Beauticians cater to people’s love of beauty

Beautician, mainly to maintain the face and body of the individual, making the appearance of the person look younger and healthier. Nowadays, especially women are especially beautiful, and in the workplace, it is said that the beauty of women is high, so the demand for beauticians will not be small, and the demand for beauticians in the job market will increase in the next few years. %.
In 2009, the average annual salary of a cosmetologist in the United States was $31,990. The average annual salary for a cosmetologist with a minimum income of 10% is $16,310, and the average annual salary for a minimum of 25% of the population is $20,240. The average annual salary for the next 50% of the population is $28,580, the average annual salary for the highest 25% of the population is $40,380, and the average annual salary for the top 10% of the population is $51,490.
In 2009, the largest department of hiring beauticians in the United States was the beauty service industry, employing a total of 21,740 beauticians, with an average annual salary of $30,920. This was followed by a physician’s office with a total of 2,470 beauticians, with an average annual salary of $38,020. In the third place is the entertainment industry, which employs 1,110 beauticians, with an average annual salary of $37,180.

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European market is expected to eliminate illegal timber

The European Parliament recently announced that it will adopt strict policies to prevent illegally harvested timber from being traded on the European market. This resolution has been welcomed by environmental protection organizations.

According to the parliamentary resolution, all participating companies in the timber trading chain Both need to submit to the EU information on the source of timber traded by their company, which will help prevent the trading of illegal timber and related products. The European market is the main market for timber trade in the world.

World Health Foundation (WWF) Forest Policy Officer Encore Anke Schulmeister said: “Illegal logging is the main cause of the increasing damage to rare tropical rainforests, while illegal logging also reduces valuable resources for local flora and fauna. EU, as the main wood product Manufacturing sites and importing sites play a pivotal role in protecting global forest resources. It is only fair to ask companies to introduce systems that demonstrate the legality of their traded timber in order to respect the environment and the rights of local people. Supplemented by corresponding illegal sanctions.”

From all over the world It is estimated that there are an estimated 13 million hectares of natural forests, mainly concentrated in the tropics, which are lost every year. As the demand for wood and wood products in the European market continues to rise, the urgency of enacting relevant laws is even more pronounced. According to the latest statistics from the United Nations, demand for paper products in Europe is expected to increase by 80% by 2030.

About the development of the wood law, about 5 years in Europe The debate has already begun, and it is finally progressing to a critical juncture. WWF urged the European Commission for Agriculture to support the European Parliament’s resolutions at a meeting in Luxembourg in June to enact strong laws to curb illegal timber trade. If the bill is passed in June, the new measures will be implemented in 2010/2011.

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The rubber revolution is coming again

The United States will discard approximately 3 million tires per year. Although these rubbers have changed from landfills to fuels. However, the potential of waste rubber can be further stretched.
Ecore is the largest customer of scrap tires in North America. Insiders at Lancaster, Pa., disclose that each year’s recycled rubber production is five million pounds for floor, acoustic and industrial products. Despite this, the president still said that he will further change the characteristics of rubber durability, moisture resistance, impact resistance and sound attenuation to the “floor” industry. After four years of research and development, Itstru’s Ecore technology is introduced, which allows the rubber to lie flat and open the vents, allowing the Ecore laminate to contact almost any surface to reclaim the cushion.
In the 1990s, tire-filled landfills pushed GEM CEO Henry to find a way to use recycled rubber. After success, rubber is used as a key ingredient in the roofing product as a stucco additive.
Rubber has always been a long-term topic. Like vulcanized rubber, it is a very stable, beautiful material, it is very soft, at the same time, yet it is tough and flexible, whether it is warm or cold season. The open dihydrocarbon of the vulcanized natural rubber establishes a crosslinked polymer chain at the molecular level, giving the vulcanized rubber a high elasticity. Until recently, vulcanization was still a permanent process. After decades of research, supported by the National Science Foundation and Nike, Isaiyev has found a way to break the cross-linking chemical bonds with high-powered ultrasound to make the rubber back to the flowing material, which can be heavy again. Plastic. Currently, ultrasonic extruders can process 300 pounds of rubber per hour. If you can convince the tire industry, this is a real alternative when dealing with waste rubber. His goal is 1,000 to 5,000 pounds per hour.

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New York Van Allen Institute Design Redesign

The group music has received a nod, from a prestigious judge and the public to design a new home, the Allen Institute, an important New York cultural institution dedicated to promoting the architecture and design of innovative thinking in civic life. . The competition, known as ground/work, attracted 120 entries from 20 countries and led to three finalists, including EFGH (Helley Heber Frank Gesualdi, Spencer LAPP, Eight Ruggiero and Ari Nova ) and possible architecture (Vincent · Appel, Ethan Lem, Jaime Magaliff, Heather Modi, Miller, Paul, Little Franklin & Middot; Romero and Emily with Jay & Middot; Thurton cooperates with Ruopp). The group music proposal was titled Screen Play, but it eventually won a day.

The award-winning design envisions a highly flexible space that utilizes subtle interacting surfaces and screens to enable diverse uses by the Institute Activities are required from multimedia exhibitions and lectures, seminars and private meetings. “The idea of ​​group music provides a vision for both complex and sensitive Van · Allen’s needs, as an evolving cultural organization,” said David Van, the executive director of Van Allen Research. “When we refocus the research and planning of the Institute and explore the city, we are fortunate to have this inspiring design team. ”

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The glass-rich rescue center is now operational

SOHNE and Partner Architects Rescue Center is located in the Kaiser-Eberdorferstra?e and is responsible for the entire 11th district in Vienna. It officially opened in May 2013.

Complex combination of two different functional areas – garage and staff room. Even though they are different areas, both areas contain the roof connection of the entire building.

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Sky City Construction Booth

The construction has not yet started, the most highly publicized construction project, the fear of safety in recent years and the lack of necessary building permits have emerged. A groundbreaking ceremony was held a few days ago in the Sky City project in Changsha, but the report has now surfaced and the necessary legal procedures have not yet been carried out, so construction has been stagnant.

The development project behind it – Yuanda Sustainable Building – China National Publishing "Global Times"; reported that the correct license has not been obtained, so Construction has been “paused” until it is achieved.

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Innovation Institute New initiatives at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh has announced the launch of a new Innovation Institute to promote entrepreneurship, commercialization and economic development at the University.
The University of Pittsburgh announced the launch of a new Innovation Institute to promote entrepreneurship, commercialization and economic development in universities. The new institute will bring together outstanding entrepreneurs in the existing technology management offices, corporate development offices and research institutes.
Mark Pitt is the Vice President of Technology Management and Commercialization and has been appointed as the Interim Director as the Director of the Office of Technical Management and Corporate Development.
“The Office of Technology Management and Corporate Development, the office will continue to work with teachers, staff and new companies to facilitate the commercialization of new technologies and new formations, “Pitt in a statement Say. “The Institute for Excellence in Entrepreneurship will continue to support and educate business leaders in the regional entrepreneur community. It is clear that there is a strong synergy between the groups that work together and we will be able to maximize our impact. “Since 1996, 98 companies have launched innovative launches, and the Institute for Excellence in Entrepreneurship has assisted more than 800 start-up companies in the region since 1993, according to the University.

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a natural house in northern New York

This building is located on a farm in northern New York. The main design concept of the building is to reflect the beauty of nature by limiting the visual boundaries between the interior and exterior. Thanks to the innovative steel structure, the outer shell of the pavilion is glazed and can be opened, allowing us to bathe in natural light. The house is a rectangular, slatted wood core with storage, utilities and bathroom spaces. There are also two double beds in the central part of the building, offering four additional bedrooms for guests to sleep in. In order to minimize the impact of the building on the natural environment, the architects used a variety of sustainable design strategies to make the house almost self-sufficient. These strategies include geothermal heating and cooling, floor radiation, electric shading, photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.
The living area is equipped with minimal furniture in a modern style. In the lounge area, a large and comfortable carpet can make life more warm and beautiful. The fully open kitchen is still perfect and very functional, with the Long Island counter as a dining table and a great place to eat outdoors during the warmer months. The house also makes good use of two rooms, with built-in storage and work space realized by a simple sliding cabinet. The bunk bed provides extra comfort and ample space while taking advantage of the remaining space. The master bedroom is also decorated in a contemporary style with beautiful built-in woodwork and great independent pieces such as armchairs and low tables. The space is completely open, so the owner can enjoy the new life of the Rising Sun and the beautiful morning on the morning of the morning, anytime, anywhere.

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What is the difference between smart home and traditional home appliances?

[Guide] With the improvement of the economic level and the opening of ideas, the sense of science and technology brought by smart homes is infiltrating into life and quickly blending into our lives at an incredible speed. Today we will explain the difference between the legendary smart home and traditional home appliances.

With economic level With the improvement and openness of ideas, the sense of science and technology brought by smart homes is infiltrating into life and quickly blending into our lives at an incredible speed. Today we will explain the difference between the legendary smart home and traditional home appliances.

1, smart and simple, rare “set”
Many people think that they have bought a smart sweeping robot, or smart speakers, smart door locks, etc. Quality of smart life. Then, you are very wrong, smart home and smart items are two different concepts. The smart appliances on the market are just one piece, and there is no connection between them. Still need to go to the home appliances to operate. The Haier Wisdom Family uses the “networkware” such as Xin Kitchen and Magic Mirror as the interactive control center to realize the parallel connection of major scenes and ecological circles. For example, when you are lying on the sofa and don’t want to move and feel a little hot, you don’t have to get up and look for the remote control: “Small and excellent, the air conditioning temperature is set at 24 °C.” “Okay, the temperature has been adjusted for you.”

“Small excellent small, start the sweeping robot.” “Okay, the sweeping robot has been started.” Haier solved the world-class problem that is difficult to connect in the smart home field with a one-stop smart solution, and ended the smart home for the industry. The era of “fragmentation” laid the foundation.

2, not “passive service” but “active service”
Haier’s smart family has driven the industry when most companies still use voice to control home appliances. In the era of 4.0, Xiaoyou Assistant has multi-modal interaction skills such as voice interaction and visual interaction. It can query home appliance control or family information in one sentence, recognize face, identify clothing and identify ingredients. When washing clothes, you only need to put the clothes into the washing machine. Haier smart washing machine can identify the fabric material and brand of the clothing, and provide the best washing program for the user after matching.

Compared with other voice assistants on the market, Haier’s smart home AI assistant is more professional and deeper. Focusing on smart families, we will build a complete smart home system around the use, maintenance, maintenance and derivative services of home appliances.

3, personalized customization, refusal “one size fits all”
Haier pays more attention to personalized customization than the same “smart service”. U+ brain is used as the core to collect and calculate data, automatically analyze the user’s habits of using the net, and provide users with a smart family that creates “thousands of thousands of people”. Haier U+ artificial intelligence solution is open to its eco-partners in hardware, software and ecological services, forming an open ecological platform such as “food network” and “clothing network”, connecting the best quality resources outside to serve users. Through the feedback from the intelligent body fat scale of the bathroom, the Xin Kitchen Refrigerator recommends recipes for you, and healthy ingredients are ordered with one click. “Small and small, I want to eat grilled steak.” The smoke stoves are linked and enjoy the delicious.
In the fierce competition of the smart home era, Haier has gradually become the first brand of smart family ecology based on its continuous changes and innovations for decades. Smart home industry, the future can be expected!


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Splunk and Dell at Black Hat USA 2013

Close-up of Splunk’s great – and mouth-watering – T-shirts, this is the day they gave Both are displayed.

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