Behind the Data Center 400 billion size of the “new infrastructure”, quality control, human resources, operations are ready?

“National” data center construction investment enthusiasm is high, but there are also many problems. By online demand surge during the epidemic and the impact of new infrastructure, national data center (IDC) building will undoubtedly enter the high-speed development period. In February, China Mobile released this year procurement tender notice about data center switches and management switches, plans to purchase a total of 26,690 switches, data center switches which 21690 units, 5000 to manage the switch. Data show that the purchase quantity is 2018 four times. This year the construction of large scale data centers, thus able to get a glimpse or two.
data center construction of “new infrastructure” background, steel mills also incoming fact, in the “new infrastructure” background, subject to market demand, beyond the three operators, “national” enthusiasm in the construction of the data center are high. Throughout the IDC company, in addition to Huawei, such as the wave of the original server vendor, released the same night in 2018 organizational restructuring, the Internet giant Tencent force in terms of the cloud is also very fast, it was set up in nearly a year 7 cloud computing subsidiaries, many of them are data center infrastructure services; and traditional enterprises such as Hangzhou Iron and steel, Sha steel, Long-fuel, etc. also have established their own data centers, want to “offer a force.” Tencent choose to do data centers motivation is not difficult to guess, as the Internet giant, its powerful social ecology, Tencent just on the line overseas conferences and other products, which are to have support large-scale data centers, to build their own software can open up to the maximum extent hardware ecosystem, comprehensive cost reduction. Of course, the traditional business into the bureau IDC also has its reasons. As early as 2018, “Data Center White Paper” issued by the Institute of ICT mentions, taking into account the use of resources, calls for the transformation of the old plant to the data center tier cities.
considering that traditional manufacturing firms had gradually move out of the city , a large number of older factories remain vacant CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , so many companies the market demand will be the transformation of the data center, in order to make full use of the existing power, water resources, such as the people’s Education Press printing plant Beijing’s Shunyi, Shanghai Baosteel Group steel mills. In this trend, many real estate, equipment manufacturers, steel, manufacturing and other enterprises through mergers and acquisitions or the transformation of one to twoData center investment in the industry. Statistical data show that in 2019 IT investment in China amounted to 369.81 billion data center in 2020 that the scale of investment is expected to grow by 12.7%, reaching 416.68 billion yuan. It can be said, no one wants to miss this wave outlet. Large-scale construction Xiacun worries, “efficient” primary keyword into a different building with traditional data target, with the surge in demand for online cloud service office, finance, education and construction 5G, the construction of the new data center more emphasis large scale. Statistics show that China’s current large number of large data centers in total accounted for 12.7%, after planning the construction of 320 data center is completed, large, large number of data centers proportion will reach 36.1%. However, if continuation of the traditional data center construction, behind the large-scale construction is bound to indicate rapidly increasing costs of even overwhelmed. US construction and reform experience in this regard is the “lesson.” It is reported that after the construction of large-scale data centers, the 2010 US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched a data center consolidation plan, the purpose is to reduce reliance on costly and inefficient old data center, and this work has been to advance to date. Statistical data representation, 2015-2018, due to the closure of thousands of old data center, the costs and cost savings of approximately $ 2.7 billion. Therefore, this time to promote large-scale data center construction occasion, other than performance, cost is the primary issue we will consider. Ministry of Industry in October 2019 issued a “green data center advanced and applicable technologies catalog”, put the focus placed on the “energy”, “green” and “low power” and other words: Table of major advanced and applicable technologies focus on energy, resource efficiency improvement, distributed function, micro power grid construction, management, operation and maintenance of green technology.
data compilation from “green data center advanced and applicable technologies catalog”
difficult to find, in addition to which the whole system design, impact data center life and cost of cooling, power supply technology has become concerned about the hot new technology [ 123] control Engineering Copyright , and “efficient” is throughout. In fact, from the existing data center, we can see the importance of cost. Such as apples, Tencent and other companies, which own data center in domestic construction site in Guizhou were under the mountain, there isIt is considered largely constant low temperatures can save a lot of electricity costs in the data center. After covering a large area of ​​the data center, operational resources required to make up time with the domestic digital, intelligent development process, the construction of large-scale data centers is inevitable. But because “all the people” involved in the data center construction Control Engineering Copyright , there is a lack of experience is difficult to meet the power, PUE targets, indicators such as virtualization, data center quality varies greatly. And because part of the data center managers lack of operating experience, data center operations have been completed and the latter is also a problem. In many issues to consider, the completion of the data center to maximize the effectiveness is the most critical thing. The key lies in the latter part of the operation. Speaking of Operation of the market problems, it is mainly in terms of lack of personnel, operational norms. Data center transformation survey conducted according to research firm Control Engineering Copyright , more than 70% of companies admit having difficulty recruiting professional and technical personnel in the data centers Shiyun Wei aspects. Enterprises report, these problems are mainly concentrated in overall operating personnel shortages, high wage demands, is not focused on the distribution of human resources. To the distribution of human resources is not focused look at an example. Although the market demand, the current data center resources are relatively concentrated in large cities, but companies still have to consider the cost of the data center was built in the mountains and other places, operations personnel shortage of such places is certainly a problem. And even to recruit talent, normative operation is also a problem. In general, large-scale data center operators need to have highly trained experts in critical facilities, advanced monitoring and management systems as well as standard operating procedures, which many companies can not do. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, for example, although the bought software products from software vendors, but also need DCIM professionals, processes and training, many companies do not have these. can be seen, due to the presence of various types of operational aspects of the problem, large-scale data center construction background, market operators demand will grow, increasing demand has created a new market space. According to incomplete statistics, last year, the new registered enterprises, the company operates in the number of data center operations has reached 400, showing that many people have smelled the outlet. Of course, the new data center services providers are now entering training to enhance and support facilities and corporate dataSystem Center IT management team and market the service to do the whole solution, but due to the complexity of data center operations and tedious work, some of the fundamental issues of supply and demand on the market operations still exist. For them, the future is undoubtedly challenging.

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