Architectural Digest Design Exhibition Latest Lighting Ethereal Appearance

CartwrightOtto LuceThe chandelier is magnificent, without the usual dull atmosphere. Brass fixtures with hand-gilded snowflake glass give a creamy white appearance.

This stylish wall-mounted candlestick comes from Delightfull. It can be used alone or in groups of two or three, it is made of steel.

Atomic wall lampIt looks a bit like a molecule, and each shade will cast interesting light onto the wall. It is inspired by 50 age, suitable for modern home design.

This gorgeous chandelier looks like a brass instrument. Its structure is hand-made brass, covered with a gold surface. This elegant chandelier is perfect for any style of home décor.

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Modern hillside house in California

Jensen ArchitectsDesignedLarkspur Hilltop House occupies4400square feet, located in California. Situated on a hillside, the home boasts views of the San Francisco Bay and can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

The house has A minimalist structure, designerNicole HollisTry to bring a comfortable home.
Chairs, chairs and bright blue ceramic tables surround the pool and terrace.
The dining space has custom sofas, the living room has modular sofas, they are made by Nicole HollisDesigned.

Living room The large coffee table is made from recycled tire tracks.
The master bedroom downstairs has a custom white oak bed that floats in the center of the room and faces a beautiful view.

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Old loft apartment with modern renovation

BatiikStudio puts this small Parisian15Square(161Sq. ft.)attic apartment was transformed into a cool modern space. Before the renovation, the attic had a sloping ceiling that was dark and outdated. Now with the help of custom modular furniture, the interior is highly functional and fully livable.

The partition was removed to open space and the kitchen was moved to one end so that the bathroom could be expanded.
The bed can be pushed out like a drawer or used as a sofa.

When the bed is closed, the kitchen counter can be opened to provide seating for four guests. A partition wall made up of diagonal slats allows light to pass through, giving it a more open feel.

Three windows are reserved to bring more light to the open space.
The oblique opening of the storage door also brings the illusion of more space.

The bathroom is made bigger, a small table is built into the small space next to it. The walls outside the bathroom are painted dark blue, just like a part of a coffee table.

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Malaysian apartment using natural materials

Nu Infinity designed this apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a photographer and frequent travellers, focusing on natural high quality materials such as solid wood, plants and real stones.

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Old house gets a bright extension

The Joyful House on the outskirts of Geelong, Victoria, Australia has designed this brightly coloured extension. The client has a strict budget and high expectations, hoping to expand the house and open the backyard. With the new open living space, the whole family has a large deck to enjoy.

The front facade is completely different from the back.

The large living space has a sloping room that leaves room for the mezzanine above. The weather deck is covered with translucent fiberglass that allows light to pass through the interior.

The interior combines bright yellow and crisp white and light wooden details to create a ventilated contemporary space.

They eliminated the handles on the door so that smaller hands could easily open them.

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Inspired by sand casting

Itai Bar-OnDesignedSkeleton Lighting series, they used the old sand mold casting technology to make a modern version of the work. The luminaire is made of laser-cut sheet metal and once assembled it becomes a three-dimensional item. The appearance of its rough industry is to remind the work to be made by sand casting technology.

Lamps with Edisonlight bulbs, they are 20Replica of bulbs used in the century .
Second SeriesSkeleton is made of wood to reduce the weight of each chandelier.

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2017 New Curtain Light Indoor Vintage style for Wedding Party Festival Decoration

One of the HEIMTEXTIL 2015 Expos

Participation in Frankfurt, GermanyHeimtextil 2015, the leading international family and contract textile fair Shown from 68Countries2759 exhibitors. Covering from wallpaper, towels, bedding fabrics to Surface design. Take a look at some of our favorite exhibits.

3D mode wallpaper, byLars ContzenforASCréationDesign, very psychedelic.

Graham & BrownA series of new wallpapers have been launched, many of which are super easy to paste and remove. Wood pattern printing, this is themSuperfresco EasyPart of the wallpaper. It is easy to peel off and does not require a scraper.

David Fussenegger Design Comfort Nordic Blankets and pillows, with bright colors and warm greys.

Domingos De Sousadesigned fun bath towels and bath mats with neon style.

Frohstoff A wide range of textiles, tea towels, totes and aprons are designed, hand-screened in combination with various animals and other interesting patterns, in black, white or ink.

GrundandKarim RashidLay a batch of bath mats with his signature, colored patterns.

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Great mysterious eyes created by artists

Milan ArtistsStefano PrinaUse his dogLuchino expressive eyes as an inspiration to design handmade works . Using his construction experience as an architect,Prinacreates incredible detail The sculptural eyes, including colorful reptiles, fish, monsters and animals, are named Little Shop of Monsters. Each piece of work shows the complex composition of the iris, including colors, shapes and pigments It adds a very realistic texture to the fine art.

This talented sculptor paints each delicate eye pattern on the base of the wooden shell and wraps his work with smooth acrylic. When PrinaWhen building bridges and architectural models, he became a professional researcher and builder, which helped it to portray real and fictional eyes.

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Luxury accommodation for car renovation

Adventurous travelers can now extend their roaming to bold, redesigned cable cars to transform luxury accommodation. It is suspended in mid-air and is located in the French Alps Courcheval ski resort. But before booking a ticket, you must know that no one can rent it. This gorgeous room is actually a grand prize for the recent competition in the ski resort.

This cable car is suspended at an altitude2700,close toSommet de la SaulireThe top of the mountain. AirbnbThe company transformed it into an amazing one-bedroom twin apartment that can accommodate four guests at a time.
Here, the winner will be carried on the mountain by snowmobiles, enjoying the Savoyard dishes in the car, and watching the scenery from the sky at night and sleeping under the stars.
sounds exciting, isn’t it? 3Month6DayAfter opening, only four winners will be selected.

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A fresh and happy holiday apartment in Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, ​​Spain,TycheThe apartment is a holiday home for an Italian family. ByCaSA Colomboand Serboli ArchitectureCooperatively designed and remodeled, apartment in BarcelonaEixample District.

In order to make the most of natural light, the layout of the apartment was completely transformed into a more reasonable room. The light is filled with the living room, dining room and kitchen.
The original floor was removed and the new floor has a hexagonal pattern, and the interesting contemporary colors are well decorated.

In general, the overall white tones are mixed with soft pink for a relaxed atmosphere. The pink on the floor matches the pink walls of the kitchen and foyer.
Two white bedrooms are equipped with the same pink corridor. At the end of the corridor is the main bathroom. The bathroom is made up of white and bright yellow.

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