Baltic Wood is affirmed by the German Red Dot Award

The three-layer solid wood flooring of Baltic Wood, which is famous for its fashion, will continue the design into the home life, insisting on innovation, aesthetics, high quality, exquisite craftsmanship, modernization and environmental protection. From the world-class Looking for inspiration in fashion, creating an aesthetic floor that fits architecture, interior and fashion, showing the fusion and change of European-style fashion home aesthetics.

The DESIRE products from Baltic Wood’s Miracles series won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award in Germany. Only three flooring companies have won such awards in the past few years. This is the first company in Poland to receive this award.

This award was created by the German Design Association and has been awarded for more than 60 years. It is internationally recognized. One of the top global industrial design awards, known as the Oscar of the design world, and the German “iF Award, the United States” IDEA Award and called the world’s three major design awards.

The annual Red Dot Awards will attract more than 60 countries and more than 10,000 entries will be submitted. In the end, according to the appearance and style of the work, the extraordinary design works will be selected and awarded this honor.

The Red Dot Award is a symbol of high quality design, winning the Red Dot Award and becoming a designer Hao’s honour, the international jury will only award the designer’s coveted quality certification to those who stand out from the crowd with extraordinary design. The winning entries will also be presented at the Red Dot Museum.

Award-winning products are recognized as a recognized mark of international creativity and design, and the award means that the product’s appearance and texture are the most authoritative "quality assurance". Outstanding in the Red Dot Awards, the product design highlights the high quality, functionality and creativity of the Baltic wood collection.

The fashion that can be precipitated in the long river is classic. The fashion of the 1920s has fantastic luxury and romance, sparkling with eternal brilliance in the fashionable galaxy, which has attracted fashion in recent years. Baltic Wood’s three-layer solid wood flooring, hand-carved by surface oil, hand-carved to restore the chic and gorgeous of the 1920s, to create a retro product effect, leading the occupants to indulge in memories of this era.

Three-layer solid wood flooring retains the natural wood grain of precious wood, and Baltic Wood makes time mosaic through process improvement In the wood grain, like amber, stay in the beautiful state at this moment. The three-layer structure extracts the advantages of different woods, creates a sturdy and durable floor, travels through time, reaches the other side of time, and offers the most precious gift left by time.

The simple modern style, combined with the mixed beauty of industrial colors, has a more direct contact with the essence of things. Baltic Wood’s three-layer solid wood floor surface is treated with a stylish brushed finish, which enhances the unevenness of the shape of the wood grain, highlighting the true natural touch and balancing nature and craftsmanship.

Baltic Wood uses an environmentally friendly sheet construction. The core material in the three-layer solid wood is made from fast-recyclable fir, which is derived from the FSC-certified forest. Reasonable use of waste (wood chips and wood dust) in the manufacturing process, such as re-converting waste into energy for production, to achieve recycling of resources.

Baltic Wood’s three-layer solid wood flooring controls the design details of the essence of life, restores the pragmatism in fashion, and implements the environmentally-friendly concept of nature to the recycling of materials. From this we can see that the European people living in the embrace of nature have created their own pursuit of fashion aesthetics under the influence of life and multi-ethnic culture.

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