Swedish brand A2 launches new work in 2017

Sara Larsson is the designer behind the young Swedish brand A2 and has just launched a new 2017 collection.
Beam is a modern storage cabinet with timeless lines. The door panel and the two sides have a slot pattern giving it a unique look.
Collect 2016 is a cabinet collection with a square pattern.
Keep is a modern wardrobe with a high oak frame that reduces the visual weight of the overall design.

The Snow coffee table not only provides storage, but also a double-decker glass table to showcase your favorite items.

The Party collection includes bar tables and stackable bar stools for flexibility.

Big Move is a convenient triangular cart that can be used as a coffee table or bar. It has a leather covered handle and a lower marble shelf.

Fellow’s eight hooks help you save items, come in different sizes to hang jackets and bags, and more.

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Sonos’ Boston office has been remodeled

You may already be quite familiarSonos, which has been at the forefront of innovation in the wireless speaker market in recent years. In order to meet their own needs, SonosandIA Interior ArchitectsCooperate and carefully analyze the function of the brand and the way people work, focusing on creating a new vision for the workspace.
Follow people’s experience, and the company’s work strategy is mixed residential, retail, workplace and acoustics.
Understanding employees The importance of happiness and work space,IABe careful to bring flexibility to different types of workspaces. The office also needs a state-of-the-art audio engineering lab and an excellent sound. Typical offices are eliminated and open workspaces are designed to connect departments and strengthen collaboration.
It’s also important,Sonos products must be displayed.
The back of the living room-style bookcase wall is a hidden state-of-the-art audition room that allows visitors, customers and employees to access the listening and testing, and with the brand’s Product interaction.

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Inspired by the fun seats of animals

Arts in Cape Town, South AfricaPorkyHefeThe three-dimensional form of creation blurs the line between furniture design and sculpture. His workMonsteraDeliciosaVolumeI is a strange seat, inspired by animals. Huge underwater creatures hang from the ceiling, and the large mouth is stitched with leather and impeccable craftsmanship. Their functionality and whimsy evoke a sense of curiosity and fun.

The artist used a local manufacturing process in Cape Town to construct his sculpture. This technology owned by this country is not found anywhere else in the world, he explained. Therefore, the work is done with the help of local craftsmen and requires a lot of skills like weaving, sewing and stitching.
Currently exhibited at the Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town,2016year until 2month5Day.

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Cheerful wall lamp

Barcelona Design CompanyMarsetcreated a uniqueTam Tam wall lamp. The wall light is made by Fabien DumasSetCounted.
The wall lamp is a rather bold piece with a variety of vibrant and interesting colors. You can now choose black, brown, gray, green, orange and sand. There must be a color in all of these options that fits your space. It also has a 360°