Easy chair made of stainless steel and sponge

The home has a wide variety of furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, tables, chairs, desks, bookcases, hangers, dressing tables, etc., and each type of furniture has its own difference. For example, there are chairs, wicker chairs, wooden chairs, stainless steel chairs, woven chairs, etc. There are many categories of materials, and there are more differences in design and style.

There is now an easy chair made of stainless steel and sponge woven. The lower part is a stable, heavy-duty rectangular frame made up of eight stainless steel sticks. At the upper end of the stainless steel stick is a sponge weaving nest like a bird’s nest. People can sit on it or they can sit on it. Lying on it. The overall weight is light and can be easily carried. You can enjoy a wonderful life by sipping a cup of coffee while basking in the sun on the balcony.

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The crest sculpture was exhibited at the London Design Festival

Zahahadid Architects has just launched a strange curve sculpture called “Crest” (Crest) to celebrate the opening of the London Design Festival. Placed on the surface of the courtyard pool, the thin self-supporting surface is made of pre-stressed aluminum. It will remain during the British Capital Festival and will be transported to the architect’s Dubai Hotel, where it will become a permanent part of the space.

The peaks designed by Zaha Hadid, ultra-thin structure, temporary facilities, aluminum installation. Designed as a detachable sculpture, the test involves the assembly of aluminum-plastic panels into pre-stressed panels, which are then lifted into a new construction process that limits the self-supporting structure. It marks the connection between the east and the west. “This is a process that we have never done before. This is an experiment, as thin as possible. This is the thinnest shell structure available. Upon completion of the exhibition, the peak will be transferred to the Burj Khalifa area under construction. There will be 100 rooms, suites with private terraces and branded specialty suites.

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Modern style on the stone church ruins

The multi-faceted glass structure is in contact with a stone church ruin in Spain, filling a large hole created during the demolition process. The church was built by the priest between 1721 and 1729 and began to live in seclusion. Not long ago, in 2000 the roof had sunk and the dome of the temple and church had partially collapsed, and it looked as if the rest of it might collapse at any time.

But brave people will find: still amazing in its spongy arched spacious interior, daylight Through huge holes in the ceiling. That commitment, and its historical value, led the architect to begin to intervene and protect. .
Changed the church’s shocking modern and interior decoration, combining ruin style with new elements, creating contrast and maintaining the church’s past perspective. Now a multi-purpose cultural center and auditorium. The flat cement and wood enhance the quality and interior of the church, in stark contrast to the partially collapsed areas and holes.

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The sustainability and environmental friendliness of the igloo hotel

Does it look like a real winter wonderland? Our current luxury resort has a charming igloo hotel. Located in the small village of the Swiss Alps, it is 1,400 meters high. This sustainable space can accommodate up to 30 guests and bring them luxury and adventure. The igloo sees not only from fairy tales, but also with a wood stove for more comfort and coziness. Each igloo is situated on a wooden platform. The room was very comfortable, with a double bed and bathroom. For every room, enjoy the panoramic view through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are many facilities at the resort, such as ski resorts and ski lifts, restaurants, bars, and spas. But the igloo hotel stands out for its individual décor and traditional furnishings. If you are still looking for your Christmas holiday there, then this will be the right destination.

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The Aga Khan Museum is about to open

At the opening of Toronto, Canada on September 18th, the Aga Khan Museum will showcase a wide range of Muslim culture and technological developments. The building, designed by Japanese architect Wen Yanxi, works with local companies and is considered a temple-like house that houses a diverse collection of artifacts. It seems to be wearing white granite and contains space defined by their lighting conditions. The collection includes works such as portraits, textiles, miniatures, manuscripts, ceramics, ceramic tiles, medical literature, books, musical instruments, dating back to the 10th century.

The Aga Khan Ruins Museum has a large park with many swimming pools and new green spaces. For the city of Toronto. The cultural building is complemented by the nearby Ismaili Center, a new church hall designed by architect Charles · Correa.
The agency’s plans include museum galleries, auditoriums, educational spaces and restaurants. These elements revolve around a central courtyard, both as an outdoor area event, as well as daytime interior design.

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Dubai Mall will begin construction in the first quarter of 2015

About the construction of the Dubai Mall, it is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015. The government-owned Dubai Holding Company, which is also revealed by the parent company Jumeirah Group, is a 48 million-square-foot project that has been in the process of being appointed, starting in the first quarter of 2015 and is expected to take three years to complete.
It launches a timeline of $6.8 billion in projects that include theme parks, the world’s largest shopping mall, 100 hotel and theater districts, and Dubai Commercial Operations Group (DHCOG) communicated in the first half of 2014 financial data of.

Dubai Real Estate Group launched 800 new apartments to enter the market, including the Creekside Cultural Village. It also began to join forces with Dongxun Investment to encourage local people to invest in three- and four-star hotel projects. Speaking of the company’s performance, Dubai Holdings Chairman Mohammed · Gigawi said: “We have the ability to continue to generate profit, highlighting our financial strength and our strategy is focused on the development of important Dubai’s successful economy in the investment field. . We are confident that our financial situation will be further strengthened and once we start building, we will announce the recently announced strategic plan. ”

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Design of a small apartment in Manhattan

Everyone has a different approach to dealing with the lack of space in a small apartment. In this 340-square-foot studio in Manhattan, Killcoyne Architects chose a clean and simple design that looks elegant and timeless.

Although there is only one large room, a series of interrelated areas have different functions. There is a small work area and living space in the corner. The kitchen is at the other end and there is a small bar in the room. The table is separated by a wooden space that hides the sleeping area. What’s really interesting about this apartment is that, although small, it is very organized, feeling that the space is open and welcoming, without the use of extra furniture, all about how the space is organized and how they communicate with each other. Storage is not a problem. Cabinets and shelves surround the room. The work area has its own storage compartment. It is a huge part, and the living room TV wall can also serve as a storage.

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Pleated roof of high speed train station

The French architect Marc Mimram, who has chosen to create a new railway station in Montpellier, will cross the railway line and have a complex pleated roof. A 3,500-square-meter high-speed train station (TGV station) will be established, a French high-speed rail network, between the city center and the airport. This will create a quick link to the nearby city of Nimes, reducing the travel time between the Spanish city and Paris.

According to architects, different lights and shadows will make visitors aware of climate change and the outside season. We want to create a garden station, that delighted travelers, let them engage in a sense of beauty with the surrounding environment. The architect said: “Our design meets different emotions: waiting and leaving, and creating a bright, airy space.
Fiber reinforced concrete beams and elongated steel columns will support the roof. The public hall will be set on the first floor and the passengers will descend to the lower level to board the train. The project will begin early next year and the team will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the station for 15 years.

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Israeli designers create bright homes

A 230s-foot apartment in the northern part of Israel in the 1950s was recently expanded to 330 square feet to accommodate a mother and daughter.

The mother and daughter have some strict requirements for house design —— the design of the house should be bright, the sleeping area of ​​the mother and daughter Separately separated, the design is modern, with retro decoration, and of course the most important point is that you can’t waste a foot space. Israeli interior designer Merav Sade took over the project and created a bright home that maximizes the use of space.

Each room has unique lighting fixtures that look less stressful and dramatic. The modern art details of the image are scattered everywhere in the house, keeping the house fresh and vibrant.

Sade retains the use of textiles in order to make the small spaces look more spacious and open.

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Elegant and fresh chandelier made of metal

For most designers, every product needs to be improved again and again. In the design style, the function, color, etc. of the product may need to be changed. In the same way, the layout of the room also requires continuous improvement.

chandelier” width=”400″ height=”454″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQ screenshot 20141219092830.jpg” />

This is a classic luminaire that combines traditional and contemporary features to create an elegant, fresh and simple metal chandelier. The chandelier is surrounded by a straight metal tube with a hang on each end. The small light bulb, when opened, is like a burning candle at both ends. This chandelier is suitable for use in the bedroom and living room to enhance the style of the room, elegant and simple.

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