What to pay attention to when buying a bed okorder

Having enough sleep is a full day of energy protection, and people can’t get out of bed when they sleep, so the quality of the bed has a great impact on sleep. Nowadays, there are so many brands of beds, so what brand of bed to buy is good, what should you pay attention to when buying a bed? You may wish to find out!

What brand of bed to buy?


IKEA furniture is a very good brand. The brand was founded in 1943 and has a history of more than 70 years. Although IKEA is a foreign-invested brand, it has a very large share of the same industry in China, mainly in the middle and high-end furniture, and its quality is also very reliable.

2, Xilinmen

What brand of bed is good? Let’s take a look at Xilinmen. The brand was established late, but the brand awareness is still very good. It is the preferred brand of many consumers. The brand has always been committed to people’s healthy sleep, constantly developing and innovating new products.

3, Musi DeRUCCI

Muss Furniture Brand was established in 2004, specializing in human health and sleep, its design concept is derived from In Europe, ergonomics and sleep environment are integrated into bedding design. For example, the Musi brand bed, which holds a high position in the furniture industry.

What to pay attention to when buying a bed

1. The bed is in direct contact with our body, so the bed must be selected when the bed is selected. Pay attention to the environmental protection of materials. Conditional families can choose solid wood beds, such as red pine, cedar, and yew. The beds of these materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, and no chemicals are added during processing. It is worth buying.

2. The bed is an important piece of furniture in the bedroom, so you should consider the overall decoration style of the room when you buy the bed. If the room is decorated in a Korean style, then the bed should also choose a simple, natural pastoral style. In addition, the size of the choice is also determined by the bedroom space. Never choose a very large bed in the small bedroom, it will be very crowded.

3. To buy a bed, you need to pay attention to the quality. If you want the quality of the quality bed, you can see it from the details. Be sure to choose a fine, smooth, fine joint furniture bed, you can open the mattress to see the bed, if the bed has a heavy texture without any noise, it can be said that it is a quality bed.

! The bed is a must-have for every family, and the use of the bed is related to people’s health, so be very cautious when buying a bed. When choosing a brand, look at the quality.


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Shanghai spot check 46 batches of parquet products okorder

On July 20, the official website of Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau announced the results of the quality supervision and inspection of Shanghai solid wood composite flooring products in 2018. This batch of 46 batches of products was inspected and tested and failed to pass 2 batches.

   The basis of this supervision and inspection is gb/t18103-2013 “solid wood composite floor”, gb18580-2001 “interior decoration decoration materials artificial board and formaldehyde release limit” and other national standards And related standards, the following items of the product were tested: dimensional deviation, dip peeling, static bending strength, moisture content, surface wear resistance, paint film hardness, surface pollution resistance, formaldehyde emission, panel wood name.

This spot check found that the formaldehyde emission project involving safety indicators all met the standard requirements. Two other batches of products were unqualified. The production enterprises (nominal) involved Shanghai Fuhan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yaomai Wood Industry Co., Ltd., and the unqualified items involved were dimensional deviations.


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What color is good for living room tiles? okorder

Tiles are a kind of floor decoration material commonly used in our house decoration. It is exquisite in color and excellent in wear resistance. It is widely used in living room, kitchen and bathroom. Has a strong decorative effect. Then What color does the living room tile chooseOkay, What are the skills of living room tile color matching? Let me introduce you to the following article.

What color is good for living room tiles: use cool-tone tiles

For those living spaces with small space or poor lighting, it is best to choose cool-tone tiles, cool-tone tiles, not only will you visually feel Comfortable, but also used to enhance the visual effect of the space.

What color is good for living room tiles? : Use warm-tone tiles

For those living areas that are relatively spacious, warm-tone tiles can be used. Warm-coloured tiles give the living room a more intimate home atmosphere, especially in beige, brown and orange. It will make the whole space easier and more comfortable, but the pure color of red and yellow is not suitable for the living room, because these colors are easy to get upset.

What color is good for living room tiles: black and white grey tiles

Black and white ash is a color often seen in our living room floor tiles. White can make the living room brighter and more transparent, and can be matched with other colors in the living room. The grey is full of art and is loved by many home improvement designers, making the living room look more elegant. Black tiles can be used to decorate the living room to make it more spacious.

Living tile color matching tips

1, match the overall home style

The color of the living room tile needs to be chosen in a more overall style. For example, the rustic living room decoration, it is best to choose light-colored tiles such as light yellow and green, and the modern minimalist style is best gray and white. Monotonous color tiles.

2, depending on the color of the wall

Depending on the color of the wall, it is very important for us to choose the color of the living room tile. If the wall is in warm colors, the tile is also best in beige. Light tones such as ivory white make the living room look bright and spacious.

3, match with light

The color of the living room tile can be matched according to the light of the living room. The living room with light can choose darker tiles. If the living room is dark, you can use light-colored tiles.

Article summary: The above is about What color to choose for living room tilesGood and living room tile color matching skills The relevant introduction, I hope to give you some help in the decoration of the living room, so that everyone can make the whole living room space more beautiful and gorgeous by matching with the reasonable tile color.


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The growth rate of plate-type custom furniture is slowing down, and it is necessary to innovate and change to seize the new entrance. okorder

From the beginning of the triumph, the current growth rate slows down, the panel custom furniture appears Weak state. With the continuous deepening of consumption upgrades and customizations, consumer demand for customization still exists. Enterprises also need to seek new traffic portals to evolve and evolve, such as perfecting categories, making full-scale installations, distinguishing high-end customization and panel customization. .

The panel custom furniture giant began to feel the pressure of slowing down. In 2008, the economic crisis made the plate customization a golden decade of high-speed growth. According to the “10-year cycle”, in 2018, when the crisis was full of troubles, the panel customization giant began to seize the new traffic entrance. Hedging the possible adverse effects.

Although custom furniture companies in the second quarter of 2018 The financial report has not yet come out, but their “playing” in the market has shown that the inherent business growth has encountered bottlenecks.

1, from triumphant to growth Slowdown

Customized furniture grows most At a fast time, the annual growth rate often exceeds 60%, and since 2017, the general growth rate has slowed down.

In a custom-made furniture listed company, Sophia in 2011 Entering the A-share market in the year, it is the first custom furniture enterprise in China to land in the capital market. After the listing, the company’s performance has maintained rapid growth: for example, the year-on-year growth rates of operating income in 2015 and 2016 were 35.35% and 41.75%, respectively. The performance growth in 2017 showed a certain degree of decline. The revenue growth rate from the first quarter to the fourth quarter was 48.3%, 49.44%, 35.46% and 22.57%, respectively. There was a significant slowdown in the second half of the year. In the first quarter of 2018, revenue increased by 30.32% year-on-year.

Hello’s first quarter results in 2018 The rate was 30.8%, and the growth rate in 2017 was 37.95%. In 2016, the growth rate was 55.3%;

Shangpin Home is listed in 2017, 2017 financial report shows a growth of 32.23%, negative growth in the first quarter of 2018, and 60% growth in previous years;

Ou Pai’s first quarter performance in 2018 increased by 31.58%. 2017 performance increased by 36.11%;

Piano In 2017, the growth rate was 17.64%, and the growth rate in 2016 was 27.74%.

The above are the first echelon, the second echelon According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 300 custom furniture brands. Many small custom furniture brands cannot talk about annual growth, and it takes a lot of effort to maintain the original order volume.

2, “Customization” continues to deepen

In the development process of the whole house customization hot, someone It is said to be a vent, and some people say it is a “giant pit.”

As early as 2015, Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute Long Xu Boming issued a document, “The whole house customization is a dangerous signal”, calling on the industry not to easily speculate on custom concepts, and not to rashly use the whole house to customize. In 2016, Lin Zuoxin, a professor at Beijing Forestry University and former president of the Asian Furniture Federation, also published “Tiger Biting and Whole House Customization”, questioning the necessity of the whole house customization.

The whole house that ordinary consumers can afford now Customized, in essence, panel furniture, concentrated in the wardrobe, cabinet category, its design capabilities, production capacity can not meet the needs of consumers. With the frequent occurrence of complaints about plate-type customization complaints and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, “custom” furniture will be more and more thoughtful.

Thinking about thinking, hidden worry is hidden. In fact, the consumer demand for customization is still expanding in inertia. According to the information obtained from the furniture exhibition, custom furniture is also evolving: first, perfect categories, such as the major furniture exhibitions in July and August 2017, the custom furniture company category is the most children’s room, until March this year. At the furniture exhibition, there were more cabinets and beds. In July this year, I tried to move to the living room, kitchen, and the overall glass door wardrobe. The custom categories were increasing.

Second is a whole set, always occupying the Expo C-plate custom-made companies are making a fuss about “packaging”, such as Europa, Sofia, and Shangpin….not just custom furniture, the most fresh trend in the entire big home industry chain is They are invariably telling the visitors: In the home industry, what is good for investment in the next 5 years and 10 years? The answer is home decoration.

The third is the beginning of differentiation between high-end customization and panel customization. For example, some traditional furniture companies aim at people over 40 years old, providing high-end whole-house customization. The materials are mostly solid wood, and the style is more personalized. The audience is smaller, but its future development prospects are optimistic.

Customized furniture is driven by the consumer demand of ordinary people. However, there are many problems with plate customization. At present, due to oversupply, it has also entered a slowdown period. Large enterprises can still achieve a certain growth rate with brand advantage, and SMEs have begun to struggle.

Starting in the community marketing business, positive As a new channel for more companies to gain new customized business growth, the market will soon become the Red Sea.

In fact, customization is essentially about people’s safety, Personalized and quality life pursuit, if the furniture people think deeply from this angle, combined with their own abilities, they will be able to discover new and new customized services that satisfy people’s home life, which is beneficial to consumers and beneficial to them. (Editor/Li Yan)


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What is the price of aluminum alloy windows? okorder

The earliest windows were made of wood and then inlaid with glass. But with the progress of the times, the material of the window is no longer just wood, there are many materials on the market. However, people today prefer aluminum alloy windows because they are durable and well sealed. But Aluminum window priceHow much is it? In addition to the aluminum alloy material, what are the materials of the window? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

1, aluminum window prices How much is it?

Now, any kind of window on the market has a lot of brands. . Not only are the quality uneven, but the price is also uneven. However, in addition to the brand and quality factors, the price of aluminum alloy windows, the size of the window, the thickness of the hardware, the number of hardware accessories and the number of purchases, etc., all directly lead to the price of aluminum alloy windows. Therefore, there is no fixed standard for its price, the specific price is subject to the price you actually buy. In addition to the aluminum alloy window, what are the materials of the window? Then go down and understand.

2, the material of the window has

a, wooden windows

This is the most original and traditional window texture, but if the wood is exposed to the sun and rain all year round, it will be easily decayed, thus shortening its service life. In addition, the wood is not very suitable for modern room decoration style, so it will be relatively rare now.

b, steel window

The window of plastic steel material will be stronger than wood, and it is not heat-conductive and anti-oxidation. Since the interior is also supported by steel, the frame of the window is not easily deformed, even if the storm is able to withstand it. However, if there is a requirement for the temperature in the room, it is recommended to choose a double-plastic steel window.

c, broken aluminum windows

In addition to wood, steel and aluminum, the window material is also “broken bridge aluminum” technology. This is just a layer of resin material added to the original aluminum alloy, so it is not easy to let the outside heat transfer to the living room, which is also a window that people like very much.


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Retail e-commerce layout big home industry Who has more chances? okorder

No matter which industry you are in, you can’t avoid this kind of competition in the industry: Competition between big platforms and small businesses. Is it a big business, attracting big brands and big platforms to cooperate? Or are you taking your own path and making your business bigger on your own feet? This is two problems for startups.

In the field of home building materials supply chain, there has been such a discussion. For the main material or auxiliary materials, the core of the home building supply chain lies in the construction of the logistics system. At the same time, procurement and bargaining power, sales capacity, warehousing and distribution capabilities are also critical.

Someone put forward an idea, Jingdong can Can’t do home building materials supply chain logistics? Not to mention the main material, just to talk about auxiliary materials, Jingdong as a big platform with technical advantages and service advantages, can it be better than the general auxiliary materials enterprises?

Ali, JD. Will it enter the home accessories supply chain in the future?

In February of this year, Alibaba and a number of institutions strategically invested in a home of 13 billion yuan, this is Ali’s acquisition of Suning, won After RT-Mart and holding more than 36% of Gaoxin’s retail shares, another large-scale transaction also exposed Alibaba’s ambitions for the home industry.

In May of this year, Jingdong held the “Jingdong Service” +” Media communication meeting, based on the needs and pain points of the user’s daily consumption scene in the home appliance industry, build a platform and system with strong management and control capabilities to solve the service problems of platform merchants and users.

Ali and JD have released a large layout this year. The signal of the home industry can not help but reminiscent of the rationality of the vertical segmentation of large platform layout.

Nothing else, there is news that Suning Appliance wants to The way to integrate the third-party logistics system, based on the advantages accumulated by the home appliance industry, cut into the warehousing and distribution links in the field of home building materials, the specific practices have not been announced, this also conveys a signal: the big platform also wants to cut the home building materials industry This big cake.

If large platforms, small businesses enter the home Whose wins the auxiliary material supply chain?

Considering the channel advantages accumulated by Ali and JD at the c-end consumer level, plus their national delivery logistics system Perfect, the actual combat personnel with home accessories supply chain enterprises began to worry, Jingdong, Suning, can they do home building materials supply chain logistics? Will this big cake in the future be eaten by a large platform? This is also the topic we are mainly discussing today.

Jingdong can do home building materials supply chain logistics ?

For JD itself, it is the most powerful The advantage is that delivery is very fast, thisThe point is derived from Jingdong’s “Jingdong self-employment” system. However, the reason why Jingdong is fast is because the goods purchased by consumers in Jingdong through the self-operated system are placed in the “this warehouse”, so they have the advantage of “fast delivery”.

But for home building materials that are very important for non-standardized attributes For products, if Jingdong wants to build a supply chain system, the selectivity may not be too great.

Jingdong holds the sales front end, it has perfect Self-operated system, taking household auxiliary materials as an example, Jingdong is fully capable of making hardware accessories by itself. It is also laying out this aspect, but some people in the industry believe that it is more difficult for Jingdong to capture the auxiliary materials than hardware products. .

Vertical Supply Chain Enterprise Layout Home What are the advantages of auxiliary materials?

In the case of the auxiliary material market, the current industry occupants have a lot of auxiliary material supply chain platforms in addition to auxiliary materials suppliers. The users of supply chain enterprises are generally divided into two types. One is the foreman, the foreman is the most important target of the products sold by these supply chain platforms; the other is the less well-known auxiliary materials manufacturers.

For small accessory companies, they The auxiliary material supply chain e-commerce is regarded as an additional customer acquisition channel. If it is cooperation with small brands, the auxiliary material supply chain e-commerce will also have certain pricing power, because the price can be discussed. However, these auxiliary materials e-commerce are difficult to directly cooperate with large manufacturers, and often only reach a certain cooperation intention with dealers. So what are their advantages?

First, the auxiliary materials e-commerce has a bigger Autonomy determines the direction of the company’s development and has advantages in regional layout and development;

Secondly, in the context of the failure of the first- and second-line traditional building materials and accessories market, the market and users’ pursuit of efficiency have spawned more auxiliary e-commerce platforms. Improve efficiency to some extent;

third, home The auxiliary materials enterprises pay attention to the localized landing services, and they have already made certain integrations with the local logistics system and the warehousing system before the products are officially launched. This is precisely the essence of the supply chain industry – the integration of commonalities within the industry.

This PK match What is it?

Return to the home accessories supply chain itself, the industry’s most needed capabilities are built around four parts: one is to focus on efficiency; the second is Warehousing and distribution capacity is very important, because the essence of the industry is “the last mile”; the third is the engineering procurement capability; the fourth is the regionalization advantage.

Analysis from the above four perspectives, large platform and Vertical auxiliary material supply chain enterprises have their own advantages. The storage and distribution of large-scale auxiliary equipment is mainly based on nationwide delivery. There is no need for vertical supply chain enterprises to be meticulous in terms of regionalization and layout. In terms of engineering procurement, large platforms such as Jingdong and Taobao are definitely more influential than supply chain vertical enterprises.

Therefore, the way to get along with the vertical and auxiliary materials companies is not to compete, but to cooperate. The benefits of cooperation, in addition to resource aggregation and faster running, can also absorb more Third-party enterprise integrators, everyone will make this plate bigger.

After all, it is difficult to make a big business by the strength of a single company, especially in the field of home building materials supply chain. From another perspective, if there is a big river ahead, people on the shore want to cross the river. You don’t have to swim in the water to cross the river, you can cross the bridge, rowing, and even take a ferry. In the future battlefield of the home supply chain PK, there may be people who may or may not lose. Span>


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The monthly salary of air-conditioning installers is expected to exceed 10,000, and the lack of workers will increase their salary. okorder

China The relevant person in charge of the home appliance service maintenance association recently attended the national air-conditioning maintenance contest in Han, revealed that the air-conditioning installation company is brewing a new round of salary increase, the future one The average monthly salary of a general air conditioner installer is definitely not a problem.

With the growth of the real estate industry and the replacement of air conditioners, the economic status of air-conditioning installers is also increasing. Gree Electricity after-sales department The door manager told Wuhan Evening News reporter, air-conditioning installation is generally a group of two installers, an average of one day can Install 7 to 8 air conditioners, each installing an air conditioner, roughly 60 yuan to 80 yuan. The average monthly salary of an air conditioner installer is close to 10,000 yuan.

Despite this, the head of China’s Household Appliance Service Maintenance Association revealed in the national air-conditioning maintenance contest in Han: air-conditioning installation is a high-risk industry, during the summer peak period, air conditioning It is not uncommon for enterprises to increase their salaries and hire workers. At present, a domestic air-conditioning giant has decided to raise the wages of air-conditioning installers nationwide. On the basis of the original salary, each additional air-conditioner is added, and an additional 100 yuan is added. This move is bound to trigger a rise in the domestic air-conditioning installation industry.

The leaders of the Jiangsu Household Appliances Maintenance Association, who participated in the national air-conditioning maintenance competition in Han, said that although the wages of air-conditioning installers have increased, they may not be able to recruit people.

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More smoke-absorbing, Siemens “Hurricane” series range hoods stunning listing! okorder

VR is not a new technology in the game industry, but when German black technology and net red, it has a new feeling: September 24, West The second stop of the home appliance & ldquo; hurricane series new product launch, held in the Hangzhou Suning Jiade Plaza store. Different from the Wenzhou new product launch event, this time, we invited the top ten net red to the live broadcast to help out, and experienced the large-scale “Hurricane Action VR game” with the visiting guests to feel the charm of the new product. Staged a beautiful visual feast.

Exclusively equipped with the original BLDC motor, strictly comply with European standards

The motor system is extremely important for the hood, just like the human heart, as the core function of the range hood. Technical support, it directly affects the air volume, life, noise and other aspects of the hood. The Siemens “Hurricane range range hood” is equipped with the original BLDC motor system —— DC brushless inverter motor with independent intellectual property rights. It is in the same production line as the motor of more than 4 million Siemens washing machines, and strictly follows the European standard. Design, adopting imported variable frequency controller, precise control, stability performance; internal and external dual cooling system, realizes that the hood is not hot at high speed, has long life, and allows Chinese wife to enjoy in the kitchen for a long time. The fun of cooking brings wonderful culinary inspiration!

The jewellery worn in the clothes is for others to see, and every time the kitchen creaks, every detail is our own to the family. The most silent and the healthiest love. At present, the powerful Siemens Hurricane Range Range Hood has been officially launched, embracing healthy and clean kitchens from now on and experiencing high-quality home life.

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Waste floor recycling into a new profit growth point in the industry okorder

With the increasing scarcity of forestry resources, the cost of flooring products that are overly dependent on forestry resources has increased. How to reduce the production cost of the floor without reducing the quality of the floor has always been a headache for the flooring companies. It is even more difficult to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from the floor production process. Then the old floor recycling action is making a new trend across the country. It is difficult to reduce the production cost of the floor and to do low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, it has spawned a production and sales model of replacing old and recycling, which is not only affordable to the people, but also beneficial to the people. It has brought a new concept of flooring products to thousands of households.

With the involvement of major brands in the recycling of wood flooring, there is no doubt that this will become a new hot spot in the flooring market, and even a new profit growth point in the flooring industry. Because this method not only effectively reduces the production cost of the floor, but also alleviates the shortage of forest resources and reduces the carbon emissions, which not only improves the company’s income, but also enhances the public’s new understanding of environmentally friendly flooring products. Achieved a win-win situation. Many flooring companies with old floor recycling businesses use a ‘old-for-new’ sales model to sell products to consumers. From the feedback from consumers who participated in a lot of floor-to-floor trade-in activities, we learned that many people are suffering from the contradiction of throwing out the old floor in their homes.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021834171643.jpg”>

Recycling of waste floors into new profit growth points in the industry


With this awareness, consumers are more likely to accept the trade-in of the floor. Through the trade-in of the floor, the floor manufacturers can use the old floor to re-use, and consumers can choose the floor that is satisfactory, more importantly. Yes, this is an environmentally friendly business and a correct choice to reduce carbon emissions. Nowadays, the production and sales model of this floor has become a new trend, which is highly appreciated and favored by consumers. By saving more than 10 times of forest logs and their reduced carbon emissions and increased oxygen emissions, the environmental benefits of emission reductions are amazing.

The old-fashioned replacement of this floor not only allows the old floor of the consumer’s home. There is a good ‘ownership’ and a new floor can be bought at a favorable price. This sales model will naturally be recognized by consumers. This is beyond doubt. And with the impact of the 2010 Copenhagen Climate Conference, many Consumers start to empty Concerned about environmental protection, and raised awareness of environmental protection. Relevant statistics show that according to the calculation of household solid wood floor decoration area of ​​80 square meters, through the recycling of solid wood flooring, it can directly reduce the carbon emissions of 908.8 kilograms, which is 23.3 per capita carbon emissions per year in China. %

Release date: 2011/11/11 11:11:43

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Bamboo floor export to domestic sales okorder

In the face of competition from domestic counterparts, the bamboo flooring manufacturers that export to domestic sales are not doing well. Experts believe that the emergence of new products and technologies, the high-margin branding operation and the Dashu Culture brand are the three major opportunities for bamboo flooring to reheat the domestic flooring market, and it is also the three hands.

Today, due to the cancellation of the export tax rebate policy and the ‘great injury bones’ after the financial crisis, domestic bamboo flooring exports have been frustrated, and many bamboo flooring companies have turned their eyes to the domestic market. But the road to export to domestic sales does not seem to be smooth.

According to statistics, the sales of bamboo flooring in the country is still stagnant, accounting for only 10% of the wood flooring market, sales are not prosperous. In the face of fierce competition from similar products in China, how can we grasp the turning point of Chinese bamboo flooring in order to win the favor of consumers?

Market turn: high-density heavy bamboo force twisting potential

Throughout the entire floor market, compared with other wooden floors, bamboo flooring uses natural raw bamboo as material, formaldehyde emission Very low, green environmental protection is undoubtedly, and it has achieved a good connection with the current consumer market pursuit of low-carbon life. With the launch of the high-quality and environmentally-friendly bamboo flooring market, the ‘short board’ of bamboo flooring itself can be compensated. The industry believes that this indicates that the inflection point of China’s bamboo flooring market consumption is coming.

The reporter learned that the past bamboo flooring because of the unstable performance of the product, the product in the northern heating room is easy to crack and easy to deform, the applicability is relatively poor, so it has occupied a small share in the domestic market. However, with the advent of heavy bamboo flooring, the technology and performance of bamboo flooring products have improved.

High-density bamboo is made from renewable resources, replacing traditional wood-based production methods. The utilization rate of bamboo is over 90%, which is twice the utilization rate of traditional production methods. Many, sustainable production, and effective protection of the environment.

Because the heavy bamboo flooring products are more stable and durable, the application surface is also wider, and the performance and application range have surpassed the ordinary bamboo flooring, thus changing the disadvantage of the bamboo flooring, making the performance of the heavy bamboo flooring It has been comparable to solid wood flooring and even surpassed the latter.

In addition, the superior technical cooperation between brand companies has further promoted the development of the entire bamboo flooring industry. For example, Commax’s high-density bamboo flooring is a product developed jointly by professional institutions and researchers in Malaysia and China. It will raise the use of bamboo flooring in China to a higher level and create a high-density bamboo flooring. With the continuous innovation and maturity of bamboo flooring technology, the performance of high-density heavy bamboo products has been continuously improved, thus driving the development of the entire bamboo flooring market.

Brand transfer: from low to high gross profit operation

According to statistics, the gross profit margin of the general industry is generally about 40%, the gross profit of the wood flooring industry is more than 30%, but domestic The gross profit margin of bamboo flooring is only 20%, which means that bamboo flooring products are put into the market, and enterprises basically have no money for brand building.

According to the 5% to 8% of the logistics costs, 8% to 10% of marketing expenses, 15% to 20% of sales expenses and dealers’ year-end anti-profit calculations, if the company wants to be a brand Promotion, basically have to lose money. But on the other hand, without market promotion, consumption is difficult to guide, so the bamboo flooring market has been in an embarrassing situation.

Experts believe that in order to change the status of bamboo flooring in the market, we must change the gross profit structure of the category. Since bamboo flooring is an export product in the past, most companies are accustomed to using low-margin methods to speculate on the market. This is difficult to attract market and capital market enthusiasm, and it cannot promote the development of the entire Chinese bamboo flooring market.

Experts pointed out that bamboo flooring companies must change the current business model and profit structure, adapt to the market-oriented competitive environment, carry out branded operations, and adopt high-margin operation methods. A foot article to enhance the taste of bamboo flooring.

Cultural Turn: Let Bamboo Culture Go to the World

Recently, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China passed the “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China” to deepen the reform of the cultural system and promote the great development of socialist culture. The decision on a number of major issues, proposed to implement the cultural ‘going out’ project. The export of bamboo flooring can not only win profits, but also promote Chinese bamboo culture.

China is an ancient civilization of the world and the birthplace of bamboo culture. After studying the history of Chinese science in depth, the famous British scholar Joseph Needham believed that East Asian civilization is a ‘bamboo civilization’. Since ancient times, China’s bamboo culture has developed in the inheritance and has been passed down to the present.

In recent years, the state has attached more importance to traditional culture, increased the promotion and promotion of traditional culture, and the influence of Eastern culture in the world has gradually increased. As a synonym for ‘higher’, bamboo culture is not only loved by literati, but also its environmental protection has attracted widespread attention from consumers. The cultural consciousness of the Chinese has become stronger, the national culture has increased its importance, and the cultural awakening has driven the Chinese market to re-examine the bamboo flooring.

It is understood that China’s bamboo resources area and output rank first in the world. About 90% of the world’s best bamboos with the highest performance and the highest value of use are distributed in China. Although there are many small enterprises in the bamboo flooring industry in China, most of them have not yet formed a mature brand system. This is an excellent opportunity for bamboo flooring companies with considerable product, capital and resource strength to strengthen their brands. In addition, the market turning point of bamboo flooring has arrived, and industry insiders point out that this will definitely promote a breakthrough in the Chinese bamboo flooring market.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:07:39

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