Calm Thinking in Chinese manufacturing digital transformation tide

German industry from 4.0 theory come out so far, five Spring and Autumn hastily disappearing, with each passing day around here the theory of intelligent, digital, manufacturing transformation and upgrading, endless, quite contending trend, many of them “Beyond Industry 4.0,” “5.0 industry” and even more advanced, more fantasy the idea that “fresh words are not enough” has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of intelligent manufacturing. However, along the way, behind the glitz and hustle, how many companies really practice by digitizing the road, to enhance the realization of the essence of nature, it has always been different opinions on the market, today’s topic. Not long ago, the author at work chance to participate in an in-house project, the task was to develop a simple version of digital maturity assessment model. The evaluation model questions around the “strategic planning, organizational management, systems integration, production site, data management, digital applications,” these six dimensions (Figure 1), and enterprise feedback quantitative assessment of the answer, and then analyzes the enterprise the current level of digital development, and gives customized recommendations based on this, help enterprises to grasp the best starting point for the implementation of action and digitized.
Figure 1 six dimensions source of digital evaluation model of enterprise: Siemens official website
originally thought that this model only as a co-worker activities auxiliary of the market, no one thought a ripple, not published in the open to two weeks time, the cumulative total of more than 2,000 enterprises involved in the evaluation, the popular level beyond everyone’s expectations. After the evaluation of more than 2,000 valid questionnaires were carefully study and statistical analysis, the report depicts a roll manufacturing process of the development of digital panoramic view of China, both admirable reasoning CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , also thought-provoking findings, more thought-provoking questions and make people regret the fact that this point of view, it is more like a mirror that lights up the phenomena in the world of Chinese manufacturing. Compared Once upon a time “to achieve flexible production, innovative business models, integration into industrial digital ecology” and other ideals tall, currently more companies expected to be achieved through digital is “to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance product quality” and other more pragmatic reason It demands. Clearly, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market , strengthening the economy is more important than novelty divergent. And when it comes to promotingDigital transformation, when the pain points Intelligent Manufacturing upgrade process, “corporate governance, organizational structure and functions of the settings can not effectively promote related work”, “I do not know how to effectively combine business development of relevant strategy and roadmap”, and “early lack of systematic planning resulting in the need to constantly follow-up project to rework suffering “far more than” no money “to the enterprise. Among the images, the author seems insight into the digital enterprise evaluation model makes this ugly business secret so keen – increasingly clear in front of the lighthouse and the sea, such as falling cigarette lost no trails, so that enterprises would be confused in the process of digital transformation in. Indeed, nothing beats enthusiasm has overwhelmed even more anxious. If those fangs pit smiling face you not discussing among coupled with heavy fog, then for business, no different from the original digitized already covered the road of thorns, and there are countless Ban Masuo, even if we have vision a reality I would like to also move an inch. All this, with the author in recent years in the front line with a hundred eager to digital transformation of the manufacturing business exchanges, expand the case during field research have learned, highly consistent. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , the digital transition is not a turn on the line, the real winners in transition, described as rare, this is in stark contrast with the triumph of the market and current industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing frenzy. Business in the digital restructuring, the more calm and rational thinking is clearly needed. Lack of practice is based on pseudo-experts “granted” theory, as the talk of gossip, chat can be used to guide landing in practice, obviously pale. Chinese manufacturing levels of development in different sectors varies greatly, but the strength of the disparity between individual enterprises, are in different stages of development of enterprises widespread, this situation determines the digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing upgrade program is no standard answer to be found, it is necessary for the industry the characteristics of the actual business development level and tailored to the needs of business. In this, we willing to defy world opinion, the six dimensions willing combined assessment model, individuals will share with you in your work seen and heard the real sentiment in order to allow more manufacturers can draw a lesson, learn from each other in the way that it can digitize more robust quest Wuzhen. Strategic planning has been taken seriously, floor to perform more and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of stray weakness digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing upgrades, many companies will be listed as an important part of corporate strategy, and even been included in long-term corporate strategy development planningPlan, but be able to put it into practice those, but it is very few, reason, apart from a few cases of formalism surest, where there is more trapped in the right way and methods, do not know how to integrate theory with practice . In fact Control Engineering Copyright , regardless of the digital transition, or intelligent manufacturing upgrades, we are not the traditional site of technological innovation or improvement, but covers all aspects of the overall business strategy, management, organization, operations, etc. transformation and upgrading, is a complex system requires a top-down engineering advance step by step, and generally covers a large number of innovative practices, which also means a greater risk of implementation. Most companies alone is difficult to single-handedly develop a system to improve both the floor and the practical operation of strategic planning and effective implementation. Few successful digital transformation of enterprises, most of them with the aid of a digital transformation consulting and planning capacity of the “brain.” Another important reason for the digital transition with little success that is the barrier of thinking. Traditional knowledge generally believed that only the physical kind, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , have value, knowledge and insights invisible, of course, should be cheap or even free, not knowing for digital and intelligent manufacturing purposes, than most valuable intangible knowledge, ideas and planning, and the greatest tragedy than to buy all the hardware and software required for manufacturing intelligence, but weakness is planning to design smart manufacturing strategy and technology solutions capable of landing achieved. Also, people keep track of, even if you think outside the brain, still does not mean success, because the choice of the “brain” as a partner this way may seem simple, but in reality is dangerous heavy, a big demon-ridden minefield , everyone claims he is omnipotent eternal combat authentic, few people dare to shell companies also said their level resounded through the universe …… in this, I venture to offer a few selection criteria for “brain” as a reference for everyone : 1. has a wealth of digital, intelligent manufacturing planning and consulting experience in the implementation 2. floor with its own technology verification system, through continuous technical verification, the project ground to provide protection 3. dare to promise a key indicator of a closed loop (KPI) evaluation if we think that makes sense tentatively faith, if deemed otherwise intentions, you can set a laugh. The absence of dedicated digital team, personnel training system is not sound strategy is crucial to enforce, andThe key lies in the implementation of organizational and personnel, training with the team to build the digital transformation ability and experience, is the enterprise ongoing digital transformation of the power source. At present, the author visits and find out about manufacturing enterprises, the proportion of concern and attention to personnel training in the minority, but they can be less than half as planned execution, continue to promote the training system can be formed, and a handful even more . From the organizational architecture of view, already well versed in the digital transformation of the business, without exception, set up a dedicated digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing team, some pioneers also established similar to Chief Digital Officer (Chief Digital Officer, CDO ) leadership role, responsible for promoting enterprise digital transformation. Based on past experience, in all successful digital transformation, or can be relatively smoothly promote the digital transformation of manufacturing companies among the more than 90 percent have “exclusive intelligent manufacturing sector.” This sector as an important internal and external interfaces, responsible for co-ordination center to promote overall digital business transformation. Deployment awareness begun, generally low level of integration with the complexity of the manufacturing process and increasing market demands for product attributes the increasing uncertainty of the production process to increase substantially cover the entire value chain and is able to do seamless the integrated information system that can effectively reduce the corporate R & D, manufacturing, logistics to operate the process is not controllable, and thus reduce costs, improve efficiency, ensure product quality, accelerate product iterations, shorten order delivery to meet individual customization requirements, final enhance their overall competitive strength. Enterprise information construction and integration of the two has long been a common theme, but now the actual status of the development of enterprise information is not satisfactory, the actual situation from the author visited and understanding point of view, more than half of the current inter-enterprise information system still it requires a lot of reliance on manual transmission, even among the information systems each island formed everywhere closed. Enterprise system integration encountered embarrassment, but also by various quarters thanks to translate foreign language materials, and create a variety of new vocabulary on the PPT draw flowcharts flicker lay brick home gift. A misunderstanding of the current manufacturers can easily enter are: that the so-called intelligent manufacturing under one roof architecture diagram box drawn a variety of equipment and software licenses, you can achieve intelligent manufacturing. But the fact Control Engineering Copyright , software and hardware are just a tool only, which does not need to purchase dependsTo these tools, but to combine business development needs of enterprises selected, its purpose is not to cobble together all of the advanced features, but to provide the most effective support to the operational development of the enterprise. Only isolated from each other with a variety of IT systems and OT systems is not enough, more importantly, from business needs, focus from a system perspective on the whole value chain, achieve interoperability and integration between the various systems.
the overall low productivity, weak management system is relatively high level of automation is an important foundation and essential for business to digital. Meanwhile, the higher the degree of standardization of the production site, the higher the efficiency of data acquisition and transmission of information, digital technology is also relatively easier. The reality is that, except for a few such as automobile manufacturing industry-leading, high-end electronics manufacturing, the vast majority of manufacturing automation is not high, reflecting the maturity of process manufacturing companies a considerable extent, the degree of standardization production efficiency is still much room for improvement, enterprise digital transition needs to be more targeted for the core needs and existing hardware infrastructure. Meanwhile, with perfect unity underlying industrial automation, communications and other industrial management standards existing plants rarely, accumulated a large amount in the history of a number of different brands, different standards based on the case of equipment and systems coexist widespread, serious impact on efficiency companies for “standardized” cognitive restructuring in the digital and intelligent manufacturing upgrades importance remains to be further enhanced. In addition, based on the Group’s overall security policy has improved the network information security system of the enterprise at the production site and even fewer today, even though business in the digital information security, the importance of the internet age already have the basic knowledge, but practice generally low level on defense, along with the advent of the Internet era industry, deploying information security industry is imminent. Data collection molding awareness, usage unknown pointless known, known as the world’s fifth-largest energy data, its importance to companies already manufacture undisputed, improve the efficiency of data collection is ongoing iteration and optimization of manufacturing enterprises to enhance the prerequisites, the use of big data analytics enabling enterprises, to create value , it is the key enterprises from advanced digital technology to intelligent. But the reality is, capable of data collection for business critical production processes or equipment as well as complete production process, is considered a good foundation pioneersCase, I do not know how to make use of the data collected everywhere. This contrasts with the current situation continue to stir-fried rainbow night industrialized data on the current market, behind The Sound and the restless, what we need is clearly down to earth to prepare the ground in order to really make the value “Data gold” to appear. Here it comes again had to standardization, IT systems out there do not happen by any production data, the data must come from the production site, and the quality and integrity of the data, and highly dependent on the degree of standardization and automation of the production site, Thus a digital maturity is a comprehensive enterprise performance, all aspects of interlocking, are indispensable. Cutting-edge applications soils, slowly digitized road repair much of the digitized for twins, predictive maintenance, and other advanced digital solutions to explore even put into practical application of business, but much higher than I expected. The application of advanced digital technology is a clear sign of the digital leader in the general level of corporate widen the gap. However, I believe that this situation “higher than expected” this does not represent advanced in the true sense, it is not gratifying. The reason is that digital applications index represents merely for the use of advanced tools, but if combined with the first few index reflected the “not satisfactory” basis, then the result is more worrying, in relatively weak, backward on the basis of the use of advanced technology to improve efficiency, the result is likely to be counterproductive. Lay a solid foundation, it is still the top priority of the current development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. End needs to be noted that the above description and conclusions, only a summary is generated based on the author saw and heard, coverage and do not represent the level of the entire Chinese manufacturing figures, especially the author’s limited level of experience and vision, even less dare to jump to conclusions. But the piece of a jigsaw, is evident, if the above comments, insights, opinions and suggestions can to a certain extent, from different dimensions, today’s China manufacturing widespread reaction in the process of digital phenomena, issues and trends, caused some useful thinking, can help enterprises in contrast, have a more clear understanding of their own in which the digital stage to better complete the digital transition and intelligent manufacturing upgrade, then I think that some big words, it is not worthless.

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