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2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 5

Holly Chairman Luo Hong has confirmed attendance Sponsored by the Business Media Group, “Great Change and New Beginnings —— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum. From January 24th to 25th, 2018, he will be in the “2018 Enterprise Evolution Logic’s theme roundtable forum, what kind of “wonderful words”, we will wait and see.

Opening a cake shop is like opening a tofu room. Anyone can open it and anyone can sell it.

However, 700 opened, and sold to nearly 10 billion. There is only one Luohong in China. In addition to McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks, the Hollyland Group, which is owned by Luo Hong, has grown into the fourth largest and largest local bakery chain food company in China.

Some people say that he is the leader of the Chinese baking industry; some say that he is the greatest photographer of the time; some say that he is the most influential world environmentalist … … but selling cakes Luo Hong likes people to call him an environmentalist in the heart.

From photo studio to cake shop

At the age of 17, Luo Hong opened a small photo studio of his own with the support of his family.

Everyone who goes to the Luohong store to wash the film will be impressed by this young man who is not tall, shy, or even stuttering. Because Luo Hong will explain some common sense of photography to them every time. Although it is probably a simple question of how to compose a picture and how to use it, it is because he is so tired of “value-added services, making customers feel warm and willing to come again. . Luo Hong’s small shop business is booming.

The photo studio is open for 5 years. In 1989, her mother had a birthday, and her son Luo Hong ran all over Chengdu, but she did not find a beautiful birthday cake. On the road to frustration, he suddenly flashed a flash of light: “All Chengdu has at least 10,000 people celebrating his birthday today. Why is there no business selling birthday cakes?

A few years later, Luo Hong recalled Say: “Thank God, let me do everything right from the beginning! Because I love my mother, 22-year-old Luo Hong feels good and feels that making cakes is more than playing photos. He decided to go back to his hometown —— Sichuan Ya’an opened the cake shop, and named Xi Lilai, and later listened to his suggestion to change the name of the landlord when he opened the store in Lanzhou. This is a postscript.

The Xi Lilai Cake Shop adopts the model of the former store and the factory. Customers can see the whole process of making cakes through the glass window. The boss Luo Hong always mopped the land over and over again. He couldn’t see a little dirty on it, and if he had nothing to do, he took a fly swatter and flies in the store. Unintentionally, he did a very good thing —— transparency and peace of mind, hygiene and quality, how important it is for food such as cakes. Even after driving to dozens of stores, Luo Hong still practiced and always cleaned and cleaned.

The business is surprisingly good. The turnover of one day can reach two or three thousand yuan. In three months, Luo Hong will start to make money by recovering the cost. In addition to the masters who took the past from Chengdu, they also recruited two elementary school students. The daily work is to learn the cake design. The cake style of Helily is simply picky.

Courage is like muscle, and more and more developed.

By 1992, Luo Hong felt that Ya’an City was too small.

He decided to open a store in Lanzhou. The motorcycle was sold, the audio was sold, and the house was sold … … it was close to 200,000 yuan. On the day of departure to Lanzhou, the relatives and friends who came to the train station were worried, and the wife was red and swollen. The situation was not like sending off, but it was like sending funeral. Luo Hong, who traveled thousands of miles away, felt that he was very courageous, and he discovered later that the courage is like muscles, and the more developed, the more developed.

One night before the opening of the business, the old landlord took a step forward to “inspect” and watched the various cakes opened in a word, calmly clapping and saying: “Young man, you have to send it!

Lanzhou people know Lanzhou people best. The next day, the customer opened up like a flood. The cake is in short supply, and the counter should be held in front of the counter with thick wooden bars. On the first day, Hollyland sold nearly 10,000 yuan. Luo Hong took the guys to work overtime for ten days, and could only sleep for two or three hours a day. Later, even Lanzhou TV station came to the door and took the initiative to let Luo Hong pay for advertising. Until today, Lanzhou citizens still remember that every time the weather forecast came, a cute hollyland cake pattern appeared on the TV screen.

Unstoppable, Luo Hongyi opened five stores in Lanzhou, his friends and three brothers Come and help. The Lanzhou market will soon be saturated, it must be developed externally, and this model will be copied to other cities. Everyone agrees, but it seems that the stock is inadvertently mentioned. Luo Hong said that the shareholder does not want everyone’s money, the shares will be distributed to everyone, but not now. His logic is simple: once the tiger is full, he is not willing to fight.

& ldquo; This is fine, but unless the company is topped up by our brothers, let your friend leave. Big Brother said firmly. Luo Hong suddenly fell into pain & mdash; — this friend’s ability is very strong, upright and smart, why let him go?

Gu family or principle? Luo Hong made a choice after a minute: Left a friend and persuaded the older brother.

Now recalling, this is another big thing that Luo Hong is doing right —&mdAsh;“ appointing a person, not a crony, not a family business from the beginning.

The world’s top 500 founders took the initiative to visit

In 1997, Hollyland’s headquarters moved to Shenyang. In 1998, Hollyland opened 30 stores in Shenyang alone, and 40 in the country. Luo Hong suddenly feared — — he was soberly aware that he was just an entrepreneur, doing one or two stores, but at this scale, he was completely unable to do so. Although the problem is constantly being solved, the speed of solving the problem can never keep up with the frequency of the problem.

& ldquo; No time! When an American cream company found Luo Hong to talk about supply cooperation, he routinely sent people like this impatiently. You must know that the other party is the famous world top 500, the famous American cream king. The cream company named Weiyi, the founder and Ford, has inspired the Chinese bean flower, invented the vegetable cream, and is not easy to deteriorate. The patent has been protected by the US government for 40 years and is the world’s largest cream supply. Business.

I heard that a company called Hollyland opened a cake shop in China and the old people quickly sent people to Luo Hong. To be honest, Luo Hong didn’t have much interest in their cream at that time, and the cost was much more expensive than butter. He worried that customers would not accept it. There is another reason. He told reporters that the benefits of the company have made him comfortable, and it is difficult for people to change in a comfortable environment.

So, Luo Hong said to the people very much: “I am the president of Hollyland, you want to talk, please also your president! This is just a ridiculous excuse he used to reject each other, to know each other. But the world’s top 500 companies, and he only opened 40 small shops selling cakes in China.

Who can think of it, soon, the old man of Weiyi actually sat on his own plane. This move scared Luo Hong a big jump, and the daily downtime fee would be 100,000 yuan. The old man looked at Luo Hong’s cake and shop and felt very beautiful. He praised that it is rare in the United States. “Daddy, how many stores do you dream of? Weiyi asks him. “At least 1000! Luo Hong blurted out without thinking. & ldquo; Good! I will support you! Wei Yi smiles and erects his thumb.

Americans have a good business relationship. In order to help Luo Hong realize his dream as soon as possible, Weiyi specially sent the president of Asia-Pacific region to Shenyang to teach him the lesson and teach him the way of big business management. The core principle is that one person can only control at most seven people. At that time, Luo Hong had the same ability as the Octopus. “Super Power & mdash;— even the master made a carving for the cake, and he needed his signature. These few lessons can be said to thoroughly let Luo Hongyu top.

Nothing, life and death 1999

From 1998 to 1999, Luo Hong invited Suzhou KFC to come to the first “Hairley Soldier” in the history of Hollyland, and became the general manager, setting off internal reforms. .

The reform ended in a fiasco: all five deputy generals were gone, even including the closest brother to Luo Hong. The entire enterprise has almost triggered a riot. This result left a bloody lesson for Luo Hong. As Liu Chuanzhi said, the enterprise revolution must turn sharply and cannot turn sharply, but it must turn.

The general manager had to be forced to leave —— the medicine was fierce, the masses were angry and the consequences were very serious. However, Luo Hong has maintained a personal relationship with him. He believes that everyone has good ideas, but the method is wrong.

Also in 1999, Hollyland’s operations were on the verge of another life and death. In the face of the previous major difficulties, he immediately called back the former vice presidents after the airborne troops left. The situation stabilized, Luo Hong came out to design a mechanism: the Hollyland national market is divided into five major regions, let the deputy generals withdraw from the group management, each manages a large region, and holds large regional shares. This is a system that everyone is happy with, and several of them are enthusiastic, and after a year, Holly’s cake shop has doubled to more than 200.

Luo Hong said that he realized that he is just an entrepreneur. A company is bigger and stronger, and needs more professional talents. It is a leap from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. “The airborne soldier incident not only did not cast a shadow on Luo Hong’s introduction of foreign talents, but made him more aware that his management ability was not enough, and he had to make room for a better soil for newcomers. “Entrepreneurs are emotional, and they need passion and sensibility at the beginning of their business, but they need to be rational when they grow up. Professional managers are more professional and more rational.

Don’t talk about business talks

Among Chinese entrepreneurs, Luo Hong is one of the people who know how to balance life. Horse breeding, fish farming, photography, golf proficient, 40-year-old body heart, 20-year-old life feelings.

One night a few years ago, he went home with excitement and said to his wife: “Wife, I am doing great luck this year, and finally I have met a talented person who can dream and can be entrusted with important tasks!” /p>

Now, this “successor” has taken over Luo Hong’s class to become the general manager. “In 2008, the responsibility of opening thousands of stores nationwide was his. Luo Hong smiled a little proudly, and it was a bit bad. As early as 9 years ago, the old man was ridiculed to the western United States, Luo Hong once again picked up his own camera. Now he can be a heart-to-heart, “incompetent boss, to achieve his dream of photography.”

Now, Luo Hong’s reputation in Chinese photography is no less than his low in the baking industry. For photography, Luo Hong often went to places that people regarded as fearful, such as Everest, Ali, and even fourteen into Africa. Many people who didn’t know about Hollyland before were acquainted with the company by hanging in the Beijing subway station and taking pictures of African landscapes.

In addition to photography, Luo Hong’s other hobby is equestrian. He also set up a horse farm in Beijing. Now he often jumps and jumps —— a dangerous sport. Luo Hong said that now that Hollyland is growing bigger and bigger, he can no longer behave as he used to, and he can feel the feeling of siege and land. Only on horseback can he realize the kind of hard work in the initial stage. Spirit, this passion is exactly what he is always willing to give up.

(This article was originally published in the July 2007 issue of Business, and this issue has been abridged)

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