Customized home rivers and lakes

Customized homes and rivers, waves, some people say that it entered the second half, and some people said that it has not yet.

  What do you think about the second half of the whole house customization?

  According to our understanding, this whole house customization industry has entered the second half this year, so in the next three to five years, how likely is this industry to develop? How big is the market space? How much?

   You can look at a data first. It is reported that by 2020, the entire house customization market will have a capacity of 500 billion yuan. Undoubtedly, this is a huge wealth gold mine. We are waiting to dig together. Another set of data is that the market penetration rate of the whole house customization is about 20%, the market penetration rate of the wardrobe is about 30%, and the market penetration rate of the cabinet is about 60%. What does this mean? That is to say, the current market penetration rate of the whole house customization is 20%, and in the next 3 to 5 years, we still have an 80% chance. The development space is worth looking forward to, and the market prospect is worth exploring.

   Below, I will focus on the second half of the whole house customization industry. What do we compete for? What do you fight? I summed it up, about six points.

  first, price;

  second, capacity;

  third, design;

  fourth, space;

   fifth, capital;

   sixth, informationization.

   I will give you a simple sharing of these six points and talk about my views. Next, engage in an interaction with your friends.

  1.Price Competition

   Since 315 this year, Weiyi has customized the “518 Package” and has achieved A big market response. In the past two years, Europa has been pushing 19,800 packages, and the Sophia 799 package has been launched for a longer period of time. It is not difficult to find that this year, the whole house customization industry has a prominent feature, that is, package marketing, I call it “price war”, but my friends, including Lin, Ou, Sophia friends, they are not Admit that this is a price war, but as far as I understand it is a price war.

  Why do you say this? Because the whole house customization has developed to this year, the competition situation of the whole industry has undergone fundamental changes, including companies such as Weiyi, Sofia, and Europe. Every effort is made to expand its market share and grab a bigger market cake, trying to make its brand bigger and stronger. Well, I think that in order to achieve this strategic goal, the first big idea of ​​the three giants in the whole house is the price war.

   Price war is one of the most important tools for the whole house custom enterprise to compete for the market. I have not elaborated on the specific situation of the price war here. Because all of our friends are concerned about the customization of the whole, and care about the whole house customization, in the market terminal, as well as in the advertising and promotion strategies of related companies, we can see this information somewhat, not at all. Feeling strange, this is some of the price wars.

  2.Capacity Competition

  In terms of whole house customization, production is very important because production determines sales The back end determines the front end. When I was communicating with General Lin, I learned that CCTV is broadcasting the “World Manufacturing Conference”, a deep news report, and Weiyi Customization is the representative of Foshan and even China’s new manufacturing industry and new industry 4.0. First, it has received extensive attention from CCTV, and behind this is the issue of manufacturing and production capacity.

   On the production level, major home furnishing companies have carried out a comprehensive production layout in the southeast and northwest of the country. For example, the Weishang Group has expanded its overall production capacity since its listing last year. Foshan is the South China manufacturing center of Weishang Group. I believe many of you have seen its Industrial 4.0 smart factory. In addition, in addition to Foshan, which is centered on Foshan, it has carried out a large-scale industrial layout in Wuxi in East China and Chengdu in the southwest.

  Similarly, Ou Pai is the leader of the whole house customization. Its overall production capacity is also distributed around the southeast and northwest. The South China region is centered on Guangzhou, and the East China region is the same as the Weishang. In Wuxi, the southwestern region is located in Chengdu, while in the north there is also its Tianjin production base. Others, like Sophia, also carried out a relatively complete industrial layout in the southeast and northwest. This is a case of capacity competition. For the whole house customization industry, production determines sales, and the back end determines the front end. Capacity is a basis for competition in the whole house customization industry.

  3.Design Competition

  Design, I call it the soul of a custom home. Why? Because the furniture is on the surface, they are all the combination of sheet metal and hardware, which leads to the homogenization of the whole house custom product, which means that your product and my product are not very different. The design can change the material level of this simple sheet metal plus hardware.

  Design, is the designerFor the way of life, an understanding of the infinite space, and then empower it to the product itself. Only the uniqueness of the design can differentiate the whole house custom products and make it a powerful factor in the competition.

   This year, Weiyi Customs has been promoting a very important concept – good design. In this respect, I learned from the communication with Mr. Lin some time ago that the entire design concept and design team of Weixin Customization, including the product design of the B-end and the space design of the C-end to meet the needs of the whole house of the consumer, is a strategy. Sexual layout is an ultimate competitive means of the whole house customization industry. Because I have just mentioned that in essence, furniture is made of plates and hardware, and there is not much difference between them, which leads to serious product homogeneity. Only the design can give unique innovation to the whole house custom products, that is, difference. This difference is precisely the pursuit of beauty by consumers, the pursuit of comfort, the pursuit of all good things, this intangible factor is the most fundamental custom competition.

  4.Space Competition

   Whole House Customization, fundamentally, it is a total space solution Provider, not a pure product provider.

   At present, the whole house custom giants such as Weiyi Customs, Sofia, Europa, etc. have already embarked on multi-category sales from single product sales, from multiple space providers to multiple The development of space solution solvers, therefore, space competition has become an important competition point for the whole house customization.

   As we all know, in general, the whole house custom enterprise will provide home solutions with six spaces, eight spaces, nine spaces or even more than ten spaces, but in the custom, Its promotion focuses on lifestyle. The lifestyle I understand is a combination of space and time. Weiyi’s customized product line is based on the time period of life and creates a suitable lifestyle, such as single nobles, two worlds, and successful careers. It is based on people’s life cycle and development. a product line.

   Now, the expansion of space has moved from a simple custom home to the field of consolidation. What is the concept of self-assembly? In addition to the treatment of the home space, the decoration of the sky, the ground, the wall, etc., all we see in the exhibition hall, will be included in the overall space solution. For a whole-house custom enterprise, whether its space solution capability can meet the needs of consumers’ homes largely determines whether its comprehensive competitiveness is at the forefront of the industry.

  5.Capital Competition

  Capital is the blood of the whole house custom enterprise.

   Capital competition phenomenon, which was particularly obvious last year. In just one year, there were six full-house custom-made companies successfully listed, but only two before, one is Sofia and the other is Good Lai Ke. So far, there are eight companies listed on the main board, including the Weishang Group.

   As for the current development of the industry, I have such a metaphor. The whole house has two wings, one is capital, and the other is informationization that I will talk about below.

   The involvement of capital has pushed the whole house customization industry to its peak. Since the listing last year, Ou Pai, Wei Shang, Gold Medal, etc., all the whole-house custom-made enterprises in the first line have resorted to the capital listing, and have made a series of aspects in capacity expansion, information construction and brand promotion. Big move. After the custom-made listing, the strategy of channel expansion and brand promotion is obvious, and the overwhelming and overwhelming brand promotion depends on the preference of the capital market for the whole house customization. The power of capital is very large, which has promoted the rapid development of this industry and promoted the rapid development of Weishang Group.

  6.Informationization Competition

  Informationization is a lifeblood of the whole house customization.

   Many friends are discussing a question, that is to say, the whole house customization industry is a traditional industry or a high-tech industry. I believe that the whole house customization industry is a high-tech industry based on traditional industries.

   Why do you say this? Because everyone’s general understanding is that in the home building materials industry, no matter which category you are doing, it is fundamentally traditional manufacturing. But why do I say that the whole house customization is an emerging industry with high-tech attributes? Because most of the world’s advanced things, high-tech things, they are related to the whole house custom industry, such as industry 4.0, information, intelligent, Internet access, these aspects are closely related to the whole house customization.

  If we use the custom-made customization as a case, you will find that Weishang Group is born in Yuanfang Software, and Yuanfang Software is the software and informationization of the whole home industry. A legend, this is related to the Weishang Group. In addition, Weishang Group’s new home network, it is a legend of the entire Chinese home building materials industry in O2O, this is a layout on the Internet. Regardless of the Weishang Group, or Sofia, Europe, the brand is currently in the first echelon of the whole house customization industry, they are the first in the information, Internet, and intelligent aspects of the enterprise.

   I mentioned earlier that CCTV has an important report on world manufacturing, and Weiyi Customs plays a benchmarking role, a company based on Industry 4.0. Model. And in each otherIn terms of networking, is also a model for the entire Chinese home building industry. In the end, informationization is a lifeblood, a means of the entire whole house customization industry. This is why the whole house customization industry is favored by capital. Because of its high-tech nature, it brings infinite possibilities and imagination, and capital is precisely an industry that pursues infinite possibilities and imagination.

   This time, I will simply share these six aspects. What is the second half of the whole house customization? It is about to compete and compete around these six dimensions. Whether it is Europa, Weishang, Sophia, Hao Laike, etc., there will be a comprehensive and profound focus on these six dimensions. Positive competition.


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What factors have prompted the rise of the smart home sector?

Some time ago, the super mainline science and technology concept stocks turned out, not only stimulated the enthusiasm of market participants, but also led many related varieties with high stock price elasticity and high growth expectations to gradually enter the main rising wave, including A smart home sector with broad industrial prospects. In the recent gradual increase in market capitalization, the short-term trend in the smart home sector is expected to enter the outbreak cycle.
   Consumption upgrades cause industrial application to speed up

   Although the concept of smart home has already appeared, it has been a matter of recent years. On the one hand, the popularity of 4G networks and Wi-Fi home wireless networks, on the other hand, the price reduction of smart hardware products, especially thanks to the advancement of manufacturers with Internet genes like Xiaomi, which makes related intelligence The price of household products is more close to the people. For example, Xiaomi smart lamps have only dropped below 100 yuan, and millet rice cookers have fallen below 1,000 yuan. These people’s prices have promoted the application of smart home products.

  In recent years, with the advent of the era of full renovation, real estate developers need to sell their homes faster and at a higher price in order to accelerate turnover and gain higher profitability. The need for commercial housing has a stronger competitive highlight, and smart homes can undoubtedly quickly enhance the competitive advantage of fully renovated homes.

   Therefore, real estate developers have great motivation to use the smart home system as a full decoration standard, so it will vigorously promote the rapid development of the smart home market, smart locks, smart cameras, smart homes The control system will basically become the standard for future fully furnished homes.

   In addition to the real estate developers have the power to promote, the advancement of technology is also triggering the acceleration of smart homes, the popularity of the 5G industry in the future, it is likely to bring the era of Internet of Everything. If 4G changes life, then 5G is expected to change society. The efficient interconnection of the Internet of Things will greatly enhance the application needs of smart homes. For example, the recent popular homestays and rental apartments can achieve online booking and online check-out through the current first-level Internet of Things. If you enter the 5G era, the application of the Internet of Things will go further, and the demand for smart homes will be even stronger.

  Two factors spurring the rise of the smart home sector

   In the stock market, whether a sector can become the focus of new funding is needed Two factors are combined: First, the industry level, including industrial growth prospects and industrial policies, which is the logic of mainstream capital allocation or the excuse to raise stock prices. The second is the market environment. Only when the market is active, funds will swarm, and the highly flexible and high-growth sectors will have a relatively stronger trend. The reason why the science and technology concept stocks since last week have become active in the recent super main line is to fit the above two elements.

   As far as the characteristics of the smart home sector are concerned, it is expected to become the focus of A-share new funds: on the one hand, the smart home industry development trend is optimistic, and it is 5G The main line of investment, such as the Internet of Things, is a marriage, with many subject matter, and it is easy to be concerned by incremental funds. On the other hand, the demonstration effect of making money by the science and technology concept stocks allows the incremental funds to feel the atmosphere of the A-share strong market, thus stimulating them to find new varieties with broad industrial space, high performance and high stock price. The smart home sector has exactly this feature. Therefore, from the perspective of capital game, the smart home sector is expected to become the main line of follow-up A-share investment.

  focus on both ends of the industry

   It is hopeful that it will become the main line of investment, market participants can actively focus on the opportunities at both ends: one end It is the upstream component end of the electronic intelligent control system. The electronic intelligent controller is one of the interfaces between the mobile control terminal and the smart home terminal. It is built into the instrument, equipment or system as the core and key components, and acts as the “brain” of the smart home.

   It is often the most critical component in various end products, with complex technology, many components, advanced manufacturing processes, and high impact on overall machine performance. Its advanced nature and reliability often become the hallmark of the technical level of the terminal products and the quality level, which has a great influence on the brand image of the terminal products. Therefore, the products of Topang, Hetai, Zhongying Electronics, etc., which are engaged in electronic intelligent control systems, are worthy of attention. High-emergence varieties such as IoT equipment business can also be tracked.

   The other end is a smart home brand. At present, the most well-known comprehensive smart home manufacturer is Xiaomi, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The stocks related to the A-share listing are mainly the leading varieties in various sub-sectors, such as Cobos in the field of sweeping robots.

   Relevant information shows that at present, the household cleaning robot represented by the Sweeping Robot is extremely low in China, and is in the stage of product introduction, and the convenience and cleanness brought by such products The quality of life has improved greatly. Under the trend of consumption upgrading and technological progress, Cobos, the leading company in the household cleaning robot industry, has formed certain barriers in technology, channels and brands, and will fully enjoy the dividends brought by the industry outbreak. In addition, stocks such as good wife and Gujia home can also be tracked.
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Kitchen sliding door glass to be transparent vs matte

Is the kitchen sliding door glass transparent or frosted?
   Is the kitchen sliding door glass transparent or frosted better? We all know that the kitchen glass sliding door has a transparent glass and frosted glass, but which one of the two glasses is better for kitchen sliding doors? Transparent glass is well lit, frosted glass makes the space more private, but both have their own shortcomings, so Xiaobian today tells everyone whether the kitchen sliding glass is transparent or frosted.

  Kitchen transparent glass sliding door

  The advantage of transparent glass sliding door is that the light transmission is good, the glass surface is easier to clean and will not break The overall decor of the kitchen and other places. Nowadays, the house is mostly small, the house space is relatively small, the kitchen space is more narrow, and the transparent glass door in the kitchen will make the home space appear bigger, it will not make people feel depressed and occluded, and the transparent glass will be cooked. I can see the situation of the restaurant and can communicate with my family very well.

  But with the transparent glass sliding door, the kitchen should always be kept clean and tidy, otherwise the dirty kitchen will be unobstructed, it looks very bad, and the transparent glass is very dirty, above A little dirty things will be seen and need to be wiped clean.

  Kitchen frosted glass sliding door

   frosted glass sliding door is now generally double-layered, with two frosted layers inside, outside It is flat, which helps to clean the daily routine. The frosted glass allows the kitchen to form a relatively independent space, which can effectively protect the privacy of the kitchen. Even if the kitchen is not dirty in time, it can be blocked with a frosted glass door. To avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

  But the frosted glass sliding door has poor light transmission. If the kitchen is poorly lit, then the use of frosted glass will make the overall environment look darker. For the kitchen, this environment, It is easy to make people feel too depressed.

   According to the above content, Xiaobian suggested that the kitchen sliding door is best to use transparent glass, so the house lighting is better and better, although it is easy to get dirty, but let us raise Good hygiene practices, regular cleansing, keeping the kitchen clean and healthy, is more conducive to the health and safety of family members.
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Maintenance method of solid wood flooring

We all know that there are many kinds of flooring, such as solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, new three-layer flooring, laminate flooring, etc. No matter what, the maintenance of wooden flooring is something that every owner cares about. How do you maintain the floor during this fall or winter season?

Wood floor maintenance method

Solid wood floor should avoid sun exposure in autumn, so as to avoid long-term UV paint on the surface. Premature aging and cracking under irradiation.

Maintenance details: If the surface of the solid wood floor is inadvertently stained, it should be removed in time. If there is oil, use a rag, warm water and a small amount of washing powder to scrub. If it is a drug or pigment, it must be in the smudge. Remove the surface of the solid wood flooring before it penetrates.

Tips: Some heavier objects with a sharper bottom are not allowed to be placed directly on the surface of the wooden floor to avoid scratching and damaging the surface of the wooden floor, resulting in a shortened life of the wooden floor. When placing heavy objects, try to set them aside as this will allow the other side to move freely without causing the floor to arch. It is also necessary to lay the pad for protection.

Maintenance method of solid wood composite floor

The humidity in the room is kept proper, the floor should be kept dry, and the mop should be wrung out for daily cleaning. Stubborn stains are scrubbed with a neutral detergent and then wiped dry with a mop. Oil stains, paints, inks, etc. can be wiped with a special stain-free oil. Do not use acid-alkaline organic solvents such as soap or gasoline. This is very important to pay attention to in the maintenance of parquet! The house should be cleaned regularly and cleaned to prevent the accumulation of sand or abrasive dust from scratching the floor. When moving the furniture, it should be lifted and moved gently, and it cannot be pushed and pulled directly. The floor should not be soaked for a long time. If the floor is stagnant, use a dry cloth to dry it in time to let it dry naturally. It should not be exposed to the sun or dried with electric appliances.

Tips: After staying, if there are metal sharps, glass, magnetic sheets or other hard objects in the house, keep them safe, do not scratch the floor; open fire, high-power electric heater, acid Alkaline items are not allowed to come into direct contact with the floor. This kind of maintenance can make our parquet more durable.

Strengthen the floor maintenance method

All wooden floors change the moisture content with the increase or decrease of the humidity of the environment or the temperature change, which affects the expansion and contraction of the wooden floor. Therefore, it should maintain the reasonable moisture content of the wooden floor just like skin protection. Maintenance details: Laminate flooring does not need to be waxed and painted, and should not be polished with sandpaper. It is also recommended to place a mattress at the door to prevent dust particles from being damaged and to damage the laminate flooring.

Tips: The use and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple. As long as you pay attention to the above mentioned in daily use, you can ensure its normal use. In fact, as long as the floor is used reasonably and regularly, the life is still very long. If you have the conditions, it will be more shiny when you hit the wax once in a while.
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How to design the bathroom moisture?

The bathroom, which is the most demanding room for decoration, is very torturous when it is laid out. However, the high requirements for the bathroom cannot be lowered because of its high difficulty. If the details are not good, it will cause a lot of trouble for our future life. For example, bathing water is flying everywhere, bathing and draining is very troublesome. If you want to avoid these troubles, then from the five directions when we are renovating, think about the decoration design, maybe it will make the bathroom very desirable.

First of all, we first check the layout of the bathroom, the bathroom area is often small, and we should pay attention to the location of the toilet, bathtub, sink and so on. Be sure to pay attention to dry and wet separation, separate the place to wash the face from the toilet, and try to separate it with glass or wall, otherwise it will cause water to splash elsewhere. Dry and wet separation is also required in the bathing place. If there is no way to make a separate space in the bathing place, remember to set the curtain or curtain. If it is a shower room, then pay attention to the choice of glass, try to have some privacy. The most important point of the wet and dry separation is to separate the water from the outside of the bathroom. That is to say, whether it is the doorway between the shower glass or the doorway of the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to setting a certain height threshold to prevent the water from flowing out. Otherwise, once we have showered, we may see water on the floor of the entire bathroom or even the entire house.

Second, we have to start from the material of the bathroom. For reasons of moisture, it is necessary to minimize the use of wood products, or cotton and linen products. Mostly ceramic or anti-corrosive materials. Also, be aware that the walls of the bathroom must be covered with tiles, rather than the ones in the past, the upper part is the wall and the lower part is the tile. It is likely to cause the wall to become damp and bulge. Tiles should be made of anti-slip bricks as much as possible, and the wall should be painted with waterproof material at least 750px from the ground to prevent water from saturating the wall.

Third, from the direction of moisture and ventilation of the toilet, especially the problem of ventilation, if the toilet tastes bigger, it must be because there is no exhaust window installed, the humidity is long, the wall The gap is likely to cause insects. There is no need to worry about the type of windows, open the window; if there is no window, you need some auxiliary tools, such as exhaust fans or multi-function Yuba, etc., are good ventilation appliances.

The fourth point, we should pay attention to the height of the sanitary ware in the bathroom, whether it is the height of the toilet or the height of the tub, or the height of the sink, it is more appropriate. For example, the height of the sink is generally between one meter and one meter. If it is a shower, the height should be as high as one meter or eight. The height of the mirror needs to be judged according to the length. If it is a half-length mirror, try to be 2250px or more from the ground. If the mirror is used, the upper part should be measured from top to bottom, and the top position should be more than two meters from the roof. Sometimes it may be necessary to install the switch socket in the bathroom. Remember to design a moisture-proof cover, otherwise there will be moisture entering, which may cause hidden dangers.

The last point is considered from its color. Many people will use white all, which is actually not good, because the pure white environment will make us feel very uncomfortable. Now that the tiles are more colorful, we can choose blue, brown, pink, and other colors. In general, try to choose a light and fresh color, such as gray or blue, the brighter color is not suitable for the bathroom.

When we are decorating the bathroom, considering these five points, we can generally take into account all the possible problems in our bathroom, and get a better living environment.
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What kind of tiles do you use for bricks on exterior walls?

Polished tiles

Polished tiles are a kind of brighter bricks that have been machined and polished.
It is also equivalent to a kind of external wall brick, but the surface is more polished.
Polished tiles are also hard and wear resistant and widely used.
This kind of exterior wall brick can be used in most rooms such as balcony and living room, and the decorative effect can reach the effect of imitation stone and imitation wood.

Polished tiles

The vitrified tiles have been polished and the surface is bright but not polished.
This kind of exterior wall brick conforms to the consumer’s pursuit of beauty, gives the visual experience of the large space, and shows the honor of identity.
The surface of the vitrified brick is smooth and clean, and the decorative effect is good, and the outer wall brick is easy to clean and maintain. There are many advantages that make people think of this kind of exterior wall brick as “the first floor tile.”

Open brick

Open brick production process needs to be split into two pieces, hence the name open brick.
This exterior wall brick production process is more complicated.
It is necessary to use ceramic materials to make aqueous wet mud, which is then produced by professional techniques.
Open bricks are divided into flat bricks and brushed bricks, which are determined by the smoothness of the outer wall brick surface, and the use is different.

How to match the color of the exterior wall tile

1, the exterior wall brick, not only the color, the outer wall is hot and rain, but also consider the strength and stain resistance. I recommend you use midtones.
Warm color is not resistant to dirt, giving a feeling of impetuousness. It is easy to feel old when the cold color is dirty.

2, the size of the outer wall brick is small, the mixing is unrealistic, it takes time and effort, as far as possible to represent the level by the line, the two colors in the color can not jump too much, the house looks like a whole overall good .
It is recommended to choose some natural stone color, which is naturally chic.
Try not to be a very pure color of red and white.

3, different space, tile paving style different living room floor tiles, heavy-duty wall tiles, style, modern living room, more and more attention to the simplicity, atmosphere or special style of construction, tiles in this process is a large area use.
From the ground to the wall decoration, the figure of the tiles is everywhere.

4, dark gray with light gray Zhuang is very resistant to dirt.
beige with pink warmth.
Sky blue with white clean and simple, sea blue with silver and white, red with black, golden luxury.
Orange and black are neat and eye-catching.
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Bathroom decoration pay attention to this small detail, can prevent skunk

  The bathroom is small, but the details to be noticed during the renovation are quite a lot, and they are all very important. It may affect the daily use. Today, I will tell you about the floor drain problem of the bathroom during renovation, which is related to the deodorization of the bathroom.

  How to choose the floor drain during renovation?

   floor drain material: long drain and soak in water, it is best to choose copper floor drain, will not rust.

   floor drain style: the most fear of the floor drain sewer is the odor backflow problem, so you must choose the deodorant floor drain, and the long strip drain will drain faster.

   Floor drain location: There must be a slope in the decoration floor, and the drainage will be smooth.

 Installation method for draining drainage

 &emsp ; 1, cross paste paste

   align the four corners of the floor drain with the edge of the tile, the floor drain is in four The center of the crosshair of the floor tile, this method is suitable for square floor drains.

  2, misplaced paving

  if floor tiles in the balcony or bathroom It is a misplaced paving, and the floor drain can be placed at the intersection of four tiles.

  3, diagonal cut

   According to the floor drain, the resignation will be cut into four small pieces according to the diagonal line. Be sure to have a certain inclination to form a floor drain groove when paving, which is convenient for drainage.

  4, four-sided cutting method

   Centering on the floor drain, then make a box at the 6-10cm position around the floor drain to make a diagonal line. The floor drain is at the lowest point, which is good for rapid drainage.

  5, edge breaks

  if the floor drain is in place On the edge of the wall, you can use a straight strip of floor tiles at the edge to place a position directly in the middle to place the floor drain.


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Big board marble, find out

Tiles can be said to be a building material with a very high usage rate in home decoration, which is used by almost every family. However, netizens who have been renovated in recent years, if they go to the building materials market or tile brand stores to select ceramic tiles, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon, that is, in addition to our common square tiles, wood bricks, antique bricks, polished tiles In addition to the types, there are also rectangular tiles that are born out of the world. Generally, the specifications of 600*1200mm or more are called large-plate marble. The market currently has 600*1200, 750*1500, 900*1800, etc. Currently, the largest specification in the market is 1600*3200mm; usually the imitation marble line is the main body. The speciality of the slab marble is not only because of the “big”, but also has the following characteristics compared with other types of tiles.
The decorative effect is simple and the atmosphere is graded

Due to the thickness advantage of the large-plate marble itself, the choice of surface decoration technology is more and more flexible. Therefore, the large-scale marble statue is an actor in the ceramic tile industry. It has the ability to imitate natural stone from the inside and the outside, and to show the texture, texture and color of the natural stone.

Less left, easy to care

In terms of daily care, large-plate marble is called a lazy cancer patient and a late tranquilizer for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Due to the large area, it can minimize the collage marks when paving, reduce the dirt and dirt of the tiles, and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. It is more intimate than ordinary tiles!

Cutting freedom

This feature is also benefited from the “big” of the large-plate marble. Because it is large, the designer can cut according to the actual needs, and the cut and processed large-plate marble is generally designed to burst.

Diversified space applications, where to shop where

The practical application of slab marble is much wider than common tiles, except for the lower floor and upper wall. It is used in coffee table tops, cabinets, etc., such as artificial stone countertops that are commonly used in places such as sinks and cooktops. In addition to the applicable home decoration, the large-plate marble is also suitable for all kinds of tooling occasions such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. In short, you can’t think of it, there is no big-plate marble can’t be found~
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Natural artificial turf used on golf courses

There are certain skills in the installation of blinds. Are you making it?

The blinds are installed with certain skill. The shutters with hooks are simple to install. The aluminum blinds should first be clamped on the upper edge of the curtain, and then the fabric curtains can be hung on the curtain rails with hooks, or the hooks should be first Hang on the pendant of the curtain rail and then clamp the fabric curtain with a clip. Next, follow the Xiaobian to learn about the related content!
Blind installation

1. Louver installation method

Step 1: The outer frame and inner frame size. The width is measured from left to right to the widest dimension in the middle and lower of the window, that is, the outer frame is suitable for the width; the height is measured from top to bottom, and the maximum size of the left, right, and right of the window is determined, that is, the outer frame is suitable for the width. The inner frame size was measured in the same way.

Step 2: Determine the depth of the window. The depth of the window required for different installation methods is different, and the purpose is to allow the louver blades to move freely.

Step 3: Fix the depth. It requires a depth of 8 cm when it is mounted flat or when it is fixed.

Step 4: Pay attention to the number of layers. Push-pull blinds, not only pay attention to the width of the product blades, but also pay attention to the number of layers installed. In general, a single fan and a folded push-pull shutter blade require a depth of 10 cm, and a double layer requires a depth of 15 cm.

Blind window installation

Two, blinds purchase tips

1, pay attention to blinds specifications

The length of the blinds should be the same as the height of the window, and the width should be reduced by 1cm from the left and right sides of the window; the length of the exposed blinds should be about 10cm longer than the height of the window, and the width is about 5cm wider than the sides of the window. In general, small rooms are equipped with concealed blinds, and large rooms are fitted with exposed blinds.

2, pay attention to blinds with

Different formats of windows should be equipped with different blinds. If it is a general vertical window, it can be equipped with general blinds; if it is a horizontal window, it can be equipped with a louver curtain, which will look harmonious, harmonious and beautiful.

3, pay attention to the blinds pattern

The choice of blinds is also very elegant. The venetian blinds for the living room should be arranged with a pattern of green mountains and green waters, which can make people calmly and calmly put them in the poetic landscape. The layout of the bedroom is soft and the pattern is fresh and elegant.

4. Pay attention to the color of the blinds

The blinds are best matched with the color of the furniture and walls inside the house. If the wall is light white, it can be used with pure white blinds. The walls are lightly coloured and can be fitted with grey or green blinds.
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The development of the whole assembly is blocked, and the key to quality cooperation or breaking

After 2018, many home furnishing companies have been intensively arranged, including the homestay, Ou Pai and other custom home giants and seagull workers, Huida and other sanitary enterprises.

Customized companies are unanimously straddle, converging Behind the action reflects the potential trend of the industry. The whole assembly seems to be the next slogan after the big home and the whole house customization. At one time, the hot words such as the whole bathroom, the whole house decoration, the whole house and the whole house began to appear. Volkswagen silver screen.

But it seems that the hot stuff is really like it The concept is generally beautiful, let consumers “one-stop decoration”, “stay in the bag” and “what you see is what you get”, thus bringing the industry a disruptive experience?

European Home communicates with industry professionals and believes that the concept of self-assembly is very good for consumers. It is also feasible for some companies. As the industry continues to develop, the future may bring to the industry. Some good changes, but not enough to “subvert”, there is still a distance in time. At present, there are still some resistances in the whole installation:

First, the property is limited to purchase, the whole company is in contact with the hardcover house

Affected by the upstream industry, the overall size of the home improvement market is gradually shrinking. In the past two years, the real estate market has gradually entered a downturn, and many cities have introduced property purchase restrictions. As the property market returns to rationality, the volume of new homes has dropped significantly, and consumer demand for decoration has decreased. In addition, the popularization of real estate policies such as hardcover houses and full decoration is also restricting the development of the whole package business. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2016, the finished decoration houses in the first-tier cities such as Beishangguang have reached more than 80%, and many second- and third-tier cities are also increasing the proportion of finished houses.

The increase in the proportion of hardcover and finished rooms means Reduced flow of the package. On the one hand, hardcover real estate developers integrate all aspects of decoration and building materials to optimize resource allocation. On the other hand, hardcover houses eliminate many complicated links such as consumer decoration. With the advent of the era of fine decoration, many assembly companies will face transformation due to their inability to adapt to the needs of the finished residential market.

Second, the business abacus is loud, but the integration ability is insufficient

For home improvement companies, The whole package is proposed to integrate the SKU, expand the product line, increase the customer price and corporate profit, but the overall installation is much higher than the whole house customization, and really need to be “one-stop all-inclusive” and “stay in the bag” The challenges are far greater than expected.

package is not a simple product package package, more The integration of the entire chain, including construction services, supply chain, warehousing and distribution, requires strong integration capabilities, efficient basic production facilities and high industry height, without a competitive product supply chain. Perfect service system and excellent product portfolio are difficult to make the whole assembly.

Xu Yufeng, Director of Haojia Home Improvement Operations, told Yiou Home With one’s own strength, we can do everything from production to construction to delivery.The industry has not yet appeared. Even the European-style, Shangpin home with some head brands are still in a state of light trial, and the average SMEs simply can’t play. Many emerging home improvement companies in the market use the banner of the package package to speed up the rapid decision-making of consumers with the simplest product quotation, but in fact, there is very little content. Actually, there will be additional projects or changes to the service content at the construction site. In the case of the situation, it is easy to have subsequent service disputes. The emergence of these “pseudo-packages” is also a manifestation of the lack of corporate capabilities.

Three, consumer cognition , the result of the whole assembly is not as expected

As a consumer level, users are cautious about the whole assembly, the standards and requirements of the products are uneven, and the personality style is different. This is also a major factor affecting the development of the whole packaged enterprise. According to the research report on the overall home improvement industry released by the billion-dollar think tank, there is a gap between the self-contained products provided by market enterprises and the self-contained cognition of consumers.

From the survey data of the whole user, there is 16% of users are vague about the concept of self-assembly. In other words, these users have no sense of the concept of self-assembly; another 36% of users think that the whole is hard-packed + main material + soft, to meet simple living Function, other home appliances, fabric sofas are not included.

Although user cognition is vague, it is not It hinders their high demands and high expectations for delivery results. A large number of users do not know what the specific installation includes, but they are attracted by the beautiful concept of the whole installation and the convenient quotation mode. They only want to save money and effort, and expect to realize the package after the renovation.

But the reality is that many self-contained companies have the ability Not enough, the products and services provided do not meet the requirements of consumers, resulting in consumers’ low evaluation of the whole assembly, the low return rate of the enterprise, and the home decoration with low frequency of consumption, long production cycle and long decision-making time of users. For enterprises, a stable return rate is a continuation of the company’s survival.

Business looks good in the direction of the whole assembly However, the actual landing is very difficult. The unit price of the whole package is improved, but the cost of obtaining customers is also high, and the efficiency of expansion is low, which cannot meet the expansion demand of high efficiency and low cost of enterprises. If the development model cannot be fundamentally broken, the final assembly can only be a regional attempt.

Future opportunities for the company >

In the face of heavy resistance, how to find a development company, billion euros The home believes that the profit of the whole package is tempting but the threshold is also high. The enterprise wants to enjoy the big meal by its own strength. Obviously, it is not enough. It may wish to adopt a cooperative mode of mutual development and mutual benefit, and may go further.

For strong capabilities, market share is relatively large For companies, choosing to work with real estate developers may be more advantageous. Some industry media analysts found that in 2017, a number of customized homes were gratifying, and the “bulk business” targeting the real estate market contributed to the growth of the company. The whole company can learn from this road and find opportunities from the real estate market.

Changes in the market structure of real estate hardcover houses It is the resistance of the development of the whole package, but from the perspective of cooperation, it may also become an important thrust to drive the development of the whole package. In the context of rising house prices and the increase in the rate of renovation of existing and second-hand houses, if the whole company can find a “big customer” of stable cooperation, the future is still very imaginative.

Second, you can take a strong combination of home and home improvement businesses ,holdThe cooperation model of the group development. For example, Ai Jia Life, Dong Yi Ri Sheng, Love Space, and Shang Pin Home Co., Ltd. jointly launched the “China Big Home Industry Internet Alliance”, which will be through cooperation between members in information sharing, joint procurement, financing mutual assistance, and joint marketing. In order to achieve the purpose of expanding and standardizing the home improvement market. Drawing on this kind of thinking mode, strong cooperation, home furnishing companies provide quality products, and home improvement companies provide construction services, achieving 1+1>2 effects.

The third choice and large industry platform type The company cooperates with each other and through the cooperation of the two, the decoration company solves the delivery, and the platform company provides the infrastructure, including the main material, auxiliary material supply chain, soft packaging solution, service management and control standards. For example, things like and Tuba Rabbit are doing, may form a new business ecology.

In the view of Yiou’s home, it’s packed The target group is for medium and high-end consumption, but the aesthetic level and personality requirements of these groups are higher than the products that the enterprise can provide. The modularization and standardized equipment can not meet their needs in the short term, so the actual The current self-contained users are still in a relatively more price-conscious group, and the range of services involved is much smaller than consumers expected.

So in general, whether it’s from the user The demand is still from the perspective of the enterprise itself. The final decision on the scope of the development of the whole package depends on the ability and efficiency of the enterprise, because even if it is cooperation, everyone chooses to cooperate with the capable and strong. (Editor/Li Yan)


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