Bosch China to maintain growth performance in 2018, with sales of 112.6 billion yuan

May 15, 2019, the world’s leading technology and services provider, today announced that Bosch Group 2018 performance in China continue to maintain historically high levels, achieved sales of 112.6 billion yuan (about 14.4 billion euros), an increase of nearly 2.5% [1]. 2018, Chinese market contributed 18% of sales for the Bosch Group. “Bosch has long regarded China as an important global market, and is committed to long-term development in China,” a member of the Bosch Group Board of Directors, Asia Pacific head of Terry expressed. “Despite the recent downward pressure on the economy, but China’s huge economy of scale body mass, as well as opening up the market further innovative development and industrial restructuring and upgrading, for Bosch would mean huge potential.”
board member of the Bosch Group, Asia-Pacific area business owners Mr. Terry to
seize emerging opportunities, roots in the local market – Bosch’s 110th anniversary in 2019, a time when China enters the 110 anniversary of Bosch China. Bosch currently has nearly 60 companies in China, about 60,000 employees, creating advanced technologies and solutions for the Chinese market in 38 manufacturing sites and 27 technical centers. “Bosch has always in China ‘rooted in the local community, local service’ philosophy, and actively seize new growth markets and sustained investment,” Terry is represented. Only in the past year Control Engineering Copyright , Bosch’s total investment in China as high as 7.8 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 22%. Thanks to the transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry, Bosch automotive and intelligent transportation technology business in 2018 achieved 2.9% growth trend in China, the domestic market average over again. In the field of intelligent transportation, Bosch will autopilot, new energy vehicles, intelligent network linking direction as the focus of future development effort. Through continuous investment, Bosch will continue intelligent booster since last year, 48-volt battery, the bridge (e-axle), the latest technology is the first volume production in China. This year, Bosch will build fuel cell technology center in Wuxi; Changzhou Wujin plant and the expansion , the next major production of ultrasonic radar. In the Internet industry, due to Chinese overweight advanced and intelligent manufacturing, Bosch Industrial Technology business segments achieved double-digit growth in 2018. In March of this year, Bosch Rexroth Xi’an plant Phase II expansion project officially started, in order to meet Chinese market demand for the industrial growth of 4.0 solutions. andFor the Internet at home, BSH new Greater China R & D center is scheduled to put into use in 2019 in Nanjing, the future will become an important part of BSH’s global R & D system. Focus software innovation, and further strengthen the innovation capacity of local things Bosch has accumulated a broad and deep cross-industry experience in hardware manufacturing and services. As a leading enterprise of things, Bosch continues to strengthen its core competitiveness, “sensors, software and services,” the three major areas. Since 1995, Bosch has produced a vehicle and consumer electronics products more than 10 billion microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS). These sensors are an important part of things. For automotive safety and advanced driver assistance systems, sensors are also key components. In the Chinese market, Bosch automotive applications last year only to provide 48 million sensors. Software, software to enhance the strength in Chinese mainland to further promote strategic Things landing in China, will establish a new Bosch Bosch Software Center during the year. The future center will in all business segments of Bosch China to provide high quality software support, including embedded software, cloud-based digital software, and applications based on artificial intelligence and so on. Is expected to 2020, the initial investment will be the center of more than 35 million yuan; to 2022 were plans to recruit about 500 software innovation talents. Dr. Yu-Dong Chen
, president of Bosch China
collaborative innovation, deepen strategic cooperation of local “localization innovation” is the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy, the only way into the high stage of development. “Bosch is committed to shaping the future of China’s Internet ecology, local innovation and focus research and development capabilities, cultivate innovative talents.” Dr. Yu-Dong Chen, president of Bosch (China) Investment Limited, said. Such stories abound of local cooperation. Bosch recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FAW, the two sides will interconnect solutions, new energy, powertrain and L2 level Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) key cooperation in other fields. Bosch vehicle will be equipped with remote upgrade FOTA technology to FAW commercial vehicle, and to achieve mass production this year, to further expand in the future ductility traffic interconnection services developed Chinese market. In addition , 2019, Bosch will also provide advanced driver assistance systems solutions for nearly 40 local models. Compared with 2017, China Advanced Driver Assistance Systems related businessIn 2018, a strong increase of 30%. In the Internet industry, Bosch has more than 25 factories in China in practice leading provider of industrial solutions 4.0, 4.0 while the establishment of industrial innovation center, recently to share technology and successful experience with local businesses. “Our collaborative innovation in China will also further optimize Bosch Things strategic layout and landing in the country. Bosch to advantage in the field of things basis, we will support the development of high-quality China-related industries.” Dr. Yu-Dong Chen added.
Bosch China 2019 press conference
Bosch 2019 outlook: Climate Action and air quality Bosch Group expects 2019 global economic growth will continue to slump. Although the Group’s main business sectors and regions where there are many challenges Control Engineering Copyright , Bosch is still expected to achieve growth in 2018 is slightly higher than in 2019. Despite the short-term outlook was flat, Bosch will increase investment, the fight against climate change, improving air quality. “Climate change is not science fiction in a scene, it truly happened in people’s daily lives. If we take seriously the Paris Agreement, the Climate Action should not only as a long-term vision must be put into action in the short term [ 123] control Engineering Copyright , “the Bosch Group Board of Directors main 席沃尔克马尔? represents the Group’s annual press conference, Dr. Deng Canal in Germany renningen held. “Bosch’s focus on fears of urban air quality. As the innovation leader in business, we hope to develop environmentally sound technology solutions.” Bosch plans by 2020 to achieve zero carbon footprint
In view of this, carbon dioxide emissions despite past has been on tangible results, Bosch will further strengthen the deployment of its carbon dioxide emission reduction measures. Dr. Deng Canal declared: “We will achieve in just more than a year in carbon and become the first to achieve this goal of large-scale industrial enterprises from 2020 onwards, Bosch will reach zero carbon footprint, the Group in all the world. 400 regions and countries where the business will achieve carbon neutral “On the other hand, Bosch is committed to improving air quality, Dr. Deng Canal, said:.” we want to minimize air pollution caused by traffic travel until almost zero to this end, we explore the scope is not limited to the cars themselves “in order to further reduce air pollutant concentrations, Bosch is in three aspects: including the development of low emissionsPowertrain technologies, in cooperation with the municipal government departments to carry out projects to ensure the smooth flow of road traffic orderly, and implementation of enterprise traffic management within the Group.
Bosch fuel cell control unit
to take positive measures in China, Bosch over the years to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve energy efficiency. 2018, the company invested nearly 125 million yuan for green production, including continuous improvement of advanced environmental protection technology, production equipment, and workflow. Since 2014, this investment continued to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10%. Compared to 2011, 2018 units Bosch carbon dioxide emissions reduced by about 45%; compared with 2016, renewable energy production 18.8% lift. Dr. Yu-Dong Chen said: “Climate Action at Bosch not only be seen as corporate social responsibility, but also a driving force of innovation in the localization of Bosch products and technology development time, climate protection and air quality is an important factor in our considerations included. . “in the Chinese market, Bosch develops and produces energy-efficient internal combustion engine, intelligent network linking cars and new energy vehicles, energy-saving products as well as innovative technology used, such as home appliances, air purifiers, heating and hot water system.
[1] to reflect the comparability of the data, 2017 exclude starter and generator sales division.

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