How to choose bathroom curtains?

In our bathroom, in order to effectively protect our privacy, many people will install curtains here. At the time of installation, our first consideration is the material, and the factors need to be waterproof. This will help us to use. Below, everyone and the decoration of the small series to understand, what is the use of bathroom curtains? This way, when we are at home, it will also choose the right.

First, what is good for bathroom curtains

1. The curtain material of the bathroom is available. Blinds are the material of a kind of bathroom curtains that people like most. They meet our needs, especially the modern young people’s consumer groups. They also love this kind of simple and elegant decorative building materials. The blinds not only protect the privacy of indoor living, but also The indoor lighting can be adjusted, so there are many young consumers who choose blinds in the bathroom decoration.

2. The curtain material of the bathroom is available. To say our most common curtains, it is necessary to count the fabric curtains, very beautiful. Then, is the bathroom suitable for fabric curtains? In fact, the bathroom can also be used, which is ordinary fabric curtains. It is recommended that you do not choose too thick, and pay attention to the ease of fabric, we need to deal with it immediately.

3, the curtain material of the bathroom is available. There are also plastic curtains, plastic curtain styles are also more, give us the peace of mind to use. With the above patterned, or solid color, these are more suitable for bathroom installation. There are also some other material curtains that can be installed in the bathroom.

4, the curtain material of the bathroom is available. If there is no household opposite your home, you can understand that the use of frosted glass in the window is also a good choice. Although it will block part of the light, it does not affect the basic lighting. If there is a household opposite your home, choose frosted glass. After that, it is best to add a curtain to the bathroom glass, you can also see some blurred figures.

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Bathroom renovation pay attention to these points

The size of the bathroom is not large, but because it is closely related to water, it is easy to get wet, so be sure to pay more attention to the decoration. Bathroom decoration is a very cumbersome project. Most of the owners are amateurs. They lack professional knowledge of decoration. It is even more difficult to decorate. Many details do not know how to handle it correctly.

1, space

   The bathroom is not very large, 5-8 square meters is the ideal size. It is recommended to separate the bathroom or bathroom. 3 square meters is the floor area of ​​the bathroom, and the sink, toilet and bathing equipment can just be arranged. When choosing a sanitary ware for a 3 square meter bathroom, you must consider leaving a certain amount of space for activities. The sink and the toilet should be small. The shower should be placed against the corner of the wall. The shower can use a flat shower or a simple shower. In addition, the bathroom mirror can be used to achieve the visual effect of expanding the small space.

   2, ventilation

   The bathroom is our convenient place, the bathroom is used for bathing, which causes the air to be damp and it is easy to breed bacteria. It is best to choose Mingwei with windows. If it is a dark guard, for the sake of hygiene, it is not moldy, it is not long hair, and there is no tide worm crawling everywhere. In addition to installing a large exhaust fan with high power and good performance, you should also pay attention to avoid “package”, especially in the vicinity of the ground. . Many people like to pack the pipe tightly, or simply make a locker under the sink. As a result, the moisture is not covered in the package, which is unsanitary.

   A properly laid out bathroom should have a dry area and a non-dry area. The non-drying area is not conducive to storage. Even in the dry area, if the toilet paper, towels, bath towels, etc. are placed for a long time, they must be stored in a plastic box with good moisture permeability to avoid moisture, so that they are not used when they are taken out.

3, light

   Mingwei can come in with natural light, all the light comes from the light and the tile itself Reflection.

   Bathroom design bathroom should use soft and not direct lighting; if it is dark and the space is not big enough, the tiles should not be black or deep, should use white or light color To make the bathroom look spacious and bright.


   The water is an important part of the cleaning of the bathroom, pay special attention to the following points:

  (1) The floor drain seal height should be 50mm to prevent the gas in the drain pipe from entering the room.

  (2) The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause blockage.

  (3) If the floor drain is rough, it is easy to catch hair and sludge, causing blockage, and it is particularly prone to bacteria.

  (4) The opening aperture of the floor drain tweezers should be controlled between 6 and 8 mm, so as to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other contaminants from entering the floor drain.

   5, bathtub

   Hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. The size of the bathtub should be appropriate for the size of the bathroom, and the smaller bathroom can choose a small and deep bathtub. Also pay attention to whether the water heater and the bathtub match. The water injected into the bathtub generally needs 65% of hot water (for example, the volume of the bathtub is 300 liters, it takes about 200 liters of hot water). When other people want to take a bath, the bath water needs to be reheated, so the heating capacity of the water heater is very important. . If you can’t meet the requirements, you can either change a small bathtub or change the water heater.

   If there are two bathrooms in the home, and the space of the main guard is big enough, it is recommended that you have a double bath, and the feeling of bathing with the lover is particularly romantic and warm.

   6, toilet

   The most important “element” in the bathroom should be the toilet, its function is directly related to the health condition To the health of the user. In addition to health problems, the concept of “bathroom revolution” is quietly emerging in the society. The so-called bathroom revolution is the health effect of the bathroom. Installing a golden pottery body cleaner for the toilet can not only benefit the anorectal patient, but also the elderly group. Has a strong health care role.

  7, tile

   Tiles are an important part of bathroom waterproofing. It can be said that you can be in the bathroom. There is a lot to do with the paving of the tiles. The bathroom wall shall be covered with ceramic tiles (or glass bricks) that are highly waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew; the floor is preferably made of non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns; when laying the floor tiles, the waterproof layer shall be made under the surface layer, and cement mortar shall be selected. Level the floor and apply waterproof coating; when laying the floor tiles, make a waterproof layer under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the floor and apply waterproof coating; before the paving, do the back coating on the floor tiles to reduce the phenomenon of “water stain”. The area around the waterproof layer that is in contact with the wall should be raised upwards, about 25 to 30 cm above the ground.

   8, plants

   Green plants and smooth tiles are visually perfect, givingThe dull bathroom brings life and fresh air. The bathroom is warm and humid like a greenhouse. The green plants selected are not like water, and they occupy a small area. It is best to occupy a corner only on the window sill, the bathtub or the sink. Dark Guard is more suitable for placing dried flowers. You can buy two jars that you like. Insert the dried flowers into the bottle and drop a few drops of perfume at intervals. The scent can last for more than a week. You can also cut the fresh lemon into pieces, put it in a dish and put it in the bathroom after drying. It can prevent mildew and remove odor. However, you must not place the lemon slices directly on the ceramic surface, leaving the impressions difficult to remove.

   9, decorative painting

   Decorative painting can adjust the atmosphere, reduce the loneliness and depression of people in the bathroom. Put a few pictures or photos of yours on the wall. It is no longer a boring bathroom, but a room that contains your life experience, a place where you can relax and delve. You can ask the workers to reserve hooks during the renovation; the material of the frame should not be afraid of water, aluminum or stainless steel.

  10, the location of the bathroom, the placement of items

   If it is a duplex structure, the bathroom should not be set In the bedroom, living room, kitchen.

   The upper floor of the bathroom design room, if it cannot be changed, its sewers and traps should not be exposed indoors, and should have reliable waterproof, sound insulation and easy maintenance measures.

   It is not advisable to use any type of telephone in the bathtub or shower to avoid electric shock and fire hazard.

   It is not advisable to lay wooden floors.

   It is not advisable to leave underwear and wet bath towels in the bathroom and should be exposed to the sun.

   It is not advisable to store unused sanitary napkins in the bathroom.

   It is not advisable to store a lot of cosmetics.

   It is not advisable to place a washing machine in the bathroom. If there is a special laundry area far from the non-drying area, the washing machine must use a three-way plug, which must have a protective case.
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No handle cabinets, nowadays popular

The place where we make food in the kitchen, but it is also the hardest hit area where the soot is gathered. If the decoration design is not good, it is easy to cause the kitchen to be messy and the smoke is everywhere. Cabinets not only reduce the storage pressure in the kitchen, but also make the kitchen cleaner and more beautiful. Nowadays, a popular no-handle cabinet is simple and practical. Absolutely the gospel of minimalist lovers.
Gray no handle cabinet elegant and delicate gray is synonymous with high-grade, temperament, it is not only suitable for any style of kitchen space, but also durable, versatile, timeless, easy to create a refined The kitchen, the shades of gray with different saturations can also outline the stylish space texture that is visually appealing and gives an unexpected look and feel experience.

White no-handle cabinets are simple and generous, and the new high-purity white is simple and clean. Applying to the kitchen can not only “purify” the vision, but also be very pleasing to the eye, making the whole space look atmospheric.

Blue no handle cabinets can inject a cool, hot summer into the hot summer, how can you get this cool blue, blue cabinets also won the favor of fashion people, because it texture Comfortable and cool, it is a color that makes people calm down. If you don’t want a kitchen that is the same, you can use blue with simple wind wall to create a more personalized and stylish kitchen.

Mixed with no handles, the elegant and multi-tone mix of handleless cabinets, you can also instantly break the monotony of the kitchen, with a variety of smart and elegant, let the cooking space more Shows youthful vitality.
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Ventilation fan installation precautions

When decorating a new house, you will find that there are several rooms with poor gout. You can only let the workers open a vent to install a ventilation fan to ensure that the indoor and outdoor air can be circulated. Although the ventilation fan is very common in everyone’s daily life, many people don’t know much about the installation of the ventilation fan. How to install the ventilation fan? Let’s take a look at how to install the ventilation fan and the four precautions for the installation of the bathroom ventilation fan.
First, how to install the ventilation fan

1, before installing the ventilation fan, we must first check whether the ventilation fan is intact, whether the fixing bolts of each component are loose or dropped, and at the same time See if the impeller and fan blades are damaged or deformed during transportation. Then, when picking out the air outlet, pay attention to the area within three meters of the air outlet. There should not be too many obstacles.

2When installing the ventilating fan, make sure that the installation position of the closing fan is consistent with the level of the foundation plane, and there is no skewing. If necessary, it can be fixed at the corner of the ventilating fan. The motor seasoning bolts used to install the ventilating fan should be placed in an easy-to-operate position, which makes it easy to adjust the tightness of the ventilating fan belt.

3. After the ventilation fan is installed, check the interior of the ventilation fan for any debris or debris left during the installation process, and use the fan blade to see if there is any overfeed or overtightening. In the case of a ventilator or a noise from the motor during operation, stop immediately and check for any problems.

Second, the bathroom ventilation fan installation four major considerations

1, bathroom ventilation fan should be installed near the original tuyere, so that the ventilation fan in the installation process to the pipeline connection .

2. The installation position of the bathroom ventilating fan is preferably around the odor of moisture, which ensures that the ventilating fan discharges the odor in the shortest time.

3, the bathroom ventilating fan can not be installed directly above the shower position, because the ventilating fan will generate airflow during the operation, this airflow will make people feel uncomfortable, and the temperature is low, resulting in The heat loss is relatively large.

4, the installation position of the bathroom ventilation fan should also take into account the lighting, ceiling molding and other aspects to ensure practicality while taking into account the beauty.

Summary of the small series: The above is the relevant content of how to install the ventilation fan and the installation of the bathroom ventilation fan. I believe everyone has already understood the installation of the ventilation fan. The ventilation fan plays an important role in our daily life. Once there is a problem with the installation of the ventilation fan, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our life. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to install the ventilation fan!
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Which of the three exterior paints do you choose?

Water-filled sand, real stone paint, and water-in-water are all exterior wall architectural coatings. Readers may be familiar with real stone paints, but they should be relatively unfamiliar with water-filled sand and water-in-water. Let’s take a look at this with Xiaobian. Three exterior paints, and see which one is better between them?

   Real stone paint is a paint that looks like marble and granite. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors and is applied to the imitation stone effect of the exterior wall of the building. Therefore, it is also called liquid stone. Real stone paint is fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant and pollution resistant. Non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesive, never faded, etc., can effectively prevent the harsh environment from eroding the building and prolong the life of the building. Because the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, it is suitable. Used in cold areas. The real stone lacquered building has a natural and natural color, giving people an elegant, harmonious and solemn aesthetic, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially on curved buildings, it is vivid and realistic, and there is a return to nature.

   Water-in-water colorful paint is a series of water-based environmentally friendly coating systems, also known as liquid stone. It was born to meet the growing market of building exterior paints. Made of high-tech research and development of modified resin and stable pigments, all-water-based, one-time sprayed colorful granite coatings produce more realistic and durable colors, according to the granite samples provided by the designer. It can reach 99% and is the best alternative to virgin granite.

  Sand-sand coating is a popular exterior wall stone paint product that just emerged two years ago. The product is widely used in various high-end projects, and the decorative effect greatly enhances the quality of the project, which is comparable to real stone. Water-sand sand coating is a combination of water-in-water coating and real stone paint. It is mainly used to imitate litchi granite stone products. The water-in-sand coating combines the advantages of both water-in-water coatings and real stone paints. Compared with water-in-oil coatings, water-in-sand coatings have better coating strength and weather resistance; water-sand coatings have higher emulsion content than real stone paints, and their patterns are more abundant and full. The effect of stone is better and more realistic.

   If you do not consider economic conditions, water-sand sand coating should be the best, but if it is subject to economic conditions, real stone paint should be a better value for money. Wall paint. The specific choice of coating for exterior wall decoration can be considered in combination with its own economic conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of the coating.

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Why are molded wooden doors favored by middle-income families?

In recent years, many families have chosen to mold the door when they are renovating, but many people simply don’t understand what a molded door is. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. Let’s take a closer look at the small series below.
   Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors, and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. Since the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than that of the solid wood door, and it is not wet and bumpy.

   Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors, and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain.

  General composite molded wooden doors are delivered with a neutral white primer. Consumers can go home and recolor them on a white neutral primer according to personal preference. Meet the individual needs of consumers.

   Compared to hand-made solid wood doors, molded doors use mechanized production, so the cost is low. At present, the molded wooden doors on the market are mostly in the 220-500 yuan.
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Cabinet renovation, pay more attention to these details

In order to save renovation costs, many families will choose to renovate the cabinets. It seems that the refurbishment of the cabinets is very simple. It is only necessary to disassemble and reinstall them, but it is only really knowing that it is really super-multi-doorway, it is costly to waterproof. Less effort, and a variety of details, most people may be unheard of.

To let more people know about the doorway of cabinet renovation, let’s talk about this topic today.

1. Defining your favorite style

To create a pleasing, enjoyable and showcase living space, you need a systematic overall planning and design. After a clear goal, it is necessary to carry out the follow-up work of the kitchen renovation.

2, large-scale demolition project

Firstly remove the important items such as ceiling, wall and floor, it will involve the hidden works such as the original hydropower and wall surface, so it is demolished The process is particularly important, first remove large items, and finally remove the original kitchen utensils, lamps and so on.

3, cabinet power gauge

In order to avoid the irreparable mistakes in the construction process, custom cabinets and large appliances must be bought in advance! In this way, the construction master has a bottom in mind, and each position is put into the physical measurement to measure the next step. After the bricks are finished in the post, the ruler is further processed to further determine the size of the cabinet.

4、Hydroelectric positioning+waterproofing

The importance of hydropower engineering for kitchen renovation is undoubted. Generally speaking, there is not much water in the kitchen. . Waterproofing is mainly to ensure the position of the sink and the inclination of the ground. The seat part of the cabinet is recommended to be a brick stand of 10 cm, which is most effective in waterproofing. In addition, kitchen appliances are best able to use a socket for an electrical appliance. This requires planning the electrical appliances to be purchased in advance and the reserved sockets.

5. Ceiling, wall and floor tiles

These large-scale projects must be managed by a reliable master, and the quality can be guaranteed. The wall looks very ordinary, in fact, there is a mystery. If the tempered glass wall is used, it not only has high light transmission and refraction properties, but also creates a natural and bright feeling, and is very clean. The wet rag can easily remove the fumes. The degree of heat resistance is also completely unnecessary, and it is very reliable.

6, cabinet, countertop installation

If the cabinet is selected, the value is super high and convenient. The artificial marble countertop with arc-shaped water-blocking strip is designed to prevent the kitchen sewage from dripping onto the ground, which reduces the workload of cleaning the kitchen and eliminates the hidden danger of the cabinet flooding.

It’s very happy to study food in the beautiful kitchen. It’s ok to make your cabinet beautiful. It’s ok to renovate every step of the way. Big projects are not difficult.
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Texture paint, find out

The paint is very common in our daily life, but in recent years it has gradually been replaced by some emerging products, such as texture paint. The texture lacquer is a latex paint that can make a texture effect. The wall made with the texture lacquer has a skin-like feel, delicate and smooth, and the surface is textured and textured with a texture roller to meet the high-grade requirements of the wall decoration. Textured paint is a new generation of latex paint, which is more environmentally friendly, warmer and more decorative than latex paint. Let’s take a look at the introduction of texture paint.

1. What is texture paint?

The texture paint is a kind of latex paint that can make a texture effect. The use of texture paint can make the wall feel like a skin. The texture paint can be generally divided into two types, one is texture type (Q5 for short) and the other is texture type (Q7 for short). The texture paint can be directly applied directly on the surface of the mortar and the surface of the board, and has the characteristics of scratch resistance and no mold.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of texture paint

The advantages of texture paint:

1, water resistance

brush it On the cement, even if the water is soaked for more than one month, there will be no phenomenon of falling off, discoloration, and mildew.

2, elasticity

That is to say, if the wall itself has cracks, it can also effectively cover, and also has the effect of crack resistance.

3, abrasion resistance

far better than wallpaper and paint, and not easy to fall, not easy to leave marks.

4. Compared with wallpaper,

The overall effect is better. In addition, its construction will not leave any seams, and its density is high, so it is difficult to hide. The bacteria are also scratch resistant, flame retardant and economical. (Life can be more than 10 years, can also be repeatedly painted)

5, compared with wall cloth

Environmental protection, convenient construction and time saving.

6, compared with the texture paint

Good clean, fine texture, and affinity.

Disadvantages of texture paint:

1, it is easy to be scratched, and due to its uneven texture, when the wall is attached with dust and oil, it is very troublesome to clean.
2, texture paint has high requirements on air humidity, when the indoor air humidity is too large, it is prone to cracking.

Third, the price of texture paint – how much is a square of texture paint

Because it is a kind of decorative material that has just become popular recently, and it has the unmatched quality of other materials. Advantage, so the price will inevitably be higher. Different processes have different price points, and the consumption level of each place also affects the final price. In medium-sized cities, generally 150-240 yuan per square meter, first-tier cities or county-level cities will have about three levels of price fluctuations.

4, texture paint construction process

1, grassroots treatment

The first thing we want the most should be the first to be painted The wall is maintained for some time before it can begin to be treated. Before scraping the putty, thoroughly remove the loose, peeling, empty, powdered base layer, then remove dust, oil and other contaminants, and use the external wall putty to repair the wall. The first time to do local leveling, fill the large holes and gaps, after drying, the local grinding, and then putty putty to make the base layer flat, after drying, grinding to make the base layer flat. The texture paint itself is in a concave-convex state, so the flatness requirement is relatively low, which can reduce the number of grinding. After the base layer is processed, it also needs to be cured for 14 days. After the PH value is less than 10 and the water content is less than 10%, the next step can be carried out.

2, brushing and sealing primer

After the curing time and other standards are met, we can apply primer on the base surface, often without additional thinner. However, it is necessary to ensure that there is no floating dust on the wall surface, so as to ensure that the sealing primer is not polluted, without any debris, and the construction method of the roller coating is usually selected, which is convenient and quick.

3, painting texture paint

After the primer is dried, the key texture paint can be applied, often by scraping or spraying. The former uses an iron trowel to evenly coat the paint onto the wall, scratching it back and forth, scraping out various shapes, or using special construction tools to create different shapes. The latter is carried out according to the requirements of construction modeling. Attention should be paid to controlling viscosity, air pressure, nozzle size, distance, etc. In addition, construction should be stopped in case of windy weather.

4, spray varnish

Finally, it is necessary to spray a layer of dust-proof topcoat on the surface, which is also a protective layer, can also improve the decorative effect, pay attention to the spray Uniform, no leakage and sag.

About the knowledge about texture lacquer is introduced here, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the texture paint. In short, the effect of texture paint is not a concept with other paints. The effect of texture paint is delicate and has a skin-like feel. It is unmatched by all liquid or split materials on the market. The market prospect of texture paint is very broad.
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Hydraulic pump failure reason elimination method

The hydraulic pump is a power component of the hydraulic system, and is driven by an engine or an electric motor to suck oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form a component that is discharged to the actuator. The hydraulic pump is divided into a gear pump, a plunger pump, a vane pump and a screw pump according to the structure.
Cause of failure: (1) The oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is too low;

Remedy: Add hydraulic oil

Probable cause: (2) Hydraulic oil is not used according to season;

Remedy: Generally, 46# hydraulic oil (or 68#) is not required to be replaced, and 32 is considered for cold in the north in winter. #

Cause of failure: (3) The oil inlet pipe is severely blocked by dirt;

Remove method: remove foreign matter in the pipe

Cause of failure: (4) Oil pump drive gear oil seal is damaged, air enters hydraulic system;

Remove: Replace worn or damaged oil seal, O-ring seal圈

Cause of failure: (5) Oil pump inlet and outlet joints or bent joint ‘O’-shaped seals are damaged, bent joint fastening bolts or inlet and outlet hose nuts are not on Tight, air enters the hydraulic system;

Remove: Replace the O-ring and tighten the bolt or nut at the joint

(6) Oil pump internal leakage, sealing ring aging;

Remove method: replace the sealing ring

Fault reason: (7) The end face of the oil pump or the end faces of the main and driven gear bushings are worn or scratched, and the unevenness of the end faces of the two bushings is out of tolerance;

Remove method: replace the worn gear oil pump Or the oil pump bushing, when the wear is slight, the end face is flattened on the flat plate. The unevenness of the unevenness is 0.03Mm; the end face of the upper bushing is lower than the pump body, and the upper plane (normal value is lower than 2.5~2.6mm). If the difference is too large, the lower bushing should be added with 0.1~0.2mm copper piece to compensate. Then, the sleeve should be loaded on the rear bushing

cause of the fault: (8) internal leakage caused by incorrect assembly of the internal parts of the oil pump;

Remove method : The unloading plate and the sealing ring must be installed in the oil chamber, and the two bushings can be balanced. The guiding wire tension should be able to twist the upper and lower bushings at a slight angle to the direction of rotation of the driven gear, so that the machining planes of the two bushings of the main and driven gears are closely fitted; the unloading groove on the bushing must be equipped with a low pressure cavity. Side to eliminate the harmful dead volume when the gear is meshed; before pressing the self-tightening oil seal, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the surface, and also pay attention to the oil-resistant edge toward the front cover, not reversed; before installing the pump cover, Pour a small amount of hydraulic oil into the pump casing and turn the meshing gear by hand

cause of the fault: (9) ‘left-handed’ loaded with ‘right-handed’ oil pump, causing damage to the skeleton oil seal; Br />

Exclusion method: ‘Right-rotary’ pump can not be installed on the left-handed machine, otherwise it will damage the skeleton oil seal;

Probable cause: (10 ) The hydraulic oil is dirty.

Remedy: Clean the system and replace the hydraulic oil.

Cause of failure: (11) The filter of the pump is blocked by dirt and cannot act as a filter oil

Remove method: clean with clean The oil removes dirt from the filter.

Cause of failure: (12) Insufficient oil level, oil absorption position is too high, oil suction pipe is exposed to oil surface:

Remedy: Refueling to The oil standard position reduces the oil absorption position.

Cause of failure: (13) There is no paper pad on both sides of the pump body and the pump cover; the pump body and the pump cover are not vertically sealed:

<br 〉Remove method: Inhale air during rotation: add paper pad between the pump body and the pump cover; the pump body is grinded on the plate with diamond, so There must be no leakage in the connection.

Cause of failure: (14) The drive shaft of the pump is not concentric with the motor coupling, there is twisting friction:

Remedy: Adjustment The concentricity of the pump and the motor coupling is such that the error does not exceed 0.2 mm.

Cause of failure: (15) The meshing accuracy of the pump gear is not enough:

Remove method: The gear of the grinding gear reaches the gear meshing accuracy.

Cause of failure: (16) The oil seal skeleton of the pump shaft is detached, and the pump body is not sealed:

Remove method: Replace the qualified pump shaft oil seal .
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Give your kitchen a blinds.

The family kitchen has always been the key to home improvement. A beautiful kitchen can usually bring a good mood to the chef. Want to make your kitchen the same as a good mood, every day is full of sunshine? Today, Xiaobian will bring you five kitchen blinds with a rendering of the effect map to help you create a bright kitchen cooking space!
The kitchen space is generally small, and it is also the place where the smell of oil smoke often gathers, so the choice of kitchen curtains must be well ventilated. May wish to refer to the kitchen blinds decoration in the picture below, not only practical but also has a very good decorative effect. I can cook while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside, and with the breeze, I can’t help but pick up a minor tune.

The kitchen blinds decoration renderings, the kitchen as a whole gives you a sense of simplicity and generosity. The kitchen appliances are embedded, and the storage of the cabinets and cabinets is powerful, which greatly expands the space of the kitchen. Manual blinds are not only easy to install, but also easy to remove and wash. They are one of the best home accessories in modern home kitchens.

Electric kitchen blinds are more convenient to decorate, with just one button, the sun and the scenery will be in sight. Look at the above-mentioned kitchen blinds decoration renderings, set up a small bar by the window, you can sit on the window in the afternoon after the weekend, pull the curtains and enjoy the lazy time.

Look at this kitchen blinds decoration renderings, the overall kitchen decoration in beige tones, with a bamboo wood blinds, bright and warm, this kitchen decoration will evoke your soft heart. Worried that the washing area is wet, place it on the window, keep it moisture-proof and keep the whole kitchen clean.

The kitchen blinds decoration method is the most common way of home life. The blinds are installed in the kitchen to retain a part of the light-transparent gap, creating a beautiful beauty. Look at the picture of the kitchen blinds decoration effect picture, which not only ensures the light of the kitchen, but also blocks the outside sight.
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