China’s ceramic tile market is full of fierce competition under the international wave

Under the wave of internationalization, the domestic ceramic tile industry has never been a single regional development. As a traditional building materials industry, the struggle between foreign brands and local brands in the ceramic tile market has never stopped. With a large population and huge consumer demand, China is also ravaged by many foreign brands. From the beginning to the end, the market is in full swing and the ceramics industry has a strong smell of gunpowder.

Under the new economic normal, the ceramic industry’s “gunpowder flavor is more intense than ever, except for the domestic brands’ competition for the development of the land.” Foreign brands are also eyeing. What’s more, consumers’ trust in foreign brands is better than their own brands. The current situation is grim, and local tile brands are the time to reflect on themselves.

Foreign ceramic tile enterprises enter the domestic market, and the impact on local ceramic tile enterprises can not be described as small. Therefore, local ceramic tile enterprises at this moment need to improve their R&D strength and brand effect. Get the chips that survive in the tile market. In the future market environment, brand marketing will become the mainstream of the entire ceramic tile industry. Local ceramic tile enterprises need to make their own brands familiar with consumers through various channels, and establish the image of the ceramic tile brand in the hearts of consumers. The long-term development of China’s ceramic tile industry.

Local tile brands actively learn from experience

In terms of brand building, local ceramic tile companies need to learn from foreign ceramic tile brands. In terms of the need for local tile companies to accumulate network resources in the process of development, on the other hand, ceramic tile companies need to invest a lot of financial and human resources in publicity. For example, in the CCTV golden file for advertising, although many people are now using the network, but for some third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas, TV is still the mainstream, high-frequency broadcast, often won a good reputation.

Of course, for local ceramic tile enterprises, it is necessary to combine the development of the enterprise itself to formulate a propaganda model suitable for the enterprise itself, and must not blindly copy other people’s successful experiences, otherwise it will be counterproductive. . It is believed that through such efforts, in the future development process, more local ceramic tile enterprises will not only be able to firmly occupy the domestic market, but also be able to go out of the country to shine.

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South Korea’s furniture industry is a rare surge: 503.3 billion won a 9-year high or the IKEA effect

According to data released by the Korea Statistics Office on the 1st, Korean furniture sales in 2015 were 503.3 billion won, up 7% year-on-year, the highest in nine years. recording. This is a rare surge in the Korean furniture home industry since its maturity in the 1990s.

After entering the 21st century, the Korean home furnishing industry has not shown a clear upward trend, and it has continued to regress between 2007 and 2009. Since the Swedish home furnishing brand IKEA entered the Korean market in December 2014, the Korean interior decoration industry has become active. At that time, the huge price and number of offensives of multinational corporations might impact the concerns of Korean local furniture companies. Many people opposed IKEA’s landing in South Korea. However, in response to the huge impact of IKEA, Korean local furniture companies have developed new market strategies to create new brands and competition in the furniture industry and other fields.

In 2015, IKEA sales in South Korea increased by 300 billion won. More than the industry expects, sales of large local Korean home furnishing companies such as Hanssem, Livart and ENEX will also increase significantly.

In addition, the popular variety show “Old Home New Home” and the active real estate transaction market in 2015 are also considered to be the main factors driving the growth of the Korean furniture home industry. (Source: Global Times)

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The world has set off a “whitening LED” to change the tide

The Climate Group, which is committed to a low-carbon economy, made a high-profile decision at the New York Climate Week Conference hosted on September 27th. Ten Years of Vision: To turn LED lights globally within a decade. Halve the consumption of public lighting energy. The great dream of the environmental school, the commercial giant Philips appeared in solidarity, and launched the name “LED=Low Emission Delievered” to achieve lower emission activities, and tailored solutions according to local needs to speed up the local government “LED rhythm, Actively implement the replacement of 350 million street lamps in various countries into LED lights in 2025.

This is not a joke.

The Climate Group announced at the conference that the Support The Big Switch, which was completed in two years, pointed out that the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, India, Taiwan and China have been in many countries around the world for many years. The replacement of public street lights for LEDs has been designated as a key development project. The report continues to track several of the 12 cities participating in the climate organization’s global LED streetlight test, including New York, London, Kolkata and Sydney. This test was coordinated by Philips Lighting.

 LED is currently the most cost-effective, most mature and easiest to implement green lighting solution. At present, the technical barriers for replacing LED lights have all been overcome. If all the lights are replaced with LED lights, the global annual lighting power demand will be halved, and carbon dioxide emissions will be 735 million metric tons, equivalent to the total carbon dioxide emissions of the UK and Spain. With the development of cities around the world, the number of street lamps is expected to reach 350 million in 2025. Local governments, hydropower institutions and financial institutions should work together to replace existing street lights into LED street lights by 2025 – or equivalent. Low energy technology. Mark Kenber, global CEO of Climate Group, was eloquent at the meeting, confirming with all kinds of facts. “The future of ten years is not a dream. The world has already invested in the LED revolution.”

“ New York City’s reloading program is the largest in the United States, and is currently undergoing a replacement of 250,000 LED street lights. As of 2017, the City of New York will be able to save $14 million in energy and maintenance costs. If every outdoor lighting in the United States is replaced by LED lights, the United States will save $6 billion – and the carbon emissions will be equivalent to the emissions of 8.5 million cars.

In 2013, Los Angeles began to replace up to 140,000 LED street lights. According to the report, in 2014, Los Angeles reduced energy consumption by 63% and saved $8.7 million. Now, Philips Lighting will help Los Angeles upgrade to “Smart LED Lights, a system that uses mobile phones and cloud computing technology and is estimated to save 80% of its energy consumption.

Recently, the city of Chicago also announced that it will launch the Smart Lighting Project, which aims to convert most of the city’s outdoor lighting into energy-saving LED light sources. Chicago will also consider building a networked lighting with a central management system that may use streetlight deployments to expand its fiber-optic network, enabling the city to offer new services.

The Chicago Retrofit Project is likely to be one of the largest solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofits in the world. Outdoor lighting stocks total 348,500 luminaires, including all streets, alleys, viaducts, access roads, and lakefront settings in the Chicago and Chicago park areas. These opportunities are responsible for installing and repairing the respective lighting fixtures.

Global Elimination&############################################################################################################### It is indeed an important issue for the precise study and implementation of many countries.

The European Union, the Americas, Australia and Southeast Asian countries have successively formulated a timetable for the complete elimination of incandescent lamps, and gradually extended the banned range of incandescent lamps from the industrial sector to the civil indoor lighting sector.

Among them, China released the “China Roadmap for Phased Elimination of Incandescent Lamps” as early as November 2011. It plans to ban the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above from October 1, 2012, 2014 It is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts or more from October 1st, and it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts or more from October 1, 2016. In other words, the incandescent light will no longer appear in China’s territory.

LED lighting, elimination technology, and capital into key weapons

Insiders pointed out that the rapid development of technology has made the technology of LED lighting industry lower and lower, making the industry face chaos. In the next three years, LED lighting will enter a high-speed growth, and it will also enter the reshuffle period. Among them, four types of enterprises will be the first to be eliminated, including lack of cash, no core technology advantages, and excessive superstitious e-commerce pipeline. And companies that are fanatical about developing pipelines.

Tongfang shares acquired Zhenmingli, Maoshuo Power, nearly 200 million purchases of Fangda up to 55% stake, Changfang Lighting purchased 60% stake in Kang Mingsheng, Weiwei shares acquired Zhongshan Shinshang Lighting, Qinshang Optoelectronics acquired Caiyi 51% equity … … successive mergers and acquisitions news, the industry structure is gradually established.

 Under the premise that LED lighting is needed all over the world, a core technology enterprise with abundant capital and irreplaceable can break through the old development barrier and become a real winner. Industry insiders said.

Philips is one of the world’s leading LED brands.The leader. Philips Lighting is recognized as a global market leader in lighting, with extensive expertise in the development, manufacture and application of innovative (LED) lighting solutions. Recently, Philips Lighting also launched a network-based LED “Smart Lighting Solution” under the Internet of Things concept. The program allows users to control home lighting anytime, anywhere, and allows users to create and control home lighting from a smartphone or tablet for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Since the announcement of the split from the Philips Group in September 2014, Philips Lighting has appeared in a more professional and clear manner. After the spin-off of Philips Lighting Solutions, it has tried to enter the adjacent upstream and downstream markets and strengthen Its existing market position in LED light source, lighting and smart connected lighting systems and services, it is also possible to attract the attention of potential buyers in the world, especially China’s financial strength, to enter the capital market in a flexible manner.

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting, emphasized that green lighting is a simple energy-saving solution. Simply replacing street lighting with LEDs can save 40-50% of energy. Adding interconnected lighting technology It can save an additional 30% energy.

Harry Verhaar, Minister of Global Public and Government Affairs at Philips Lighting, also said: “It’s exciting to replace the new interconnected LED lights, but the current street light replacement rate is still quite low. We must upgrade to twice the current dressing rate to keep up with the ever-increasing energy demands. If there is an awareness of the benefits of LED lighting savings and energy reduction, major cities should prioritize LED technology for the replacement of existing infrastructure.

Green technology has matured and the energy-saving elimination war that has swept the world has begun quietly. I believe that the 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), which will be held in Paris from November to December this year, will promptly and decisively address climate change issues and make more decisions to the world. Ten years of the covenant.

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What kind of platform is Xiaomi Tao? Is Xiaomi Tao a social retail platform?

Xiaomi Tao is based on mobile social retail, seamlessly integrating online malls, offline stores and unmanned containers to form a new scene smart new retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trustworthy and secure endorsement for social retailing, which is enough to break the current prejudice and perception of social new retail. When all merchants are based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, the platform can be seamlessly cross-bordered to jointly create quality products. When the value of the shopper’s sharing and communication is digitized, each consumer can bring benefits to itself, and naturally generate loyalty to a platform.

The boundaries between the retail industry and offline will become increasingly blurred, and the contradiction of development will no longer be online and offline competition. The essence of the retail industry is to return to “to provide consumers with more efficient, convenient, better quality and better prices. And to evaluate the quality of a retail model, the standard is also determined by both cost efficiency and shopping experience. The new blockchain social retail model created by Xiaomi Tao will greatly increase the consumer user experience and meet customer demand while saving a lot of cost. By creating a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumer network, a new definition of social retail is created, opening a new era of consumption.

In the near future, the blockchain will spread to the entire retail industry. Xiaomi Taohui’s vision is to seize the opportunity of the development of the times and take the lead in launching a combination of blockchain and new social retailing, and launching a new retail model of blockchain socialization. When the value Internet era really comes, then Xiaomi Tao or has seized the commanding heights of social new retail, becoming a new blockchain e-commerce giant.

Xiaomi Tao is a scene smart new retail platform based on blockchain technology and using the concept of sharing economy We are committed to providing high-quality, easy-to-use, cost-effective products to consumers around the world, and empowering them to share the benefits of the platform. Xiaomi Tao’s blockchain social new retail model!!

The current traditional e-commerce traffic dividend is gradually weakening, user growth is stagnant, how to open new traffic portals, create new drainage methods Becoming a major problem that needs to be broken at this stage. In the era of Internet, where change is the norm, the retail model is changing. It is social retail that can make traditional e-commerce break free from bottlenecks. However, at this stage, the social e-commerce platform in the market is chaotic, such as the rapid rise but the negative quotient of the negative emotions, and even more, the ups and downs, the development is quite rough. However, the essence of social retailing is “social”, and the core of socializing lies in people“. To develop a social platform, we must first solve the trust problem.

The emergence of blockchains solves this problem. 2016 is the first year of the blockchain, and by 2018, the blockchain is still a new guise. Like “big data,” “cloud computing,” the word “blockchain” frequently appears in national regulatory or commercial areas, and is listed in the “13th Five-Year National Informatization Plan” by Internet technology, marking The industry’s popularity of blockchain technology has reached a new height, and the value of blockchain application services for social progress and business development is highlighted. The data indicates that the blockchain is the next major technology trend and the future of the industry.

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Chu Chu pushes you to start a business – Chu Chu pushes six advantages

Chu Chu Push (Tencent Strategic Investment)

Call you to start a business!

The trend of the times: social + e-commerce, leading a new model of consumption

In the 19th National Congress, the development of e-commerce in China has far surpassed that of the United States in 2017, and e-commerce is gradually becoming the most fashionable consumption method for Chinese people. The trend of mass consumer behavior is moving toward mobileization and fragmentation, making social e-commerce gradually become a new trend in the future. Social e-commerce is not a new concept, but the integration of e-commerce and social media. Ten years ago, I made money by relying on platform e-commerce. Five years ago, I made money by relying on traditional micro-business. Now I have to rely on social e-commerce to make money. With an annual market scale of trillions of dollars, socialization has become an important driving force for online shopping, and it is also the most promising personal entrepreneurial field in the next 10 years. Chu Chu pushes the national operation center [official website] designated micro-signal: QQ9968134

Faced with the new opportunities of the mobile Internet era and social media, the vinegar-slip technology has formed a platform composed of Chuchu Street, Chuchutong and Chuchu The business group began to demonstrate its deep strength.

As a powerful e-commerce platform APP, Chuchu Street has been well-received among users for many years, with more than 100 million installations and an annual advertising budget of over 200 million, covering all levels and ages from city to country. Segment users have formed a wide range of popularity and user groups, and have accumulated tens of thousands of brands and direct factory suppliers, which is a unique advantage that the emerging platforms in the past two years do not have.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience.

Chu Chu Push is a social e-commerce platform that promotes Chu Chutong’s goods. Through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, it creates a company through promotion of goods and creation. Groups to get a lucrative business platform.

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to escort!

1. Capital crocodile joint attack: Tencent strategic investment, after Softbank in Alibaba, the only e-commerce investment , Lenovo, GGV, the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of 10 billion.

2. Business model subversive innovation, mass entrepreneurship and profitable platform: no need to stock, no delivery, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, super high income, real consumption is to make money, share is profit, Move your fingers and enter the moon.

3. The first platform of the intelligent platform: powerful system support, the ultimate convenience, the industry’s top product promotion experience.

4. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: 5000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, primary sources, genuine guarantees, sales commissions as high as 20%-80%.

5. Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept.

6. Top team in the industry: professional team, rich experience, core executives from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other well-known Internet companies and top micro-business brand traders.

Fans will launch their fingers to realize their dreams at the touch of a button

Global social e-commerce public entrepreneurs preferred platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the opportunity to earn the first bucket of gold on your entrepreneurial road. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off. Chu Chu push the national operation center [official website] designated micro signal: QQ9968134

Why is Chu Chu push a reliable Career?

Chu Chut is a popular entrepreneurial platform based on social e-commerce. In addition to adapting to the trend, Chu Chu also has a strong investment background. Chu Chu is promoted by Tencent’s strategic investment, and WeChat also belongs to Tencent. WeChat is the main battlefield of social e-commerce. Chu Chu pushes back the big tree to enjoy the cool, promotes the products in WeChat, and the technology and experience of Chu Chu push are top in the industry. It is the best choice to promote making money in WeChat.

In addition to Tencent, Chu Chu pushes the investor and Softbank. Chu Chu push is the only investment in the e-commerce field after Softbank follows Alibaba. It can be seen that the industry is very recognized for Chu Chu push, optimistic about the growth of Chu Chu For the next Alibaba.

This kind of investment background is an unparalleled advantage. In the field of Internet e-commerce, well-known investment institutions are the most powerful endorsements for the company. At the same time, they are favored by Tencent and Softbank. Chu Chu push must be a company with long-term development and rapid development. The company has a strong training team and a comprehensive business school system to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

Excellent VIP shopping guide, you can directly sign a formal contract with Chu Chu push company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold, the annual salary is not a dream. This formal operation guarantees your business. Comply with the trend + capital endorsement + perfect training + formal operation, Chu Chu push must be a reliable career worthy of your full investment and long-term development. Chu Chu push the national operation center [official website] designated micro signal: QQ9968134

Chu Chu push reward system

VIP shopping guide: 299 (skin care package) upgrade VIP, recommend a vip reward 100 yuan!

(Second seconds to buy) 20~80% commission for yourself

(Each product has a corresponding commission)

Sharing someone else into your store has 20~ 80 commissions

Sales Director: Directly recommend 10 vip, your team has 60 vip, and their commission income is more than 10 yuan per person (after you upgrade vip in the month, the assessment in the third month )

You upgrade the director. Sign the contract and enjoy all the following rewards!

Basic salary: The company will send you a monthly fee

Five insurances and one gold: All the company will buy you

Team Award: You recommend a vip reward of 150 yuan, and your team owner recommends a vip reward you 50 yuan

Management Award: Your team owner sells product commissions, and their commission income is 12~20%.

Bole Award: If you train a director, you can get 10% of his monthly management award

Chu Chu push is registered like this? Download the app to fill in the invitation code!

Chu Chu push Bogo invitation code: 3139Gn4w (click to copy)

Chu Chu pushes the national operation center [official website] designated micro signal: QQ9968134

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Chain City Billion Shopping Mall Company Introduction – Chain City Billion Purchase Order Center

Introduction to Chain City Billion Shopping Mall Company

Founded in 2011, Sichuan Chain City Technology Co., Ltd. is an RFID-based, intelligent product creative custom design, intelligent object-oriented RFID Software and hardware products and total solution service providers. It has a number of technologies, including RFID+EM dual system, RFID customer preference system, asset management system, classified file management system, intelligent shopping guide system, smart fitting system, SAAS smart store cloud platform based on data analysis and its derivatives. Chain City Technology focuses on retail smart store management, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores, smart shelves, personnel management, smart city, smart home, classified asset management, VR interconnection, etc. The field of intelligence.

In 2017, Chain City Technology developed product design, intelligent hardware customization, interface development, SAAS for smart retail scenes such as unmanned supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores, smart shelf spaces, and smart stores under new retail. Cloud platform, customer behavior analysis, SAAS smart store cloud platform based on data analysis and other one-stop products.

Chain City Technology is committed to building a leading brand and is the unswerving pursuit of the company. Use the brain network thinking to integrate everything and create a smart business street. The global wave of information technology revolution represented by big data (chain city billion purchase), cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., surges, “chain city technology takes the initiative to change, change, grasp the industry Develop trends and respond positively to the demands of the times. How does smart technology adapt to today’s “new consumption?” We have been thinking about it. Shopping is not only to give you personal satisfaction, but also to give you a sense of experience in the process; business is more focused on the customer’s life itself, rather than just selling products. People must be living people rather than pure consumers.

The modern economy attributes the source of wealth to technology and knowledge, intellectual capital, or the reflection of the brain network. People’s “Great Life” is mostly experienced in “intangible wealth, it contains philosophical thinking, humanistic spirit, cultural accumulation, innovation mechanism…

new retail, smart development, unmanned convenience store, Unmanned supermarket artificial intelligence and intelligent business street are the future development trend. We have made a comprehensive strategic positioning. In the context of AI artificial intelligence in the new era, it is our mission to use chain new technology, new ideas, new ideas, new experiences and new models to serve everyone.

Investing 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer The company returns 16 yuan of coupons per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) and 100 cash withdrawals. The same day, the day arrives, more than one push! Nobody supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a merchant You can stay in our online store for free! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems!

We have a WeChat investment briefing at 8:00 every evening. We are interested in sweeping WeChat reply 8 to enter the Merchants Group!

Chain City Billion China Leaders WeChat: QQ1941314943

Chain City billion buy Chinese leader docking mobile phone: 13922893139

First-hand information, docking national leaders!

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“Amoy News” all the gods gathered in China Scene Technology Valley! Witness the dream of Xiaomi Tao

On January 31, Mr. Xu Xiaoping, CEO of Longliqi Group, accompanied the relevant personnel to visit the Xiaomitao (Hangzhou) Product Operation Center. Mr. Fu Jianxin, the founder of Xiaomi Tao, gave an in-depth introduction to the operation progress of Xiaotaotao project and the overall development plan to Mr. Xu Xiaoping.

This trip detonated a circle of friends and became a hot spot for social networking in the day.

On January 31, Xiaomi Tao (Hangzhou) Product Operation Center ushered in a big gathering:

Xiaomitao & Longliqi

This trip, Mr. Xu Xiaoping, CEO of Longliqi Group The personal visit attracted the attention of all parties. Mr. Xu Xiaoping’s trip was aimed at understanding the operation progress and development plan of Xiaotaotao.

Through a multi-angle introduction, Mr. Xu Xiaoping learned about the current work progress and development plan of the Xiaomi Tao project, and had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Fu Jianxin, the founder of Xiaomi Tao.

Mr. Xu Xiaoping said that through this trip, Longliqi and Xiaomi Tao will continue to deepen cooperation and provide more support for Xiaomi Tao in capital, product development, marketing promotion and talent transportation. The honey scouring project has developed faster.

As a billion-dollar company with a 32-year history of branding, Longliqi’s attention has also brought the attention of the social power business to Xiaomi Tao.

Xiaomi Tao & Scene Technology Valley

After the meeting, Mr. Xu Xiaoping went to visit China Scene Science and Technology Valley.

As a support project, China Scene Technology Valley covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, focusing on scene technology, focusing on integrating VR (virtual scene), AR (enhanced scene), 360 panorama (real scene) 3D scanning modeling, intelligent interactive terminal and other technologies.

In the future, Scene Technology Valley will insert scenes + wings for Xiaomi Tao to help Xiaomi Tao realize a virtual and integrated scene shopping system.

© China Scene Technology Valley

In the near future, Longliqi Group will be in China Scene Technology Valley and Pontiac Group jointly launched a new era of scene smart new retail (social + physical) consumption, dedicated to providing consumers with easy-to-use, high-quality, cost-effective products!

The senior leaders of the group gathered in the scene technology valley,

only to witness the dream of Xiaotaotao!

With Xiaomi Tao, you can finally buy and buy!

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galvanized steel coils

The joining philosophy of Chongqing Yidou Hot Pot: In the fast era, it is proud of slowness

“Do not do fireworks, do evergreens. He Health, the founder of Chongqing Yidou Hot Pot, repeatedly hanged this sentence in an interview with reporters. Nowadays, with the changes in the Internet, the physical industry has been hit hard and capital has been safely out. Among them, the catering industry with abundant cash flow, short-term demand and lower threshold has become the choice of many people. In this case, the hot pot category can be opened without the use of a chef, the cost is lower, and the copyability is stronger, which attracts many people. For those investors who do not have experience in the food and beverage industry, joining a mature brand, fully introducing the mature experience of the headquarters, and enjoying the “nanny service” of the headquarters is undoubtedly more successful than their own business. However, we have also seen too many hot pot restaurant brands, constantly sprinting through crazy speculation, because the service can not keep up, facing the franchisees without opt-in and training, they rushed to sign, resulting in the closing of the store, and ultimately not only The reputation of the franchisees has not been returned, and the reputation of the brand has been completely ruined.

Compared with many colleagues who are keen to go out and join the promotion, what is healthy Chongqing’s hot pot is like An alternative. He has a full-chain joining team with more than 20 years of experience in mature hot pot experience, but maintains the opening speed of only 3-5 stores a year. However, unlike many brand new stores, the franchise store of a hot pot has achieved an amazing 90% success rate, which was once praised by the industry.

Slow heart is a virtue in Chongqing hot pot circle, why health is called an old gun. He was the head of the kitchen system of a leading hot pot enterprise in Chongqing. During his nearly 14 years of service, he helped the company to achieve rapid growth in turnover and popularity by regulating post-cooking cost control, production and quality control. After the entrepreneurial idea, he formed a brand team called “Chongqing Hot Pot Dream Team”. It is all experienced in the hot pot brand operation in all aspects of the old teammates. It is because of their rich experience that their direct store in Chongqing, despite the huge 1200 square meters of large single store area, is still in business. Up to now, the franchise stores of a hot pot have not only successfully entered the developed regions of Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhongshan, etc., but also maintained a very high survival rate. Among them, a foreign-owned franchise store of about 300 square meters has had an average daily turnover for two years since its opening. It has reached an amazing 30,000 yuan and has become a network red shop in the surrounding area. However, despite this, the speed of joining a hot pot is very slow, with an average of only 3-5 per year. “In fact, many people come to me every year to join me. Slower is my initiative. He Health said that every franchisee is an expensive person in the brand. They have chosen you among thousands of brands, and have invested a lot of money to invest in your brand. It is to look at your profession. If you know that he will fail and collect money from others, it is immoral. He Health said that once a franchisee had joined him with cash, he refused. It is because he found that the franchisee’s location and business philosophy are problematic. Later, the franchisee did not believe in evil, and he joined another hot pot and closed down in less than three months. The franchisee wants to join a hot pot, and it needs to go through the test of the old and the other layers: In which city to open? Where is the location? How do you want to do the model? After the contract is signed, the person who comes to the training must pass the assessment before the opening is allowed. Otherwise, , franchise fee refund you, goodbye!

Actions can not provide services to join are all health and have a health The professional franchise team can provide franchisees with a full range of services from site selection planning, decoration design, primer training, food product development, store marketing, and internet management tools. He often said that experienced people will not join other brands. Joining hot pot restaurants is not only the output of signboards and primer technology, but also the service. The first is site selection planning. Every healthy joining team, every time you open a franchise store, you must come to the site to inspect the surrounding passenger flow situation and location, and formulate the decoration style and per capita consumption of the store according to the location. The second is the taste output. Since the establishment of the brand, a hot pot has adhered to the non-added primer technology and resolutely put an end to the use of spices and additives in the base. This makes the hot pot taste of a hot pot more prominent, and there is no taste in the hot pot diners. Once again, the kitchen management. He Health has more than 20 years of experience in kitchen management and will give franchisees more guidance. It includes not only the recruitment, division of labor, and management of the kitchen staff, but also the cost control of the dishes, the placing and production. These are hard work and can help franchisees to take a lot of detours. In addition, each season, a hot pot will provide training on some new dishes, helping franchisees to iterate and gain new competitiveness. Not only that, whether it is decoration design or opening event planning, a hot pot can help franchisees. In addition, Yidou Hotpot has its own full-time supervision team, which can provide on-site service to the problematic shops, helping the restaurant to solve the management and marketing problems.

The franchisee’s money is not from the wind, they just came to join because they have no experience. At this time, as a brand side, do not provide services for him, to help him avoid risks, but instead of coming back, I feel that it is a matter of moral corruption and no benefit to myself. “ He health often said so.

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Insist on not doing high-end, what can peach and plum bread be all over the world?

Just like the invisible hand in the market, the Internet has already broken away from the shackles of the technological revolution, and it has brought various impacts to various industries.

The baking industry is typical. Due to the miraculous effect of the network, the long-term slash-and-burn industry has become a fertile ground for entrepreneurship. From 21cake to Nobel, from the original Maishan Hill, Ole to the wheat warehouse, these rising stars are shining, enough to cover up the shadow of the short-lived net red products in the new wave.

In contrast, peach and plum bread is somewhat “cold.”

Unlike those who are glamorous and foreign, Tao Li bread seems to have deliberately avoided the Internet, and has no regard for the brand’s self-operated and chain stores. Since its birth in the Northeast, it has developed in a low-key manner. Traditional self-employment and channel distribution, so that the products can be delivered to the general public in a convenient way.

Today, Tao Li Bread has become one of the few listed companies in the baking industry, with revenues exceeding RMB 4 billion in 2017.

Brand chain stores are dazzling, high-end net red products are always stimulating the nerves of consumers. Under this high pressure, how does the ground-teared peach bread stand out and stand out?

Founded for more than 20 years, there are only 5 series of products?

In the era of high-end baking brand chain stores and online red physical stores rising like mushrooms, the long-term sales of bread must be said to be “difficult to blame. In the chain of brands, it is not only too expensive, but also easy to go into a dead end.

Tao Li bread is subtly evasive because of its distinctive business model.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Taoli Bread has been insisting on a small and refined development route. The bread series has never been more than 5 kinds, and the total number of products has not exceeded 30. This stubbornness has made many consumers wonder.

In fact, this is related to the central factory route that Tao Li bread started at the beginning.

Under the production mode of the central factory, the production process is uniformly controlled by the headquarters. On the one hand, standardized production guarantees the quality of products from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, and can appropriately reduce costs. On the other hand, it also improves production efficiency and enhances scale effect. In this way, it is especially necessary to control the type of product.

In addition, the market is also very cautious, adopting the “pilot + promotion model” to reduce trial and error costs, while retaining the much-loved old products to optimize the product structure.

So what is the effect?

In mature star products such as bean paste, mellow, natural yeast, and shredded bread, the sales revenue of both cooked and natural yeast has reached In the billion-scale scale, especially natural yeast, the sales revenue in 2016 exceeded 300 million yuan. According to estimates on zacker, mature large items such as milk sticks, cooked alcohol, natural yeast, and shredded bread account for about 50% of the revenue.

It can be said that even the ancient products that are not beaten, the new era has a new charm. The young customers who bought the peach and plum bread wave after wave, Tao Li bread also unconsciously conquered the taste buds of consumers with fixed products and never-falling quality taste.

Retail Terminal: A glimpse of life

& ldquo; When some consumers talk about peach and plum, they say that peach and plum bread is the taste of hometown, is a memory of childhood … …

The predecessor of Taoli Bread is Dandong Taoli Food Co., Ltd., but at the beginning of its establishment, it was a small glimpse of Shenyang Dandong. It is difficult to trace the appearance of the company 20 years ago. Today, 20 years later, it has established more than 40,000 retail terminals in 12 central cities and surrounding areas. Its products are located in Northeast, North China, East China, Southwest China and Northwest China.

In other words, at the corner of more than 100 cities across the country, bread lovers can discover the products of Tao Li bread.

This is another reason why Tao Li bread has become a clear stream in the baking industry.

Once upon a time, take a trolley-style shopping bag and walk a few hundred meters to a nearby large supermarket for a week. The rations and necessities of life are bought together and become a new fashion among modern office workers who are nine to five. In the location of these large supermarkets close to the checkout counter, consumers can easily find the shelf counters for baked goods, lined with tightly packed caterpillar bread, natural yeast bags, small hot dogs, strawberries and peanut-flavored pocket sandwiches. In the upper left corner of the simple package with a gentle color, “Peach and Li” seems to be careless. On the one hand, modern people’s eating habits of making bread as a meal have created a potential for peach and plum bread, and on the other hand, they have an excellent geographical advantage, so that bread lovers who shop in supermarkets shine on their eyes.

Whether it’s a curiosity to try it or a lazy idea to go to a chain bakery, the supermarket is a retail location, and many consumers have a sense of closeness,“ Childhood memories have also become interesting talks.

With the establishment of a stable cooperative relationship with Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, RT-Mart and other large supermarkets, it directly provides the source of goods for the retail terminal, thus gradually controlling the sales terminals in various regions. Strengthening, this laid the foundation for the company to accelerate the expansion of the market in other regions of the country.

In addition to large supermarketsIn addition, Tao Li bread is also stationed in convenience stores and small shops, and “moistures are silently integrated into people’s lives. Unlike the direct supply to the supermarket, the other route that Tao Li bread takes is a dealer model for individual small shops, relying on dealers to supplement smaller stores for terminals.

As a result, the direct sales and dealer models go hand in hand to open up the north and south.

“Let more people fall in love with bread

From the northeast corner to the five lakes and lakes, from 1995 to 2015, Tao Li bread has quietly followed the wave of national brands. After that, he walked alone and made a low-key listing in the extreme year of the ups and downs of the stock market. This year, Tao Li bread has gone through 20 years of wind and rain, and it is an evergreen tree in the baking industry.

However, this evergreen brand does not take the usual path.

Three years before the creation of Tao Li bread, Luo Hong opened a cake shop in Lanzhou, which was later popular in China. The good news came from the fashion of the baking industry, which has always been positioned at high-end customers. The coordinates are in the first-tier cities, just like the chain of bakery, such as Maichel, Christine, and 85 degrees C. Most of these chain stores are glamorous and bright, and brand support is easy to be sought after by young people. However, with the increase of chain stores of similar models, competition is increasing.

The direct consequence of this competition is the overnight rise and the decline of the Internet Red Shop. The hungry marketing that grasps the consumer psychology has made the net red stores taste the sweetness brought by the Internet in the early stage. The bread lovers who come from the net red effect guarantee the fierce momentum of sales, but once expanded, like the brand chain stores Operation, the drawbacks are exposed.

Because the product is single, there is no brand support, and the operational ideas are easily imitated. The loyalty of the online red store consumers is very low. Once another net red starts to attract passengers, the previously accumulated sales It will not be surprising that the tragedy of the net red shop will fall overnight.

In contrast, Tao Li bread does not do online baking, nor brand chain stores, but insists on individuals Operating, let the “Central Factory + Wholesale Model carry forward.” The simple packaging and the price of the people also increase the competitiveness of the products, and the way of using the supermarket as the retail terminal makes the positioning of Tao Li bread avoid the pursuit of fashionable high-end customers, and harvests the middle and low-end customers for greater popularity. To ensure the sales volume, it has formed a “red” product like the alcohol cooked series.

& ldquo;The central factory + wholesale model has also been developed in large enterprises such as Dali Park and Haoliyou, but compared with foods with longer shelf life and Swiss rolls, the products of Tao Li bread are guaranteed. 3 to 7 days of fresh bread, so even if the business model is the same, because of the different positioning of the products, Tao Li bread still avoids direct competition with Dali Park and Hao Liyou, and can maintain its independence in the baking industry.

China’s current baking industry is in a period of steady growth in volume and price, and the consumption habits of young people are more westernized. The growth trajectory of Taoli Bread is also in response to the words of Director Wu Xuequn. Cost-effective products, let more people fall in love with bread.


The baking industry is changing blood quickly, and the brands are changing. The net red bakery in recent years is endless, but most of them are difficult to stand on, under the brutal competition. It is easy to keep the heart and steady, and it is easy to talk about it. Tao Li bread has been on the market for three years and still receives the attention of all parties. However, if you want to take the position of leading enterprises and achieve long-lasting results, you still need to work hard on the ground.

The spring of 2018 has passed, the stock market has reopened, and the peach and plum bread stocks are still rising. In the new retail hot, “new food + new species rise and IP is popular, the market prospects are still in the fog, but as long as the concept of the people’s food is still the mainstream, food safety issues occupy the focus, baking Great cause has always been one of the focuses of the market. In the following years, Tao Li bread will continue to move forward, facing new challenges.

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Galata Tia – Hurricane Action

All said that the opportunity is fleeting, it will only be reserved for those who are well prepared and speed like a cheetah. Galata Tiaya reminds you that a rare opportunity is not to be missed before your eyes. From the official reporters, it was reported that Galata Tia had been submitted for a short period of time. After the company’s strict screening and submission of applications, the high-level presidents of several cities have been signed.

What kind of products can be tracked by several mainstream media reporters on weekdays and months and promoted on the headlines of major websites ?

1. The strength, breadth and depth of publicity are unparalleled

Skincare products developed by a number of investment giants and doctors in China and Australia The flow of funds and scientific strength as a strong backing for your sales of Galata Titan skin care products!

2. Top quality shocked debut

What kind of quality and effect can make the major official websites competing to interview and report? Yes, it must be strictly approved by several Chinese departments! It is up and down Fully recognized outside!

3. Providing excellent treatment to agents

As an agent of Galata Tia, you will have supreme treatment, quality, publicity and resources. Comparable. Especially for the high-level president of each city, the company sponsored the promotion and promoted development. All the agents of Galata Tia are automatically upgraded to represent the presidents of other products of Changrong Weiye, and successively introduce world-quality foods, and follow the big companies to develop the world’s vibrant market!

4. Galapa Tia guarantees your big gains.

The company has a complete and mature profit protection system to ensure the benefits per agent. Quickly announce your specific contact information on the local website, distribution agents, various rewards, etc.

World skin care market prospects

Chinese cosmetic skin care products background: total size exceeds 544.2 billion yuan, the growth rate rebounds!

According to research data, 2017 The retail sales of Chinese cosmetic skin care products including tax is about 283.8 billion yuan, about +22.6% year-on-year. The growth rate is strong and rebounds. The rapid increase in demand directly stimulates the relationship between supply and demand, and the market potential is huge!

"Internet +Store"Two-way drive to the public

With the rapid development of the times, the Internet is the golden key to open the market. Galata Tiaya is proud of its high quality, low threshold and high income. The strong backing of agents at all levels, while supporting the store to open up, let our century-old royal secret garala Tia brand continue in the world for another hundred years.

Galata Tia goes to branding, supply and quality are guaranteed

伽拉The Tianya brand comes from the natural and pure and beautiful Australia, and the imported expensive raw materials have laid a good foundation for the world’s big brands. With a strong scientific research team and huge capital development support, it is bound to walk in the front end of skin care products.

Only with a strong professional team will you be truly successful and rich!

Friends circle, no resources?

1, the company spends a lot of money The president’s agents do support for publicity! Allocating traffic, sharing resources, and creating fame, all of which are the company’s purchases in the mainstream media website.

2. We have developed an ambitious plan. The company pays 2 million monthly resources, and all the intended customers are transferred to our president’s agent! Our more than 100 sales people will meet every day. Produce 200-400 accurate fans, the company supports the agent in the end, not afraid of no traffic, will only make you busy!

There are customers who don’t sell, have no confidence, no amount?

1. No matter who you are or where you are, Galata Tiaya provides professional business management training, system knowledge training, commissioner Tracking, from 0 to 100. In the early stage, we will learn from the small group, one-on-one private designated service, and the commissioner will lead you to sort out the process and build confidence.

2. Our regular micro-business espresso regular professional counseling training, invited lectures, and full-time courses, our courses are not routine, the essence of long-term practice experience and results, very high The professional counseling is targeted, so that you can get higher and higher and reach the peak of life–sales champion.

3. Under the line, we will be led by the provincial director to open a camp for us, and open a physical store that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, so that more physical stores will bloom. In the first year of opening up the Chinese market, the company minimized its benefits and returned to the vast number of operators and consumers. You are not only doing a skin care product, but also contributing to the healthy and beautiful skin of others while maintaining your own ice muscle skin and rich income guarantee. This is a great cause for creating more people’s welfare.

Galati Tia has launched a chance to compete for a second-level agent card, which can be obtained with only 1000 deposits. For this qualification, the second-level agent applies for the original price of 25,272 yuan!

Finalist process:

1.Please call the hotline 4000029123

2. Sales Director Service WeChat: galatea01

3.1000 deposits are quickly reserved.

4.7 days in fullTraining, basic assessment, process grooming.

5. The proxy certification application is approved.

6. Start a business.

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