Budapest Loft Apartment in main colours

This attic apartment in the heart of Budapest offers stunning views of the Parliament and was renovated by Margeza Design Studio. The two-bedroom unit spans two floors of a building built in 1928 and measures 110 square meters (1,184 square feet) with the iconic minimalist aesthetic of the studio.

The white surface and polished white floor are matched with large windows to keep the space bright. Colorful furniture is displayed, full of energy and playfulness. The yellow armchairs of the 1980s were placed with custom white rugs, a map of Budapest with the Danube shown in blue.

There is a green wall in the living room that adds a touch of naturality to most white interiors.

The custom designed staircase provides a large amount of storage for kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens, wine cabinets and washing machines.

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