From “single product to interconnection”, the construction of intelligent platform will be further improved

[Guide] For the development of smart homes, there have been two disputes in the industry. One is to make a smart item, and the other is to make a complete system to provide users with A more complete experience.

Products are single to unified

For the development of smart homes, the industry has always had two paths of controversy, one is to make a smart piece, The other is to make a complete system to provide users with a more complete experience. From the perspective of smart home products in the smart home market, smart single products are not necessarily more marketable than a whole set of smart homes. In people’s impressions, the price of a single product is definitely lower than the price of multiple products, but it is not.

The high price of smart homes has always been criticized by people, but with things With the continuous development of networking, the price of smart homes is slowly starting to be grounded, especially the price of smart home packages. For example, the “Julilang” activity series launched by Nanjing IOT Sensors, the smart home package of a security system only needs about 500 yuan, which is cheaper than the price of many smart home items. Perhaps a smart home item can’t meet the needs of smart home life, but a set of smart home can make home life more intelligent and convenient. From the initial stage of the development of smart homes, a large number of new entrepreneurial enterprises lack the funds and strength to build a platform. In the early stage of development, smart products are used as a breakthrough, and market cultivation is more urgent. But as smart items mature, products can be interconnected, software and systems continue to improve, and user experience continues to improve, then the true sense of service is put in to form a complete smart home ecosystem. From the current acceleration of the cross-border integration of Internet companies and the continuous transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, the trend from “single product to interconnection” will become more clear, and the construction of intelligent platforms will be further improved.

Enterprise development from single to unified

In fact, the participation of many brands makes the cooperation between smart homes difficult. From the current development of smart homes, because they are still in the early stage of development, all smart home enterprises hope to find their own world, and feel that cooperation is still early, at least in the industry to develop stable, their own enterprises can stand firm In order to seek other development space. The pace of development of enterprises is certainly not wrong, but it has brought certain obstacles to the development of smart home industry. Because the smart home products of major companies are separate, this brings certain choices to users. When users choose smart homes, they will always consider many factors. It is impossible for a smart home product to meet the needs of users. When users choose other smart home products, they will encounter many problems, and they cannot interact with each other. Work, need multiple mobile apps to get the job done. This requires enterprises to consider the actual needs of users when developing smart home products, open the market, and cooperate with each other to make the development of smart homes benign.


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Smart toilet top list recommended

Nowadays, it is an era of high technology, so many products are gradually moving towards intelligent direction. However, the emergence of smart toilets has provided greater convenience for our lives. But what brand of smart toilet is good? Here are the top ten rankings recommended for everyone, so that you can make better choices.

1, Wrigley

This It is a well-known brand and has certain strength and influence in China. There are many sanitary products, including: ceramic sanitary ware, bathtub, shower room, smart toilet and so on. It has won many honors such as “China Famous Brand Products” and “China Sanitary Ware Brand”.

2, Oulusa ORANS

Oulosa is a leader in the bathroom industry, mainly producing smart toilets, simple shower rooms, jacuzzi, hardware A series of sanitary ware products such as faucets. There are more than 600 specialty stores in the country, and the products sell well in many countries at home and abroad.

3, Jiumu

No one should know about Jiumu. It is the world’s leading sanitary ware manufacturer. With unremitting efforts, it has become a “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand” and “China Environmental Labeling Product”. So, what brand of smart toilet is good? Jiumu is worth your possession.

4, Washing Lang

After years of hard work, it has successfully entered the ranking of the top ten smart toilet brands. Among them, it is also one of the famous body cleaners in the domestic market.

5, Ben Jiebao

The brand is one of the high-tech enterprises specializing in the production of smart toilets, not only has independent independent intellectual property rights, but also Products are recognized by consumers at home and abroad.

6, Hengjie

Hengjie is also a well-known sanitary ware brand, focusing on the development, production and production of whole bathroom products. Sales, with leading technology and excellent quality, has attracted the favor of many consumers.

7, Dongpeng

Since its inception, Dongpeng has been focusing on bathroom products for more than 20 years. Today, the business covers a wide range of products, providing a full range of product services and bathroom home improvement solutions for hundreds of millions of families.

8, Huida

Huida Sanitary Ware is not only a large-scale enterprise, but also has been developing for a long time, and enjoys a good reputation in China. . So what brand of smart toilet is good? Choosing Huida must not be wrong.

9, Weiwei

Weiwei Electronic Guard is a brand in Zhejiang, the company has smart bathroom core technology, the main Health sanitary ware, computer toilets, electric water heaters, etc., the quality of products is worthy of everyone’s trust.

10, and

You may be stranger to the brand, but in fact it was founded in 1931, especially its monomer Silent production has been the world’s number one, and the quality of other sanitary products will not be worse.

Introduction: The above is an introduction to What brand of smart toilet is good, but the top ten rankings are in no particular order, you can follow your own Preferences and actual economic ability to choose.


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What you should know about tiles

1. If there are prominent pipelines, lamps, and sanitary equipment on the wall, use the whole brick to cut and match, and do not use broken bricks to put together the inlay.

2. The number of bricks with visible defects at 1 meter of ceramic floor tiles is not more than 5%, the first grade is 2 meters, and the qualified is 3 meters.

3, commonly used color glazed brick specifications are 400mm * 400mm, 300 face * 300mm, 200mm * 200mm. Non-slip tiles are recommended for kitchen bathrooms.

4, the number of tiles = (laying area / each brick area) * (1 + 2% – 5%) tiles are boxed.

5, multi-storey residential thickness equal to or greater than 240mm is mostly load-bearing walls. It is best not to remove the wall under the window sill.

6, glazed tiles must also use a positive angle strip.
ceramic floor tiles

Immersion – ground floor cleaning, partial leveling – ground base level projectile baseline – wet base level – paving mortar, paving floor tiles – floor tiles and seaming and grouting – Maintenance – cleaning up.

7, glazed brick whole body brick famous brand:

Dongpeng, Champion, Ou Shennuo, Mona Lisa, Marco Polo, Nobel, Xinzhongyuan Eagle, etc. .

8, glazed brick price: 40-100 yuan per square meter. Medium to high 90-180.

9, the tile is checked once in a row.

10. When the kitchen flue toilet duct and the kitchen and toilet cover the wall of the pipe, first hang the barbed wire, then add a certain amount of 108 glue to the cement mortar

11, the grouting agent must be the worker after the hook is finished, use a clean rag to wipe off the grout left on the brick. (Within 10 minutes)

12. As long as you are responsible, the worker can still change very well after the tile is attached for a week or two. A worker can tile a day and can complete 10 square meters a day. The general kitchen and bathroom takes 5 days.

13. The white back of the glazed brick is porcelain clay, which is widely used.

14. Matte glazed tiles in the wet area of ​​the bathroom.

15. When ordering tiles, please indicate the product specifications and usage.

16, the quality of the tile judgment

(1) knock. Crisp as well. Worried.

(2) Handcuffs, the weight is better.

(3) dripping water. The slower the water absorption, the better.

(4) scraping. Scratch with sharp objects, no scratches are preferred.

17. The back side of the glazed brick is red. The ceramic grayish white is made of porcelain, and the latter is applied more. Square 152mm*152mm, 200mm*200mm. The rectangle is 152mm*200mm, 200mm*300mm. The thickness is 5mm – 6mm.

The whole body brick is mostly used for the aisle, and the front and back sides are the same color. It is a square. Artificial stone is best to take a sample of the soy sauce or oil for the stain resistance test.

18, try not to use 900mm * 900mm floor tiles.

The wall tiles should be seamed. The living room cement floor tile must be at least three centimeters thick.
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Extravagant stone, beautiful is very unique

With the increasing demand for quality of life, natural stone has become a standard for high-end residences. The preciousness, uniqueness and diversity of the luxury stone make it the first choice for high-end architectural/living decoration. In view of scarcity and artistry, for luxury stone, we should pay more attention than ordinary stone from installation to renovation, to daily maintenance. To sum up, the most important thing is to use the following core principles:
     1 Try to keep the decorative effect of the original stone.
   2 Try to avoid problems such as pollution and disease in the extravagant stone.
   3 Try to extend the life of the luxury stone.
   Therefore, for luxury stone, we suggest that from mining to putting into use, more attention should be paid to the details of the general stone in order to meet the above three principles.
   1. Avoid external pollution
   If mining, care should be taken to avoid foreign pollutants Erosion, such as oil and rust on processing machinery, should be avoided as much as possible. Oily marks written on general blocks should also be avoided. When processing, transporting, stacking and installing sheets, it is also necessary to avoid all kinds of external pollution.
   2, installation link
   Whether the floor or wall uses extravagant stone, the installation is a heavy The key link. Installation is done to avoid problems in subsequent use.
   1Use cement instead of cement
   Installation of extravagant stone, it is recommended to use adhesive instead cement. One can cure the problem of returning alkali; secondly, the bonding strength of the adhesive is higher than that of cement, which can largely avoid the problem of hollowing out. The use of cement bonding, easy to absorb moisture back to alkali, and easy to appear off the board, resulting in empty drums. Empty drums are very harmful to stone.
   2 Health time is enough
   After the extravagant stone is glued, it must be reserved. Let the adhesive behind it dry thoroughly. Drying can avoid problems in subsequent use.
   3 slitting glue is the core of the core
   To be executed according to the highest standards. It is recommended to choose several kinds of glues such as imported marble glue, transparent glue and high-quality crystal glue for seamless treatment. But the extravagant glue of the extravagant stone is very distinctive. We see that the extravagant stone is generally beautiful in color and unpredictable in texture. This is different from the general plate and the whole is uniform. So how to make up the glue?
   Our suggestion is: to treat the extravagant glue as the most important part, no matter the time, at any cost Must be implemented with the most perfect effect as the standard. For example, the installation of these extravagant stones, in addition to the installation must be carefully spliced ​​in place, the most important thing is to be patiently glued, and follow the color change, 1 cm 1 cm Push forward, if necessary, advance 1 mm 1 mm. Until the entire plate is added to the extent of seamlessness.
   This may seem exaggerated and time consuming, but it is a core of the overall engineering effect. The extravagant stone originally wanted natural texture and color. If the glue is not good, it will artificially bring a visual sense of splitting. The decorative effect of the whole piece of plate is greatly reduced, and even the natural, grandiose overall sense is completely lost. With the current processing technology, it is not realistic to cut into a large plate of more than ten squares at a time. Then this sense of integrity must be realized in the hands of our stone caregivers. Without this, we are wasting such precious natural resources.
   4 protective links
   Walls generally do not need to be protected.
   If it is the ground, those extravagant and crystallized extravagant stones can be left unprotected. However, the extravagant stone with high water absorption rate must be protected. It is recommended to use the highest level of protection standards. For example, high-quality osmotic protective agents, or better fluorinated protective agents, can be used to protect the extravagant stones on the ground. The standard of protective coating is: sufficient, uniform, and long enough for health. Good protection treatment is the best way to prevent stone pollution and disease and prolong service life.
   3, extravagant stone polishing, focus on maintaining the original appearance!
   As mentioned before, extravagant stone Precious is the unparalleled beauty of nature. Keeping its original ecology is a luxury stone applicationThe highest principle. Therefore, when treating luxury stones, polishing should be avoided by using conventional crystalline materials such as powders and agents. The reason is that the traditional crystalline materials are all used for chemical etching. At the same time, most of the crystalline materials contain waxy or resinous components. Acids, waxes, and resins all change the natural color of the stone. And as time goes by, the oxidation of wax and resin turns yellow, which is also a big problem. All of this is contrary to the “original ecology” that keeps the luxury stone. The best way to polish is to use glazing technology. First, the composition of the glaze is silica, which is extracted from natural stone. Secondly, silica is a colorless and transparent substance. The glaze layer formed on the stone is crystal clear and does not change the color of the stone. The best preserves the original ecological decoration of the stone. Some customers complained that the clarity of the sealing glaze was too high. As a result, the messy pattern of the stone appeared, which made the owner unsatisfied, but in any case, such high definition is one of the great advantages of the sealing glaze technology. Used on extravagant stones, it is the best match.
   Treat the extravagant stone with awe.
   The beauty of the extravagant stone, unparalleled; Naturally given. Every piece of extravagant stone is a time that has passed through hundreds of millions of years. We have come to us with great hardships to add luster to our living and living environment. To the small, these extravagant stones, all of them are the beloved things that the owners have spent a lot of money; to the big, the treatment of the extravagant stone is the wonderful idea of ​​our stone care people to continue nature, is creating New artistic value. This is the highest test of our technical level, which is a triumph for the significance of our work. In the face of such natural gifts, our stone care and care people must be full of awe, and strive to complete such a wonderful dialogue with nature.
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Is the size of your sofa the right one?

For the sofa, the living room is their stage. According to the size of the living room, choosing the right sofa style and size will not only enhance the overall atmosphere of the living room, but also give the sofa a great space to show its charm. Therefore, when you decorate the living room, you must first understand the size of the living room, choose the favorite sofa through the size of the right, let the space to maximize the benefits. It’s useless to talk about the empty mouth, so let’s talk with the actual case!

●Living room area: 27m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 579cm

● sofa size (cm): W320xD100cm

When the living room is renovated, choose the sofa you like, against the wall What can I do if I can’t handle it? The case is chosen according to the size of the living room. In the size of a 3-seater, put a space, and put two to exceed the size of the back wall. After many discussions, I chose to use two modules to face the TV wall in a V-shaped shape, so that the living room has a sense of concentration and the visual effect is more layered.

The sofa you choose has a high back style and special side The leather design, combined with the light and simple base line, presents a conflicting aesthetic that is both luxurious and refined, creating an extremely distinctive mark for the space.

●Living room area: 30m2

● Sofa back wall (cm): 576.5cm

● Sofa size (cm): W358xD228cm

Want to create a luxurious living room atmosphere, choose a large set of sofas right! The living room decoration design style of this case is luxurious in the classic style. In the large space living room, I want to choose a sofa that can set off the living room. After selection, I choose a large L-shaped sofa that combines comfort and function. The leather uses a light earth color to add a warm, saturated feel to the living room.

This sofa features a goose-waist pillow for the waist Fully supported, the cushion is moderately soft and suitable for people of all ages. The wide and thick handrails allow the hands to be placed comfortably. The legs are cut with metal iron pieces, and the different materials combine to create layers that embellish the modern and modern atmosphere.

●Living room area: 33m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 520cm

● sofa Dimensions (cm): W215cmxD105cm

The living room is biased towards the square. If the L-shaped sofa is used, the space is easy to produce pressure. The large-sized module is too standard. Therefore, it is decided to put two sets of three-seat sofas side by side. Almost the same width as the sofa wall, there is a small space next to it, you can consider placing a small coffee table.

If you consider the pattern, you want to reduce the oppression of space, and With some changes, you can use the method of module splicing to create a novel mirror effect like a homeowner.

●Living room size: 40m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 679cm

● sofa size ( Cm): W410cmxD278cm

When there are many family members And often need to receive guests, the principle of this house owner to choose a sofa is definitely worthy of reference! Because the width of the back wall of the sofa is large enough, the large-size L-shaped sofa can be used to present a magnificent home atmosphere. When guests visit, the focus can be placed on the sofa, whether it is to stay in the living room, wine tasting, talking, watching Movies, even celebrations, are quite suitable.

Select an ivory sofa to add a little modern classic to the space The atmosphere, the interpretation of the elegant and luxurious texture is quite in place, the sofa is full and comfortable, and the comfort of the house can definitely make the owner feel comfortable and relaxed!

Through these living room decoration sofa placement cases, we can clearly see that the size of the sofa and the width of the main wall are accurate, and the visual ratio will naturally be quite Pretty! To sum up, the size of the sofa is about two-thirds of the width of the main wall. Through different combinations, the change is different. Is the size of your sofa the right one?


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Can spotlights completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps?

“The small size of the apartment, the use of complex fancy chandeliers is easy to pull down the height of the floor.” “Good-looking European chandeliers are difficult to clean and care, more trouble.” “The ceiling lamp is not enough lighting, you have to add a table lamp at night to do fine work”… … All along, the reporter’s reception of chandeliers and ceiling lamps is too numerous to enumerate. In this regard, the designers suggested: “It is better to give the lighting of the living room, dining room, aisle and hallway to the spotlights. It is energy-saving, easy to clean, easy to manage, good in maintenance, long in life and bright enough. Ingenious use of shooting The lamp will find it has advantages over single illumination sources such as chandeliers and ceiling lamps.”

   Spotlights can completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps

    In the old-fashioned decoration of many families, the spotlight is only an auxiliary light source for ceiling lamps or chandeliers. It is glare, high temperature and reflective, and it is a decoration with no practical use. “This is a misunderstanding of many owners of spotlights. Some old-fashioned spotlights do not handle the optical parts, causing user confusion. However, many homes now completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps with modern design spotlights. This has become a trend.”

  The light line has strong directivity, no lighting dead angle, the light is downward, the ceiling is hidden in the dark, and the layer can be visually raised. high. The reporter saw in the home store that the angle of illumination (beam angle) of the spotlights also has many choices, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and the beam angle is small, which will show a concentrated effect, and the spotlight is hard and suitable for photography. Bright specific items, such as the collection of home decorations; there are 120 °, 180 ° choice, the beam angle is large, it will show astigmatism, soft astigmatism, mainly used for lighting. “If properly matched and used, a group of spotlights can completely replace traditional chandeliers and ceiling lamps, and the price is low and the effect is good.”

  How to choose the right spotlight

  Common spotlights are not LED lights. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have higher photoelectric conversion rates, and LED lamps are more energy-efficient at the same brightness. According to the calculation data, the power consumption of the LED lamp is only 1/3-1/4 of the energy-saving lamp, which is more energy-efficient than the incandescent lamp. With LED lights, you can also design a lot of beautiful shapes. In the LED light, there is a COB lamp, which is not only better in the process than the traditional lamp, but the most important thing is that the use experience is greatly improved. In the near view, the bulb has no distinct glare and photoelectricity, but the light is uniform. No ghosting.

  When buying a spotlight, consumers need to experience it themselves and see if there is glare after turning on the light. According to industry insiders, the spotlights are highly directional, and optical refraction may have glare into the eyes. It is easy to glare and dizzy when used for a long time. If the luminaire manufacturer handles the optical part well, glare is completely avoidable.

   In addition, poor quality LED lights, blue light filtering is not easy to damage vision; and high-quality brand lamps will indicate product parameters, including color temperature, luminous flux (brightness), color rendering index, illumination angle These are very important indicators for consumers to buy. In addition to LED lights, traditional spotlights can also use halogen lamps, which is the mainstream product of spotlights in old-fashioned decoration. The principle of illumination is similar to incandescent lamps, which is highly recognized among older owners. This kind of lamp has good color rendering and low price, and it is still recognized by many consumers in the market.

   Spotlight installation method

   There are various installation methods for spotlights, and different functional areas in the room are suitable for different installation methods.

  Wall mounted spotlights, that is, the spotlights can be installed without the ceiling, the entrance hall entrance, the top of the bathroom corridor, and the top of the dining table are more suitable for installing the spotlights.

  Concealed ceiling light is installed in the ceiling of the spotlight. From the outside, the spotlight is directly embedded in the chandelier. This method is suitable for installation in the living room. Higher. Mr. Wang, the construction engineer of Huayou Decorative Water Circuit, said: “In the past, the ceiling was not moving at 10 cm thick, and a large part of the floor was eaten. Many families were hesitant to make ceilings. But now the ceiling of LED spotlights can be done. Very thin, 5-7 cm can be used for pure spotlighting. Therefore, young owners are more likely to accept this spotlight installation method.”

   But it should be noted that After the ceiling of the living room is concealed, the spotlights need to be evenly distributed so that every corner of the room can be illuminated, unlike the ceiling lamps and chandeliers, which make the room dark and dead. “If it is a living room of 10 square meters, 6-8 spotlights are enough for the house to be transparent. If it is a living room of more than 20 square meters, the number and position of the spotlights can be arranged according to the size of the living room. “Surprising lighting effect.”

  If you don’t plan to ceiling, you can choose the spotlights in the living room, the track can be conductive, and the spotlight can be illuminated on the track. The position of the lamp head can be changed arbitrarily on the lamp rail to facilitate the lamp replacement, lamp removal and lamp replacement in the future. This kind of track spotlight is suitable for living room and dining room, as well as dining table, bar, desk and other areas that need extra key lighting. When installing, a conductive track is arranged along the plaster line to the sides of the wall, which not only can illuminate, but also It can illuminate the coffee table, the side, the plants on the wall, the decorations, and so on. Walk a back-shaped track in a functional area, and the lighting has no dead ends. When installing, it is necessary to keep the wire position in advance during the hydropower transformation, and all the spotlight installation positions need to be fixed in advance to facilitate future construction.

  If it is the old room living room modified spotlight, you can directly replace the ceilingLights or chandeliers. When installing, install a spotlight with a base multi-lamp at the interface of the original chandelier, and it can be completely replaced. The spotlights can be directly inserted into the original ceiling lamp position, and the number of lamps can be adjusted according to the lighting needs. If you are renovating the spotlight in the old bedroom, remember to direct the lamp head directly to the bed or the end of the bed, and illuminate the space by reflecting light, so that the light is soft and not glare.
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What happens when I “stand up” the floor?

White wall and black tile, there is a strong color in the family culture of our country. With the emergence of modern architectural forms, the white exterior wall is gradually covered by red bare bricks, mosaic tiles, marble, etc., but most families of interior wall decoration will still be “white”! Do you feel that your home lacks vitality, no features, in fact, you The family is defeated on this white wall!

A, charm – the natural breath

Extending to the wall, the simplicity exudes a natural atmosphere. The soft reflection characteristics of wood give a visual harmony. More importantly, wood absorbs ultraviolet rays from sunlight and reflects infrared rays. This is one of the direct reasons why wood can produce warmth.

B, temperament – like an artist

wooden floor decorative wall, with any style, it is very artistic. Using wood as the living room wall can greatly highlight the taste of the owner’s life. There is also a little warm temperament.

C, unique – adjust the indoor temperature and humidity

Wood is still a master of temperature and humidity, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The decorative wall of wood is conveyed to the visual senses by materials, and the different arrangement methods bring different visual enjoyment. This is a kind of relaxation and enjoyment from the body to the heart.
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Bay window carpet type and purchase method

The bay window is familiar to us. I must have had the experience of sitting on the window sill. In the long winter, in order to make the room look warmer and warmer, many people have carpeted in the living room. If you don’t have a comfortable and warm bay window blanket, you will feel cold when sitting on the window sill. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the types of bay window carpets and how to buy them!

I. How to choose the window window carpet

1 Look: Look at the surface of the cushion cover for color difference, wrinkles, whether the flower cover of the cushion cover is clear and the color is uniform.

2, touch: After reading it, you can touch the pad cover by hand to feel whether its texture is good and whether the thickness of the pad is the same.

3, smell: This is very important. If the cushion has an odor, it is likely that the volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride are high.

4. Wipe: You can cut a piece of cushion cover and wipe the cushion cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

Second, the type of bay window carpet

1, fabric floating window blanket: fabric floating window mat is the most popular and the most popular floating Window mats, whether it is the tone or style of the pattern, can be adapted to different styles of home, and easy to clean and care.

2, wool pad bay window blanket: Some people like to use a mat, laying on the bay window, the decorative effect is more luxurious, but the mat is easier to vacuum, Be careful to clean up.

3, chenille bay window blanket: chenille is also very popular bay window pad material, soft and comfortable, more comfortable, but also has the same shortcomings as wool mat is suck Dust, but it is easier to clean than wool mats.

4, satin bay window blanket: Some people have a soft spot for the smoothness of satin, but also choose to use satin to make the window cushion, the effect is also very good, but Good satin prices are relatively expensive, and there are currently few styles on the market.

5, sponge Bay window pad: Bay window pad is commonly used is a sponge mat, soft and soft and comfortable, and relatively warm, but the sponge mat is easy to age, and not environmentally friendly.
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Why is the faucet so expensive?

The faucet is a very common item in our life. Most people should have had the experience of buying a faucet. We often hear “25 yuan/one copper faucet to buy home”, “10 yuan/zinc alloy faucet big sale” “, “200 yuan / a stainless steel faucet” … from a few to a few hundred, are you confused? Today, let’s popularize the knowledge of taps and reveal the craftsmanship of taps. You know why good taps are so expensive!
Material classification of faucets

The faucets commonly used in the market today are stainless steel, plastic, brass, zinc alloy faucets and the like.

1 Brass: Brass is the most common material for faucet manufacturing. It is made of international standard H59/H62 copper. The casting is made by steel die for gravity casting. The wall thickness is even, generally 2.5- 3.0 mm.

The faucet made of brass is characterized by: no rust, durable, anti-oxidation, bactericidal effect on water (disadvantages: lead, lead is a harmful metal, international standard) The requirement for lead in copper content should not exceed 2.5%.

2 Stainless steel: In the 21st century, health and environmental protection have gradually become the new theme of modern life. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized plantable Into the human body’s healthy materials, so stainless steel as the main material of kitchen and bathroom supplies has begun to be popular in Europe and the United States. However, due to the high hardness and toughness of stainless steel, it is difficult to manufacture and process, seriously affecting the large number of stainless steel faucets. Production, so the price of the real 304 stainless steel faucet is higher than the price of copper. It is characterized by: health, environmental protection; all materials are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, no rust, no lead, the faucet itself will not produce water Secondary lead pollution, which damages people’s health, can create a healthy kitchen and water environment for us.

3Zinc alloy: low grade material, zinc alloy dense It is smaller than copper and has a heavy tap with no copper. The surface of the zinc alloy is easily oxidized from the inner wall, and white oxidized powder appears on the surface. The strength is much worse than copper, the service life is not long, and the lead content is high. The faucet made of alloy will oxidize and rot after only one to two years. Now the zinc alloy is mainly used to make the handle of the faucet. It is die-casted with zinc alloy and then chrome-plated. Most of the faucet handles on the market are zinc alloy.

4 Engineering Plastics: ABS plastic faucet has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, no rust, no lead, no toxicity, no odor, high pressure resistance, light weight, simple construction and low price. It is a new type of green environmental protection product. The faucet made of plastic is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, exquisite in shape, simple and convenient to install, and meets the national drinking and drinking water standards.

The faucet manufacturing process can be divided into sand casting, manual metal casting, gravity casting machine or low pressure casting.

Most of the casting products on the market below 100 yuan and some mid-range products are Sand casting, which is commonly referred to as “turning sand”, is a product produced by this process. The internal structure of the valve body metal is loose, and it is easy to form internal defects such as “trachaete” and “pores”, which may not be found in the appearance. However, after a period of use, it will use leaks, tight seals or even larger defects. High-grade faucets are usually cast by gravity, and the internal structure of the valve body metal is dense, the quality is passed, and the service life is long. The same valve body, The weight of the products produced by the two processes is different, and the consumption of materials is different. The gravity-cast valve body and the sand mold-casting valve body generally have a weight difference of about 1/4. Therefore, the price of the same product is different. Br />
Water tap production process

copper ingot→dissolve→casting (low-grade sand casting, high-quality faucet with gravity casting)→post-cast cleaning→casting Inspection → Machining → Tolerance Inspection → Grinding → Surface Inspection → Electroplating → Electroplating Inspection → Assembly → Test Pressure → Finished Product Inspection → Packaging → Factory. Although the faucet is small, it has a production process with 16 rigorous processes, and each process has strict requirements on the production process. The brand’s factory is in accordance with the principle of superior products, the second-class products are not allowed to leave the factory, and the small manufacturers do not care for the second-class products, and the price is very different. Therefore, the purchase of faucets should be selected brand faucets are guaranteed, just one is a boutique, and small manufacturers must look at luck and character.
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Cabinet corner door, so designed, don’t be too practical!

The corner of the cabinet is a very embarrassing place. Many people think that the place is not big. I don’t know how to use it. I just leave it empty. But for small units, a square meter is not a waste.
A few days ago I went to my neighbor’s house and saw the new brick cabinets in their home. The chef gave her the corners of the cabinets. After I saw them, I asked the neighbors whether they would give the master a red envelope. The neighbor said: Master craftsmanship is so good, I immediately sealed the 500 red envelopes to the master.

How to use the corner of the cabinet? Look at the corner door that the master made is too practical!

This is a new brick cabinet in the neighbor’s kitchen. It just finished, and the overall look is good. How to use the corner of the cabinet? Look at the corner door that the master made is too practical! For the treatment of the corner of the kitchen, the neighbors have spent a lot of thoughts, want to use it, but have never thought of a good solution. Later, he said to the worker’s master, the worker’s master thought about it, and patted his chest and the neighbors to ensure that: no problem, you must be good. Then, the worker’s master installed such a cabinet door and said to the neighbor: “Compared with a small cabinet door, the cabinet door is easy to open and the space can be fully utilized.” The neighbor looked at it. I also tried it and thought it was too convenient.
This kind of cabinet door is easy to open and close, and the space at the corner of the cabinet is really used.

In the later stage, if you want to put a small object, you can install a basket. If you zoom in a little something, you can place it directly. The most important thing is that the cabinet door is installed, and the sanitation at the corner is also very convenient. If you feel good, you can also let the worker master install a cabinet door like this for your home. It is really convenient. In fact, the work-experienced worker masters, as long as you have the needs, and discuss with the workers master, things will have a good result.
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