Looking forward to the status quo of Shanghai flooring industry okorder

(1) The number of flooring companies is shrinking

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Why is the wood floor dimmed after it has been used for a long time? okorder

Although the luster of the wooden floor can not be generalized. Different styles of wood flooring are different in craftsmanship, and the gloss of the exterior is naturally different. However, some people of the same kind of wooden floor have used it for two years and are still bright and new. Some people have only used it for more than a year. What is the reason for this?

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Inappropriate cleaning can lead to tarnishing of wooden floors. Too frequent cleaning is to lose the wooden floor. One of the main reasons. The wooden floor is usually paved in a relatively private space, and it is suitable to do cleaning once a month. Chemical fiber fabrics, hard mopping, and a large amount of water and alkali will bring unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor.

Without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will slowly lose its original luster. This situation is more in the solid wood floor. The solid wood is like the skin, the long-term maintenance, the gloss will disappear And cleaning and maintenance are completely different, cleaning can not replace curing.

The choice of floor wax is not correct, it will also cause the wooden floor to lose its original luster. Frequent use of spray bottle wax will also cause wooden floor Lost light. Spray bottle wax gives the wooden floor a mirror-like finish, reflective, but If there is dust, it will be obviously dirty. So repeatedly, the wooden floor will soon lose its original uniform luster.

The poor quality of the wood floor paint will also lead to no gloss. This situation is common in ‘ Cheap ‘wood flooring. For the sake of sales, the manufacturer applied a layer of varnish on the surface of the wooden floor, just like a layer of wax on the surface of the apple. For such a wooden floor, it took only two months, the wooden floor was completely dull.

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4 major misunderstandings in the purchase and paving of parquet okorder

The solid wood composite floor inherits the characteristics of elegant and natural solid wood floor, comfortable foot feeling and good thermal insulation performance. It overcomes the defects of high formaldehyde emission of the laminate floor, and has the advantages of high wear resistance and easy care. More and more consumers are favored. Many consumers often encounter many problems when purchasing, installing and maintaining solid wood composite flooring. So, what are the misunderstandings of home improvement in parquet flooring and paving?

1, multi-layer solid wood The thicker the composite floor is, the better. If the surface of the multi-layer parquet with thick dough (3~4mm) is not cracked under the geothermal environment, this problem can be solved by the pre-stressing production process. The advantage of the thick-faced multi-layer parquet is that the skin has good compression resistance and features solid wood flooring.

Because the surface of the floor is too thick, in the process of alternating the general environment and the geothermal environment, as the moisture content of the floor changes, the amount of expansion and contraction of the dough is large compared with the substrate, so that the floor is produced. Big deformation. The author carried out the following experiment, the multi-layer solid wood composite floor with moisture content of 8% was tested in different environments. The thickness of the floor skin was 2mm, 3mm and 4mm respectively; simulating the northern summer environment, the moisture content of the floor reached about 13%. Then simulate the northern winter geothermal extreme environment, so that the moisture content of the floor reaches 4%.

2, the wider the floor, the better, the longer the floor, the better the length and width of the multi-layer parquet with the environmental humidity The change of the floor, the larger the size of the floor, the greater the stress generated by the floor when the floor is dry and swelled, and the opportunity for floor deformation and skin cracking increases. The wider the multi-layer parquet, the greater the side seams created during shrinkage. Similarly, the longer the multi-layer parquet, the larger the gap created by the floor ends when dry.

3, the geothermal floor back plate is well grooved, which is conducive to the flow of hot air. Some people think that the geothermal floor back plate is well grooved, which is conducive to the flow of hot air, and even the floor back plate is made into a hollow structure. In fact, the thermal conductivity of solids is greater than the thermal conductivity of gases. The higher the density, the faster the heat transfer rate, which is one of the important reasons for us to increase the density of flooring substrates.

The back of the floor is longitudinally slotted, forming an air layer at the slot on the back of the floor. The thermal conductivity of air (0.02 at 20 °C) is lower than the thermal conductivity of wood (from 0.08 to 0.18 for wood). The heat conduction effect is reduced to some extent. The hollow structure forms an air layer between the surface and the floor surface to reduce heat transfer, and the structural floor is better to use in a normal environment.

4, in order to heat-transfer the moisture-proof membrane into a strip of some floor installation company when installing the floor, the moisture-proof membrane joint is not sticky, there are some local installation companies even cut the moisture-proof membrane into many small mouth, the purpose is to Breathable for improved heat transfer. Usually, after the geothermal project is made, the water content in the ground cement is at least 17%. During the geothermal heating process, the moisture on the ground is continuously radiated outward, and the damaged moisture-proof membrane directly acts on the back of the floor, causing the floor to stratify and bulge. The color change of the paint and the floor. Therefore, we should not only cut the moisture-proof membrane into many small mouths, but also stick the moisture-proof membrane with plastic tape to ensure that it is airtight, so as to avoid the damage of the moisture in the ground to the floor.

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Why is the wooden floor tarnished? okorder

Although the wooden floor is not shiny, it cannot be generalized. Different styles of wood flooring are different in craftsmanship, and the gloss of the exterior is naturally different. However, some people of the same type of wood flooring brand used two years of light and new, and some people used only one year to be dull. What caused this? First, improper cleaning can lead to tarnishing of wooden floors. Too frequent cleaning is one of the main reasons for the loss of wooden floors. Wooden floors are usually laid out in relatively private spaces, and cleaning once a month is appropriate. Chemical fiber fabrics, hard tows, and a lot of water and alkali will bring unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor. Second, without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will slowly lose its original luster. This situation is more common in solid wood flooring. Solid wood is like skin. If it is not maintained for a long time, the gloss will disappear. And cleaning and maintenance are completely different, and cleaning is not a substitute for curing. Third, the choice of floor wax is not correct, it will also cause the wood floor to lose its original luster. Frequent use of spray bottle wax can also cause the wooden floor to lose light. The spray bottle wax gives the wooden floor a mirror-like finish, and the reflection is strong, but it is obviously dirty when there is dust. Repeatedly, the wooden floor quickly loses its original uniform luster. Finally, the poor quality of the wood floor paint can also lead to no gloss. This situation is ubiquitous in “cheap” wooden floors. In order to sell, the manufacturer applies a layer of varnish to the surface of the wooden floor, just like a layer of wax on the surface of the apple. This wooden floor was used for only two months, and the wooden floor was completely dull.

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Teach you how to identify inferior mats? okorder

The floor mat is a product that effectively scrapes dirt and moisture at the entrance and keeps the floor clean. Soft and soft, comfortable feet. Unique anti-UV additive to prevent fading and embrittlement, and to withstand the outdoor environment of sun and rain.

A good mat should first be able to achieve its functions, such as dirt, sand, and water. This is a measure of the quality of the mat. The fundamental standard. Secondly, good mats should be easy to maintain, do not need to spend too much manpower and material resources, but also should be durable and environmentally friendly, and the color can be kept beautiful for a long time. If the above items are met, it should be said to be a qualified mat. When consumers buy, they may wish to take a few more stores to compare the differences in materials. In addition, it is important to make your home’s floor mats durable and to enhance daily cleaning and maintenance.

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How to clean the dust on the floor? okorder

The first measure of floor cleaning: flat-bed dragging

In foreign countries, a kind of coarse fiber and a strong concave wipe are used, together with a product with adsorption effect. use. The specific method is: the dry roving wipe is clipped on the flat plate, some dust adsorbent is sprayed on the wipe, and then the surface of the floor is wiped, and the hair and dust are absorbed into the roving wipe. After finishing, remove the wipes, wash them in the pool, and dry them for use. No detergent is required throughout the process. Because no matter which kind of detergent is used, the floor surface will be more or less tarnished.

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Floor cleaning The second measure: floor cleaners

About floor cleaners, there is no special cleaning agent for household use, and it is suitable for use on solid wood floors. Most detergents need to be diluted with water and need to be associated with relevant Equipment). Therefore, floor cleaners are mainly used on engineering floors that are not sensitive to acid and alkali and water soaking, such as: plastic flooring.

floor cleaning third trick: dry towel wipe

This method belongs to those who have a soft spot for solid wood flooring. Most of them are very careful in the maintenance of the floor. The purpose of operation is far from daily cleaning. The specific method is more cumbersome and will not be described in detail here. /P>

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What are the traps to be careful when purchasing solid wood flooring? okorder

Trap 1: The name of the pattern is confusing material

For the solid wood floor, you need to maintain a calm mindset. You need to know certain professional knowledge when purchasing. Don’t blindly listen to the recommendation of others or businesses, according to the needs of home decoration and budget. To make a choice. In this regard, it is also necessary to pay attention to some merchants in the market in order to promote their products, and give a solid name to the solid wood flooring, such as rich wood, ivory wood, gold wood, Brazilian red sandalwood, etc., consumers are very easy to put these nice names. Linked to precious trees. But in fact, these are just ordinary ordinary materials, such as ‘Brazilian red sandalwood’ but ordinary ‘Zi Jing Mu’.

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Trap 2: Surface Additive Masking Defect

When buying solid wood flooring, you need to carefully check the solid wood flooring. There are many kinds of solid wood flooring in the market. There are many brands, specifications and names. Consumers are easy to fall into the acceptance trap when they choose. The floor needs to be checked from the surface to the back. Some decoration companies will deal with the surface of the floor, such as painting and coloring, covering the insect eyes, decay, cracking, etc. with aluminum film. The residents can not see the floor from the surface when accepting the inspection. The quality of the floor will lead to various cracking and discoloration when the floor is used for a long time.

Trap 3: Different grades of floor mixed sale

The raw materials of solid wood flooring have strict grades. It is stipulated that there are generally three grades of ABC. In the case of floor acceptance, the raw materials of the floor need to be inspected to prevent the merchants from incorporating Class B and Class C materials into the Class A materials in the solid wood floor. If conditions permit, Please ask a dedicated person Industry testing, once found, can be exchanged.

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Trap 4: Thin floor when selling thick floor

When the households check the solid wood floor, they need to check the thickness of the solid wood floor, because some unscrupulous merchants will buy the thin solid wood floor as a thick floor. In order to make a profit, even a thickness of 1mm can not be let go, because expensive solid wood flooring may make its budget much higher due to the difference of 1mm.

Trap 5: The decoration contract is not clear warranty time

For the residents who report the decoration of the house to the decoration company, you need to pay attention to the solid wood floor when signing the decoration contract. The after-sales service clauses are specified. Some decoration companies only verbally promise quality time, but they will shirk their responsibility after quality problems occur after acceptance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the shelf life of the agreed floor before accepting the floor, and it is reflected in the decoration contract.

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Home improvement wood floor maintenance Raiders okorder

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First, keep humidity to prevent cracking

Wind Dry, the air humidity is relatively low, the wood fiber in the wooden floor will naturally shrink due to water loss. Step into the autumn, the indoor humidity should be kept between 50% and 70%, because once the moisture content of the wood floor is too low, it will be direct Problems such as cracking of the wooden floor and opening of the joint. If the humidity of the room cannot be guaranteed, wipe it with a wet cloth that is twisted to water two or three times a week, or use some small humidifiers to moisturize the room.

Second, proper cover to avoid exposure

Long-term sunlight will cause cracking and fading of the wooden floor. Although the intensity of sunshine in autumn is not as good as that in summer, it cannot be ignored. When the sun is violent, it should be pulled. Cover the curtains to extend the service life of the wooden floor. In long-time exposed home locations, such as balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc., consider laying carpets or placing floor vases to prevent direct exposure of the floor to sunlight. ‘Contrast color’ appears indoors

Third, regular dust removal and timely cleaning

autumn is a season that can not be lazy to clean and dust. Dry weather causes dust to increase, if not cleaned in time, water will accumulate in the wood floor In the gap, stubborn stains are formed. In addition to regularly using a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, special attention should be paid to the position where the pedals are often stepped on, and carpets are placed at the entrance of the doorway, and dust-proof strips are attached to prevent dust from entering the house. /P>

Four, moving furniture waxing maintenance

Because the autumn air humidity is relatively low, the floor is easy to shrink and deform, in order to ensure smooth expansion of the floor, it should be avoided to concentrate heavy furniture, preferably separated by a section Time shifting the position of the furniture can prevent the floor from being able to smoothly expand and contract, and avoid the unevenness of the floor due to the furniture being pressed and not ventilated. In addition, the waxing of the solid wood floor is maintained in the autumn. Wipe the floor clean before waxing, then apply a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface. After a little dry, wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright. At the same time, open the window as much as possible to keep the space inside. Circulation. When the weather is drier, you need to use a humidifier to adjust the indoor humidity.

The floor also needs to be taken care of like our skin, cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen, waxing these steps can not be less.

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Why does the epoxy floor foam? okorder

Epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, with no seams, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. advantage. Can be designed according to different application requirements: such as thin layer coating, 1-5mm thick self-leveling floor, non-slip wear-resistant coating, mortar coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating.

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How to renovate the old floor? okorder

The floor is a building material used for the surface layer of a house floor or floor, made of wood or other materials. The floor is used as a building material, and the building material can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Chinese style, European style and other styles will be used, and the use is more and more extensive.

After a long period of floor covering, inevitably there will be color loss, fluffing, deformation, etc., which greatly affects the appearance of the home. Is it necessary to completely remove the floor and re-lay the new floor? The answer is no. Wood floor renovation can also get the home effect you want. So, how to operate the wooden floor renovation?

Compared with the floor decoration materials such as floor tiles, the wooden floor is comfortable and natural, so it appears in many homes. However, after a long period of stepping on the floor and the natural environment, various loss phenomena will occur. The floor renovation process can quickly rejuvenate the floor.

There is no fixed time limit for how long the floor needs to be refurbished after installation. If some floors are carefully maintained on a daily basis and there are no major problems, then even if they have been used for ten years, they do not need to be refurbished. However, if some floors are not well maintained, there will be paint drops, cracks, etc. in a few years. For various problems, it is necessary to carry out refurbishment as soon as possible, because if it is not handled quickly, the damage will become more and more serious.

There are two ways to renovate the old floor. One is to renovate directly at home by the construction workers, and the other is to remove the floor and then renovate it by the manufacturer before returning it to the installation. It takes 8-10 days to renovate directly at home. It takes about 10-15 days to remove the floor and get it to the factory for renovation. The first method is more common, but dust and noise pollution are more serious during the construction process. The second method is better for refurbishing, but it is more troublesome and more expensive.

After the three floors are damaged, refurbishment measures can be taken. However, it should also be noted that the surface thickness of these floors needs to be 4 mm, because the floor renovation needs to be polished several times. If the floor surface is too thin, the intermediate layer will be polished and the service life of the floor will be affected.

If the laminate floor is seriously damaged, it is not recommended to renovate, it is best to replace it all. First, because the price of laminate flooring is relatively low, the price of new flooring is not much different from that of renovation; on the other hand, the surface of the laminate floor is the hardest part, and the middle is generally made of high-temperature glue. After renovation, it is polished. It is easy to destroy the surface wear layer, which is more likely to cause the floor to age.

If the floor is damaged, and there is a large area of ​​mildew and deformation, it is not recommended to be refurbished. Because the mildew of the floor will generally penetrate into the interior of the floor, the surface of the polished floor will still have moldy spots; and the deformation and damage of the floor cannot be remedied by grinding. If most of the floor is damaged, moldy and deformed, it is recommended to buy it again.

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To completely renovate the floor of a room Better, basically can achieve the effect of the new floor. And the choice of partial renovation is easy to cause new and old differences between the floors, the longer the use of the floor, the more obvious the difference between old and new.

Floor renovation requires professional use Grinding the machine, it also involves painting and other processes, so it is usually handed over to a special refurbished company. However, the owner still needs to understand the basic method steps of refurbishment to prevent construction workers from burying themselves.

Floor renovation The first step is to use a large floor refurbishing machine to remove the lacquer layer and the surface layer 1-2 mm. Note that the sandpaper of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh thickness is used for three times. The larger the mesh size, the smaller the sandpaper particles. The scratches left by the polishing are less obvious, ensuring that the polished surface is fine and smooth.

After the floor is polished, the putty should be leveled to flatten the floor, and the special transparent primer putty matched with the floor paint is used. Dry on the polished floor.

After scraping the putty Brush the floor or toning the floor. Since the texture of the wood surface is natural, you can’t change the color of the floor. You can only adjust the color of the floor.

After the primer is dry, brush the finish. After drying again, carefully grind with water sandpaper, grind the floor surface to a slightly rough, remove the dust, and brush the second layer of paint.

After the topcoat is dry, use professional waxing equipment, The floor is polished with floor polish.

The basic process steps for the renovation of the old floor have been mentioned earlier, but in order to ensure satisfactory refurbishment, when the floor is refurbished, you need to pay attention to the following problems. /P>

Before the floor is refurbished, all the furniture in the house should be removed. On the one hand, the furniture should not be dusty, and on the other hand, the floor renovation operation is convenient.

The floor renovation needs to be used. Paint, it is recommended to use water-based environmentally friendly paint, and it is a special floor paint. When purchasing floor paint, pay attention to the parameters such as wear resistance of the product, check the inspection certificate to ensure good environmental protection.

When renovating the floor, Generally need to brush the primer once, two times the topcoat. If polished There are also flaws on the surface of the board. It is necessary to brush the primer several times according to the situation.

The texture of solid wood flooring is natural, and the color cannot be changed when renovating, but the color of the floor can be adjusted. During the renovation process, You can add the required pigment to the floor paint and brush it on the floor. However, if the floor itself is darker and you want to lighten it, you need to polish it first, and brush the paint several times to make the light color cover the dark color.

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