Milan Design Week New Works List okorder

Dutch designerBertjan PotA series of “rest pods”Inspiration from the wheel ——The internal materials use the inner tubes of cars, trolleys, trucks and tractors, combining interesting Ancient craftsmanship and contemporary high performance materials.

New York lighting designerLindsey Adelman device is inspired by the movement of plants. Two luminaires, each incorporating multiple stages of natural development of the plant, form a cohesive form.

studioZavenCreated a series of bright red oversized floor lights inspired by athletes in sports.

British designerSebastian WrongSet A set of ergonomic public seats was counted. The seat is woven together from a single fiber, rather than a traditional fabric, creating a second skinfeeling, reduced by about 80%.

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Milan furniture exhibition works at a glance okorder

SizThe chair is made of freely bent steel tubes and molded plywood. /span>Hanna LitwinandRomin HeideDesigned. We combine traditional technology with new materials and modern craftsmanship to develop contemporary products,The designer said.

These mirrors are from Seoul National UniversityWoo Jiyoun, With geometric details, it provides a shelf for small items.

Vera & Kyteshows a new collection, including swing lights, three-in-one statues, timers, seats, blankets And tiles.

UnaFrom the Norwegian designer duoDomaas/Høgh. The lights were inspired by a hot air balloon. They always have many different colors and look so beautiful in the sky. The glass cover and bowl are interchangeable, allowing you to create different colors.

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Modern Courtyard Residence in Phoenix okorder

In Phoenix, ArizonaWillohistory block,The Ranch MineDesigned a modern house. 2300square feet house is inspired by the southwestern courtyard, bringing a modern design.
The front door is embedded in the cornered wall facing the street, imitating Open arms.
Residential Reference17The courtyard of the late century. Its design is a utype quadrangle, with a wide roof extension structure, outdoor The living space creates a occlusion. The cantilever structure blocks the sunlight while allowing air to flow to the pool, helping to cool the air into the room.
The hidden stairs behind the courtyard lead to the roof terrace. The curved walls around the courtyard provide privacy and create a seating area.
In the interior, the wooden beams of the main living area extend through the glass and extend to the outdoors.

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Chicago Design Exhibition okorder

Last year we foundCoalesseMichael YoungDesignedLessThanFivechair . CoalesseThis year launched a custom web application that allows users to customize colors, graphics, gradients or fully personalized logos for chairs.

Snowsound FlapAcoustic panels allow you to create geometric collages on walls or ceilings to help reduce noise.

Zonesis a collection of furniture designed to change the way people work. The collection includes seats, tables, screens, easels and semi-private accessories that provide privacy or more intimate space for collaborative work.

Parentesit is an acoustic wall module with an integrated wall panel The light and sound system is equipped with a speaker. It has an attached app that allows you to adjust the light and sound through your smartphone.

West Elm WorkspaceContinued to expand the range of workplace products, their new height-adjustable workbench system adds wood Warm and highly practical.

BuzziSpace The studio brings a room divider and sound absorber. Most importantly, they add a very cool focus to any space.

Jonas Van PutDesign BuzziJungleis a new concept Give employees an unconventional way to socialize and interact. The structure invites you to climb, sit and lie down and meet others in a unique environment.

Conexus WoodChairs are work chairs and recliners The perfect combination of seat height can be adjusted to suit the position of work and rest.

HumanscaleThe recliner is made by Niels DiffrientDesigned, he believes that people can work more efficiently and better in a reclined position.

GenslerDesignedk.&trade ;The recliner is a modular seating series made by 11Composed of elements, can be used in a customized way.

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Luxury mini furniture okorder

New York Design StudioCoil + Drift brings the latest furniture to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Their work is known for its streamlined design and bold shapes, and the small and powerful collection uses materials such as brass, marble and white oak.
The collection is inspired by all design eras, such as the Nordic-style modern oval mirror received 70The influence of the age.
John Sorensen-Jolink
Infatuation with curves, lines and fine seams, these elements are obvious in the portfolio. As the designer and owner of the studio, he believes that furniture should emphasize sustainability and craftsmanship. Elegant floor lamps or cinnamon armchairs, each piece is artistically decorated and functionally furnished.

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Modern handmade furniture okorder

Klein Agency is a new design studio that launched the first collection of furniture. Combining precision technology with imperfect natural materials,Klein Home Collection 01 The streamlined simplicity is the best. The laser-cut steel is matched with the natural wood that has been copied. Naturally dyed leather adds a warm feel to the icy matt black powder coated steel or transparent steel. The collection is rude and consists of several pieces of residential furniture, from lounge chairs to bar stools to coffee tables.

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Stylish little sofa okorder

YumeThe sofa is designed for couples. It is large enough to accommodate two people. It is designed by Daniel Rodethe soft and smooth curve makes it very comfortable. At the same time highlight and attract attention.

emphasizes comfort,FoldThe sofa looks very attractive. It has a steel frame and thin legs that are hidden under the cushion. The loose sofa provides a casual look. Spider-webbed seats and high-resistance foam add comfort to the sofa.

in designBorgheseSofa,Duchaufour LawranceInspired by the Italian pine needles at Villa Borghese in Rome. The metal frame of the sofa simulates the mesh structure of the branches, and the cushions resemble canopies.

Small sofas can usually sit for two people, up to three people. Two seats are the most common, they are small enough to fit in a small living room. They have another advantage: their versatility makes them look equally beautiful in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Modern Whiskey Bar in Poznan, Poland okorder

Poznan in Poland is the basement of an apartment house,Źrodło.baris the most popular city center The street of a brand new whisky bar is made up of AdamWiercinskiArchitektDesigned. During the construction process, the original brick wall and wood/Brick floor was discovered, so they chose to maintain the original charm while adding a new independent structure.

Inside, they used three steel structures to support all the elements, such as seats and lights, which do not need to be screwed into the wall. In order to match the original elements, they chose graphite and orange.
The main room requires the largest frame structure, including the connected seats and the steel with lampsbridge.
Seats and a storage shelf are built into the entrance channel Within the steel structure, a small space is fully utilized.
The bar is made up of steel frames. It’s small, but it contains a lot of storage.

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Exposed structural elements bring symmetry to Russian homes okorder

This home is located in Rostov, one of the oldest towns in Russia.

Architectural work RoomChadoSelected a symmetrical design for this project. The center of the house has a social area and two wing structures. The wing structures are equal in size, one is the master bedroom and the other is the bedroom for two children.
Exposed structural elements highlight the symmetrical design. Exposed trusses and brick walls became the main design element to help define the project.
A double-sided fireplace connects the interior and exterior areas and is a fascinating accessory for both indoor living areas and outdoor terraces.
The center of the house is a social area with an open kitchen, dining room and seating space. The fireplace connects all of these functions together while the glass door introduces natural light.

Brick Wall Defined almost every corner.
The master bedroom is a comfortable room. Wood floors and exposed brick walls help it blend into the overall design, while elements such as the blue bed and headboard make it stand out and look special.

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New work from 100% Design okorder

You can be at Simin QiuEnd GrainThe stationery collection focuses on more transformations to wood. Desktop storage containers, clocks, rulers and watches are made from discarded pine wood.

Studio EJDesignedLayeredTable with overlapping wire frames creates dynamic patterns, a series with ZThe bottom of the glyph Solid wood plates and trays can be placed securely on top.

Argent Architect and DesignerNatalia Geci brings nomadic A collection of furniture, she said, this is to meet the needs of her nomadic family——Boxes are stacked on the surface of the stool, and the drawers are opened in different directions, depending on where you place position.

Þó Runn HannesdóttirBergTable is an Icelandic design portfolioNorth Limited Parts are made of thin The steel base, cast aluminum and concrete tabletop, is inspired by the spectacular views of her hometown.

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