The new retail gunshots of the home is the final winner of this trillion track.

   The new retail has been blowing for nearly two years, from the lightest format convenience store in the retail industry to the most heavy-duty home furnishing store in the home industry. With the development of technology and the continuous practice of the industry, the traditional home furnishing industry has also appeared in the new retail track.

   At present, the home furnishing industry has not yet seen a very new retail model like Box Ma Fresh, and each player is joining in different forms. On the other hand, this shows that everyone is still preparing. In the running state, everyone has the opportunity to become the ultimate winner of this trillion market.

  The number of new home retailers is increasing, there is no standard answer


  The most eye-catching performance of the home furnishing industry on the new retail track probably at the beginning of this year, Ali has joined forces with a number of institutions to invest 13 billion yuan in strategic investment, and a new home has opened a new home. The journey. Since then, the leading companies in this home store have started a series of changes in the format and channels with the help of the power of the Internet giant, and formally joined the fierce new retail war.

  The horn of the new home retail has already sounded before the two heavyweights formed an alliance, and not only limited to the home store field, but also has been simply combed. As the new retail winds become more and more fierce, many home furnishing companies are beginning to step in in various forms.

  According to the current understanding of Yiou Home, the intros can be divided into the following categories:

 &emsp First, subdivided brand enterprises

   From the time point of view, brand companies in various segments of the industry are most sensitive to the exploration of new retail, before the actual home, Brand companies such as Qumei, Orange, and Ou Shennuo started the reform of offline stores. After that, they also caught up with custom home furnishing companies such as Shangpin, Sophia, and so on. From then on, experience store, super store, smart store, flagship store A variety of offline stores have blossomed everywhere, and various sub-brand companies have set off a terminal store change under the new retail outlet.

  Second, home store

  As an important part of the home circulation system, home stores are more affected by new retail However, due to its heavy business, it is relatively difficult to change compared to brand enterprises, and the speed is relatively slow. At present, the home of the Big Three in the home circulation industry, Red Star Macalline and B&Q are all in the new retail field. The corresponding exploration is mainly reflected in the changes in the layout of the cross-border business and the wisdom of the store.

   Third, technology-based companies

   home businesses can not be separated from technology-based companies at the new retail track stand by. Technology-based enterprises develop new sign-off software, information management systems and other tools to provide basic technical assistance for enterprise development, which is also the core weapon for home enterprises to carry out new retail changes. At present, the top-ranking technology-based enterprises mainly include Cool House, 3D, Dress Up, and Ou Ruibo.

   Fourth, supply chain platform-based enterprises

   in the new home retail battlefield, there are also some enterprises from the perspective of supply chain Cut in, for example, the whole house, I am at home, home purchase, furniture masters and so on. These companies have a common label, the Internet S2b e-commerce platform, most of which are furniture soft-packing suppliers, and a small number include home building materials and home improvement, but the volume is not large but the development speed is not bad.

  5, living and home retail brand

   in other industries such as Box Ma Xiansheng, Yonghui Supermarket, Netease Strict Selection, etc. Under the new retail model, the home furnishing industry has created a number of lifestyle home retail brands, such as full house selection, millet products, Taobao heart selection, Suning polar things, living products, NOM and so on. These companies operate mainly in household items, such as clothing, digital, beauty, food, shoes, bags, etc., which are characterized by a wide range of products, including brand miscellaneous, consumer design, value, cost performance, etc. The aspect is better.

  6. Internet giant

   In addition, some Internet giants who are good at long-sleeved dances are not allowed to deploy in the new retail field. Neglect, such as Ali and JD. In addition to the capital assistance and layout of the actual home, Ali also participates in the self-operated offline store. In September 2017, Tmall launched the concept store in Hangzhou, “Hometimes Home Age”, which will be the real version of Tmall. Moved from the line to the line. Jingdong, through its cooperation with brand enterprises, uses its own big data advantages to empower enterprises to offline stores, such as Jingdong Qumei Fashion Life Museum, which landed in Beijing not long ago.

  Remove the coat, the core of the new home retail is digital transformation

   each company starts from its own advantages and In a distinctive way, the runway of the new home retail is instantly bustling. VR experience, shopping guide cloud screen, face login, cloud shelf, robot and other smart devices can be seen everywhere in the home store, dining, cinema, parent-child entertainmentThe layout of cross-border formats has become a new direction for home store renovation.

  The founder of furniture master Wang Wei told Yiou Home, whether it is the integration of cross-border formats or the rise of smart stores, the appearance of the coat wrapped in appearance, the core of the new home retail is only one That is, the digital transformation of the enterprise based on the technology layer, thereby promoting the improvement of industry efficiency and consumer experience.

  Enterprises bid farewell to traditional operating methods, using information technology tools to pre-populate user data, and through digital forms, visually and clearly see all aspects of data changes in the business process, such as user groups Characteristics, supply chain inventory, production costs, revenue, profit margins, and efficiency.

  Enterprises from design to production to sales, the realization of full-link digitalization is like giving blind eyes to the blind people who are touching the image, seeing their own information through the information feedback from each link. Advantages and shortcomings, timely adjustments, rather than waiting until the end of the middle of the year to calculate the general ledger know the company’s profit and loss situation is not known.

  The new guns in the long runway competition have just started, who can break through the laughter and finally come to a conclusion, it is still too early to conclude, but it is certain that the new retail The smell of gunpowder has spread in the home furnishing industry. Under the influence of the trend, traditional home furnishing enterprises will gradually move closer to the new retail transformation.

  In the future, the rise of new retail may change the business model of the company like WeChat and Alipay change the way the public pays. When it is really popular, the industry’s efficiency and consumer experience. It has also increased.


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Raw materials continue to rise in price, how should the furniture market respond?

In recent years, the price of furniture raw materials has risen sharply, and the prices of furniture, such as hardware, sponge, leather, fabric, paint, sheet, glue, spring, coconut palm, sideband, film, carton, etc., are the same every year. The biggest increase is the related products made of titanium dioxide and TDI. These bulk raw materials are greatly affected by fluctuations in the international market, and the price increase has a direct impact on sponges and coatings. For example, the main raw material sponge of soft furniture has been continuously increased by five or six times in one or two months in 2016. Since 2018, prices have continued to rise, and there is no market, out of stock, and no reservation.

In addition to sponges, every increase in the price of wood-based panels such as particleboard and MDF, which are the main raw materials for panel furniture, has stung the panel furniture manufacturing enterprises. Following the second and third price hikes of many paint companies in Guangdong this year, paint companies in East China after the National Day holiday also set off a price hike, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the production costs of furniture companies. For a long time in the past, the upstream raw materials rose once a year or half a year, which is enough to touch the nerves of the whole industry. Nowadays, the raw materials have risen several times in a few months, and even a few times in January have been strange. In the case of price hikes, priceless goods, first-hand delivery, and first-hand delivery have become “normal”, furniture manufacturers have different ways of digesting price increases, which also reflects different market competition strategies of furniture companies. The pattern.

Filling up, raising prices, hello, my good consumers are not good

The furniture manufacturer who made this choice, in the ” The wool is on the sheep, and it is a linear thinking performer that does not let the principle of losing itself. Raw material manufacturers want to raise prices. This type of furniture manufacturer is planning two sets of plans. The first one is to buy relatively poor raw materials. Consumers can’t see anything different from the surface. As a result, the furniture products that are distributed to the market are of poor quality year after year. Not only do they not feel that this is their responsibility, but they also evade their responsibilities when they encounter a complaint with a “what kind of price to buy what kind of goods.” Over time, consumers can only give themselves a psychological expectation that does not expect good product quality. The second option is to buy raw materials for price increases and then quietly increase the price of the finished product. Considering that consumers can’t accept a single product, they will increase the price a lot. They will use various packages, combinations, new products, and even various incomprehensible pricing methods to increase the price.

Together with raw materials vendors

The furniture manufacturer who made this choice, the first thing that comes to mind is not “wool out of the consumer” But how to achieve a win-win situation with raw material suppliers. This type of furniture company is a good collaborator with a user-centered thinking, a certain product quality, brand reputation, and the price of their products is mostly acceptable to the target consumers. They always attract a lot of raw material suppliers who have the same quality pursuit as themselves. When faced with the price increase, they discuss the countermeasures with the raw material suppliers, and also win a lower unit price due to the reliability of long-term cooperation, or they are much more expensive. However, raw materials with much better quality will get more guidance from raw material manufacturers in the production process, thereby reducing waste and loss of raw materials and effectively controlling costs. Some enterprises even have a win-win situation in which the total cost does not rise and fall.

Confidence in raw materials suppliers

Furniture manufacturers who make this choice give confidence to raw materials suppliers from the perspective of empathy. This type of furniture manufacturer is a leader who can achieve the top three in the field and has a huge potential for production expansion. In the environment where everyone is watching the “bad” market and the investment is relatively conservative, they realize that the demand of raw materials suppliers is a long-term growth of business sources, so they dare to innovate, dare to invest, and dare to take orders of raw materials beyond the supplier’s estimate. In this way, they can not only get the lowest price from the raw material supplier, but also give the other party the confidence to develop for a long time. “Be sure to believe, you can do it, attitude determines everything.” In the economic downturn, confidence is more expensive than gold. Who can be a little more active than conservative competitors, who can influence and drive a group of active upstream partners to catch up with the momentum, just like the spirit of the sword, “As long as you dare to brighten the sword, you will have a grasp of victory.” The furniture manufacturer is by no means a radical input. Behind their daring to invest is a strong market raw material monitoring and analysis capability that can effectively and reasonably control costs to achieve the best input-output ratio. As the cost of furniture manufacturing, the cost of raw materials, how to obtain lower raw material purchase price, as well as improve the utilization rate of raw materials and reduce the loss rate of raw materials, is the direction of furniture manufacturers’ continuous efforts. In the process of hard work, the way of thinking is very important, different ways of thinking form different choices, and different results will be obtained. In the context of rising raw material prices, the ability to control costs and control the most important costs will undoubtedly gain a huge competitive advantage. Behind the strong furniture industry, Hengqiang, this is the main reason.


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The development of the intelligent door lock industry has entered the blowout period.

   In the future, to welcome the spring of smart door lock development, smart door locks may need to be combined with other cat eyes, security products, smart intercom and other products to achieve stronger visual manipulation and remote control. The function of the door lock, this may soon usher in a big outbreak of the smart door lock market.

   With the quiet arrival of the smart home era, many users have begun to use smart door locks, but the spring of smart door locks has not come. Recently, a video of a “small black box” Tesla coil second break smart door lock was circulated on the Internet. In the video, someone held a Tesla coil in front of the smart door lock a few times, and the smart door lock was easily opened, just like taking a door card.

  This can frighten consumers who are hesitant to change smart locks! Why is the smart door lock so “not smashed”? Is its safety factor so unreliable? According to experts in the intelligent door lock industry, the door locks that are opened in the video are because some companies cut corners on the accessories in order to save costs and obtain cost-effective advantages in the market. It can be seen that the real smart lock is not opened by the second, and the security is still trustworthy.

   As the popularity of smart home, it should be the most extensive. The development of the smart door lock market in the past two years is indeed very rapid, but the market share in the door lock consumer market is not yet high. How long does it take for households to install smart door locks? What is the new form of smart door lock development in the future?

  The development of the domestic smart door lock industry has entered the blowout period, and the profitable market is only the right time

   The capital market is valued. As a smart home entrance, the development of smart door locks has also received many attentions. According to the 2016-2020 China Smart Door Lock Sales Information Sheet, China’s smart door locks sold 3.5 million units in 2016 and reached 8 million units in 2017. In the next few years, China’s smart door lock industry will With a growth rate of more than 50%, it will continue to grow at a high rate, and it is expected to reach 32 million units by 2020. In just a few years, there is such a high growth space, and it is obvious that the field of smart door locks will usher in a big breakthrough.

   At the same time, from the consumer market point of view, the market penetration rate of smart door locks is only 3% until 2017, which means that 97% of households have mechanical locks. Updated to the need for smart locks. Although the current development of smart door locks mainly provides products for the B-end, with the investment of capital, many smart lock brands are poured into the market, and the whole market is showing a thriving trend. At present, high-end smart door locks on the market, such as Cadiz, Cadiz, Deschman, Samsung, Luker, Spotted Cat, and Advantage Technology have achieved good results in the field of smart door locks. Users may accept smart door locks. Just a matter of time.

   It can be said that with the increase of the penetration rate of China’s smart door lock market, the concentration of smart door lock industry will be further enhanced, and consumer brands will gradually emerge. Smart door locks take advantage of the greatest features of their own security, and naturally can attract users to a certain extent to protect their own property. Although the current development of smart door locks is developing in a benign direction, there are still many problems that prevent it from being widely traded on the C side.

 The pseudo-smart door locks in the market are endless, consumers can’t easily place orders

  From the perspective of industry development, At present, because smart home has not yet formed a huge commercial ecosystem, the segmentation related to it, such as smart door locks, is in the transition period from traditional door lock to smart stage. In this period, there will naturally be many links that are prone to problems. For example, relevant data shows that the demand for smart lock panels in the market in 2017 is 10 million sets, but only 8 million sets are effectively supplied in the market; the market demand for smart locks is 9 million sets, and the effective supply is 8 million sets. . These data all point out that there is a serious structural demand gap in the smart home market, and the market capacity is insufficient.

   Due to the concept of hot speculation, many “pseudo-intelligent” products appeared on the market. Now there are a lot of affordable smart door locks on the market, but after all, it is a technical product, a penny and a piece of goods, although the cheap smart door lock can attract users to buy, but after all, the quality is not reliable, the appearance of low-priced inferior goods It also affects the development of the entire smart door lock.

   From the product itself, some users are determined to replace the smart lock with security considerations, and finally chose one, and found that it is not suitable for their own door. This is because the types of security door locks on the market are varied and the installation methods are different. The difference between the inner door and the outer door makes the smart lock adapt to most security doors on the market. It is a test of the strength of the manufacturer. one thing.

   Then the price problem, if you want to buy high-end models, the price must be more than 3,000; the quality of the cheap is not guaranteed, after all, these smart door locks still have core technology to guarantee It can be said that the price factor is also a major reason for consumers to choose smart door locks. Finally, if it is installed, the vibration caused by the frequent opening and closing of the door will easily lead to the failure of the smart lock. Maintenance is also a big problem. After all, professionals are needed.

   So for consumers, if these problems are not solved, it is a factor that affects users to buy. Smart door locks are the main security features, so companies should focus onTechnically, it gives users better protection. At the same time, smart door locks also serve as the facade. It is the key to good looks. The appearance is also the first factor to attract consumers’ choice.

  How does the smart door lock enterprise enter the C-side from the B-end and become a must-have item for hundreds of millions of users?

   At present, the development of smart door locks is still in a stage waiting to be accepted by hundreds of millions of users. However, many high-quality enterprises have been recognized by the market, and in order to truly let smart door locks enter hundreds of millions of families, it is still necessary to be multi-faceted. get ready. What may be lacking is a network red product to drive this market, but fundamentally, enterprises must have new points in terms of products, needs and services.

  Enterprises need to develop a variety of biometric technologies to promote the landing of smart door locks

   currently in smart door lock recognition The most used is fingerprint recognition technology, but if the fingerprint is stolen, or the user’s fingerprint does not recognize, etc., this is still a little risk. Therefore, enterprises should develop different types of identification technologies for users to choose, such as face recognition, voice recognition, etc., and the convenience and security of biometric unlocking will win consumers’ preference.

  Multi-angle mining consumers to buy smart door locks and scenarios

   Consumers want to replace smart door locks One considers the safety factor. For consumers with children at home, if the smart door lock can more intelligently identify the gender appearance of the outsiders, helping consumers to identify good or bad can naturally increase the desire of consumers to buy. At the same time, the brand can consider selling with the security door to help promote the consumer’s purchase decision-making process, in line with the consumer’s buying habits.

  Complete the after-sales service system to create marketing highlights with intimate service

  for users who purchase smart door locks, Worried about the maintenance problem, if there is a problem that can not be solved, it can only rely on professionals; and most potential consumers are very concerned about the installation, maintenance and other services when purchasing smart door locks, the brand focus on providing high-quality after-sales service, Reduce consumer buying barriers.

  The smart door lock market has great prospects, and the future is also a trend with smart cat eyes

   now smart door locks The development potential that has been highlighted has enabled many cross-industry giant-level enterprises to lay out the industry. For example, Xiaomi’s layout in the smart home field is maturing. With the maturity of the market, enterprises will increase their product promotion. Consumer brands will It will gradually emerge, and the demand for smart door locks will increase in the future.

   Smart door locks have such a good market prospect, and it is definitely not accidental, but inevitable. The backward things will eventually be replaced by more progressive things. Therefore, for smart door lock companies, sinking their products to ensure the safety and reliability of the door locks will be the key to winning in the future market competition.

   It is worth mentioning that there are still some smart cat eye products on the market. As an important item on the door and the door lock, the cat’s eye is stored in the same way as the door lock. Imagine if the smart cat’s eye is a networked camera, you can display the situation outside the door in real time in the display screen or mobile app in the room. You can even judge whether the person outside the door is a stranger or not. Dangerous behavior, when combined with smart door locks, can better enhance the safety of consumers.

   Therefore, in the future, to welcome the spring of smart door lock development, smart door locks may need to be combined with other cat eyes, security products, smart intercom and other products to achieve stronger Visual manipulation, remote control of the door lock function, which may soon usher in the explosion of the smart door lock market.


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Three-track sliding door, find out

The three-track sliding door, as the name suggests, is the sliding door of three tracks. At present, the common three-track sliding door made of aluminum alloy is so popular with the users. It has its advantages. What are the advantages of the three-track sliding door? The following small series tells you about the three-track push-pull. What are the advantages of the door and the three main points of purchasing the three-track sliding door.
What are the advantages of the first and third rail sliding doors?
1. The three-track sliding doors have many different styles, but there is not much difference in their functions. They all have separation and restrictions. The role of space finally limits the strength of the space, or the color, material and size of the three-track sliding door.

2, the three-track sliding door also has the function of blocking the line of sight. As for the degree of shielding the line of sight effect, it is also determined according to the transparency of the material of the three-track sliding door. Different areas have different requirements for visibility. When you divide a large space into multiple small spaces, you should not neglect the problem of lighting. The reading area requires a high degree of space, and the three-track sliding door should use light. Better sex.

3. The three-track sliding door also has the function of sound insulation. The three-track sliding door made of foam, sponge and fabric material has a certain sound absorption function. Therefore, three of these materials are installed indoors. Rail sliding doors can also play a certain role in sound insulation.

Second, the three main points of the purchase of three-track sliding door

1, in order to ensure that the two doors can be properly closed and staggered, there will be a three-track sliding door There are intervals, generally the external pulleys need to retain the interval of 15mm, but this interval will have a certain impact on the sealing of the three-track sliding door, so many three-track sliding doors are equipped with tops. It is best to choose a three-track sliding door with small spacing and tight tops, and pull the sliding door. The quality of the three-track sliding door with smooth and no noise is generally no problem.

2, then look at the frame of the three-track sliding door. Most of the three-track sliding door frames on the market are recycled aluminum and aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy. When you buy the three-track sliding door, It is best to choose the frame material of aluminum titanium magnesium alloy, the thickness of this material is more than 1mm, has a good toughness and a longer service life.

3, the door panel of the current three-track sliding door is mostly made of glass and plate. If the indoor light is not good, it is recommended that you choose the three-door sliding door of the glass door, not only to make the indoor light look It’s brighter and makes the space look more spacious.
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Tile paving method

Tile paving is a detailed work, and the construction materials and construction technicians have high requirements. No matter which aspect presents the problem, it is very simple to form a tile to show the empty scene. The danger of empty drums can not be underestimated, not only may the formation of ceramic tiles break, but even the entire tile will fall, and there may be items or injuries. How to reduce or even prevent the tiles from emptying? What are the requirements for tiling? I hope the following tips can help you. There are two main types of commonly used tiling materials: cement and tile adhesive. Cement, as long as the tiles are clean and the wall is strong, it is simple construction and the construction cost is relatively low.

Tile adhesive, that is, tile adhesive, is based on polymer as glue data, cement as gelation data. Very strong, but the wall flatness and level requirements are extremely high, so the cement mortar should be used to level the wall before construction, which increases the construction process and construction difficulty. If it is not good, it is very simple to form a tile wipe. The gray layer is hollow; the one-component adhesive which is blended with various functional additives is widely applied to the construction of various wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics, stone plates and other bricks, and is replaced by traditional cement + 801 glue. The production technology of on-site manufacturing, tile adhesive has strong adhesion, good construction, good waterproof and impermeability, strong anti-aging function, green and environmental protection, and does not cause harm to the surrounding environment of human body.

After the above-mentioned two kinds of more common materials for tiling, it can be seen that tiling uses tile adhesive to compare cement. It is not necessary to pre-water the tiles, and the sturdy and firmer ones are posted. 2mm, increase indoor space, save capital; skill request is not high; posting speed is 4-6 times faster than cement tile method, a worker can stick 48~90m2 per day, brick seam will not have residual slurry, brick surface is not Contamination; do not need to cross the plastic frame to fix the brick joint; can be posted from any orientation of the wall, the tiles do not fall; do not need a single piece of tile sizing, can be stacked together with multiple tiles. Therefore, the tile is made of tile adhesive.

1, to prevent excessive water absorption of tiles

When buying ceramic tiles, the main points of demand are to check the water absorption rate of the tiles. Place the water droplets on the opposite side of the tile to see how fast the water is infiltrated. In general, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile. The faster the water absorption, the more rare the density of the tile and the higher the water absorption rate. When purchasing tiles, it is necessary to select products whose water absorption rate is within the scope of the specification. If the water absorption rate is too high, after use, it will simply swell and then cause the appearance of the empty drum to fall. Empty drums: Empty drums caused by excessive water absorption of tiles, usually falling from the edge arches, often accompanied by the appearance of small, round cracks in the appearance of the tiles. The duty of such tiles is mainly in the manufacturer, not in the construction unit.

2, to prevent the tile on the reverse side of the pattern is too shallow

Tiles in order to fit the wall tightly, the reverse side usually design the texture. When the texture is deep, it can be ensured that the tile will not fall when it is partially separated from the cement mortar layer. Therefore, the best choice for the tile back should not be too shallow, too simple.

3. The best choice for cement is No. 325

At present, the cement produced in China usually has several labels such as 225#, 325#, 425# and 525#. The production of cement with different markings is in order to get used to the requirements of making different grades of concrete. The cement used for home decoration is usually 325. Because the decorative cement does not need to accept too much force, high-grade cement is not required. In addition, it is necessary to carefully distinguish the quality of cement and prevent the selection of inferior cement.

4, sand best selected sand

sand can usually be divided into four types of fine sand, fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand. Generally speaking, the thicker the sand, the higher the strength of the assigned cement mortar, but if the strength is too high, it will cause some unsatisfactory results, such as cracking on the ground with the leveling. The adsorption of too fine sand sand is not strong, and it is impossible to stick to the tiles with large conflicts.

5, cement sand ratio needs to be appropriate

In the home improvement, the floor tiles are usually dry-laid, when the cement sand is mixed according to a 1:3 share with a small amount of water distribution. For wall-washing bricks, the wet-laid method is usually used. The ratio of cement sand is mixed according to the ratio of 1:2 and then mixed with water. If the cement mortar is too high, it will cause excessive moisture loss after boring, forming a tile hollow.
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What are the placement techniques for the floor mat of the living room?

There are floor mats or step mats at the door of the house. In addition to the role of household cleaning, you should not underestimate this unobtrusive step mat, because the feng shui of a house is good or bad. It is by this stepping pad to shut it down. Then, where is the floor mat of the living room door? What is the placement technique?
The floor mat of the living room

1. The position of the floor mat of the living room door

1, if the gate is opened in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is golden, because the golden symbolizes noble and pure, and the soil is also available, and the soil (yellow) is gold. If it can be placed in this position, Gold, yellow or orange carpets can bring good luck and wealth, and can also increase children’s reading.

2, if the gate is open in the north, the color of the shipment is blue, gold is also available, gold (yellow) is raw water, because the north is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job Or to promote business, you can place blue or yellow carpet in the north of the living room, which is beneficial to the development of the cause.

3. If the gate is opened in the south, the color of the feng shui is red, because the south is a fire, and the wood and wood (cyan) are also available, so it is placed on this side. Red, purple or cyan mats can make your family full of energy and bring fame and fortune.

Second, the living room door mat placement skills

1, gold door mats

If the gate is opened in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is golden, because the golden symbolizes noble and pure, and the soil is optional, and the soil (yellow) is gold. If gold, yellow or orange carpet can be placed in this orientation, It can bring good people and fortune, and can also increase the reading and transportation of children.

2, blue door mats

If the gate is open in the north, the shipping color is blue, gold is also available, gold (yellow) Water, because the North is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to promote business, you can put a blue or yellow carpet in the north of the living room, which is beneficial to the development of the cause.

3, red door mats

If the gate is open in the south, the color of the feng shui is red, because the south is a fire, it can also be wood, wood (Cyan) raw water, so placed on the side of the red, purple or cyan mat, can make the family full of energy, bring fame and fortune.

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Analysis of the characteristics of the global sanitary ware industry

Modern sanitary ware manufacturing originated in the United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than one hundred years of development, Europe and the United States have gradually become the regions with mature development, management and advanced technology in the world sanitary ware industry.

Since the 21st century, China’s sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly, and product output and quality, design level and process level have been rapidly improved. More and more consumers are favored by domestic and foreign consumers.

At present, the world has formed three well-known brands of sanitary ware: Kohler and Moen Representative of the American brand; European brands represented by Grohe, Roca and Hansgrohe; Asian brands represented by TOTO, Huida and Wrigley.

With the technological advancement of the sanitary ware industry and the globalization of the industrial division of labor, the global sanitary ware industry has demonstrated the following characteristics:

One, the overall matching is becoming more and more mainstream

The series of sanitary ware products can not only be functionally coordinated, but also make consumers more comfortable in use, enjoy a more comfortable and convenient bathroom environment, and have a holistic style and design, consumers According to the different preferences and the environment of the living environment, we can choose the main series of products that are suitable for them, so we can better reflect the individualized life concept of consumers and meet the needs of their individual development.

In today’s increasingly rich material, people’s choice of products not only focuses on the “use” function, but also on the pursuit of more The “added value”, especially the enjoyment of artistic and beautiful is essential. Based on this, the series of integrated sanitary ware products not only make consumers satisfied with the “use” in the products, but also enjoy the “beauty” enjoyment, which will surely become the future development trend of the sanitary ware industry.

Second, pay more attention to bathroom product design

With the deepening of global integration and the in-depth integration of various cultural elements, consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance and texture of sanitary ware products, with a sense of modernity and fashion, and can lead the way of lifestyle Sanitary products are widely welcomed by the market.

In order to expand market share, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in the design of sanitary ware products, and have carried out with famous designers. Extensive cooperation, continuous innovation, and guide the development of global sanitary ware products to more focus on product design.

Third, production technology and craftsmanship continue to improve

The production technology and process level of the sanitary ware industry have matured and improved after hundreds of years of development, from product quality to production efficiency, as well as appearance, technology, design and other aspects have made great progress.

In recent years, the world’s leading sanitary ware companies have increased their investment in production technology improvement and process improvement, such as research and development applications. The new material prepares the pure glaze slurry, which makes various new glaze colors and models continue to emerge; equipped with high-efficiency new mechanical equipment and automated production line to improve production efficiency; increase research and development efforts, and apply modern technologies such as electronic control, digital and automation to In the sanitary ware products, the product function is more powerful and efficient, and the comfort and convenience of the sanitary ware experience are improved.

Fourth, product development trend of energy saving and environmental protection

In recent years, governments have increasingly realized that energy shortages and environmental pollution have seriously affected the development of social economy, promoted energy conservation and environmental protection, optimized resource allocation, and realized the concept of sustainable economic development. It has been widely accepted and accepted by all countries in the world.

At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more attention to health and comfort, emphasizing green environmental protection, in addition to product quality In addition to functional requirements, green products are more popular with consumers. Therefore, as a supplier of sanitary ware products, it is an inevitable choice to adapt to the trend development, improve production methods, and improve products with new materials, new technologies and new processes.

V. Industrial manufacturing base shifts to developing countries

Europe, etc. The country has been an important manufacturing base for global sanitary ware. However, with the continuous improvement of its labor costs and the influence of various factors such as industrial policy and market environment, internationally renowned sanitary ware brand manufacturers will gradually take the manufacturing process of sanitary ware. The shift to Asian countries such as China and India, where human prices are low, supporting infrastructure is perfect, and market demand continues to grow, has made these countries a globally specialized manufacturing base for sanitary ware products.


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How about the price of the induction faucet, is the sensor faucet easy to use?

Because the sensor tap does not require direct contact with the human body, it can effectively prevent Bacterial cross-infection; the advantages of reaching out to the water, leaving it off, etc., are very popular in the furniture and building materials market, and the sales volume is also very good.

How is the sensor faucet price, is the sensor faucet easy to use? ?

Induction faucet, It is through the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared rays emitted by the infrared emission tube are reflected to the infrared receiving tube by the shackles of the human hand, and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse electromagnetic After the valve receives the signal, the solenoid valve is opened according to the specified command to control the water output of the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring to control the faucet. Turn off the water. Therefore, the induction faucet is still more expensive than the ordinary faucet.

Automatic sensor faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection The hand of the human body is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, and the infrared ray emitted by the infrared ray tube is reflected to the infrared ray receiving tube by the shackle of the human hand, and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, and the electromagnetic valve receives the signal. Open the valve core according to the specified command to control the water output of the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring to control water.

Is the sensor tap easy to use?

Automatic faucet is through infrared The principle of reflection, when the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared rays emitted by the infrared emission tube are reflected to the infrared receiving tube by the shackles of the human hand, and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, and the electromagnetic After the valve receives the signal, the valve core is opened according to the specified command to control the water discharge of the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring to control the water shutoff of the faucet.

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The key to winning the range hood market: the wind volume wins, the wind pressure wins

With the characteristics of Chinese cooking stir-fry and more oil, the range hood has gradually become China The kitchen must be equipped with such a huge market, and the manufacturers of the range hoods that competed in the competition do their best to make great efforts in product research and development. Faced with the sudden emergence of central range hoods, other companies should grasp the precise needs of consumers, strengthen product innovation, and gain a foothold in this market full of opportunities and competition.

Image from “”

“People eat food for the day, words take food first.” As part of the living space, the kitchen carries the important function of “cooking” and is therefore called the “heart of the house”. Zhongyikang’s “2017 China Kitchen Electric Industry Research Report” shows that the kitchen power industry has been one of the fastest growing categories of home appliances for four years, and the market growth rate is obviously higher than the traditional home appliance industry.

where the range hood is used as a solution to kitchen fumes Sharp tools have become a must-have for modern home kitchens. In order to seize this nearly 100 billion kitchen power market, in recent years, all participating manufacturers of range hoods have done their best.

In order to increase the suction, some brands put suction It has achieved 23 cubic meters per minute; some brands have continuously adjusted the location of smoking to enhance the smoking effect; some brands have found a balance between the two contradictory elements of air volume and noise; some brands have begun to provide systematic solutions to join hands The company provides a central range hood.

So, the industry has a central range hood What is the evaluation?

Central Range Hood Span>

In the past, kitchen fume was sucked and drained By driving the motor of the household range hood, the rising soot is sucked into the hood duct and the public flue, and then discharged into the atmosphere. If the suction of the range hood in the household is small, it will suffer from the soot backflow caused by the blockage of the public flue during the peak cooking season.

And the boss’s central range hood has changed the residential tradition As a systemic product consisting of “host, terminal, power distribution valve, intelligent cloud platform”, the terminal in the household will no longer need to install the motor, instead of the public flue in the whole building. The top is installed with the main machine, which uses vacuum suction to suck the smoke from the residents of each floor out of the flue, and concentrates on purifying the kitchen fumes in the whole building.

Experimental data and actual use of residents indicate that this Compared with the traditional range hood, the efficiency of the bottom household exhaust is increased by 40%, effectively solving the problem of poor smoke exhaust. In addition, the central range hood can eliminate smoke and odor; the terminal machine reduces noise by 10 decibels; the residential fume composite purification rate reaches 99.5%.

Not long ago, Vanke Building Research and Engineering Acquisition The deputy general manager of the center, Du Jun, told reporters that “the central significance of the central range hood is to provide customers with a new solution to the dissatisfaction and worry about the soot emission problem, which can be solved at the product design stage. It is for Vanke, but it is a good solution for all companies selling decoration rooms.”

Home range hood four parameters are concerned

Compared with the maturity of home appliances such as TV and washing machine, the current kitchen appliance market in China is still in the stage of scale expansion. In the past two years, the kitchen appliance industry has been a fast-growing field in the home appliance industry. Enterprises have entered the market, and veteran manufacturers have promoted their own status. Under the new and old competition, the kitchen appliance industry has further shuffled.

The reporter learned that for consumers, the four parameters that need to be paid attention to at present for household hoods are air volume, wind pressure, noise value and motor power. The most important parameters affecting the smoke exhausting effect are the air volume and wind pressure. In order to effectively improve the smoke exhaust efficiency of the kitchen cooking fumes, it is common for consumers to purchase well-known brands with larger exhaust air volume and greater wind pressure. Range hood.

However, this has also led to a certain degree of “in arms race” in pursuit of the improvement of key indicators of range hoods. In June 2017, Wanhe launched a range hood with a maximum suction capacity of 23 cubic meters per minute. The industry bottleneck became the industry’s first 23-cubic large suction range hood. In A18, in 2018, Shuaikang also released a new wind cube hood with a maximum suction of 27m/min.

In terms of wind pressure, the reporter learned that since Fang Tai put the maximum static pressure on 650Pa, each After one year of technological breakthroughs, the wind pressure of new brands of mainstream brands such as Boss, Vantage, Siemens and Haier has exceeded 700Pa.

In addition to improving key indicators, there are also manufacturers in the direction of intelligence. In 2018 AWE, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Yunmi launched an AI Artificial intelligence range hood. Yunmi claims that this range hood is equipped with an artificial intelligence system with built-in image recognition. The camera function, the image recognition technique AI movable hood dynamic tracking, thereby controlling the suction hood according to size. (If the content of the article involves infringement, please contact our website to delete the service. Liability Editor / Li Yan)


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How to buy a carpet? What should you pay attention to when choosing?

Now the floor in the home is usually tiled or wood Flooring, the beauty of these two kinds of decoration materials on the ground is particularly good, but it is not particularly easy to clean, especially the sofa and the coffee table, which we often move, is more dirty, so it is very big. The family is willing to put carpets in the home to protect the tiles and wooden floors. There are a lot of carpet materials on the market, so what are the carpet materials, what are the carpet brands, and how to buy the carpets, let’s understand.

What are the carpet materials? /strong>

1.Pure wool carpet

China’s pure wool carpet is made of soil sheep wool. It has long fiber, strong pulling force, good elasticity and luster. The fiber is slightly thick and powerful. It is a good high-quality raw material for weaving carpets in the world. At present, some manufacturers have blended the wool of China’s soil with the imported wool fibers (such as New Zealand), and have achieved the characteristics of imported wool fibers with fine and lustrous characteristics. The pure wool carpet weighs about 1.6~2.6kg/m2, and is a high-grade decoration material for high-class rooms, halls, and stage. In recent years, pure wool nonwoven rugs have also been produced, which are pure wool rugs made without the method of weaving or weaving. Pure wool carpet is the most environmentally friendly carpet.

2. Blended rug

The blended carpet is made of wool fibers A variety of synthetic fiber blended flooring materials. The blended carpet is blended with synthetic fibers, so the price is lower and the performance is improved. If 20% nylon fiber blend is added to the wool fiber, the abrasion resistance of the carpet can be increased by five times, the decorative performance is no less than that of the pure wool carpet, and the price is lowered. Blended rugs are a type of environmentally friendly pure wool carpet.

3.Chemical carpet

Chemical carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet Such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polyester (polyethylene) chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet and so on. It is made of a synthetic layer of fibers by tufting or weaving, and then stitched to the bottom of the linen. The chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance and elasticity, and the price is low, which is suitable for the floor decoration of general buildings. Chemical fiber carpets are generally environmentally friendly.

Carpet purchase considerations

1. Material

Different spaces have different types of suitable, porch, we can choose the carpet for chemical fiber cleaning; in the living room, we You can choose a strong, wear-resistant carpet; in the bedroom, we can choose a comfortable, graded wool carpet or silk carpet; in the bathroom, we can choose waterproof, non-slip plastic carpet or non-slip mat [detailed]

2.”Number of tracks”

Handmade carpet, mainly looking at tufting The knot density is called “way number” in the industry. It refers to the number of latitude and longitude lines in the carpet per foot (0.3048m). The higher the number of passes, the more knots, the finer the tufting, the better the quality, the general room can choose 90 Road or 120 carpet.

3.” Label”

woven carpet , look at the label: National carpet label standards, in addition to the product name, trademark, but also indicate the fiber name, content, the quality of the pile on the carpet base (the heavier the better the pile) and special performance and other important information. Every 50 grams One model. For example, the quality of the pile is 6500 g/m2 is the 650. The higher the model, the heavier the carpet fiber, the more comfortable and durable.

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