Boost the development of the equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation of the industry Humachined

Manufacturing as a foundation for the economic development of the country, which is crucial to a country’s economic development, social stability is concerned. Especially in the context of complex economic and political situation in the world, to speed up the manufacturing sector toward intelligent, automated direction of transformation and upgrading, not only in line with China’s manufacturing industry to achieve the objective of sustainable development needs, but also conform to the global manufacturing industry to move forward trending. Manufacturing industry attention, Intelligent Manufacturing is the key to economic globalization today, the link between countries become more and more closely, elements of technology, personnel, equipment, flow rate worldwide is also accelerating. China is a big manufacturing country, attaches great importance to the development of manufacturing industry. Introduction of “intelligent manufacturing equipment industry,” second five “development plan”, “Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development” five “plan” and other policies Control Engineering Copyright , but also shows our intelligent equipment, importance of intelligent technology. Over the years, subject to excessive energy consumption, industrial structure is relatively backward, low productivity and other factors, China’s only engage in low-end manufacturing, manufacturing enterprises have adopted the more labor CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , but less income, less competitive. With government support has intensified, increasing R & D investment, China’s manufacturing industry is gradually emerging from the mode of high energy consumption, low efficiency of, and embarked toward high-quality, cost-effective way to achieve the direction of transformation and upgrading. At present, intelligent manufacturing seems to have become the industry’s hot topics to explore, many parts of China has also actively promoting the intelligent manufacturing. For now, China’s “Industry 4.0” (intelligence) are trying to do some demonstrations, manufacturing automation and information technology have gradually transformed into reality and robotics, sensing technology manufacturing technology, intelligent information processing technology to achieve a some breakthroughs. Equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation of man-machine integration to create a new form of manufacturing industries Products and Human compared to the past alone, the use of automation, intelligent devices undoubtedly increase productivity, shorten the production cycle and so have many other advantages. With the changing times, only to rely on manpower to carry out the production of the approach is clearly no longer in line with the actual needs, and human-machine cooperative mode due to the more realistic the current needs of the development of the manufacturing sector, and thus gradually put to practical use. Throughout the industrial production system, almostNone of industry segments from energy industry equipment. Whether garment manufacturing, printing and packaging, or mineral mining, petrochemical metallurgy, need to use a variety of equipment for product manufacturing. A single product manufactured by human time-consuming and often more dangerous CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a large-scale use of modern equipment to small and medium terms it is difficult to achieve, this time the man-machine collaborative approach, not only can reduce labor intensity, but also to further develop the role of the machine, in order to achieve a win-win. Insiders pointed out that, in order to achieve high efficiency production of flexible automation, human-machine cooperation model will be manufactured in several industrial applications scenarios, the robot and other equipment, will gradually enter the workshop and shared work space and time with the workers. In particular robot collaboration, it is likely to be widely used in many industries 3c (computer, communications and consumer electronics), pharmaceutical, food, logistics and the like. Broad prospects for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the future will achieve a lot of upgrading the moment, the community for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry is very concerned, equipment manufacturing Hunan, Anhui and other provinces have made many new achievements. According to statistics, at the end of 2014, industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size has more than 3000 Hunan Province, accounting for the province’s industrial enterprises above designated size of more than 22.5%. The past two years, the number of industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises in Hunan Province newly established increase in the equipment manufacturing industry to the economic development of Hunan played role has become increasingly important. In fact, in recent years, China’s equipment manufacturing industry overall has shown a good momentum of development , also moving in automation equipment manufacturing, integrated, information-oriented. Specifically, reflected in automation equipment to complete the manufacturing process automation based on user requirements, and manufactured objects and highly adaptive manufacturing environment, optimize the manufacturing process; integration is reflected in the production process technology, hardware, software and applications technology integration, so that the industrial equipment upgrade in terms of performance and quality. Compared to other manufacturing countries in the world CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China’s manufacturing industry started late, weak economic foundation, but modern times especially since the reform and opening up, China’s manufacturing industry has made in terms of technological innovation and personnel training a lot of progress madeChina’s manufacturing of many high-end equipment also entered the international market. Although the road is to travel certainly, certainly difficult to do though. I believe in the government, enterprises, universities and other parties to jointly promote, China’s equipment manufacturing industry will turn the page and write a new glory.

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