In the summer bar, you have to experience the Bazhong Homestay

In Bazhong, which is only over 300 kilometers from Chongqing, it takes only about 3 hours to run at high speed. Bazhong is a beautiful place. It has both the magic of nature and the mysterious gift in the depths of the mountains. It has a red memory with a sense of history and a sense of freshness that belongs to this era.

It is a great choice for Chongqing people to escape from the city and stay away from the heat wave. To get to the heat of the city, you can stay in a star-rated hotel to enjoy high-quality services, or you can choose the special Bashan B&B to experience the custom-made northeastern style.

& ldquo;Bashan B&B Brand LOGO

“Bashan B&B means The middle-class residential houses in the northeast of Sichuan Province, with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and lakes, and the beautiful environment of the mountains and lakes, highlight the form, style, format, and ecology. The four sides are united, and the owners use the free-use rooms of their own houses to combine local humanities, natural landscapes, and ecology. , environmental resources and agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry production activities, to provide passengers with accommodation for rural life. “Most of the Bashan B&Bs are located in the beautiful scenery, beautiful ecological vegetation and quiet and beautiful environment. They are independent and private, and they are very private. They are the perfect place for forest recreation and entertainment.

& ldquo;Bashan Homestay is a public brand of Bazhong City B&B, and its certification agency is the Bazhong Tourism Development Committee. In order to let the tourists experience a high standard of living in the homestay, the relevant departments of Bazhong City carefully selected a number of homestays to recommend to tourists. If you are looking for these homestays in Chongqing, you must be sure that there are no mistakes!

【Yanxitang】(Authorized “Bashan Homestay)

Yanxitang is located in the scenic spot of Guangwushan Dam It is only a 5-minute walk from Dam Square and the rare botanical garden, and is separated from the ski slopes by a wall. Yanxitang Homestay is inspired by the natural landscape, culture and folk customs. It highlights the different flavors of the local B&B and provides visitors with a unique experience of traveling, watching the mountains and changing the mountains and enjoying the mountains. Yanxitang is a self-contained courtyard with a small number of standard rooms. The rest is a villa-style B&B. The layout of the courtyard is fresh, dynamic and quiet, and it is a place for tourists to stay. While enjoying the folk customs and enjoying the folk customs, guests can also experience the leisure and pleasure brought by the mountain spring bath spa, forest yoga, romantic bar and so on.

Address: Tieluba Village, Guangwushan Town, Nanjiang County

Tel: 0827-8116888

[Zhangjia Yard] (licensed “ Bashan B&B)

Zhangjia Yard, a courtyard house, is a typical traditional building in northeastern Sichuan. From the mysterious Feng Shui point of view: Zhangjia old house sits north facing south, and the gate is facing Wanshou Lake. The lake is agile, the wind is smooth, the door is in the shape of a funnel, collecting water and collecting money, and the gas is wide and wins; a road in front of the old house is open and smooth, which plays a role in the wind and water. The wind and water are exquisite: the right side of the rich family, the thicker the mountain, the Qianlong Tibetan front; the left side of the rich house is pollution-free, the big tree in front of the house, the wind gathers in the air; the rich house, the back is backed by mountains, layered, There is a steady stream of good fortune. The old house also corresponds one by one. This wonderful Feng Shui treasure land adds a touch of beauty to the Zhangjia old house.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 17311039698

[Bamboo Residence]

There are 4 rooms in Zhujing Residence, decorated mainly in China. The wind is the main one, and the names of the rooms are: Zhuzhu, Qinglan, Guanlan and Caibi. The first floor of the room is a casual living room, and the second floor is a bedroom. The design is simple and bright, with small objects of cute art, small retro decorations, fresh flower baskets, and free seasonal fruit. The style of each room is not the same, but the only thing that is the same is to live in the mountains, sweet dreams, and enjoy a wonderful life between the day and night.

The farmhouse is a must-have for the bamboo dwellings. The fresh green seasonal ingredients are prepared locally, and then cooked according to the unique health recipes of the host family. The dishes made are delicious.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 0827-5242078

[Lakeside People]

The lakeside home is located on the Wanshou Lake in Wanshou Health Valley.

There are 3 rooms in the courtyard, named: Shifeng, Wangchuan, and Suqian. The design is simple and generous but the highlights are frequent. The two rooms of Shifeng and Wangchuan are top and bottom duplex structures, one is a small living room and the second floor is a bedroom. Sustained as a standard room, the room has a large floor-to-ceiling window, looking out, it is “flowers open red trees chaos, grass long Pinghu Egret flying scene. The room decoration is a unique farmhouse culture, such as characteristic bamboo weave, fish-shaped ornamentation, lotus flower paintings, etc., which reflects a piece of red dust and pure land everywhere.

The lakeside dining is also unique. One meter and one millet are taken from their own gardens. Not only are they healthy, but the taste buds are also greatly satisfied.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 18096348333

[Tianxiang College]

Tianxiang College is located on the south bank of Tianxianghu Reservoir, a national health demonstration farm. It is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains and waters, and beautiful scenery. On the basis of the original earthen house structure and old house, the B&B has built a civil-structured antique building with a rural library, business office, conference reception, bed and breakfast, dining and entertainment.

Tianxiang College has the advantages of natural resources, surrounded by mountains, mountains and rivers, unique small basin natural environment and mountain microclimate, plus dense vegetation, surrounded by Tianxiang Lake series of reservoirs, fresh air all year round, It can be described as natural oxygen.

Address: Sanshe Village, Sancha Village, Wufeng Township, Enyang District

Tel: 13521077999; 13882421025

[Li Family Courtyard]

There are 60 acres of land, wooden doors and wooden walls, stone masonry dams, and a total of 24 houses. It is a classic pattern of villages in northeastern Sichuan. The Li Family Courtyard has a long history and is of high protection value.

The Li Family Courtyard is listed in an orderly manner. The overall outline of the door building is tall, the lines are light and the shape is quite beautiful. The traditional courtyard houses gather gas, and the modern facilities are grounded, especially the brick carvings, stone carvings, wood carvings, flower carvings and wrought iron ornaments, etc., all of which highlight the auspicious meanings of folk farming, Fuxing arching, and prosperity. 4 The holiday lodge also incorporates the unique Western elements of France and Russia, making the Lijia Courtyard’s artistic style of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges unique and ingenious.

Address: Hongdong Village, Shuining Temple, Bazhou District

Tel: 13308298656

【Eagle Vineyard】

Eagles Vineyard uses traditional Bashan houses“ In the courtyard mode, there are 50 guest rooms, which can enjoy privacy and tranquility. The dining area can accommodate 500 people at the same time. There are 4 private rooms, such as forest, sun and forest, so that guests can enjoy the meal in nature.

The Eagles Winery also has a children’s playground. The park includes bungee jumping, trampoline, rock climbing, space ring and indoor parent-child paradise to meet the needs of children of different ages. Facilities such as platform, sun deck and hammock allow guests to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. At the same time, the estate also has its own vegetable garden, ecological farming area, grape picking area and self-brewed wine cellar.

Address: Yinggezui Village, Minsheng Town, Tongjiang

Tel: 0827-7360001; 0827-7360002


Tea House is located in Mount Royal Tea Garden Center, quiet and elegant, simple and natural, surrounded by tea trees and green trees, pure air, dense vegetation, beautiful ecology and beautiful scenery.

Open the door and open the window to see the beautiful spring of the tea mountain, and the beautiful pastoral scenery of the green crops in the field. This kind of landscape makes people feel deeply. Do not miss this trip. Sitting in a small courtyard, you can enjoy a taste of the mountains, you can also personally experience the fun of making tea, and slowly enjoy this long-lost happy time, it is a pleasant thing.

Address: Royal Mountain View, Pingchang County

Tel: 18382888659

【Yuhu Peninsula Resort】

Yuhu Peninsula Resort is located in the drunken jade lake & mdash; colorful In the Long Beach scenic spot, the residents of northern Sichuan are scattered and full of nostalgia.

Here, you can take a leisurely stroll through the winding path of the lake and enjoy the beauty of the peach blossoms on the peninsula. The wind and the willow line will catch the beauty of Cangbo. Here, you can feel the lakes and mountains and the farmhouses. Here, you can wait for the time when the food is out of the pan, and you can enjoy the rare and pleasant; here, you can listen to the insects and birds by the wooden pavilion, or in the wind, in the sunshine and with friends and relatives. Lajiachang, all the best!

Address: Zishan Village, Changchi Town, Nanjiang County

Tel: 13537312300

[Colorful Four Seasons Hotel]


The Colorful Four Seasons Hotel is located Qingjiang colorful world, integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure. Whether it’s fresh fruit picking, horseback riding, fun play, or health and leisure, you can enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself here.

It is far from the hustle, dust and trivialities of the city, quietly feeling the tranquility and beauty of nature. Here you can experience the ancient farming culture and get the effect of keeping fit. The wooded wooden house here, seeing the forest in the house, is relaxed and quiet, and the natural sounds make up a wonderful lullaby.

Address:Qingjiang Colorful World, Towel Village, Bazhou District

Tel: 0827-5701666; 15528949772

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Four different differences between China and Japan’s overall bathroom

In recent years, the overall concept has brought new vitality to the home furnishing industry. Among them, “the whole bathroom has been raised for many years, but the time from concept investment to actual combat is not long. The overall domestic sanitary competition market is relatively simple, and most of the market is occupied by some well-known brands.

The origin of the whole bathroom comes from Japan, and the level has reached a certain height. However, the overall bathroom created by the specific national conditions is not fully applicable to the Chinese market. It has many differences with the Chinese sanitary ware. At this point, we may be able to see from these differences the reasons why China’s overall bathroom is not warm and the new trend of the overall bathroom.

The overall status is different

As the birthplace of the whole bathroom, Japan continues its originality and high quality guarantee for its products. It has been modularized for many years and has many product lines and consumers. The awareness is also high.

But in China, many bathroom businesses realize that “the whole bathroom is a big cake, limited to the conditions are not mature, the integration is not in place, the personality is not obvious, the current market is bigger than the actual, enter the residential market. Still a little difficult. Most consumers don’t buy it, and there is a smashing situation.

Different usage rates

In Japan, the overall bathroom usage rate is very high, with coverage of hotels up to 90% and residential occupancy up to 80%. China is generally suitable for engineering projects, and the overall bathroom is still a luxury. Most of them are still commercial projects, such as airplanes, hospitals, hotels, etc.

The overall domestic sanitary ware is still not enough publicity. Many people don’t understand what is the whole bathroom, or they know the whole bathroom but they seem to understand and ambiguous. Most of them think it is a full set of bathroom facilities. The so-called whole bathroom. On the other hand, the supporting service has become the soft underbelly of the whole bathroom. The whole bathroom only sells bathroom products. For tiles, walls and ceiling decoration, consumers need to purchase separately. Most of the test waters are “all-in-one sanitary wares, and only the bathroom products are sold in the store. In Japan, the awareness of the overall bathroom is very high, and the use of the product is also taken for granted.

Different space utilization

Bathroom renovation has always been part of the overall renovation of the Japanese construction industry. The overall bathroom appearance in the country of Japan, the primary purpose of the design is to meet the user’s bathing needs in a small space. Therefore, the use of the integrated bathroom for the use of space is the ultimate. The space utilization rate of each one is very high. Even if the bathroom in the home is less than 2 square meters, there is a corresponding whole bathroom to choose from. This feature makes the assembled whole bathroom popular in places where the average residential area is not high.

There are some differences between the domestic sanitary ware and Japan. It is not that the area is tight and the space is considered. The overall concept of the whole bathroom in the country is to integrate daily washing, makeup and bathing into a room in a limited space. It is as comprehensive, multifunctional and not cumbersome as possible, and has strong practicality and aesthetics and design.

Different design needs

The design of Japan is an independent space, generally a three-separated bathroom, which is quite different from the isolation of glass houses in China. In addition, the design of Japan is more in line with the preferences of local residents, such as elderly people who are suitable for sitting showers and young people who like lifting showers and sitting tables. Japanese people like to bathe in the bathtub with their children. They use a shower to clean their bodies before taking a bath. It is precisely for this purpose, as well as the need for insulation and anti-skid, the Japanese family’s bathroom space is integrated. bathroom.

Many domestic sanitary ware products are based on the imitation of foreign products. The lack of innovation is not in line with China’s national conditions. We should design products that meet the actual needs of our people. Knowing the function and use of each product can make better use of it, not just copying the album.

Editor’s note: Intelligent whole bathroom is a new trend

The emergence of the whole bathroom has accelerated the integration of bathroom products and the further development of the bathroom industry, while also saving the decoration time for consumers and energy. Over the years, the price of products has gradually declined from high-end luxury goods. On the other hand, under the prospect of rapid development of the Internet and technology, the overall bathroom will also develop intelligently.

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Counting the five most influential companies in the smart home field

With the development of the Internet of Things industry, the smart home industry is completely raging. Whether it is domestic or international, smart home has always been the focus of attention. In the face of fierce market competition and a variety of smart products, which companies can stand out and become the most influential companies in the smart home field? Let’s take a look at the list of the most influential internationalizations in the smart home field. enterprise.

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Big names have settled in smart homes, can Xiaomi hold the highlands?

In recent years, smart homes are no longer products that can only be seen at Bill Gates’ homes, along with people. The living standards are constantly improving, and smart homes are gradually becoming civilian. Strategy Analytics recently released a report on smart homes, which showed that the global smart home market revenue in 2017 reached $84 billion, a 16% increase from 2016’s $72 billion.

In addition, according to the research report, the 2018 global smart home market forecast shows that the total spending on equipment, systems and services in the global smart home will be close to $96 billion in 2018, and will increase to 155 billion by 2023. Dollar. It can be seen that the growth of smart homes is fierce. In China, Xiaomi can be said to be the leader in the field of smart home, but with the addition of giants such as Huawei and Ali, the market competition has become increasingly fierce, and Xiaomi’s smart home road has become muddy.

& ldquo; Big brand push, smart home this car is still stuck in the mud

In recent years, such as Ali, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. “big names have launched their own smart home Products, want to be among the best in the market. With the help of these big brands, although the smart home industry has achieved certain results, it does not mean that the industry has achieved rapid development. At present, the development of the smart home industry is still at a low speed.

The root of it is that it is difficult to eliminate its pain points, and it is difficult for the cake to grow. Now the cooperation in the industry has realized the “mobile + home appliance model”, such as Xiaomi and Midea, Meizu and Haier’s U-Home cooperation, but the cooperation between mobile phones is still not seen.

Nowadays, smart home has gradually become an industry consensus through mobile phone entrance. For home appliance companies, to build a smart home, it is necessary to connect with mobile phone manufacturers, and to manufacture mobile phones with natural advantages. For business, mutual cooperation is the best way to make smart homes leap forward.

Because, for ordinary people, when buying smart home products, they usually choose the best products of each brand, and rarely buy them in sets. However, major brands have closed their doors to build cars, and lack of sense of cooperation has made it difficult to achieve interoperability between products produced by each other. The inconvenience of use has led to a decline in the purchase rate, and it is difficult to enlarge the big cake of smart home.

Non-essential consumer goods, the price is not cheap enough. For the sesame oil and vinegar tea, smart homes are still on the fringe of enjoying data consumption, so people will fully consider the price factor when purchasing. Although many brands now adopt a low-price strategy in order to be more intimate, in most of these products, the price of most products is relatively high.

At present, the price range of smart homes is between tens and thousands, but the share of low-priced products is still relatively small, and this is not a necessities of life, which makes people’s purchasing power decline. For example, the smart table lamp has a market price of about 200 yuan compared with the non-smart table lamp, and the ordinary table lamp can be purchased only for tens of dollars.

The level of intelligence is not high enough to meet the needs of the public. People’s demand for intelligence is not only satisfied with automatic switching, but people need a more intimate and more user-friendly design. For example, the air conditioner can sense the temperature of the human body and automatically adjust the temperature; the rice cooker can have the function of automatic memory, cook rice that meets people’s tastes, and the like. The smart homes on the market are still not smart enough in the whole. In the later stage, major enterprises are still required to develop more humanized and highly intelligent products.

Technology needs to be optimized. Smart homes rely mainly on various technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, AI, etc. The development of smart homes to the present, the technology has been relatively mature, but there are still areas that need to be optimized, and some security risks have to be prevented. During the operation of the smart home, there may be a failure due to a program error in the background, which poses a potential danger to the user.

Smart home control equipment needs to be upgraded. At present, smart home has realized remote control of mobile phones, which provides convenience for people, but the control distance that can be realized still needs to be improved. In fact, controlling smart homes through mobile phones can only make those who are insecure or easy to forget. It is convenient. To truly realize the development of smart homes, it is necessary to develop a special intelligent control terminal. All products are integrated into one system for manipulation. In the follow-up development of smart homes, this is a major concern for manufacturers.

It’s hard to get rid of its own ills, and Xiaomi’s horrible banner

As the leader of smart homes in China, Xiaomi has its own breakthrough in technology and has formed its own set of ecology. Chain, but still can not avoid the common problems in this industry, in addition to the common problems in the industry, Xiaomi itself has factors that hinder its development.

First, the sense of innovation is not strong enough. Although Xiaomi is positioning itself as an innovation-driven company, from the perspective of some of its products, the shape is good and the function is good. It is not difficult to see the shadow of other products, lack of individuality, and it is easy to bring low prices of high-priced products. The impression of the substitute. Moreover, Xiaomi should expand its product range and apply its innovative consciousness to undeveloped products.

Just like Amazon made an echo speaker before, many companies have followed the trend, and it is obviously not advisable to build a speaker. Everyone wants to be the boss of the industry, but they lack the first person to eat crabs. The so-called innovation is not done by others. You are doing better than him, but you must learn to start yourself and do better. Xiaomi’s smart home types can only be regarded as relatively perfect, lacking ingenious products, and the same products are not badly made by other companies. Therefore, Xiaomi still needs to practice innovative ideas in order to win more market share.

Second isThe advantage of using mobile phones as smart home entrances is gradually disappearing. Nowadays, “connection” has become the key word of smart home. Whether it is products, standards, or products and people between enterprises, it is necessary to interact and connect, so that the cake of smart home can be made bigger. At present, the best entry to bring smart homes to the market is mobile phones, and the entry of smart homes with mobile phones has gradually become an industry consensus.

This is very important for Xiaomi. After all, among the many smart home enterprises, Xiaomi, which started with mobile phones, is obviously more dominant. However, with the development of the industry, Huawei’s first-step mobile phone brands continue to enter the smart home field, and this advantage of Xiaomi is gradually weakened.

The third is that there is no market for supporting smart homes. Through self-research, self-production and self-sale, Xiaomi has formed a closed intelligent home eco-chain and developed a smart home with more complete equipment. Although this system helps to build its own smart home brand, it ignores it. Consumer buying habits. Be aware that for the public, buying a product of the same brand is clearly a small probability event.

Smart home competition is fierce, how can Xiaomi break through?

The role of smart home in people’s lives will become more and more important, which means that there will be future areas. More capital is in place. Then, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how should Xiaomi respond?

First of all, establish a sense of cooperation, learn to “bring out and go out. Xiaomi now has cooperation with some home appliances and Internet companies, but there is still a lack of cooperation in “mobile phones+mobile phones”. In the research and development of smart homes, Xiaomi seems to have the idea of ​​single-handedly fighting from the beginning.

Xiaomi has formed a set of smart home eco-chains with its own standards through self-research, self-production and self-sale, but the smart home market needs to establish universally recognized industry standards, which requires major enterprises. Negotiate each other, achieve cooperation, and connect their products. After all, if a smart home wants to take off, it is obviously not enough to rely on the strength of a company, and the flowers will bloom in full bloom.

Secondly, truly implement the innovative concept and let your products do “new”. Now in product development, it seems that everyone has stepped into a strange circle and opened the product browsing interface of major brands. We will see that the products of each family are similar and lack new ideas. And the research and development of products, the important thing is, “new, only to seize the commanding heights of innovation, can attract more consumers. Of course, this innovation does not mean whimsy, but on the basis of extensive collection of public opinion, to understand the most needs of the public, so as to find out the lack of traps, research and development in a new field.

Finally, find new channels to further expand the market. At present, the smart home market is still relatively small, but if it can be further developed, it will not only bring more profits to itself, but also enhance its competitiveness. Xiaomi currently has its own set of smart home systems, plus IOT, the potential for development is greater.

If you can cooperate with real estate developers, you can install your own smart home products in the hardcover room they built. When the house is sold, it will be profitable by means of pumping. In this way, it can not only increase sales, but also further enhance its popularity, which will help Xiaomi’s development in the field of smart home.

Nowadays, technology has gradually penetrated into people’s lives and become a part of people’s lives. Coupled with the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, therefore, the prospect of smart home based on technology + home Can be expected. Under such circumstances, as the first millet to eat crabs, it can be said that it has taken the lead in grabbing the highlands, but the battle for market share is like a marathon. What is important is not who runs first, but who Can stick to the end.

Therefore, Xiaomi should try to settle down and take a good look at the problems that existed in the current situation and solve them in a targeted manner. Otherwise, in the increasingly fierce market competition, Xiaomi will be surpassed by the later survivors as long as it is a little lax.

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T5 DreamWorks welcomes the first incubator

On July 2, Shenzhen Smart Space Platform Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Space”) officially settled in T5 DreamWorks.

The head of T5 DreamWorks said that Smart Space is a start-up technology company with strong technical research and development capabilities. Its core team has more than 10 years of experience in industrial park information system development and digital operation. Providing consultative services for park planning and development, and helping park developers and builders to build smart campus infrastructure and application service platforms with great potential for future development. After the company settled in T5 DreamWorks, DreamWorks will be able to provide a full range of multi-dimensional incubator services, providing enterprises with all kinds of resource elements needed to accelerate innovation and development, and help enterprises to take off quickly.

The total area of ​​T5 DreamWorks is approximately 1919m2. A total of 196 workstations, public leisure areas, public meeting rooms, roadshow halls and tea & printing rooms are planned for small and medium-sized scale. Enterprise and accelerated team use.

In addition to the high-quality hardware environment, T5 DreamWorks also provides multi-level innovative resources for companies to settle in, such as Class creations, roadshows, face-to-face with investment institutions, global innovation through trains, study abroad & visits to famous companies. Help companies integrate innovative resources and accelerate growth.

In terms of incubation services, T5 DreamWorks provides corresponding supporting services according to the different stages of development of the enterprises. For example, for seed and burgeoning companies, T5 DreamWorks provides incubation/entry consulting and application, study abroad/foreigner entrepreneurship consulting, business plan writing, business model combing and even patent agency, taxation agency, legal consulting, business Registration and other services; for angels and growth companies, T5 provides entrepreneurship training, innovation ecosystem conferences, global innovation through trains, angel investments, FA services, industry exchanges, resource docking and other services; and for development and maturity Enterprises, T5 DreamWorks provide targeted corporate branding, policies and regulations, loan financing, credit financing, loan guarantees, mergers and acquisitions consulting, listing counseling and other services.

In addition, T5 DreamWorks will rely on Tianan Jinkong, a subsidiary of Tianan Digital City, to provide services such as fund-raising, resource-investment, and property rights in the company.

Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association unveiled in T5

On June 27th, Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Dongdu Intelligent Industry Innovation Development Co., Ltd. and Dongguan The opening ceremony of the City Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd. was held at T5. The aim is to jointly promote the development of Fenggang Town’s innovative industries, enhance urban quality, industrial transformation and upgrading, and coordinate development, and contribute to the achievement of a higher level of development in Fenggang Town.

Zhang Yaohong, Secretary of Fenggang Town Committee, Chairman of the City, Chairman and President of Urban Intelligence Group, President of Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, and Zheng Yaonan, Chairman of Dongguan Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Huang Dongsheng, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Jingdong Urban Intelligent Industry Innovation and Development Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yu Anding, Managing Director of Tianan Digital City T5, and Mr. Zhou Yanqing, Deputy General Manager attended the event.

Zhang Yaohong said at the opening ceremony that the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan District and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Under the strategic opportunity, the establishment of Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Dongdu Intelligent Industry Innovation Development Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd., let Fenggang enterprises have “intimate people, communication between government and enterprises” Communication has bridges and ties, and it is expected to play a role as a booster for promoting the development of Fenggang Town’s science and technology, filling shortcomings, and achieving higher levels of development at a higher starting point.

After the ceremony, the T5 International Conference Center held a forum to promote development, seek new ideas, and build a future Fenggang Entrepreneur Economics. At the meeting, Zheng Yaonan and other entrepreneurs conducted in-depth discussions and sharing on topics such as talent, transformation, innovation, listing in Hong Kong, and capital operation. Mr. Zhou Yanqing, deputy general manager of T5, gave a keynote speech on the ecological operation service system of the industrial park and introduced the industrial ecological operation service of Tianan Digital City T5.

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International four luxury bathroom brand introduction

As we all know, the sanitary industry has always been a high-involvement, low-profile industry. Maybe you know the bag luxury goods GUCCI, jewelry luxury SWAROVSKI, perfume brand Dior, but when it comes to bathroom luxury, what brand can you think of when you blurt out? Xiaobian search intestine scraping belly, rummaging the cabinet, left comparison right To present the following four luxury bathroom brands for everyone. (Note: The following rankings, in no particular order)

Laufen & mdash; Europe’s top ceramic sanitary ware brands

LAUFEN, founded in 1892, is a brand of sanitary ware from the Alps. In its more than 120 years of development, it has led the trend of bathroom design with its unique inspiration and passion. In the perfect cooperation with many famous architects and designers all over the world, we are committed to pouring our feelings and understanding of bathing culture into every product of Laufen, so that every customer can experience its perfection. Design and luxury unique product experience.

"Swiss Laufen" The name is as loud as a Swiss army knife. In its 123 years of glorious history, Laufen’s several acquisitions and strategic cooperation are particularly important, including: the acquisition of the Williamsburg and Gmunden plants in Austria with a history of more than 200 years of ceramic production in 1967; and 1991 Joined the Czech Zenoimo and Bechnee factories; in 1990, cooperation with famous design companies “Porsche Design”. These excellent production sites and partners guarantee the high quality of Laufen products.

In the field of technology, Laufen invented the most advanced injection casting method in the 1980s. In the field of production design, Laufen was invented in 1963. The world’s first wall-mounted toilet; in 1999, the first floor-standing basin Alessi Tam Tam was produced; in 2013, the revolutionary ceramic material —— blue diamond ceramic series was launched. At present, Swiss Laufen expands more professional production lines, including: sanitary ware, bathtub, bathroom furniture, faucet shower series and bathroom accessories, which basically cover the whole bathroom area.

In 2005, Laufen officially entered China. As the only ceramic sanitary ware brand in China that insists on local production in Europe, it leads the new trend of simple and luxurious bathroom culture with its elegant product series, allowing Chinese consumers to appreciate the new luxury bathroom life.

German Contemporary (Dornbracht) & mdash; Bathrooms Rolls-Royce

In 1950, Aloys F. Mr. Dornbracht founded the contemporary (DORNBRACHT) in Germany. After more than 60 years of development, German contemporary has become the world’s leading aristocrat. It is known as the leading company. Rolls-Royce leads the fashion trend and witnesses one after another. Miracle.

Remember the epoch-making faucet series — 2000 series? This is designed by Aloys F.Dornbracht at the age of 77 with his son Helmut. Amazing, it predicts the trend of the 21st century, reflects the modern design, no matter from which point of view, has a very smooth line. Today, at the coffee shop on the 54th floor of Shanghai Jinmao Tower, the bathroom is still using this faucet.

(Picture) 1969 DORNBRACHT designed “2000 series leading forwards reflect the trend of the 21st century

Germany Contemporary positioning is closely related to its high quality. The contemporary has always adhered to 100% original design style, no modification to the design drawings, and always adhere to the cooperation with world-class masters, each new product takes several years to come out, guaranteeing the luxury faucet standard. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, it has always cooperated with China’s top projects, with major customers being super five-star hotels and super luxury homes.

(Photo) Dornbracht has won the favor of the world’s top hotels with its excellent reputation and design. Its IMO series of bathrooms showcases the personal life concept that Beijing W Hotel respects.

(Photo) The LULU faucet that won the “IF Design Award” is uniquely positioned to break through the traditional straight line design and complement the peaceful and panoramic panoramic bathroom space of Park Hyatt Ningbo.

Currently, Dornbracht has only one factory in Germany around the world, and because it is not a listed company, Dornbracht can focus more on the quality and design of the product, even Smaller parts are also sourced locally in Germany, ensuring 100% German blood. Dornbracht can even be tailored to the customer’s requirements, which in itself gives customers a sense of honor.

Today’s Dornbracht not only incorporates design into the faucet, but also puts forward the idea of ​​”Culturing Life.” Through the nourishment of water and body to the body and mind, Dornbracht created the artistry of household goods, created a luxurious and elegant bathroom culture, and created an endless pursuit of elegant life.

GESSI & mdash; world-class superbrand

1992, Umberto · Czech Mr. Shi (Umberto GesSi) was founded in Gessi Spa on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, in the context of the stagnant development of the sanitary industry. Although only 20 years old, GESSI’s development speed is shocking. In 2008, GESSI’s sales have exceeded 100 million euros, 70% of sales are from exports, and currently employs 500 people.

For more than 20 years, Gessi Spa has focused on the design and manufacture of bathroom and kitchen and furniture items. Its unique production philosophy and groundbreaking product design have enabled GESSI to create a world-class super brand (The Superbrands Organization) in a very short time. Today, the Gessi brand has been recognized as synonymous with the world’s most extraordinary bathroom design and front-end technology, and its products have been widely used in world-renowned high-end hotels, spas, resorts, yachts and private homes.

Adhering to 100% GESSI made in Italy, GESSI products range from kitchen and bathroom faucets to advanced shower and spa systems; from bathroom ceramic ware to bathroom furniture; From bathroom softening to essential oils, more than 6,000 products create unlimited possibilities for kitchen and bathroom space. Whether it’s design and function, or sensory and usage considerations, GESSI gives the user and the space of their place the greatest attention.

Today, Gessi products have won numerous international design awards. In 2008-09 Gessi was selected as the Superbrands Organization, and in the same year, the famous red dot was won. Design Awards! Today, GESSI is highly regarded around the world as a super brand that has been successfully presented to the world.

Villeroy-Boch & mdash; European bathroom jewels

To talk about the sanitary industry today The long brand, Villeroy-Boch, deserved. Founded in 1748 in Europe, when most of the people were still working in the manufacturing industry, the Baohe family began to implement the early industrial production structure. Up to now, the enterprises created by the Baohe family and the Weiluwa family have been inherited for eight generations. As the company’s basic program has been used up to now, it has led the development and growth of Weibo.

In the 267-year storm, Villeroy & Boch always maintains high quality and cost-effective products, and 8 generations of family members continue to practice in product innovation, although early Europe There are no innovation awards, but Weibao has won numerous awards at numerous international exhibitions and trade shows. Undoubtedly, the charm of Villeroy is derived from its innate artistic talent. Since the mid-19th century, Villeroy & Boch has cooperated with artists, drafters and designers from all over the world. Helping Villeroy & Boch International further sing internationally in various fields such as product aesthetics, fashion trends, and life concepts.

In 1846, as a porcelain supplier that has long been known in Europe, Villeroy & Bolton opened up a whole new field &mdash at the request of the market; the German Villeroy tile production business started. With its high quality and exquisite design, Viveyard Tiles was quickly applied by various commercial sectors at the time, such as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Metro in Hamburg, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Brazil, and the tunnel under the Hudson River in New York. Qingdao’s German clubs, etc. In addition, the Titanic’s first class of magnificent, elegant and elegant tiles is derived from the Villeroy "Mettlacher Platten series.

In the second half of the 19th century, the demand for hygiene became more and more demanding, when the two leaders Eugene · Eugen Boch and Alfred &middot Alfred Villeroy began to realize the business opportunities hidden in private bathrooms. Since then, bathroom tiles and wash basins have been put into production, and Villeroy & Boost has also begun to introduce the concept of a private space such as a bathroom into Europe. In 1975, Villeroy & Bochco worked with the world-famous “Design Geek Luigi” and “Luigi Colani” to create a brand new bathroom concept that is people-oriented and based on human needs. Today, Villeroy & Boch is still persistent in providing and advocating a comfortable and high-end European lifestyle concept

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How to join Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet? Cloudtoken Li Yi teacher to answer

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

What is Cloud Token Wallet?

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital asset deposit balance has revenue

Cloud Token is the world’s first Save the mainstream currency, the wallet of the mainstream currency

is the balance of the mainstream currency of the blockchain

How does the Cloud token wallet operate?

A: Registration A CloudToken wallet

A wallet with a planned trading system (free of charge)

How do I start a joining plan to get revenue?

A: Then you must first deposit the market value. Mainstream currencies above 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on. There will be more and more mainstream currencies (more and more in the future, and dozens of mainstream currencies will be launched in the future). Join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots. High-frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage in major exchanges.

What if I don’t have a mainstream currency?

A: No partners Going to major exchanges around the world to buy some mainstream currency transfers, in the era of this blockchain digital currency mainstream currency long-term holding, then Cloud Token wallet is undoubtedly your best choice, deposit coins to generate coins, wealth multiplier!

How long does it take to join the program?

A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the different prices of the major exchanges 24 hours a day, and generate high-frequency quantitative transactions. Join the plan and get profit every day!

How is the revenue generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All proceeds are calculated in CTO currency, CTO currency can be used at any time. Directly converted into Ethereum currency, Ethereum currency can be redeemed at any time without restriction, can also be sold to the person who wants the coin! Static income and shared income are settled daily by CTO currency, the current CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, the end will be Up to $50 & mdash; $60.

How is the cloud token static revenue?

A: Cloud token static monthly income is between 6% and 12% (not counting CTO) Value-added income of the currency)

When can I return it?

A: I didn’t go back to this book. The money that I transferred to it was saved, just like the money in the balance treasure. I always control it at my own time. My own currency is my own, and the capital gains are free to enter and leave!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cloudtoken

1. Technical Director is Ronald Aai, Asian Blockchain Genius, 4th Founder of blockchain technology BBS. Can be found in the BBS official website and Facebook,, the technical strength is super strong, have done technology for many quantitative projects on the market, and have many years of successful experience.

2. This is the first DAPP in the world to put a blockchain browser into the wallet. The first one is to develop a chain wallet with a cross-chain function. All the data is run on the public chain. The data is synchronized with the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the future, thousands of digital currencies can be stored simultaneously. The data of the centralized application is open, transparent, fair and just, and cannot be tampered with.

3, background quantified data, true transparency, how much to buy, how much to sell, which exchange to go to, at a glance. All coins are on the public chain, keys, mnemonics, Google Verifiers are equipped, and no one can turn away, open, safe, and transparent.

4.Cloudtoken cloud wallet technology highlights

1 The world’s first chain of wealth management wallets, all users are independent addresses on the chain, open, transparent, not only can see individuals Wallet data, you can also see the public management address data of the project side and the data that is involved in the quantification of the exchange. It is really reliable, no routine, and the quantitative data can be queried!

2Reliable independent hematopoietic ability, quantify intelligent robot JARVIS Super Black Technology, the original technology team has a year of research and development results, the average financial income reaches 20%-30% on the day

3 chain financial transactions, the robot directly to the top ten exchanges, the proceeds From the exchange directly to the chain financial account, without any third-party personal or institutional accounts, ensure security!

4The real decentralized wallet, each user withdraws from the plan to withdraw coins, directly through the chain , the node confirms the extraction, not through the background to accept the instruction, non-manual transfer! Really decentralized wallet, the entry and exit address is the same.

5. Real-time settlement, calculate the revenue according to the confirmation time of each node, and the settlement time of each person’s account is different. For example, if the plan is successful at 12 o’clock, it will be the automatic settlement income at 12 o’clock the next day. 3 points to join the success of the next day 3 points automatically settle the proceeds, only the use of blockchain technology can achieve this function.

6. Our deposits are all on the main chain. Every deposit can be seen clearly, knowing where your assets are going and what to do, and fake wallet deposits and withdrawals. They all manage the system in the background. After entering, they don’t know where to go.

7. Speed, other background app, the background management is to give the electronic currency, which is dialed inside the LAN. It is impossible for the blockchain to do the second. You deposit the currency into the other. Inside the wallet, actually the coin has arrivedThe address of a certain project has gone inside.

Our dapp, you deposit it in the public chain, any mainstream currency, there will always be only one address in the blockchain, when you are After the DAPP wallet is stored in the mainstream currency, you can go to the mainstream currency public chain to check it, always on the public chain.

8. Other wallets have thresholds, such as depositing 1000 dollars and 10,000 dollars. Inducing everyone to save big orders, we have no Cloudtoken, fair to everyone

9. Other wallets are fixed income according to the funds deposited at the time, is it like a fixed return? Really quantified It is distributed according to the real-time value of your assets. Today, your asset value is 9000, calculated at 9000, and tomorrow’s value is 10,000, calculated at 10,000.

10. The project has just started. On May 12th, Thailand launched the global conference. Buffett is the financial tycoon Jim Rogers platform.

World premiere, USA, Japan, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions simultaneously launch …

Ten recommendations for CTO :

1. Adhere to at least one person per day and stick to one month!

2. The early stage is a cumulative process, not looking at the benefits, only paying.

3, any hard work is worth it, the team is fissured, and the CTO soars, you understand what it is to earn.

4, don’t give up halfway, because no project will be easier than CTO. Marx said: People who are used to giving up are hard to succeed in their lifetime.

5, do not have any projects for three months, do not say that you have done the project.

6. Use free time, do not affect normal life, and promote it when you have time.

7. People who do projects on the Internet tend to believe this more easily than your friends and family.

8. Don’t just stare at one person and waste time. This is not the next one. The most important thing in China is people. The next one will always have surprises.

9. After the recommendation is successful, you must put the member church. He is your Maxima. Let him work hard to form his own team and bring him money so that he can trust his trust in you.

10. After the recommendation is successful, this article will be sent to your members.

Buffett said: If you don’t have a profitable channel, you will always be busy working to die. [Struggle] [Struggle] FN has been three years, ICC is almost two years old, CTO has continued to benefit from pipelines for five years!

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link:

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

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One-on-one tutoring you to download, register, invite you to enter the study group so that you can learn more in all aspects

(Disclaimer: Articles and images are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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At present, there are four major misunderstandings in smart homes, and development needs to return to the essence.

Image from "Oriental IC

Smart Home The understanding and development need to abandon the misunderstanding and return to the essence. In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system.

After a period of incubation and concept popularization in previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into people’s daily lives, and constantly refreshed users’ perceptions and experiences of “smart life”. Finance, medical, education, decoration, media … … as long as we can think of the industry, are actively achieving integration with artificial intelligence technology, and most people are most concerned about the smart home industry, many " Daniel also predicts that smart home will become the next slogan. How much do you know about this industry?

First, the cognitive misunderstanding of smart home

Smart home appliances=Smart home

Nowadays, the development trend of the smart home industry is fierce. Many merchants have tried their best to make their products and “smart” words on the side, so many consumers mistakenly think that smart home appliances are smart homes, but they are not. Take the smart TV, it is essentially different from the smart home, because compared with the traditional TV, the smart TV is only based on its function expansion and upgrade, the variety of programs is more diverse And it can play the role of a game console, and can also install and uninstall various application software to meet the more diverse consumer needs of users, but from The quality, it can only be regarded as an integral part of the smart home, or a smart terminal, like smart phones, we are not able to equate with the smart home, so smart appliances & ne; intelligent home.

Smart Furniture = Smart Home

Artificial intelligence technology is more and more developed, and has gradually landed from the conceptualization stage, so many industries are trying to marry with intelligence, because many people There is still a blind spot in the understanding of smart homes, so it is easy to confuse smart furniture with smart homes. In fact, smart furniture is just a combination of intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence, IOT intelligence and traditional furniture. When using smart furniture, users can give full play to their subjective creativity, such as according to their own preferences and family spatial characteristics. Furniture is freely combined and matched, and smart home is a whole concept. It is a system that integrates lighting, door locks, curtains, home appliances, security and other equipment in the home through technologies such as the Internet of Things, so smart furniture & smart home .

Smart Home = Chicken Ribs

When it comes to smart homes, many people like to use “small ribs to describe it” and feel that it is a tasteless taste, a pity, and think it is not The six-character mantra that conforms to the good product, first of all, it is not a rigid demand, because for many people, it is dispensable, barely counted as “pseudo-demand”; secondly, it can not hit the pain points of consumers, Because many smart home items on the market help users solve problems, they also bring a lot of troubles. It can be said that they are not smart enough. For example, after the sweeper has finished cleaning, the owner has to manually clean the dust box. Originally, the map saves trouble, and the result is that it is gray; in the end, it does not meet the high frequency, because the frequency of product replacement is too low.

If smart home products want to detonate the market on the C side, it seems that there is still a long way to go before changing the situation. In fact, the emergence of new products and new technologies will have a “starting stage” at the beginning, but the market and users are the best touchstones for products. They will not tolerate products that have not completed the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. When this gap is crossed, it is difficult to open the market from the C side. In fact, from an objective point of view, for an emerging industry that is still in the exploration and development period, it is obviously irrational to give it a “chicken rib” hat, whether as a visitor or a consumer, we are all There should be confidence in artificial intelligence technology and the smart home industry, allowing them to grow and mature in stumbling.

Smart Home = Luxury Luxury Home

“ Smart home prices are too expensive, low-income families can’t afford it, we just wait and see, mention smart home, many people will have This kind of thinking, I think that smart home products can only appear in TV dramas or families of rich people. Actually, from the current stage, the reason why smart homes are still not popular, there are indeed price factors, but simple and rude. It is an irrational view to link it with the words “rich people, “luxury houses,” luxury goods, etc. The popularity of any new thing will have a phased process, just like when the car first appeared, we would feel it away. I am very far away, but now I don’t think so.

Second, what is smart home?

In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system, which itself includes many subsystems, such as security systems, lighting systems. , background music system, electrical control system, door and window control system, home network system, home theater system, etc., it can use integrated wiring, network communication, security, automatic control and other technical means to achieve home facility integration, thereby building a safe, Efficient and intelligent management system creates a comfortable, warm, comfortable and convenient living environment for users, thus improving the comfort and safety of users. On the platform of smart home, you can realize the home appliances according to your own needs. And remote control of doors and windows, you can also personalize according to your own preferences. (*This articleThe source and source have been marked, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Dijon Street Dance Little Spokesperson Vol.3 National Finals Successfully Ends in Chengdu

On June 30th, Dijon Street Dance was held at the SM Shopping Plaza in Chengdu. The third small spokesperson event ended successfully. According to reports, “small spokespersons are one of the three major brand activities of Dijon Street Dance each year, with the aim of selecting spokespersons for each training center in the country. The third small spokesperson who finished this year in Chengdu joined the national finals and gathered the spokespersons of each training center in Dijon Street Dance to Chengdu to compete for the general student spokesperson.

The small spokesperson activities are played in the form of individual shows, which is different from the regular face-to-face fighting dance and dance performances in the street dance competition. According to the staff, the original intention of the small spokesperson competition system design is to enable the students to experience the experience of being a small idol more deeply because of the dance, which will be more impetus for cultivating the overall quality of the students.

The birth of the first national spokesperson

The preliminary speech of the little spokesperson is in Dijon Street Dance National 14 training centers were held separately, and the participation of over a thousand people also represented that parents are paying more and more attention to the comprehensive quality of children.

After four levels of screening, the fourth grade champion of Dijon Street Dance finally came to the fore and won the honor of the annual “third spokesperson”: Dijon Street Dance Chongqing Xicheng Tianjie Center – Hu Xinyu, Chengdu SM Center – Zheng Wenyue, Chengdu Jinniu Kaide Center – Li Yizhen, and Zeng Yi of Chengdu Fortune Center. Four students represent the national spokespersons of their respective grades.

(Photograph of the 4th Annual Spokesperson of Dijon Street Dance Spokesperson)

(Photographed by the small spokesperson of Dijon Street Dance)

The same students who received other awards on the same day: Angel Smile Award winners – Chen Hao, Xie Yutong, Zhongye Qihai, He Junxian; the most creative costume winners – Jie Zhilin, Yang Yuqi, Dai Yuhaozhe, Yang Lan; family style award winners – Xi Mingyang, Ai Jiejie, Tang Ziyang Dai Daizheng; wind prize winners – Lu Kaidi, Li Anni, Liu Chengwei, Wang Junjie; potential spokesperson award winners – Wu Yipei, Luo Yiyi, Ma Peixin, Wu Junxing.

This competition is a form of parent-child fashion show, which strengthens the children’s experience with the parents to experience the fashion trend brought by street dance, and further deepens the understanding of the street dance culture.

Leading the West Street Children’s Street Dance Education Trend

Since last year, there have been many mainstream TV media and online media platforms in China that have launched different forms of hip-hop variety show. In the current environment of the parents of the children, mainly in the 80s and 90s, the street dance movement has gradually become a popular choice for parents to choose comprehensive quality training for their children.

“ Dijon Street Dance Little Spokesperson is one of the three major brand activities of Dijon Street Dance, the purpose is also Give your child a stage to show their comprehensive qualities with dance as a carrier, so that children can have an idol-style stage experience, thus helping children to grow more confidently and happier.

At present, Dijon Street Dance has 14 direct training centers in Chengdu and Chongqing. As the largest children’s street dance training institution in Southwest China, Dijon Street Dance has been committed to promoting the development of the industry and giving children to the southwest. We feel the benign help of street dance education on the growth of children. This is a company that hopes to pass the children’s street dance education, “Let China have more children who are happy and happy because of street dance, so that the children can truly achieve happiness through dance, confident enough” .

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Thousands of people steel ceremony | Congratulations on the 8th China Steel Cooperation Development Exchange High-end Forum ended successfully

On March 20, 2019, the 8th China High-end Forum on Steel Cooperation and Development Exchange was held in Linyi, Shanxi. A total of 1,000 elites from the steel industry gathered from experts and scholars in the metallurgical industry, leaders of the association, equipment suppliers, and leaders of major steel enterprises and leaders of various sectors. The forum was hosted by China Equipment Management Association, co-organized by Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Hefeng Jiahui Electrochemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., China National Equipment Management Association Metallurgical Industry International Cooperation Service Center, Beijing Guolian Video Information Technology Co., Ltd., China The metallurgical industry network, the metallurgical craftsman WeChat public platform hosted, the National League resource network tracked the broadcast of the conference.

The theme of this forum is “Artificial Intelligence Green Development, Transcendence, China Equipment Management Association, Metallurgical Industry” Ms. Cui Lili, International Cooperation Service Center, was the host of the forum. Mr. Niu Changwen, Vice President and Secretary General of China Equipment Management Association, and Mr. Zhang Tianfu, General Manager of Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., delivered the opening speech.

Mr. Li Xinchuang, Vice President of China Iron and Steel Association and President of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, gave a keynote speech on “Green Intelligence Promotes High Quality Development of Steel”. Dean Li pointed out that 2019 steel is only environmentally friendly. If it is not loose, it will implement the most stringent “ultra-low emissions, and the pressure of environmental supervision will continue to increase. The advantages of artificial intelligence in the steel industry will be significantly improved.

Mr. Shi Hongwei, Deputy Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Association, Shanxi Hefeng Jiahui Electrochemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Tang Tianfeng, deputy general manager, Mr. Liu Bo, deputy general manager of Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and more than a dozen experts and leaders respectively interpreted the macro policy, survival status, future intelligent development trend of the steel industry around the theme of the forum, and the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the steel industry. Conducted a full range of extensive exchanges, analyzed the successful cases of famous steel enterprises, and promoted the further development of China’s metallurgical industry green & intellectual development, and also promoted in-depth cooperation in various fields of the industry!

During the forum, coking, sintering, lime, iron and refractory materials, steel making, steel rolling, dust removal, ultra-low emission, remanufacturing Many special events such as metallurgical solid waste treatment were held at the same time. During the same period, more than 400 delegates under the leadership of the organizers visited the co-organizers Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Quwo County Shuguang Coking Co., Ltd. and Shanxi CITIC Jinshi Industrial Co., Ltd.

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