The ceramic industry has entered the winter? okorder

In 2018, it has already reached October, and the downward trend of China’s ceramic industry is already obvious. It can be said that the ceramic industry has already entered the winter! And it is the kind of cold that every ceramic man has a deep understanding.
How cold is this winter?

On October 13th, the executive vice president of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Qi Bin, attended the “6th China Building Ceramics Large-scale Tour Forum and 2018 Pan Gaoan Ceramic Industry Development Summit Forum”. A set of data was published again. According to reports, in the first eight months of this year, China’s total output of building ceramics totaled 6.13 billion square meters, down 18.9% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, China’s building ceramics production was 4.6 billion square meters, down 17.7% compared with the same period last year. This shows that from July to August this year, China’s building ceramics production continues to decline. In addition, Yan Bin also pointed out that from January to August this year, the number of enterprises above designated size decreased by 136, which means that 17 companies are withdrawing every month this year. In the first five months of this year, the number of enterprises above designated size decreased by 98. This shows that in June-August this year, another 38 companies have withdrawn from the historical arena. At the same time, the data shows that in the first eight months of this year, the main business income of enterprises above designated size of China’s building ceramics was about 208.3 billion yuan, an increase of 78.6 billion yuan compared with 129.7 billion yuan in the first five months of this year, but the comparison In the same period last year, it was a sharp decline, down 30.6% year-on-year; in terms of profit, in the first 8 months of this year, China’s construction ceramics enterprises above the scale realized profits of 12.2 billion yuan, compared with 7 billion yuan in the first five months of this year. Yuan’s growth, but still fell by 38.5% year-on-year, and the sales profit margin also decreased by 0.74 percentage points over the same period last year. Yan Bin also mentioned that in the first eight months of this year, China’s loss-making enterprises in the ceramics industry accounted for 15.6%, an increase of 0.95% year-on-year; corporate inventories, interest expenses and liabilities increased from last year to 3.39% and 11.2 respectively. % and 6.77%.
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There are so many kinds of bathroom cabinets, there are more things you don’t know. okorder

  The size of the bathroom is small, but the bathroom cabinet can give you a patchwork space. Between the square inches, the bathroom cabinet is not only the items but also the time and the rationality. It is really necessary to install a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom. How to choose a bathroom cabinet that suits you? Let’s figure out the classification of the bathroom cabinet first!

 Advanced Oak Bathroom Cabinet

  This type of bathroom cabinet is made of oak, compared to other artificial panels. Solid wood has a lower formaldehyde emission, is the most environmentally friendly, is more durable, not easily deformed, and has a beautiful texture. High-grade oak bathroom cabinets are all expensive, and most people may need to consider it.

  Ceramic bathroom cabinet

  This type of bathroom cabinet can not be customized according to the standard. It is made of ceramic body directly made of molds of various brands. The countertop is generally ceramic. Clean and keep clean, but the surface is easy to scratch. If there is heavy impact, there is a possibility of chipping.

  Stainless steel bathroom cabinet

  The bathroom cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials through several processes. They can be moisture-proof, rust-proof, mildew-proof, formaldehyde-free, and diverse in style, but due to their material limitations. The cabinet is relatively thin, and there will be daily traces such as soap and shampoo on the back surface, which will greatly reduce the aesthetics.

  PVC bathroom cabinet

  This kind of bathroom cabinet is made of PVC as a plastic panel, which is vacuum-pressure-adsorbed to the MDF or the moisture-proof board. After blistering, the board can be sucked into one body without a cover. It has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance, scratch-proof and easy to clean, but all kinds of toiletries in the bathroom, toothpaste facial cleanser and other daily necessities will bring corrosion effects to such bathroom cabinets, and PVC is weak in chemical resistance.

  Flatwood bathroom cabinet

  Based on solid wood or MDF, the surface is covered with waterproof paint. This kind of bathroom cabinet is affordable, but because of the bonding between the plates, it is easy to crack and will affect the waterproof effect.

   Which bathroom cabinet to choose, is closely related to your own budget, so first set the bathroom cabinet budget!


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Zoomlion’s construction machinery sector increased by 15.09% year-on-year in the first half of the year. okorder

On August 30, Zoomlion’s semi-annual report for 2018 showed that the company achieved operating income of 14.72 billion yuan during the reporting period, a year-on-year increase of 15.09%, excluding 2017. After the operating income of the environmental industry in the first half of the year was 2.665 billion yuan, the operating income in the first half of 2018 increased by 45.38% over the same period. At the same time, the company’s operating cash flow situation continued to improve, reaching 1.595 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 128.82%.

Zhonglian Heavyweight believes that the first half of 2018 Focusing on the main business of equipment manufacturing, optimizing resource allocation, strengthening construction machinery, making excellent agricultural machinery, accelerating the development of financial business, and upgrading the company’s development. Benefiting from the market share of the company’s leading products, the proportion of high-margin products continued to expand, and the quality of contracts was further improved, the company’s profitability was significantly improved, and the market leading position was more stable.

Engineering machinery sector growth of 61.15% product gross margin Significantly improved

Industry believes that domestic infrastructure The investment machinery industry continued to recover due to the unabated investment and the overseas market opportunities brought about by the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of construction machinery in the first half of 2018 achieved rapid growth. During the reporting period, the sales revenue of Zoomlion’s engineering machinery products was 13.592 billion yuan, up 61.15% year-on-year, and the benefits of the construction machinery advantage sector clusters were more prominent.

The leading position in the company’s leading products market has become more stable since 2018 The domestic market share of hoisting machinery and concrete machinery continued to maintain “one of the best”, among which construction cranes and long-arm pumping vehicles continued to maintain the number one position in the industry. At the same time, the proportion of high-margin products of the company has continued to expand. According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the significant increase in gross profit margin of the products is mainly due to the growth of scale efficiency of the enterprise, and the product structure is concentrated to the higher technical threshold. And the launch of the company’s new generation of smart 4.0 new products. The continuous increase in the gross profit margin of Zoomlion’s products also means that the company’s profitability is more optimized.

As a business that is accelerating, the corporate finance sector is at 2018 In the first half of the year, there was a new leap-forward development. Zoomlion has invested in the establishment of a financing guarantee company, and cooperated with the leading fund management team in China to establish the China United Industrial Fund, which will promote the synergy and integration of the company’s industry and finance.

Overseas market, Zoomlion’s eight major overseas The production base has begun to take shape, building a localized manufacturing cluster around the “Belt and Road”. Among them, the construction of Zhongbai Industrial Park base accelerated, and the cooperation with Belarusian MAZ company was quickly implemented; the Indian localized comprehensive manufacturing base project is progressing smoothly; Italy CIFA is accelerating to upgrade to a comprehensive company covering concrete, work and construction products. . At the same time, in the first half of the year, the company’s flagship products made new breakthroughs in overseas markets, and the international market share of various 4.0 products including tower cranes continued to maintain its leading position.

Intelligent transformation continues to advance technology innovation to lead the market

In recent years, Zoomlion Accelerated Transforming and upgrading to the direction of intelligence and digitalization, and fully embracing new technologies and new economies. With 4.0 intelligent products as the carrier, through the Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, deep integration of sensing, interconnection and other technologies to connect equipment, enterprises and customers, innovation to promote the company’s transformation from “equipment producers” to “manufacturing service-oriented enterprises” .

In the first half of 2018, the company continued to promote intelligent 4.0 products With the optimization and listing, a total of 9 new 4.0 intelligent engineering machinery products were added. At the same time, Zoomlion is preparing to set up an industrial Internet company to create an industrial Internet technology platform to create smarter products and provide smarter services in a smarter way. In addition, at the end of July, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Professor Wu Enda’s artificial intelligence company Landing.AI. The cooperation mainly focused on the application of artificial intelligence technology in the direction of agricultural machinery, marking the high starting point of Zoomlion to enter artificial intelligence. In the technical field, it became the first AI agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

Continuous breakthroughs in technology enable companies to increase their voice in the global industry. In February 2018, Zoomlion’s international standard ISO 12480-1, “Safety of Cranes, Part 1: General Principles” was successfully approved. Up to now, the company has undertaken three international standards revisions. In addition, the company has achieved fruitful results in the field of independent innovation. The tower crane green design and manufacturing integration platform demonstration project was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the 2018 National Green Manufacturing System Integration Project.

Operating cash flow growth of 128.82% Management change Advancement

In the first half of 2018, uphold Strengthening the policy of cash flow management, the quality of Zoomlion’s operations has improved significantly. The semi-annual report showed that the net cash flow generated by the company’s operating activities was 1.595 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 128.82%. Ample operating cash flow will add momentum to the company’s future development.

In terms of management, Zoomlion continues to strengthen the market Change, business management, service upgrades, risk control. The company is fully committed to promoting the new business model of “win-win development” customer alliance and building a highly efficient and sustainable industrial chain ecosystem. Deepen the application business common management platform, the order production mode is fully implemented, and the new machine business process control is precise and efficient. Strictly control new business risks and properly resolve stock risks. Building a new service management system with customer satisfaction as the core, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Industry experts believe that in the next three years, China’s highways and subways The investment growth rate of underground pipe corridors and new towns is obvious. The PPP project has entered an accelerated period and the environmental protection policy has been normalized. The relevant infrastructure projects such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Xiong’an New District, Pan-Pearl River Delta Belt and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District have started. The new growth space opened by the “Belt and Road Initiative” will become a major positive for the sustainable development of the domestic construction machinery industry.

CMB Securities recently released a research report, which is expected to be Zhonglian The core business income will continue to grow from 2018 to 2020. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to promote the strategic transformation and upgrading of its enterprises, to become a strong and strong core business, to build a century-old store in the equipment manufacturing industry, and to continue to create value returns for shareholders and users.


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Domestic hydraulic parts faucet, when import substitution okorder

Domestic hydraulic faucet, cross industry cycle, import substitution time

Hengli Hydraulics is the leader in the domestic hydraulic industry. Benefiting from the recovery of the downstream construction machinery industry and pump volume, 2018H1 realized revenue of 2.2 billion (+59% year-on-year) ), the net profit of returning to the mother is 460 million (+187% year-on-year). The company has a domestic market share of nearly 50% in the field of excavator cylinders. Customers have covered international leaders such as Caterpillar, and the revenue of 2018H1 is 990 million (+61%). In the field of pump valves with higher technical barriers and stronger monopoly of foreign companies, the company has successfully achieved breakthroughs and began to increase its volume. The subsidiary hydraulic technology 2018H1 realized revenue of 320 million (+220%).

In 2011, downstream downstream excavator sales continued to decline The company’s performance fluctuations are significantly less than the fluctuations in the performance of downstream construction machinery mainframes during the same period, reflecting strong competitiveness. In 2011-2017, the company invested heavily in the development of non-standard cylinders and invested in high-precision castings and pumps, which smoothed the impact of the industry’s downward trend on the company’s performance.

The current construction machinery industry is recovering and entering new With the healthy development of the cycle, the sales volume of the excavator has bottomed out, driving the demand for standard cylinders to rise. The company took advantage of the situation to increase investment in fixed assets, and accelerated the localization of high-end hydraulic parts by investing in the second phase of the casting project.

Hydraulic Cylinder Business: Traditional excavator boom, non-standard business multi-flowering

Excavation sales continued to exceed expectations in 2018, with an estimated annual sales of 18-19 million units (+30% to +35%) ). In addition to the driving factors of real estate and infrastructure, this round of recovery also has a large demand for inventory equipment. Today’s market is much healthier than in 2011. From the sales policy (no discount, a small price increase for popular models), the down payment ratio (20% or more), the overdue rate (very low), and the distribution of models (the rise of the big digging) reflect the real demand downstream. It is estimated that the demand for excavator cylinders in the whole market will be 2.8 billion, 3.1 billion and 3.4 billion in 2018-2020. The CAGR of the company’s digging cylinder business is expected to be 14%.

Under the standard cylinder is wide and more flowers Contribute performance. The share of shield machine cylinders in the domestic market is over 70%. In 2017, this business revenue increased by 102%. It is expected that the future will continue to benefit from the high growth of projects such as the subway. The crane cylinders are mainly deployed in the US market. The leading customers such as Manitowoc and Snooker have been developed and they have entered the performance harvest period.

Hydraulic pump and valve business: 东East wind in construction machinery industry, is expected to successfully import replacement

pump valve in hydraulic The value of the system accounts for 60% (the cylinder only accounts for 20%). At present, in addition to Carter and Komatsu self-sufficiency, the domestic pump and valve market is mainly occupied by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Bosch Rexroth.

By benefiting from the high boom in the excavator industry, downstream OEMs are generally facing the shortage of spare parts, which is Hengli et al. Domestic-funded hydraulic enterprises have brought opportunities for import substitution. From the basic materials – high-precision castings, Hengli has continued to invest in high R&D for a real breakthrough in domestic pump valves. At present, the company’s small digging pump valves have been supplied to large domestic brands such as Sany, Liugong and Xugong in batches; Under the tight situation that downstream sales remain high, the company’s hydraulic pump valves are expected to be the best beneficiaries, successfully achieving import substitution. According to estimates, the company’s pump and valve business revenues from 2018 to 2020 are expected to reach 766 million, 1.365 billion, and 2.023 billion, respectively, with a compound growth rate of 101%.


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Intelligent lighting development situation okorder

Smart lighting is used in home, business, industrial and other fields, but the home market closest to the average consumer has always been an area of ​​greatest concern to practitioners. With the continuous advancement of smart technology, the continuous introduction of various innovative functions, and the improvement of people’s income level, the demand for smart home technology is increasing.

The smart home market will reach 150 million units in 2018

The latest “IDC China Smart Home Equipment Market Quarterly Tracking Report” shows that in 2018 In the first quarter, China’s smart home market shipments were 29.89 million units, up 26.3% year-on-year. It is expected that the smart home market will reach 150 million units in 2018, up 35.7% year-on-year. From a global perspective, “safety and control” and “energy or lighting” (55% and 53%, respectively) are the first choice for smart home applications. The main growth sources for the smart home market are home security monitoring, smart lighting and Smart speaker. Among them, the smart speaker with one of the fastest growth rates increased by nearly 210% in the first quarter of 2018, with an overall shipment of over 9 million units.

Intelligent lighting is an important part of smart home. In recent years, we have also seen many lighting companies cooperate with smart home companies and IoT companies. Recently, Yannuofei (formerly Philips Lighting) and UIOT smart home signed a strategic cooperation, Philips show personalized intelligent lighting system will be equipped with UIOT smart home mature offline sales network, settled in UIOT nationwide 20 direct stores (both in Hongxingmei High-end high-end building materials stores such as Kailong, Real Home and Yuexing Store, and 170 high-end franchise stores provide consumers with a smart life experience channel at their fingertips.

The rise of the pre-installed market

The potential of smart home industry development has attracted many capitals, including traditional hardware companies, Internet companies, and real estate home improvement companies. Home market. Some smart home manufacturers have begun to cooperate with real estate and home improvement companies to package their products into the overall smart home solution. On the one hand, they can reach consumers faster by the power of offline channels, and expand their target users to consumption power. In a stronger, older age group.

The important domestic real estate developers such as Vanke, Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group, COFCO, Xuhui, Jinmao and Blu-ray are actively embracing smart homes. Real estate developers embrace smart home and smart community transformation In addition to the general trend of hardcover delivery, in addition, national policies are advocating corporate technology transformation, especially for companies like real estate developers that are related to the economic lifeline. Therefore, policy support also allows real estate developers to Higher enthusiasm.

At present, the smart home needs scenes in environments with many controlled devices and complex control methods, such as large-scale real estate and long-term rental apartments.

The potential of the smart home aftermarket is starting to emerge

Starting in 2017 The potential of the smart home after-loading market has begun to emerge. This is mainly due to the following three factors:

1, 80, and 90 become the main consumer groups, they are more willing to try to buy smart home products to enhance their lives. Quality;

2. The sales of smart speakers have driven the rapid development of smart items such as smart locks, smart sockets and smart table lamps, and these items are more likely to form a large-scale effect directly through the C-end;

3, the rise of the new retail model, the characteristics of smart home products are very suitable for the new retail mode of O2O, regardless of smart home items or a full set of hardware and software, all need offline experience as an aid; p>

4, AI voice control turned out, revolutionized the way of smart home human-computer interaction, so that through the simple voice device can achieve control of the home equipment, such as adjusting the air conditioning temperature, automatically pull the curtains, Turn off the room lights, etc., which can be completely installed through the aftermarket.

In order to meet the explosion of smart home and smart lighting market, major lighting companies are stepping up efforts in research and development of smart lighting products. Previously, the traditional home giant IKEA also launched a series of smart devices such as smart speakers and smart lighting. Recently, according to Swiss media Teknikveckan, a smart home product, TR?DFRI smart socket, will be launched in October.

It is undeniable that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency and improving management. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more popular, and will become a new outlet for the development of the lighting industry.


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Smart curtains, find out okorder

With the continuous development of society, high-tech products are slowly approaching our lives. High-tech has brought us great convenience. Smart homes are very helpful for our safety and convenience. Not only are they full of functions, but their aesthetics are not lower than other products. Today I want to introduce the advantages of smart curtains in smart homes and the major brands of curtains. First, let’s take a look at the advantages of smart curtains.
What are the advantages of smart curtains?

1, the use of smart curtains is very wide, such as hotels, conference halls or villas, etc., it can also be timed, such as when the curtains open in the morning, when the curtains are closed We were too lazy to pull the curtains when we were busy for a day, and it saved us a lot of time.

2, on the basis of this, it also has the function of anti-theft. For example, if you have a business trip, it will still switch as usual, so that you can create the illusion of someone at home. Can prevent some thieves from sneaking into.

3, it also has a more powerful function, that is, the voice control device, as long as it feels the sound, it will automatically open, which is very helpful for our life. . There is also that some people’s home curtains are a layer of screen windows, so it can be operated separately here. For example, today’s weather is hot, we can freely control to open the screens, we are pulling at night. Is it convenient to open the window?

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Custom furniture development okorder

Since the development of the custom furniture industry, the market is unpredictable, consumer demand is changing with each passing day, and industry competition is rising. More and more cross-border companies are pouring into the custom furniture industry, but few successful ones.
  Customized furniture industry has developed to this day, the market is unpredictable, consumer demand is changing with each passing day, industry competition is rising, and the industry changes caused by this are also one after another. Under this, custom furniture companies can only grasp the opportunity and realize the development goals of the enterprise only by recognizing the development situation of the industry.
   We see that more and more cross-border companies are pouring into the custom furniture industry, but there are very few successful ones, although the industry is analyzing, the market is characteristic, third-party consulting companies are repeatedly The industry is vocal, but cross-border companies rarely really understand the industry’s operating characteristics.
   Today we try to deeply analyze the experience characteristics and business status of the customized furniture industry through 10 sentences, and hope to inspire our industry operators.
  01 Low entry barrier, high barriers to business
   On the surface, the custom furniture industry is investing in some equipment, so several industry experts can start operations, so the country Small workshops, cross-border brands have sprung up, and small factories can start projects with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Large groups of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars are entering the custom furniture industry.
   After 3 years, I have gone through countless detours, wasting a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. I found that the industry is too deep, and the company’s operating conditions are still “not found” and have fallen into the long term. Unprofitable status.
  Customer furniture industry low entry barrier: equipment, plant, software and other factors of heavy capital investment, is no longer the core of business operations, these are all possible to spend money. However, the company’s product system, technical talents, terminal operations, process management, software information construction, supply chain systems, etc., are all highly specialized technical activities, which are often decisive for the development of enterprises.
  02 High gross profit, low net profit
  In the past ten years, China’s labor cost has increased by 2.7 times, private enterprise financing cost has exceeded bank benchmark interest rate by more than 2 times, and logistics cost is developed. The country is twice as large, regardless of labor, raw materials or business operating costs.
   Therefore, the cost issue has become a problem for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Along with the intensification of industry competition in 2017-2018, under the influence of “price surge” and industry reshuffle trend, corporate profits are once again cut, even thinner than blades!
  custom furniture industry Long process, high degree of professionalism, from order measurement, design, production, logistics, arrival, installation and after-sales work, an order requires more than a dozen processes, 2-4 people participate, making itself predictable 40% Gross profit, and finally got less than 10% of the net profit.
  If you have a post-sale problem, rework is a loss.
   Custom furniture industry is by no means a legend in the profiteering industry.
  03 “original” from Europe
   Without technological innovation, there is no rise of furniture companies, Chinese furniture companies have long been immersed in low-cost competition, small profits but quick turnover In the industry atmosphere, many companies do not want to spend huge sums of money, manpower and material resources to innovate, nor dare to innovate, or even innovation is not as good as “copying new”, resulting in serious homogenization of industry products, resulting in lack of innovation in the Chinese furniture industry, long-term stay at low At the level of manufacturing, international influence has stagnated.
   Nowadays, the competition in the furniture industry is intensifying, and innovation is the inevitable return of the survival of enterprises. To improve the competitiveness of furniture enterprises, enterprises need to face the importance of innovation first. Secondly, they are willing to invest and establish long-term enterprises. The goal of development is to prevent mutual plagiarism and form a good innovation competition model in the industry.
  Our custom furniture company, and even the entire furniture company, go to Europe all the year round, go to Milan to participate in various world-class exhibitions, return to the domestic unmodified “shovel according to the gourd”, swallowing Digest European products and become “Chinese design” and “Made in China”.
  04 Production determines sales, the background determines the foreground
  Customized home industry has the saying that “production determines sales, the background determines the foreground”, there is no well-built internal production supply system, Directly causing the terminal to load slowly, the order is slow, so the production cycle is long, the custom product is wrong, the shipment is not shipped, the delay is single, and it is not uncommon. It will directly lead to dissatisfaction of the terminal, and the customer complains greatly.
   Front-end marketing can be force-driven, often subject to production delivery, internal back-office operating system, strong manufacturing system and background control system, is the basic conditions for the rapid expansion of custom furniture companies.
  05 Custom furniture “fast is slow, slow is fast”
   The so-called fast and slow theory is essentially enough attention to the background, in the early days of the project, it is devoted to research Products, software docking systems, production systems, order processes, terminal model innovations, etc., enter the competition era of the second half, if you still “slap the head” and “take it for granted” to come to the project, it is bound to die very bad!
 &emsp Cross-border marching into the custom home brand is strong, often based on past successful experience to face today’s custom market, think that the big hand into the regionThe market, rapid construction of large stores, multi-stores, and tree models can quickly break through the regional market.
   Behind the rapid expansion must be supported by a strong system. Customized home production, technology, software and marketing are very complex “system engineering”, all of which are professional and can’t be done overnight. Without 2-3 years of industry precipitation and basic system support, it is impossible to expand steadily.
   “Fast and Slow Theory” belongs to the characteristics of the custom industry, which is also an important reason for many cross-border brands to enter the custom industry. Only by grasping this characteristic can we truly achieve the “fast” in the target, preferring the “slow” in the early stage and the “fast” in the later stage.
  06 “Three big mountains” and “four highs and four lows”
   In recent years, furniture companies have generally encountered “three big mountains”, namely “market icebergs, financing High mountains, transformed volcanoes.”
   The market is getting colder and colder, financing is getting harder and harder, transformation means finding death, not waiting to die.
  In the development and growth of enterprises, furniture enterprises also face the problem of “four highs and four lows”: high labor costs, high financing costs, high tax burden, high institutional transaction costs, and low product quality. Low technical standards, low brand recognition, and low corporate integrity have severely restricted the competitiveness of China’s furniture industry.
  07 Is there a chance for price wars?
   From the perspective of the custom furniture industry itself, there is little chance of a deep price war. From the perspective of competition, the custom furniture industry has formed a preliminary industry stratification. The structure dominated by private enterprises also makes the business strategy relatively rational, the industry is in a high-speed growth stage and the supply and demand are balanced;
   Customized furniture has a high degree of non-standardization, and has high requirements for front-end design, back-end installation and maintenance, etc., and the products are not stocked according to the order;
   From the brand perspective, consumer brand awareness is increasing and The price sensitivity is decreasing, and the European cabinets and Sophia’s wardrobes have established a strong brand positioning. From the above aspects, the possibility of a deep price war in the custom furniture industry is not large, and the possibility of a partial price war with the purpose of “drainage” is relatively large.
   In addition, the customized furniture industry has a long service process, many participants, and high service costs, which leads to a relatively good profit for the company or the store to support its services.
  08 Is the whole house custom-made customization “the trend of the times” or “pit”?
  The current status of the first batch of extended assembly companies in the industry; The company has European-style custom-made large-scale home trials in Sichuan Yibin, Shangpin’s homkoo, Haier’s U-home, and Shi Niman’s wisdom.
   After some observations, the whole set does represent the general direction of the future, but there is still a long way to go to realize the commercial profit model. How to seek category expansion of 1+1 greater than 2, instead of a single multi-category department store form, put together the core service value of the expansion process, such as: product space display life realistic (product chain), Product display design package (design), product retail space pricing package (service). The home of Bai Desheng is relatively accurate;
   In the past, the whole company of the Internet, the custom home products in the background are the cooperation of local small manufacturers or dealers of big brands, truly providing consumers with The value of customized home service is also local small manufacturers or big brand dealers, so the export of the Internet is unified, so the Internet is still a concept, it can not provide consumers with real service value. What consumers really need is to provide the overall product + overall service + overall design, but to do this, the Internet assembly company is very, very difficult.
  European whole house emphasizes the product, because his product manufacturing is very strong, Shangpin emphasizes the improvement of the efficiency of Internet tools, Haier is emphasizing the Internet interface and Haier The whole house’s customized offline stores combine to add more interfaces; the consumer convenience that consumers really bring is still average.
  If we only stay on a concept, rather than really achieving “better user experience and higher operational efficiency,” then it is a rogue
  09 custom The new retail furniture subverts the traditional business model
   the so-called “new retail” is to carry out thorough user thinking. Nowadays, the structure and demand logic of the main consumer groups in the custom home industry have also changed significantly. Let’s compare the Shangpin home delivery and Sofia’s exploration in new retail.
   Shangpin home with super collection store, as the name suggests, the area is super large, in addition, it also reflects the “Collection” collection mode, one is to gather a variety of formats, super 3,000 square meters of super stores, not only show Shangpin’s home furnishing products also include 12 Hours Coffee, Phonenix, Taidi, Youbao and other brands, challenging to integrate “home, fashion, art and social”, consumers can eat, drink and play here; It is a collection of passengers, and the consumers who flow on the line and the natural flow of the offline shopping malls are gathered into the same space.
   In contrast, Sophia Wisdom stores use advanced equipment such as smart devices and digital devices, driven by data, driven by scene emotions, and shaped by scene values.Create communication drivers, use intelligent human-computer interaction to experience the drive, and realize the reconstruction of traditional retail and “core (customer), goods (product), field (store)”.
   The new retail store in Shangpin’s home is no longer looking at furniture in cold weather, but is able to stay and experience the way of life. The slow life experience created by the Shangpin home makes the people try to extend the time in the store. The Sophia Wisdom Store is using technology to make marketing more precise. You can use your face to log in to your account and roam the 3D scene. After that, you can place your own orders in the store and buy them at will. If you enter the store for the second time, you will have a certain understanding of his spending habits after the face recognition, and the service will be more accurate. It is helping the owners to buy quickly.
  10 Customized furniture second half competition performance
  custom furniture second half competition characteristics:
  1,8 main board listed companies, capital market intervention, fast Raising the operating threshold of the industry, whether it is the level of business management or the integration of resources, is a new situation.
  2, traditional business thinking, solidified thinking, grassroots entrepreneurship has “can not find the North”,
& emsp; & emsp; 3, the national customization, the national cross-border is still staged, if not Respect the development law of the industry, follow the traditional business model, the ending must be very miserable;
  4, the price war starts, the concentration of the head brand is increased, the service radius of the branch (factory) is reduced, the resources are relatively focused, the area Sex brands are facing huge challenges.
  5, M&A, restructuring, O2O, self-assembly + whole house customization, become the new normal.
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Leading the new trend of cabinets okorder

Time rushed away like a stream of water, only half a year between the fingers. It is said that the trend is a reincarnation, catching the current popular elements, you are the “trend leader”!

In fact, the kitchen is the same, maybe it is one or two fashion contacts, your kitchen is superior to others.

Element 1: Functional Pragmatism

The cabinets have now jumped out of the most basic washing, cooking, cooking, and storage functions. Become a builder of the living atmosphere and become another carrier in the family to release emotions and stress.

“Good cabinets must of course also pay attention to appearance, but the appearance of the product is not dominant.” Zhibang kitchen cabinets said that the cabinet as a durable consumer goods, its use process is a very emotional consumer Cognitive process.
Because it is used every day, consumers will have a personal experience of whether the cabinet is easy to use. A good cabinet brand will spend more energy on the details and functionality, combining fashion and practicality.
The improvement of living standards has prompted people to derive the aesthetics and values ​​of home decoration in the new era. The cabinets that pursue aesthetics and neglect practicality are no longer the mainstream, and practical functions have become the primary consideration.
Element 2: Modern light luxury style popular
With the development of society, the current consumer group is 80, 90, and after 60, 70, the younger generation of consumers prefer to be natural. Extremely simple, this year’s modern light luxury is prevalent.
Modern luxury and luxury is a natural phenomenon, because this style pays more attention to quality and design than the ultimate simple style, and reveals that life is truly natural and pure.
There is no traditional luxury style of “dense and heavy color”, but return to the true nature of life, giving people a sense of sleek simplicity, temperament and elegance, avoiding the aesthetic fatigue caused by complex structure and diverse colors.
Element 3: The new fashion kitchen concept
More than one side of life, fashion is not a simple trend synonym, not a brand name, not a luxury spending, fashion is a life attitude, is a unique The vision and taste are the emphasis on the details and texture of life.
Element 4: The combination of stone and wood grain
With the proliferation of various industrial decoration styles in the home decoration market, the return to nature of the wood color is increasingly welcomed by consumers, especially Wood grain cabinets.
The kitchen with wood cabinets is not only more natural, but also brighter. The rustic woody texture and the lustrous and versatile stone are still unbeaten classics.
Excellent kitchen design can enhance the temperament and taste of the family. A person who loves life and enjoys life must not be willing to satisfy his “satisfaction” in the kitchen. It can also make people feel good about life. Produce more embarrassment.

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A few details of the choice of lamps okorder

  The nights in the city are brightly lit. Standing on the street will also feel the loneliness and loneliness, but when I think of a light in the lights, I am waiting for you to go home. The heart will be very warm. In addition to the hard-wearing and soft-packing of the home, the choice of lighting is also very particular. For the lighting at home, how to choose, perhaps the following points you need to know.

A reasonable lighting design can produce bright, spacious light in the living room Feeling, reducing visual fatigue, making people feel more space.

People who work in the office during the day have less outdoor activities, and working under indoor lighting conditions for a long time will weaken the body’s ability to absorb calcium. When you are at home, you should pay attention to opening more windows to let natural light enter the room. Natural light contains many colors and wavelengths, while indoor lighting is only yellow, orange, red, and lacks the beneficial ultraviolet light in the sun, so the absorption of calcium is greatly reduced. In addition, the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp has blue and invisible ultraviolet rays, which are likely to cause cancer of the human body after being excessively absorbed by the human body.

  2. Excessive use of colored spotlights – light pollution

In home decoration, people like to use lights to decorate the indoor environment. Many designers also like to use lighting design. Colored spotlights and soft tubes to decorate the ceilings, although novel, are in fact very unfavorable to eye health and cause light pollution. Long-term living and working in such an environment can cause visual fatigue and decreased vision, and may cause neurasthenia such as dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and depression.

  Third, family decoration should choose the right lighting

When decorating lamps for home decoration, try to avoid the inductance ballast. The flicker of light, like the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp of the most commonly used inductive ballast, produces 100 times of light and dark changes per second. Working in such a long-term environment for a long time, the human eye is prone to fatigue and produces myopia. In addition, if the computer is used under the light, usually the strobe of the fluorescent ballast and the frame of the computer screen overlap and form a light resonance, which is more harmful to the human visual system.
Indoor lighting design must avoid or reduce glare interference, try to choose soft light. Many people think that the light is brighter and better when reading. This is actually a misunderstanding of people’s understanding. In fact, if the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will feel glare. Glare creates discomfort and severe damage to visual function. From the raw materials of the products, the good lighting design is mainly the three primary color light source. The three primary color light tubes are not only energy-saving and healthy, but also can clearly restore the natural color of the objects under natural light, making the colors in the home more beautiful and vivid.
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The ladder

Pudong furniture and home double exhibition, with the design of the explosion of the magic capital in September okorder

There are less than two In the month, the most important exhibition of the home industry golden autumn will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center and Expo Exhibition Hall. In September 2018, this 25-year-old China International Furniture Fair will continue to join hands with the young and energetic Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show, using furniture in series, furniture, materials, soft furnishings, art, color, and Shanghai Home Design Week. The ties link the city art and culture of the entire magic city to showcase the Chinese design charm to the world.

4 days, two pavilions, 350,000 square meters, 3,500 exhibitors, 220 international Brand, 129 design brands, more than 50 design big coffee… This string of numbers all indicates that this year’s Pudong furniture and home double exhibition, whether it is exhibition area, exhibitor quality or on-site activities, will once again surpass the former wonderful, let people Feel the majestic and refined posture of the sea.

Design Gallery re-expanding, China’s original exhibitions and kicks

The Shanghai Furniture Fair in Pudong has become the first choice for buyers at home and abroad every year, and has been well received every year. The party strictly controls the quality of exhibitors. This year, a total of 2,175 high-quality domestic and foreign furniture brands participated in the New International, of which 1,342 modern residential furniture brands and 129 light design brands are surprisingly anticipated.

The first thing to do is to re-expand the design museum! In 2018, Shanghai Furniture Fair will form a new pattern of three design galleries E5, E6 and E7, bringing more high-quality design brands to the audience. Focus on the E5 Pavilion: Eliminate unqualified brands and introduce a number of new original design brands.

As the E5 of the modern design museum, there are 46 brands in the whole building, 14 of which are the first debut brands, up to 30%. . As the brand design hall, E6 and E7 also improved the screening criteria for good products. There are 83 brands, 14 of which are new. Stellar Works, the first global design brand from Asia, will carry the Liang Jinghua DESIGN series products, Hoting and letter, mirror, Kaisal, etc., as well as the popular furniture brands such as Mumei and Lacasa. This is a sign that Shanghai Furniture Fair is in the hearts of many furniture brands.

last year’s highly acclaimed U+ furniture, Qumei home, Aibo furniture, DOMO Life, XUE, shell home, Dickson furniture, etc. will also come as scheduled, of course, there will be HC28, Ruichi, Yazhen, The strength of big brands such as model and TRECA is on the scene, bringing wonderful furniture to the audience.

International big-name moves, heavyweight brands come again

said that the Pudong Home Show in September is a feast of international furniture, which is high qualityThe amount of international furniture brands is undoubtedly a significant presence.

This year’s Shanghai Furniture Fair will feature 220 brands from 24 countries, including 6 national pavilions: Italy Veneto Region, France, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia. At the same time, there will be 14 new brands to join, including NORDIC from Norway, QUADRATO from Germany, DECOART Dubai from Dubai, Commune from Singapore, etc., as well as the return of the famous North American home brand Ashley, which extends to the Middle East and South America. It is a show that takes you through the world of furniture.

Shanghai Furniture Fair not only displays the world’s top luxury home luxury goods, but also makes the audience hit the latest fashion and trend lifestyle of the international home furnishing industry. It is also the platform of choice for overseas brands to seek cooperation and development in China.

Color·China Home, a 5D color tasting tour

September 13, 2017, “Color·China Home” project in the 23rd China International Furniture The official launch of the exhibition indicates that “color” will become a new driving force for the development of China’s home furnishing industry in the future, opening up a broader product market prospect. In 2018, “Color·China Home” will officially set sail, bringing a beautiful landscape to the future of Chinese home.

Shanghai Bohua Founder and Chairman Wang Mingliang

The organizer will introduce the concept of “color decoding” through three “one” (one exhibition, one Field forum, a report) to demonstrate the application of color in the home industry and the future direction.

Director, Color Institute, China Academy of Art Professor Song Jianming

In the exhibition, Mr. Lu Tao and Ms. Yin Yin will be invited as curators, and Professor Song Jianming, the director of the Color Institute of China Academy of Art, will be the chief planner. The entire exhibition takes place in the E8B-D60 exhibition area and will give the audience an immersive color experience.

This exhibition consists of 8 indoor color scenes and The composition of several color interactive experiences will show the fashion color of China’s home furnishing industry in the next 3 to 5 years. Through the matching and adjustment of furniture, home and color matching, the audience will feel the depth of these 8 color spaces. The two color combinations form a four-color theme – bloom, grow, return, mature, and indicate a cycle of life.

Ms. Zhong Xiaohong hosted

These color interactive experiences that string them together are definitely the icing on the cake! These 4 designs The devices are life and color, nature and color, materials and colors, and cities and colors. Through different forms of expression, let us multiply the color, or visual, intuition and even taste, truly make this exhibition a 5D color tasting tour! At the same time, as an embellishment of the exhibition, E1~E7 and E8B There will also be 8 color boxes in the gallery to let the audience visually feel the color charm.

Lu Tao speaks

an eye-catching color forum, invited Professor Song Jianming from the China Academy of Art and director of the American Color Marketing Group, Monika Haag, chief designer of the German Reynolds Group, Monica · Ms. Hag, two heavyweights in the color world.

Home Plus & COC is a two-pronged approach to creating a modern rookie field

This year will usher in the third modern Shanghai fashion home show, there will be further expansion in the area: the first opening of the Expo Exhibition Hall 4 whole halls, with an area of ​​70,000 square meters! At the same time, the overall brand level of the modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show is further enhanced.

It is expected that this year the organizers will spend a lot of time to enhance the overall image and atmosphere of the modern exhibition. Wu Bin was invited as the main curator of the exhibition. Chinese famous sculptor Yan Guangci and Taiwan’s leading florist Ling Zongyong brought art installations and flower corridors to the exhibition, as well as Chinese contemporary coffee photographer and visual artist Chen Manwei. The exhibition produced a group of promotional posters, and the great channel will produce a modern publicity blockbuster at the film quality level, which will be used for the whole network promotion before the show! This lifestyle-themed design event will change the low-key attitude and give high-profile feedback to exhibitors and visitors a year.

and the home show in the exclusive exhibition area of ​​the modern exhibition is also about to celebrate its fifth anniversary, this year’s The theme is “Non INFINITY”, which means “Nan Wanwu is invisible and immersed in the present”. Use the “tangible, bounded, mixed” scene to shape the world of “invisible, unbounded, and full of possibilities”! Curators Wu Bin, Zeng Jianlong, and Shen Lei, Yan Xi, Chen Lin, Meng Ye, Zhong Song, Zhu Zheqin, Zhao Qing, Ye Weiting, Chen Youjian, Liu Yuyang, 10 cross-border big coffee will bring you a set Music, photography, life, color and many other cross-border elements in one space show!

In addition to Home Plus, Modern will also launch a new special exhibition “COC”. After the 2008 world financial crisis, the furniture exhibition transformed from export-oriented, high-end domestic sales to original design, and successfully created the first Chinese original designer exhibition trade fair platform DOD. The design museum is also more popular year after year, from 2008. Up to now, 2018, 10 years later, China International Furniture Fair has reached a new point of time, and COC came into being. COC——Create of Creators, meaning “creator creation”, co-sponsored by Wang Mingliang, founder of China International Furniture Fair, and Zhou Wei, founder and creative director of Frank Chou Design Studio, invited Malaysian Chinese designer 腓力圃. Co-planning, a total of 25 creators from design-related fields are expected to participate. This exhibition platform with integrated creative people will be presented at the modern exhibition site this year, and we will sell it for the time being. Please look forward to our follow-up for everyone.

External exhibition kicks off, Design Week opens the city design tour

China’s creative industry, China’s designer community, never lacks creativity, no defects, no design What is missing is the master’s creativity and design. This year’s Pudong Home Solo Exhibition has attracted top creative coffee from home, design, color, life, art, music, photography and other fields from “cross-border” to “unbounded”.

is already the 7th year of Shanghai Home Design Week. After years of transformation, the external exhibition will be officially launched this year. The peripheral exhibition will be extended to the end of the 16th, making up for the lack of weekends in the main exhibition area. This year, I invited the famous sculptor Yu Hongquan to carry out the image design, and formed a multi-faceted linkage with Shanghai Furniture Fair and Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show, so that everyone can see the exhibition and enter the hinterland of the city. Understanding the design culture.

The main venue of the design week will be the modern Shanghai home furnishing exhibition. The joint fulcrum PIVOT ART will also launch the first “composite business exhibition” with the theme of water, nature and art, and introduce new business forms; Wending Life and FOR Heaven Space, held a series of activities such as “Wen Ding Lecture Hall” and “Illustration Festival”. Together, in September, the Magic Capital will design fission and convey the relationship between people and design. Not only that, but also the addition of 100+ design brands and lifestyle concept stores, making it truly a city-level design event. On September 13-14, there will be a number of design buses from the modern scene to all corners of the city to create a design tour of N-shows, shopping, and fun, making the whole city of Shanghai in September crazy!

New materials and new technologies, pioneering the industry to lead the new highlands

High-end exhibition showcases China Furniture High-end Manufacturing Exhibition ( FMC 2018) will continue to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in the same period as the 24th China International Furniture Fair. The high-end manufacturing exhibition is dedicated to creating a large-scale procurement platform for the whole industry, facing more than 3,500 furniture at China International Furniture Fair. Manufacturers, to achieve seamless connection between upstream and downstream industries, to create a professional trade platform in the industry upstream and downstream.

There will be four national pavilions in September this year: the French Wood and Wood Products Export Association, the American Hardwood Export Council, the US needle The Leafwood Association, the Korea Furniture Industry Association and the Swedish Wood Industry have joined hands to showcase FMC and FMP. There are also exhibitors from Canada and Malaysia to participate in the exhibition. It is an international lineup and is expected to have more than 60 International brand.

At the same time, there are many new faces Join: Weiyang Stone, which focuses on marble countertops, Korea’s famous color company FORESCO CO., LTD, etc., which has been exhibiting at INTERZUM in Germany, etc. This year, we also selected the quality of the lift table company and promoted electric power. Pusher industry standard progress.

In addition, this year, the organizers will focus on creating high-end furniture semi-finished products to further enrich the furniture industry chain map. Of course, furniture sheet, furniture and leather, soft furniture materials and components, Surface decoration, furniture coatings/adhesives and chemicals are designed to provide sophisticated equipment and materials for furniture production, decoration, and engineering applications.

Improve audience service, 360° to create a beautiful viewing experience

350,000 square meters of exhibition space, 4 days, is not an easy task for any audience .

The organizers provided various services for the audience: from the moment the audience decided to come to Shanghai Pudong to see the exhibition on September 11-14, in order to provide a better viewing experience for the audience: Shanghai Furniture Exhibition and The online pre-registration of the Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show was opened as early as March, and services such as visa services, exhibition guides, and Spreadtrum EDM customization services came one after another. During the exhibition, all kinds of shuttle buses were covered, allowing the audience to enjoy the excellent service of Shanghai Furniture Fair since they set foot on the land of Shanghai. For the audience who watched the exhibition all the year round, we also launched overseas black card, domestic frequent flyer card, VIP and other services. We opened an exclusive channel, VIP lounge and even customized gifts. Of course, free charging, furniture online service desk, mobile translator, free internet area, exhibitor inquiry machine, WeChat ticket purchase and other routine services need not be mentioned.

In addition to the services provided in previous years, this year our new pre-registration system is upgraded, allowing viewers to quickly preview in the next few years. Registration has been optimized. Once registered, you can use this account permanently, and you can do a pre-registration once a year. In the audience’s progress visitor’s visit card, we also made a new upgrade: the introduction of new equipment, relying entirely on the machine for face recognition, let your face become your visitor’s card, and always enter and exit the exhibition hall! At the same time, Shanghai Furniture Fair also launched the home decoration life app, which brings the distance between the exhibitor and the audience. A text message can be reserved to meet the project leader of the favorite brand. The transaction volume is not a dream! Of course, the function of the APP is not only on the “dating”, but also communicates with exhibitors from time to time, and long-term trading and trading will become possible. Even big coffee designers can screen to screen!

Of course, Shanghai Furniture Fair will also interact closely with the modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show this year. The popular shuttle bus last year will also be upgraded this year. After 5 minutes, it will be ready to go, and it will be shuttled between the two exhibitions in minutes. If the exhibition is not enough, the “Design Journey” launched by Shanghai Home Design Week will solve the problem of the destination after the end of the exhibition and take you to experience the new landmark of Shanghai.

<span style="font-family: Microsoft Yahei, " microsoft="" yahei";"= "In short, these two exhibitions in Pudong this autumn will surely welcome the audience from all over the world with a newer and higher level of industry. Waiting for the industry to unveil this home feast on September 11-14. veil!


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