Modern application of classic gable roof style

This is a small house that stands in the forest on the shores of Lake Dexton in St. Erica, Canada. Designed by YH2 in 2017, it is completely surrounded by minimalism and elegance. The symmetrical gabled roof ends at the beginning of the wall, and the transition is seamless, suitable for this simplest structure. This stylish holiday cottage takes advantage of its simple architectural style by focusing on the landscape.

In this case, the roof is a prominent feature. These two structures are located in Canada. One as a home and the other as a studio, they are very simple and have a striking gable roof. They each take advantage of views and daylight in such a way. In fact, they have almost no windows at all, adding privacy overall.

Prodesi’s architects found inspiration when designing this single-family home in the Czech Republic. This is how they choose to shape a house like a traditional cottage roof, similar to the architecture of the entire area. But the shape of the building not only helps to integrate the house into the surrounding environment. A very interesting detail is that the house stands on a stone pedestal, with some cantilevered on one side, and it looks like the avalanche has moved there.

The Fallahogey house is another structure that reflects the local flavour and stands out at the same time. This is actually a home and studio, designed by McGarry-Moon Architects, similar to the small agricultural metal sheds in the area. However, it does not completely imitate these structures, but rather converts the inspirations gathered from their designs into minimalist and refined versions.

The design direction that Jager Janssen architecten showed here is actually one of the most popular recently. The façade and herringbone roof form a continuous outer shell around the house, forming a lid made of corrugated metal sheets that contrasts sharply with the side gables wrapped in wood. Instead of a classic window, the house has a skylight that maintains a high level of privacy by allowing plenty of natural light without exposing the interior.

An interesting version of the classic gabled roof style can be seen in the design of this house in Carinthia, Austria. The project was carried out by Spado Architects and consisted of two floors with a sloping roof on the upper level and inclined to the sides to form a covered wooden frame that acts like a continuous outer casing. In contrast, the bottom layer has a sturdy concrete wall that looks slim and has a good foundation.

Remember those wooden stick family houses that you used to paint when you were young? This will be the real version. Designed by Sheri Gaby Architects, the Gable House is located in Australia. The wooden frame you see here does not mean that the project has not been completed. This is actually an iconic element of this project. The outdoor desk continues the living space, and the frame seamlessly extends the area to outline the structure of the gabled roof.

Maas Architecten starts with the classic and simple lines of the gabled roof, creating a unique blend of style between the Dutch country house and the greenhouse. The design of the modern country house combines elements of local rustic style with contemporary architectural details. The H-shaped plan view divides the structure into two wings with sharp contrasts. One is a black wood packaging structure and the other is a transparent glass structure.

The structure is located in the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark and is the new headquarters of the Danish Hunter Association. Unlike the other designs we have studied so far, this design uses an outwardly extending gabled roof with two awnings on either side of the two elongated bodies. These structures were designed by Arkitema Architects and feature the association’s administrative areas, laboratories, educational facilities, restaurants and hunting lodges. All of these spaces are closely related to the surrounding environment.

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Italian house guarded by citrus and olive trees

This house is located in an area of ​​Italy and is unforgettable for its simplicity and charm. It was built by architects Francesco Fedele and Mariangela Figliomeni in 2015 on a flat and simple site surrounded by lovely citrus and olive trees. Viewed from the outside, the house looks simple, compact, and has a strong geometric shape that highlights two neutral colors defined by the exterior walls: gray and white.

Surprisingly, the exterior of the house looks quite closed. The windows are not that big, but not so much, but it’s just an impression… Look closely, you’ll see some very good openings, and a solid, seamless connection to the outdoors, letting the natural light Enter without affecting the privacy of the interior space.

The social area of ​​the house is on the ground floor, including the living room, kitchen and dining area. The living area has its own separate space, located in the space below the ground. This design creates a sinking residential area with low windows on the walls and a double-height ceiling that prevents the space from feeling small and chaotic.

The sunken living area features a comfortable sofa module with a modern fireplace with striking geometric design and a unique modern coffee table with a cool and engraved design. The low hanging chandelier unit fills the space above. A staircase with floating wooden steps and glass railings leads to a private area.

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Gentle hillside homes reminiscent of comfortable medieval modern residences

This comfortable hillside home is located in Paradise Valley and is designed for families who want to downsize and simplify their lives. design. It is reminiscent of the modern homes of the middle of the century, evoking simplicity and comfort, but presented in a refined and elegant way. Designed and built in 2013 by the Kendle Design Collaborative, this home features many beautiful features, including a covered porch and a minimalist garden with the edge of the Cowton steel trough.

The focus is not on architecture or especially on any view, but on art and nature. Built with natural and traditional materials and techniques, the house features rammed earth walls, limestone floors and wooden ceilings. This helps it maintain its modest and simple appearance without becoming too mainstream and lacking in personality. A particularly good detail about it is the connection between the interior space and the outdoor porch, garden or pool area.

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Backyard decoration and landscape

Backyard swing

A backyard for children to play may also include a swing. This may be a simple swing, you can build it yourself. It would be nice to have a tree that can be hung, but other methods are fine. Of course, the swing is fun, not only for kids, so you can even enjoy it in your backyard when you are an adult.

Boxes on the fence

The box on the fence, now this is a very specific backyard decoration concept. This is also a great way to reuse and recycle old wooden boxes and hang them on fences or on the outer walls of houses where they can function as box shelves. You can show pots on them, and you can keep some gardening supplies just in case you are interested.


The word waterscape is quite common because there are many different types and options to choose from. You may want to add a fountain to your backyard, maybe you prefer a small pond, and why not even try a waterfall. Having a natural source of water, such as a small river in the backyard, will definitely be cool, but there are many ways to handle this problem if necessary.


Recycling is easy, and we think this is something everyone should do. There are many different ways of recycling. When it comes to backyard decoration, we recommend recycling trays or old furniture to create benches or flower pots.

One seat

When you have a beautiful backyard decor, with greenery and a calm and relaxing atmosphere, sometimes sit and enjoy everything It is very good. In this sense, you can organize a rest area. A pair of comfortable chairs and a small table should be all that is needed. Place them in the shade of the shade or add an umbrella.

Outdoor Art

There are also art issues that we should discuss. We are talking about garden sculptures and other similar elements. These can be things you create yourself, or things you buy. Either way, you should find a way to blend art with the backyard landscape. Maybe you can cultivate some plants that grow on the sculpture, or you might prefer to put it on the water so that it looks floating.

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Gorgeous beachfront home

Pine Tree Miami is a project completed by SAOTA in Miami. This is a family home located in the historic coastal area of ​​Collin. Like all studio projects, this project places great emphasis on the relationship between the building and its location, as well as the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Of course, privacy and views are important, so architects must find a way to balance the two elements in their design.

The overall design and architecture of the home is very modern and refined, with a focus on simple and linear forms and structures. Architects work with interior designers to find the distribution of space. They chose to spread the project as much as possible across the site and make the most of the distance between the property and the water canal. This is relatively easy due to the linear nature of the position.

As mentioned earlier, privacy and views are equally important in this project. So how does the studio manage to handle this task? That’s actually very interesting. The home is open to the outdoors and a range of interior and exterior courtyards ensure that all interior spaces are directly connected to the outdoors. In addition, the glass facade and large opening bring a view inside the house. A series of screens conceal the building and provide daylight protection to help filter the sun while ensuring a comfortable level of privacy without enclosing the space.

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Concrete washbasin

British brand Kast Concrete Basins has launched a series of patterned sinks called Kast Canvas. The collection includes three designs to explore the possibilities of concrete to provide an elegant surface pattern. The subtle texture design is an unexpected detail, with a minimalist basin form that stands out from the traditional bathroom products. Every concrete basin in KastCanvas has any Kast color and will be on display at ICFF 2018 this year.

Elm \\\ A brings a modern twist to the traditional washbasin. The linear pattern visually adds to the form of the sink.

Mara \\\ A is a round vessel with a circular interconnected pattern inside.

Vos \\\ A is a practical washbasin with a bold outline that accentuates the triangular pattern and enhances the minimalist contour.

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Vacant department store becomes a creative workspace

Because people spend more money on the Internet than the actual store, the department store has been closing the store and the abandoned buildings are ready. Without these empty shells being wasted, people will enter and transform them, such as Retail Design Collaborative and their sister company Studio One Eleven. They recently redesigned the vacant store in Long Beach, Calif., into an office, a creative workspace and a hub for community involvement.

This vacant area provides 34,100 square feet of potential for the two construction companies that were once on the 21st and 22nd floors. They want to be better connected to the community, they set out to design a blank department store and create a “city gallery”, a flexible and ever-changing seminar.

The flexible layout allows the company to work in a large open space with three raised sections for private meetings as a small meeting place.

The furniture is custom made and allows for reconfiguration as needed, with a drawing surface and a height-adjustable table. They designed furniture from raw materials and industrial materials to work seamlessly throughout the space.

The main gathering space is placed near the windows so that they face the street and connect with the people passing by.

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Fully customised family home to meet the needs of each member

Everyone uses this space to customize our homes to our liking, and each of us has our own way to deal with the challenge. For couples living in the Kaohsiung area of ​​Taiwan, the solution is to re-plan the entire house to suit the lifestyle of each family member. They work with HAO Design.

Every family member has different needs and preferences, so in addition to some other details, the new interior design must take into account all of this, including aesthetic direction, circulation routes, and ways of interacting with each other. . All of this is a plan that takes into account the end user. The house is designed to reflect the personal taste and style of their customers and is therefore an interesting combination of industrial and classical elements.

The indoor floor plan covers a total area of ​​110 square meters, forming an open area and a private area. The internal custom features are visible from the entrance, which has a series of shelves and grooves placed at different heights.

The original layout is more traditional, but does not really meet the needs of the owners. As a result, the kitchen had to be relocated and the space was reused for the storage area. The new kitchen is now adjacent to the balcony, which has sliding glass doors for plenty of sunlight. The balcony also includes a special area for planting plants that can be accessed directly from the kitchen.

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Argentine house surrounded by vegetation

S&S House is a family home located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was built on a sloping sand dune, which affected its design and structure.

Sand on the sand dunes The house has a sloping shape that opens to the forest and is surrounded by rich vegetation. Architects and clients agree that these beautiful plants must be preserved.
Customers have an interesting request. They hope that the aesthetics of this house are similar to forests and that it is easy to maintain.

House was Designed as a layer, it consists of two areas. These two areas are connected by a corridor and a concrete pergola.
The private area is located in front of the house. The customer requested a total of three bedrooms. One of them needs to have its own private bathroom and dressing room. The other two are for the children. All three bedrooms are connected to form a compact structure.
The second area is a huge social space. It incorporates an open kitchen and lounge space. The social area is placed behind the house and then connected to the entrance courtyard and an extended balcony.

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Hostel in the pine forests of northern Sweden

Snøhetta takes the resort in the woods to a higher level. This is a log cabin hotel, a group of 7 guest suites located in the pine forests of northern Sweden. The 55 m2 cottage blurs the line between the interior and exterior. The cabin is located ten meters above the ground with large windows and a meshed balcony.
The hotel is designed and built like a traditional Nordic wooden house with golden ash wood laminate flooring and golden birch plywood walls, complemented by a dark charred wood casing.

The bedroom bed is embedded in the floor, and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of the Lapland tree tops and the Lule River. The open skylight allows you to watch the stars late at night.

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