to the dealers, or Through the system can do services and business that could not be done before, if the starting point is their own needs rather than the needs of users, then the system must not run.
   Everything in the above three points is very difficult to do. These three points may also be the key points to distinguish between brands and foundry factories. Brands should have service output in addition to household products, should have their own unified market pricing, and should have a service system that connects product services and relationship chains.
  This is also the methodology of many new home retail brands in the market. It aims to upgrade service and new user experience, and establish a new set of data based on the bottom and relationship. The alliance operating system is different from the discrete operation of the traditional furniture brand dealers.

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The construction of the slope in the bathroom, the technical requirements of the workers master is very high, so we must choose an experienced decoration master, and must be filled. The location including the installation of the floor drain must be strictly checked. It must not be installed in the center of the bathroom. It must be installed in the corner! Now most people buy small houses, so the design of the bathroom needs more attention. If there is any inconvenience in the use of the bathroom, it will also affect the use of other spaces in the home, which will make the home full of odor, and it is extremely inconvenient for us to clean the bathroom, while using the bathroom. There are also security risks. Finally, you can also consider creating a trough in the bathroom. Compared to the slope drainage, the trough design not only drains quickly, but also has a better anti-slip effect on the ground. It is very suitable for families with elderly and children. It is best to choose the material for the grooved material, because the material is also atmospheric and can block the flow of water. If all of us are still having a headache about how to build a bathroom, then try this way. The effect of the decoration is really good. Do not make slopes on the bathroom floor. The rich people will install this instead, and the drainage will be fast and non-slip.
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