How to pvc floor pvc floor purchase

As a lightweight material, pvc flooring has been well received by everyone since its introduction. Today, I will talk to you about the pvc floor in detail. Xiaobian also prepared some pvc floor shopping tips for everyone.

How about pvc flooring

Pvc flooring refers to the use of polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resin as raw materials, adding plasticizers, stabilizers and colorants, etc., on a continuous substrate in a sheet form. Manufactured by a coating process or an extrusion process. From the structural point of view, it can be divided into multi-layer composite type, homogenous translucent type and semi-homogeneous type; morphologically divided into coiled floor and sheet floor; from abrasion resistance, it is divided into wear-resistant type and general-purpose type.

How to decorate pvc flooring

pvc flooring has a lot of colors and varieties, such as carpet, wood flooring, stone, grass, etc., the texture is beautiful and realistic, color It is also very beautiful, has no color difference, can effectively resist light, and will not fade after long-term use, and has a strong decorative effect. In addition, its cutting and splicing is simple, you can fully exert your creative imagination, to meet the different decorative styles of different consumers.

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How comfortable is pvc floor

pvc floor is made of dense structure surface and high elastic foam cushion. The installation process uses seamless splicing. It has strong supporting force and can cushion the gravity speed of heavy objects falling on the ground, making it difficult. Fragmentation. The pvc floor also has a very comfortable foot feel, soft and comfortable, close to the carpet feel, very suitable for users with children and the elderly at home.

How to install pvc floor

The installation of pvc floor is simple and quick, the floor is treated by hot-melt welding to form a seamless connection, which can avoid the disadvantages of easy contamination at the joint gap, and also has the effect of moisture-proof, dust-proof and pollution-proof. After the floor has been strictly installed and installed, the seams are very small, and the seams are almost invisible from a distance. It is an ideal ground decoration choice for high-demand users.

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How about pvc flooring?

The raw materials and accessories used in pvc flooring are environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, such as polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, etc. are non-toxic and non-radiative, but also a large number of people in daily life Appear and use in life. In general, pvc flooring is free of formaldehyde, such as toxic substances, ultra-low lead, cadmium and other heavy metal elements are also non-reflective, so it is a very environmentally friendly green floor material.

How to wear and impact pvc flooring

The surface layer of pvc floor has a layer of specially processed transparent wear layer, which can make the wear resistance number reach 30 With 10,000 turns, it has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance and can be reused for up to 30 years. The pvc floor has a soft texture, so the elasticity is also very good. It has a certain buffering function for the impact of heavy objects, and it is not easy to cause damage and fall of the article.

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pvc floor purchase

pvc Environmental protection for floor buying techniques

For flooring, the most important standard for floor environmental protection is the amount of formaldehyde released. For the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the floor industry has experienced E1, E0, FCF. Three technological revolutions. At the earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels was E2 (formaldehyde emission ≤ 30mg/100g), and the formaldehyde emission limit was very loose. Even for products meeting this standard, the formaldehyde content may be More than three times more than E1 grade wood-based panels, which seriously endangers human health, so it can never be used for home decoration. So there was the first environmental revolution. In this environmental revolution, the floor industry promoted the E1 environmental standard, namely formaldehyde. The release amount is ≤1.5mg/L, although it does not pose a threat to the human body, but there is still a lot of free formaldehyde in the floor. In 2009, the flooring industry began a second environmental revolution and launched the E0 environmental protection standard. The formaldehyde emission from the floor was reduced to 0.5mg/L. However, pvc The floor is made of natural materials such as polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate powder, and there is no formaldehyde at all, and most of the pvc floor is processed from raw materials, and no harmful substances are mixed in the whole production process.

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pvc floor shopping skills quality

pvc floor is The lightweight body material with PVC as the main raw material is completely different from the floor leather familiar to consumers. It has very rich colors, such as wood grain, carpet grain and stone grain. The effect is like wood, wood and stone. stone. Almost all pvc floor surfaces are specially treated to ensure that the floor has good abrasion resistance, stain resistance and antibacterial function.

pvc floor shopping skills construction

Floor installation is also a key part of the project quality, directly affecting the life of the floor. The formal pvc floor should have its own professional engineering team, all construction personnel have undergone professional training and strict practical examination before they canThe above services can be used to ensure the quality of the project.

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pvc floor shopping skills service

Service is related to the use and maintenance of the floor, which is also the most concerned issue for everyone. Therefore, when you choose, you must choose a company with good after-sales service and good reputation. It is best to check it online first.

pvc floor shopping skills cost-effective

In the current building materials market, some international brands of imported materials, the quality is really good, but the price is too expensive for the government or For the financial sector, they don’t care about prices, they only want the best quality; but for most private companies, especially individuals, it is necessary to consider the price/performance ratio of the products.

Edited in detail to introduce the pvc floor, but also prepared some pvc floor shopping tips for everyone, I do not know how you feel pvc floor after reading? Xiaobian feel that if there are old people or children at home, pvc The floor is a good choice .

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The cross-border marketing of the flooring industry is getting stronger.

Cross-border cooperation, integrated marketing and gradual heat in 2011, David’s sports marketing is particularly eye-catching. Since sponsoring the Chinese men’s volleyball match in 2008, David has sponsored the country for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. The ball ‘grand event’ national table tennis league’, and continuous cooperation with the national ball, in the setting up of the humanities art floor wind, creating a precedent for sports marketing in the flooring industry, enabling David to achieve the reverse of sales in the case of market collective cold. The trend is rising, this kind of cross-border marketing is quite eye-catching. In the same floor industry, in December, after the comprehensive cooperation between Anxin Floor and Haagen-Dazs National Chain and Nike Sports Store, Anxin Floor and the world-famous restaurant leader Dio Coffee once again staged cross-border cooperation and high-end The strong alliance of brands enhances the brand influence of the company on the one hand, and develops a high-end market with great value on the other hand. The cross-border marketing of the flooring industry is not the beginning of this stage. In July last year, the iconic hand-in-hand Changhong formed a cross-industry alliance to launch the “Shengxiang-Changhong Consumers Joint Reciprocity Plan” nationwide; Nature Floor and Haier Color TV will be comprehensive Consumers create a summer green enjoyment plan… The development of the flooring industry and the relatively stable and mature home appliance industry are undoubtedly a bold breakthrough in the marketing approach. For home appliances, as a mature industry, its own development will always become the object of competition. In cross-border marketing, apart from the opening of the flooring industry, other related industries have begun to test the water, Dongpeng and Siemens Cross-border marketing cases have also kept the cross-border marketing of the ceramic industry up to date. In addition to its own cooperation with related home furnishing companies, the home appliance industry has gradually begun the marketing innovation of ‘outward expansion’. In mid-December, Changhong and the National Digital Building Standardization Technical Committee for Intelligent Buildings and Residential Areas jointly released the 2011 Chinese Urban Residents. The e-Life Index Research Report, for the first time, extends the commercial reach of the home appliance industry to the smart home field of the real estate market. It wants to realize the integration of the two major industries of home appliances and home furnishing with intelligence, thus opening up new businesses for enterprises. Expansion capacity. The sports marketing of the flooring industry, the combination of ceramics, flooring industry and home appliance enterprises, the involvement of home appliance enterprises in the real estate market has become a new stage of marketing. In various industries, they have entered the cross-border marketing, and the home stores are not far behind. As mentioned in the foreword by the author, starting in December, the Real Home has also launched a three-month cross-border marketing campaign with Zhongyuan Real Estate. The marketing activities of various industries have made the marketing model innovation of the home building materials industry With a higher level of attention, a new round of ‘Blue Ocean Thinking’ has been widely transplanted to the channel model innovation. The market seems to be paying attention to the benefits brought by such cross-border marketing. Is cross-border marketing really unfavorable? What kind of marketing model is needed under the severe market environment? The object selection should be cautious and the two gains and losses are two injuries. The current home building materials industry is affected by many factors such as real estate policy, raw materials and rising costs, inflation, etc. The living environment is worse than before, and the sales volume appeared in 2011. The contradiction that growth profits do not rise makes more companies begin to seriously think about the innovation of channels. The author participated in various large-scale industry conferences such as the China Furniture General Review, the China Staircase Industry Annual Meeting, and the Zhejiang Furniture Annual Conference held since December, and found that the focus of the company’s attention has returned to the terminal. On the channel, the market’s severity has also begun to test the entrepreneur’s ability to operate brands and markets. As a way of thinking to break the traditional marketing, in the final analysis, cross-border marketing is exerted on brand influence and market expansion. This way can achieve mutual penetration and integration between different categories of brands, and at the same time bring the brand three-dimensional sense to a certain extent. And the sense of depth, therefore, some people in the industry believe that cross-border marketing is a step that enterprises must try or practice. As a ‘must-through road to expand the market scale, cross-border marketing can get more development opportunities, so Under the rapid red-hot concept of the big home, cross-border products such as cross-border, cross-border, cultural cross-border and cross-border marketing communication have become popular in the home building materials industry. Wang Hongbo, general manager of Lianzhong Zhida Consulting Group’s home business unit, said that cross-border marketing uses their superior marketing resources and join forces to grow together. This is a typical interpretation of a win-win situation. Brands do well and benefit each other, but if the alliance If the object selection is not good, it may be ‘hard to please’, and the company must fully consider the matching degree when making the choice of the alliance object. The author believes that under the background of cross-border management, when selecting the target of the alliance, enterprises need to spend a lot of energy to conduct in-depth and comprehensive market research on the consumer groups. For the cooperative enterprises, they need to make full use of themselves. Resources and the other side to find better integration points and upgrade points, in order to constantly correct and improve the cooperation strategy and integration program to achieve a win-win situation. Release date: 2012/1/9 11:57:22

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How to distinguish between laminate flooring and parquet?

Decoration is a big thing for every family. One of the modules is not well decorated. I think everyone will not be comfortable. How to choose a good home floor? Most families will choose laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. So where is the difference between laminate flooring and parquet?

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Parquet Also called solid wood multi-layer floor, each layer is made of solid wood sheets criss-crossed, only the surface layer is solid wood pattern thickness, there are 0.6CM and 2.0, the latter price is high. Solid wood composite is special for floor heating The floor, its surface is high wear-resistant paint, its wear-resistant rotation number is about 4000-6000 rpm. The pattern of solid wood composite floor is natural, and the effect of solid wood is laid out.

Strengthening The composite floor is made of pulp and pressed into a layer with a wear-resistant layer of Al2O3.

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Specific difference:

1. The wear-resistance index of laminate flooring is slightly higher than that of solid wood composite. However, its foot feel and heat conduction are not as good as solid wood composite. However, its cost is relatively low. It is also no problem for floor heating. The patterns of the reinforced laminate flooring are all pattern papers, and the patterns are consistent.

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2. Reinforced laminate flooring is more suitable for home decoration. It is Medium-density board, particle board, etc. are used as substrates, and the two sides are coated with impregnated paper through a certain temperature and pressure, and the surface is covered with a coating film.

The laminate flooring has good impact resistance. And flame retardant. Therefore, it can withstand the friction of high-heeled shoes and the movement of tables and chairs. It can withstand the heavy pressure of heavy furniture, can withstand the burning of cigarettes, can easily remove stains, and does not need waxing. The surface of the laminate flooring is decorated with wood grain of various tree species, which is very realistic and visually comparable to the solid wood floor. The medium density board is made of wood fiber and basically overcomes the shortcomings of the one-way homogeneity of wood. The paved floor is not easily deformed. The reinforced laminate flooring is laid in a ‘suspended’ method without nails and is easy to construct.

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3, parquet has retained the advantages of natural wood flooring Skin color of wood, natural texture simple, comfortable, skin folder timber should have, resin pockets, rotten, knot, punching, cracks and other defects patchwork lax. The cut texture is better than the cut texture and the paint finish should be uniform. There should be no obvious stains and breakage on the surface.

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4. The parquet is suspended. If you don’t need to hit the ground dragon, if the ground is relatively flat, you can lay it directly on the concrete floor. After paving, you don’t need to plan, polish and paint. It is convenient, time-saving and pollution-free. It can be used after paving. The solid wood composite floor is completely assembled by splicing, so it can be repeatedly disassembled and relocated, which is another feature.

5, reinforced composite floor wear-resistant, beautiful, stable, impact-resistant, anti-static, anti-pollution, resistant Light, but the solid wood floor feels good.

So solid wood composite is worse than laminate flooring. But the wear resistance may not be as strong. The geothermal floor is also good with solid wood composite, because its heat preservation is better. And it won’t crack or curl up. It’s best to have the kind of insulation and mute pad below.

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How to maintain the red carpet in the wedding room?

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Wedding room red carpet maintenance

The red carpet in the wedding room is carpet The type of color division is also the theme color of the red carpet since it entered the decoration industry. The main types are: velveteen and striped red carpet. During the service life of the red carpet, the most frequent job is to check the red carpet and constantly check the red carpet. Whether there are water stains or stains on the surface, if it is handled early, it is easy to remove. Of course, when purchasing, it is recommended to choose high-quality red carpet, because it can be specially processed in the production process to provide anti-fouling, dust-proof and wear-resistant. Guarantee of damage.

Red carpet price

Red carpet maintenance skills are as follows:

Frequent use in the access area, stains, etc. will spread immediately, should be at the entrance Add a small red carpet to reduce the accumulation of dust; if the red carpet is exposed to chemical stains or fading, such as: bleach, insecticides, strong detergents, etc.; it should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also fade; in the wedding room After the red carpet has been used for a long time, the dust will cause abrasion to the fibers. And the color is dim, need to vacuum frequently. It is recommended to choose the vacuum cleaner with rotating dusting brush to vacuum the machine two or three times a week. After laying for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive dry cleaning of the red carpet. Every two years or so, hire a cleaning company to come to the door. The red carpet is thoroughly cleaned; the red carpet is maintained to ensure a long-lasting freshness.

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There are 11, 11 college alumni associations to hold single alumni association activities in Qing Dynasty.

Shandong 2018-11-12 (Commercial Telecommunications)–

You have a pair of 11,27 college alumni associations to hold a single alumni association in Qing

“single Alumni Grand Friendship, Auntie Love Double 11,2018“ Double 1127 College Alumni Association Qingdao Single Alumni Association Activities, successfully held in the SKY88 Club (Shandong University Alumni Home) of the 27th floor of Qingdao Ginza Linghai Mansion, from 27 The 160 alumni of the Qingdao Youth Alumni Association of the college gathered together to use the alumni’s feelings as a medium to write a wonderful game and event in the island city.

This single association was convened by the Qingdao Alumni Association of Nanjing University and hosted by the Qingdao Alumni Association of Shandong University. The Qingdao Alumni Association of the University is co-sponsored (the host university Qingdao Alumni Association is sorted by registration: Nanjing University, Tongji University, Chongqing University, Hunan University, Dalian Maritime University, Shandong University, Tsinghua University, Ocean University of China, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics) Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Southeast University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yanbian University, Sichuan University, Dalian Polytechnic University, Peking University, Southwest Jiaotong University). At the same time, the event received enthusiastic support and sponsorship from more than 20 college alumni alumni.

The poster of this networking event also appeared on the outdoor golden screen of the Golden Lion Plaza in the downtown area, making this event extremely hot before the event started. The whole event is arranged on the scene, with the theme of “Sea and Sky”, with blue as the main color, highlighting the style of sea, heaven, nature and life. The atmosphere of the event was lively and the content was wonderful. The networking event designed the guests to build a platform for exchange and sharing. It created a relaxed and natural atmosphere for the 160 guests from 27 colleges and universities. It designed a fun and interactive atmosphere for interactive games, helping guests to find free time to communicate. Deepen mutual understanding. More than 100 single alumni who participated in the event not only gained friendship, but also gained love. Everyone in the interaction to enhance friendship, during the coffee break and free time to talk about their work and life in Qingdao and interesting things in school.

The last successful guest also came to the scene to bring sweetness to this year’s single alumni. share it. The event also specially arranged the marriage proposal and cake sharing links, so that everyone can bathe in the ocean of love, which is not only the first anniversary of the two people’s acquaintance, but also the testimony of the results of the Double Eleven activities. In the warm and romantic atmosphere, under the guidance and encouragement of the host, the guests wrote the number of the favorite object through the heartbeat card, and the brave male guest picked up the rose and confessed to the female guest of the heart. .

& ldquo;The Qingdao Alumni Association Single Friendship Association is a friendship between single alumni and alumni of colleges and universities. The great friendship between the conferences, the initial goodness, the public welfare, and the joint efforts of the alumni associations, in line with the purpose of high-end innovation, rigorous and realistic, united and win-win, to promote communication and exchanges between the Qingdao Alumni Associations of various universities, for alumni We provide intimate service.


1. Vice President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Shandong University, Jianuo Chairman of the group Guo Weijia.

2. Chairman of the Qingdao Alumni Association of Dalian Maritime University and Chairman of the Association of Shipping Service Industry Unions of the Southern District of China.

3. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Tongji University and General Manager of Dehua Beer.

4. Alumni of Peking University Qingdao Alumni Association and General Manager of Qingdao Chunyiyuan Tea Co., Ltd. Jiang Chunke.

5. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Tongji University and Lu Shaobo, General Manager of Qingdao Wardkang Electronics Co., Ltd.

6. Mr. Li Yupu, Chairman of Nanjing University and Chairman of Haohua Real Estate.

7. Yan Qingguo, alumni of Sichuan University Alumni Association and President of Korn Hospital.

8. Li Yueyan, alumnus of Qingdao University Alumni Association of Wuhan University.

9. Hu Qiuzhang, President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Wuhan University of Technology.

10. Assistant to the President of Qingdao Alumni Association of Ocean University of China, Wang Donglun, General Manager of Qingdao Cheji Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

11. Ding Deliang, alumnus of Tsinghua University Qingdao Alumni Association and general manager of Qingdao Aohai Media.

12. Li Jingwen, Director of Qingdao Alumni Association of Renmin University of China.

13. Qingdao University Alumni Association of Xiamen University.

14. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Hunan University and Wang Chunli, co-founder of Qingdao Magic Drink Coffee.

15. Alumni of Qingdao Alumni Association of Zhejiang University and Hu Chunguang of Qingdao Fuyuanquan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

16. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Qingdao Alumni Association.

17. Fan Dapeng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao Alumni Association of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Dean of Wentai Business School.

18. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Qingdao Alumni Association.

19. Chongqing University Alumni Association.

20. Xu Tao, Secretary General of the Qingdao Alumni Association of Nanjing University.

21. Jiang Xiubin, alumnus of Qingdao University Alumni Association of Shandong University.

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Floor heating principle

The cold winter is coming. If you are not laying cold bricks on the floor, but warm wooden floors, you can enjoy the spring-like winter at home. Today’s floor selection class gives you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of self-heating flooring to see how it brings warmth to the home. The principle and advantages and disadvantages of deciphering self-heating floor The traditional floor heating is to bury the geothermal pipeline into the floor and heat it, which is neither safe nor environmentally friendly. The self-heating floor does not need to preheat the pipe or the air under the floor. It embeds the carbon crystal far-infrared chip into the multi-layer solid wood. The heating chip is located 4mm below the floor surface and has a thermal insulation layer of nearly 15mm below. The heat loss caused by the emission is less than 2%, and the heating chip is completely waterproof and insulated, even if the floor is immersed, it is 100% safe. The floor and the floor are connected by the male and female plug wires, and the male and female plug wires are also waterproof and leakproof to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the heated floor and engineering construction. Each floor is a separate heating element. The floor and the floor are connected in parallel. Only the plug and plug are needed for installation, and they can be summarized on the main line. Decryption of self-heating floor principle and advantages and disadvantages (appreciate more floor decoration effect diagram) Advantages of self-heating floor Self-heating floor integrates heating device into the interior of the floor, and integrates floor heating equipment and geothermal floor into one, reducing the shop for consumers. Cost of installation. At present, the self-heating floor has covered various categories such as solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, three-layer solid wood, and reinforcement. Consumers can choose the self-heating floor suitable for themselves like ordinary floor. In terms of heat generation, the current mainstream design is a heating film, a heating cable, a heat-generating coating, etc., and the indoor temperature is adjusted by means of radiant heating. Compared with traditional electric heating, plumbing and other floor heating equipment, the self-heating floor should be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is not inferior in terms of safety performance. In addition, the self-heating floor is more convenient than traditional floor heating in terms of maintenance and repair.

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The first place has a pot bottom and a bright kitchen stove. Tan duck blood jumps into a hot pot world.

From the beginning of this year to the present, Tan Duck Blood Hot Pot has jumped into the Chengdu hot pot market in the form of a black horse. In just over six months, it has opened more than 10 directly operated stores in Chengdu.

Every day, close to the meal, the diners who are eager to take the blood of the Tan duck will be in groups, and the friends who are calling friends will wait in front of the store, sometimes even waiting for 2 or 3 hours. Willingly. The authentic Sichuan flavor and super high popularity not only make the guests feel ashamed, but also attract Hong Kong and Taiwan stars including Ren Xianqi, Su Yongkang, Liang Hanwen, Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Li Zixiong, etc., while Li Boqing, Yuan Feng, Tan Weiwei, Wei Qun Yaochuan and Ma Mingyu and other Sichuanese stars are frequent visitors to various direct sales stores.

Why is the Tan duck blood old hot pot so hot? Every diners with equal rankings have issued such silent questions in the heart, and when they are seriously experienced, the answer is gradually clear: the iconic material Pot bottom, Ming kitchen bright stove, special faucet pot, original open luck seal, Tan Gong duck blood, hand cut shiitake mushroom, thick cut lunch meat … … Tan duck blood old hot pot unique seven weapons, take the diners Looking forward to it, it also relies on the unique skills of the rivers and lakes in 2018 Chengdu’s hot pot rivers and lakes.

Ming kitchen bright stove with a faucet pot, just to make a delicious mouth to eat assured

Into the Tan duck blood Taigu Li shop door, a double faucet pot is very attractive Attention, this is the first secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood. The idea of ​​such a double-faucet pot is derived from the originality of Tan Duck Blood. On the one hand, it is intended to show the beautiful expectations of life, and on the other hand, it is not difficult to see the blood of Tan Duck on the food safety. The faucet pot is filled with the secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood —— Tan Gongyu blood. The duck blood is selected for distribution on the same day, and the duck blood is placed in the faucet pot after being sent to the store. “Drug duck blood is a traditional craft,” “The tight blood of the duck is better, and the mouth is delicious.

Entering the store, in the open-plan operation room, there are a lot of ingredients such as hairy belly, yellow throat, luncheon meat, green bamboo shoots, potatoes, and glutinous rice. More than ten garnished masters have already been busy. Ming kitchen bright stove, this is the third secret weapon of Tan duck blood.

I saw that the masters were neatly dressed, masks, gloves and other standard equipments. Needless to say, when facing the customers, the dishes are more calm than the back kitchen. For the customer, from the time the order is placed to the dish, the preparation of the ingredients can be completed almost in the operation room. Before the stomach was lifted, the bright kitchen stove in front of the eyes was pleasing to the eye, and it was more reassuring to eat.

There is a connotation of the quality of the bottom of the pot, and you can open the hot pot if you eat it.

If the faucet pot is the facade of Tan duck blood, it is appropriate to have the bottom of the pot and the blood of the duck. The connotation of the right! Whether a hot pot is authentic, whether the materials are safe, this pot is very knowledgeable. In the past, it was often the case that the hot pot was served. The waiter directly put on the bottom of the pot. What is the material in the bottom of the pot? The freshness is in the end, the customer is not clear. There is also such a hot pot bottom material packed into small pouches, the waiter cuts and mixes in front of the customer’s face, and the bottom material finally melts into a pot bottom … … In fact, for the customer, the origin of the ingredients at the bottom of the pot is still somewhat Look at the flowers in the fog.

The value of Tan Duck Blood Old Hot Pot is that it breaks the routine, the first pot has the bottom of the pot, the duck blood is used as the base material, the bottom of the pot is butter, ginger garlic, base material, two vitex, and dried tofu. The eggs are clearly visible. In addition, Tan duck blood also abandoned the traditional bone soup, created the bottom of the eagle tea soup, its taste is not reduced, the flavor is more healthy and not getting angry.

It is worth mentioning that each pot of material will be covered with a Fortune seal. Every time I open the pot, it also foreshadows a good wish ——“ In the same ordinary pot bottom, the bottom of the duck blood pot stands out with its connotation and ritual feeling, creating the first of the catering era. There are two kinds of secret weapons: Tan duck blood and two secret weapons.

The bottom of the pot is “material, so it deserves to be taken seriously. Tan duck blood each pot bottom material is a disposable base material, from the beginning of the pot to the customer to eat, the Tan duck blood has the bottom of the pot to complete the mission, only for every soul that loves food bloom once. For example, Liao Jian, the founder of Tan Duck Blood, and the star of the Bayu, said, “I don’t worry about the taste of the product. The safety of the product is absolutely assured. I will not get rid of my own signboard. If you have any questions, please come to me. Jian Ge has been here!

Breaking the traditional old three, hand-cut mushrooms back to the truth

Every delicious dish that loves hot pot, the favorite dish There must be “hairy belly,” duck intestines, “yellow throat,” “wide powder & hellip; … life needs freshness, as well as eating hot pot. Among the top ten dishes of Tan Duck Blood, many dishes have refreshed the perception of diners. It is not necessary to say that the duck blood of the signature ducks is too greasy, the thick cut lunch meat, the special special offer, the dense taste makes people forget. Want to eat & ldquo; mushrooms, let you feel the growth mode at zero distance, the clerk and even the diners personally take off the picking, the last second is still growing, the next second to eat in the mouth, full of delicious.

Selling very good toothpick beef, the taste is not negative, bite a bite, the happiness of high-quality ingredients, overflowing between the lips and teeth. As a hot pot must order, “double belly in the Tan duck blood performance bright, crisp taste even if you eat it can not help but always linger. Braised sausages, such as marinated sausages, simmered with special spices, dried and fragrant peppers and dried succulents, are perfect!

In May, Hong Kong star football team and Sichuan Huangbei star team went Come to the Tan duck blood old hot pot Taikooli shop to taste the authentic Chengdu hot pot. Quietly tell you, including Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Yao Xia, Wei Qun and other stars, that night Tan Gong duck blood, thick cut lunch meat, hand cut mushrooms, marinated sausage, toothpick beef, hairy bellyThere are several copies of the Melaleuca belly!

The reason why the Tan Duck Blood brand has become a catering dark horse in Chengdu, Sichuan and even the whole country. After the opening of the team, after several years of market research, they not only Successfully caught the eye and taste buds of the good diners, and also presented a legendary return to the hot pot rivers and lakes in Chengdu. It is no wonder that there has been a wave of follow-up in the world of duck blood hot pots. Some merchants even take the risk of imitating plagiarism … … in Chengdu, nothing is a hot pot can not be solved. Want to eat hot pot? Tan duck blood to understand!

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Visit the new version of Hongyadong to play the Ordovician scenic area, the ice and snow kingdom, Chongqing tourist scenic spot upgraded

In the future, visitors to Chongqing can enjoy the new cliffs in the Hongya Cave. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can take your children to play in the largest ice and snow kingdom in the southwest. Tired of the city. Fast pace, just find an old street, you can let you taste the slow time.

The reporter learned that with the hot tourism in Chongqing, a number of new online red spots will be unveiled, making the tourism of the mountain city more interesting.

A new building will be built next to Hongya Cave; Hongyadong

12 scenes of Daijiaxiang reappearing the magical old Chongqing

Now, coming to Chongqing will go to Hongya Hole punching. But do you know? Behind Hongya Cave, a new and larger new “Hongya Cave” is about to be unveiled. Here, you can not only see the real name of Hongyadong —— Hongyamen Restoration, you can also look at the cliffs of the cliff, or drink a pot of authentic bowl of tea in the old teahouse.

Here It is the city wall ruins park —— Daijiaxiang. The Daijiaxiang area is located on the north side of Linjiang Road in Yuzhong District. It is sandwiched between Hongyadong Historic District and the Second Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital. From the north of Jiangbei, the back of Daijiaxiang is the modern business center of Jiefangbei with high-rise buildings. The foreground is the traditional scenery of Hongyadong, which has become the Chongqing tourist label. Daijiaxiang will be built as a whole, and a historical and cultural folk experience center with a height difference of 60 meters and a combination of eating and shopping will be built. The 12th scene of Daijiaxiang will be the main feature, and the project will be officially unveiled in the near future.

Daijiaxiang will use the original craft of the ancient city wall to repair the damaged city wall, and the reconstruction has disappeared. Hongya Gate; you can appreciate the most authentic wharf culture. The wine cellar tea house, there will also be a special homestay, let you live in the history; you can take a cliff to listen to the waves, Jiabian water, the mountain road with a height difference of 60 meters, let you go shopping is to climb the mountain, blowing on the top of the mountain Jiang Feng, watching the most beautiful night view of the mountain city, feel the hydrophilic charm of Jialing River at the foot of the mountain.

“It is more suitable for taking pictures outside with Hongya Cave. Daijiaxiang will be more suitable for tourists to walk around and quietly feel the pulse of history. In the future, it will be connected with Hongyadong to create the largest traditional historical and cultural district in Chongqing. Tourism expert Wang Ning said in an interview with the reporter.

The largest ice and snow kingdom in the southwest will debut

The Ordovician in the Red Scenic Area will be more fun

Just past the National Day holiday, 7 days crowded by 100,000 people Another broken red card in Chongqing, mdash; — Ordovician scenic spot, also blew the horn of the upgrade. And compared to the above-mentioned Daijiaxiang project, the landing rhythm is faster.

During the National Day alone, Ordovician opened several new projects in one breath, including a 360-degree pendulum, high-altitude flying, a cliff-climbing machine, a cliff scream, a 21-meter terrorist swing, and a glass ladder. Wait. Among them, the 21-meter cliff swing is refreshed again and the Ordovician self-maintained 18-meter longest swing record in the country. Once it is unveiled, it will occupy various short video platforms such as vibrato; the 360-degree pendulum is the first in the southwest, giving it to people. The fresh challenge of spinning around; the high-altitude flying takes you to the rotating flying chair to fly to 50 meters, 360 degrees to look at the valley; if you are courageous, you can go to the transparent glass ladder to climb the stairs; if you are courageous You can go to the cliff and scream on a plate to experience the weightlessness of flying up and down.

In addition to these high-altitude projects, rocket bungee jumping, gantry flying armor and other projects will also be unveiled. The largest ice and snow kingdom in the southwest of the scenic spot will be unveiled at the end of October, which is very suitable for bringing children to play here. Here you can see ice sculptures, where visitors can enjoy the various lightings that complement the snow and ice scenes, as well as the castle-shaped castle, the king’s glory warship, the pumpkin carriage, the Madagascar combination, the dragon guardian and other beautiful ice sculptures.

In addition, the next month, the Ordovician will also be open, “Dinosaur Ice and Snow World, the world’s first “< Zero on the 10° outdoor skiing and snowing fields that can ski, in one fell swoop, it is necessary to “see the snow and the dilemma of eating and drinking, so that you can enjoy the snow while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside.

Old Streets Open Street

One more than a literary art

As a tourist city with profound historical and cultural heritage, the old street tour with rich old Chongqing charm has been It is one of the special travels that tourists come to Chongqing to experience. In addition to the marble stone old street, the newly opened old street in Chongqing is more than one.

Just opened on the National Day of Longmenhao Old Street, not only how to shoot can attract countless likes of the net red moon & mdash; — Longmen Haoyue, and the authentic original Chongqing flavor. Because the bricks and tiles used in the renovation of the old streets are old bricks and old tiles collected from the surrounding counties and cities, these old buildings are scattered on the slopes with a vertical height of 40 meters, taking you all the way and taking all the way. Not tired of it. By the way, here is the coolest place to take the light rail in Chongqing. In Liziba, you can only see the light rails, and here you can see the subway under the bridge, across the river, into the magical old street.

It is reported that many old streets in Chongqing are being built, and now go to the scene to taste a short, short video. It’s easier to get angry. In addition, Chongqing Nan’an District is still building the old street of Ciyun. This old street is named after the Ciyun Temple. This temple was built in the Tang Dynasty.The mountains and rivers give the unique “Zen culture” of Ciyun Old Street.

Yuzhong District is also building Dongshuimen Old Street. It is different from many old streets in modern imitation. This old street has the original ancient city wall. It is like walking through here. Old Chongqing, very feeling.

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In 2018, choose brand wardrobe to join and realize your entrepreneurial dream.

Nowadays, many young people are holding a business heart. It is a good choice to join the wardrobe. However, there are many kinds of wardrobe brands. For the franchisees, it is very important to choose the relatively potential brand wardrobe.

The first step is to choose a wardrobe brand. Choosing a good brand is very important. It is said that although the wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture in people’s lives, there are many furniture brands in the industry. If you want to join, then you should consider which ones are good for these brands. It is better to choose the brand that is more in line with your own standards.

Second, consider specific products. Since it is an affiliate agent, it is definitely necessary to obtain the sales agent of a certain wardrobe product. The wardrobes of the same brand with different styles are also different in the market, which requires people to consider It is good to choose which kind of goods to sell. How to open a wardrobe store to consider the goods is to pay attention to joining.

If you choose a business to join, just consider it, then you can contact the merchant. As long as people sincerely want to join, then they can get the opportunity to join. Canoya is a better brand in custom wardrobes. The brand’s wardrobes are selling well in the market. Choosing this brand to join is a dream that will enable people to realize their business.

If you want to start your own business, then it is very appropriate to join now. If you choose a brand wardrobe to join, as long as you consider good projects, you can get good resources. Joining can let people accumulate good work experience. When people accumulate funds to a certain extent, it is to make people’s entrepreneurial dreams better. Realized.

Canoa, focusing on custom home for 17 years, is leading the industry in comprehensive strength. Joining Canoa for only 300,000, you can make a big home and do a big business with an annual output of more than 3 million and 30 million! Enjoy the life of wealth, choose Kanoa right.

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In-depth interpretation of integrated wall decoration materials, “Why is the integrated wall so hot?”

Why can the integrated wall surface be so popular in the home improvement market? The wall of Andy’s home is integrated wall decoration, and the Antarctic station is also equipped with integrated wall decoration. More and more hotels , hospitals, KTV, restaurants and other places are using integrated wall decoration, traditional materials are used less and less, today to decrypt the past and present of the integrated wall.

The enthusiasm of integrated wall decoration is the product’s concept of meeting the environmental protection of consumers. The reason why the integrated wall will appear is because of the market demand. In 2010, everyone’s decoration gradually became aware of environmental protection. At that time, the products were mainly paint, putty powder, marble, wall clothing and other chemical dissolution, formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other substances are easily exceeded. There are also many problems in the body of the owners who have just been renovated and ventilated soon. The relationship between leukemia, cancer, etc. and decoration has gradually been recognized by everyone. The demand for environmentally-friendly plates has increased and the integrated wall decoration has emerged. .

The integrated wall has two materials, one is bamboo fiberboard and the other is aluminum-manganese alloy sheet. The advantages, but also their own advantages, also have their own shortcomings, we come to specific understanding, bamboo fiberboard, advantages: fire does not absorb water, shortcomings: burning pungent smell. Aluminum-manganese alloy, advantages: fire retardant, noise-proof, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free. Common advantages: easy installation. So even if the material is different, the integrated wall decoration is essentially the same.

Consumer feedback that has been installed with integrated walls in the past few years is good. The original choice was right. It’s really only used. Only have the right to speak on the product, only when it comes out, the house with integrated wall decoration is not fast. It can be settled on the same day when it is environmentally friendly. This is what consumers like. The traditional specialization is to ventilate for at least half a year. The time waiting is not in line with today’s consumer philosophy. Therefore, due to the existence of these requirements, the integrated wall decoration can become more and more fierce. A product wants to be hot, not a single trip. It is very important whether the product itself is born. It is difficult to break out after the innate efforts. The products demanded by the vast number of consumers come out of the mass base, the quality of the products themselves is guaranteed, and the promotion reputation in the later period is automatically established.

The above is the reason why the integrated wall decoration is hot. The market determines the product, the good product determines the word of mouth, and the word of mouth influences the development of the enterprise. This is a virtuous circle. The business to integrate the wall decoration can be obtained from it. Some inspiration.

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