Attack in Pakistan killed 8 people and injured 14

Xinhuanet Islamabad, February 9 (Reporter Wang Yu) According to Pakistani media reports, a religious site in the southern port city of Karachi was attacked by militants on the evening of the 9th, killing at least 8 people and injuring 14 others.

The report quoted local police as saying that at least six armed men in helmets were driving motorcycles to throw grenade at a religious building and then fired. More than 50 people were in the building at the time, including women and children.

Police and rescue personnel arrived at the scene quickly after the incident and sent the injured to a nearby hospital for treatment. At present, no organization has indicated that it is responsible for this.

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Australian Trade Minister: Three-year business visa to China is only the beginning

Original title: Australian Trade Minister: Three-year business visa to China is only the beginning February 11th According to the Australian New Express News, the Australian Trade Minister said that the Australian Government recently The three-year visa for Chinese business people will benefit passengers and travel industry professionals in Australia. Last Friday, the Australian government issued a three-year multiple-entry visa for Chinese business travellers.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb said the visa will benefit the local economy.

In an interview with Australian Radio, he said: “If you have to update your passport every year, it is very inconvenient. Now, we have thousands of Chinese business people coming to Australia. If we make visa applications easier, they will enjoy the travel process more. ”

“We will also start to improve their experience in Australia from other aspects, we hope to become the most convenient destination for doing business. & rdquo; Robb said that policy changes support the government’s ambitious trade and investment goals.

“In the 10 years since 2002, the value of Chinese investment in Australia has doubled. We need a new batch of infrastructure investment in many places, not just roads, railways and ports, but also many other related industries, such as agriculture, agribusiness, resources and energy, and even medical research and medical equipment. Tourism is particularly urgent and requires more capital. & rdquo;

& nbsp; Now all these capital costs will be an opportunity for China, China is an important source of funding for Australia, and is also a professional technology holder in some areas. & rdquo;

The Australian government said that before introducing a three-year multiple-trip business visa policy, Chinese airlines were also required to increase the number of seats to cope with the increasing trend of passenger flow during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Robb said: “Australia is only one night away from China, and everyone is in a time zone. Therefore, there are many places where you can attract commercial funds. People can sleep on the plane for one night and start their work the next day. Let us show the Chinese that we attach great importance to their investment, their business, trade, and we hope to further develop. & rdquo;

Robb said that visas for Chinese business travelers are only the first step. “Not only China, we will continue to attract investment and recruit funds from all over the world. We will improve the experience of these people coming to Australia for business travel. ”

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The ceasefire in the Old Town of Suhoms is extended for another three days.

The ceasefire in the Old Town of Syracuse is extended for another 3 days. The United Nations and the parties agree to the agreement

Old Town of Homs, Syria.

China News Service February 11th According to the UN website on the 10th, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Amos issued a statement on the 10th, the Syrian conflict parties agreed to the Old Town of Homs The extension of the ceasefire time for three days is welcome. She also hopes that all parties to the conflict will abide by the humanitarian ceasefire agreement, enable the United Nations and other humanitarian aid agencies to safely transfer people and provide more emergency humanitarian relief to the people trapped by the conflict.

Amos hopes that the agreement reached by the parties to the Syrian conflict to extend the three-day ceasefire in the Old Town of Homs will allow more people to move to safe areas and enable much-needed aid to be delivered. In the hands of the people in need.

Amos pointed out that protecting the people trapped in this terrible conflict in Syria is the most important priority for UN agencies and humanitarian partners. Since February 7, the Humanitarian Working Group has worked with local governments, all parties and representatives of community leaders to evacuate more than 800 people from the Old Town of Homs in extremely dangerous circumstances, and to provide food and medical supplies. Delivered to the people trapped by the fighting, these people have rarely received assistance for two years.

Amos said that the deliberate attacks by UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid workers were “absolutely unacceptable”. She was deeply disappointed that the parties to the conflict had not been able to maintain a ceasefire in Homs, and the failure to comply with the ceasefire agreement caused 11 people to die unnecessarily during the evacuation process. Amos called on the international community to exert pressure on the Syrian government and anti-government forces to take responsibility for their actions and demand that they maintain a ceasefire so that all those who want to leave can be safely evacuated.

At the same time, Amos also hopes that representatives of the parties in the negotiations in Geneva will reach an agreement to allow humanitarian agencies to provide ongoing humanitarian assistance to the 250,000 people in the besieged communities in Syria and to the people in need in the country.

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Putin visits “China House” Congratulations on China’s success

February 10 On the day, Putin delivered a speech on the stage. On the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the “China House” on the second floor of the Pearl Zina Hotel in downtown Sochi, and had a cordial meeting with the Chinese Olympic Committee President and Director of the State Sports General Administration Liu Peng. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Xushe

Xinhuanet Sochi February 10 (Reporter Liu Yue) Russian President Putin came to Sochi on the evening of the 10th to set up a “China House” in Sochi, with China The sports circles have conducted friendly exchanges and said that Russia and China should strengthen exchanges between sports and young people in the future.

Putin held talks with Liu Peng, director of the State Sports General Administration and chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee. Liu Peng first expressed his gratitude to Putin for visiting the “Home of China”, saying that his arrival brought good luck to both Chinese and Russian athletes. Both countries won in the Sochi Winter Olympics. .

Putin congratulated Chinese athletes on winning the first medal of the Sochi Winter Olympics. He said: “As we all know, China is currently vigorously developing sports, and the Chinese government and state leaders have attached great importance to this. I believe that Chinese athletes will achieve even greater achievements in winter sports, and I wish the Chinese delegation success in this Winter Olympics. & rdquo;

Putin, accompanied by Liu Peng, visited the Sino-Russian sports friendship exchange photo exhibition and learned about China’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. In addition, Putin also watched the wonderful performances brought by martial arts and Tai Chi fans in both countries with great interest. When seeing the basic demonstration of martial arts performed by Russian teenagers, Putin applauded from time to time.

Before the end of the visit, Putin also cordially talked with representatives of Chinese athletes, saying that Russia and China will further strengthen sports and youth exchanges. “I wish Chinese athletes a good performance and have a good time in Sochi!” Putin also waved goodbye to Chinese athletes many times.

“China Home" is a comprehensive facility that provides services, social networking, news release, and cultural communication for the Chinese Olympic delegation during the Olympics. The Chinese Olympic Committee hopes to make this a window for the Chinese delegation to showcase Chinese culture and Chinese sports achievements, and to communicate with the Olympic family.

& ldquo;China Home Located on the second floor of the Pearl Zina Hotel in Sochi, its display wall is filled with photos of Chinese ice and snow and accompanied by their outstanding experience at the Winter Olympics : Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo, Yang Yang, Wang Meng, Han Xiaopeng and other Winter Olympic champions are the focus of the show.

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US Border Protection Agency detectes unmanned dinghies and confiscates $3.7 million in cash

China News Service, July 10, according to foreign media reports, the US Customs and Border Protection (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) pointed out that the Border Protection Agency agents and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (Drug Enforcement Administration) staff An unmanned boat was found in the coastal area of ​​Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and a total of $3.7 million in cash was seized in five handbags, all confiscated.

Johnny Morales, Director of the Caribbean Branch of the US Customs and Border Protection Air and Sea Action Group, stated: “We continue to work closely with other federal and local law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent Any smuggling activity in the Caribbean. ”

During the raid on the 7th, officers of the US Customs and Border Protection Air and Sea Action Group found an unlighted boat heading towards Viking in the coastal area of ​​Puerto Moredo, Puerto Rico. Driving in the direction of the archipelago, the whereabouts are suspicious and starting to track. After the crew was shocked by the whereabouts, they hurriedly abandoned the ship and fled.

Australian high temperature caused hundreds of forest fires

Original title: Australian high temperature caused hundreds of fire-fighting houses to be destroyed by firefighters

China News Service, February 10, according to foreign media reports, Australian government officials said on the 10th, due to temperature High, with many days of dry and windy weather, many forest fires occurred in southeastern Australia, 20 houses were destroyed and one firefighter was injured.

According to official sources, on the 9th, more than 150 forest fires occurred in Victoria Province in southeastern Australia. By the 10th, there were still 25 fires that were uncontrolled.

At present, there is no other casualty report except for a firefighter who was injured in a fallen tree during firefighting.

In addition, there were 50 fires in South Wales on the 9th, and a highway connecting Melbourne and Sydney was temporarily closed.

The report said that this was the most serious fire in Australia since the death of 173 people in 2009 and the burning of more than 2,000 houses.

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The famous American host’s new program is on file. Mrs. Obama is going to cheer.

The famous American host's new program is on file for Mrs. Obama to go to the show

Famous American host Jimmy · Fallon (data map), February 11th, according to foreign power on the 11th Reports, the famous American host Jimmy · Jimmy Fallon’s new program is about to go up for the first time, and many heavyweights will come to join, including the first lady of the United States Michelle · Obama.

Fallon’s employer, NBC, said on the 10th that Fallon’s new show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” will be in February. The first public show on the 17th, the famous American movie star Will · Smith, Will · Farrell, and even the US President Michelle will attend the first show.

NBC also said that the famous band U2 will perform live, and the other also includes the popular days of Lady Gaga.

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No air conditioning, no fan! Lebanese refugee children are subjected to a “bake” test at 40 °C

Lebanon currently hosts more than one million Syrian refugees, most of whom live in refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley. In July, the local climate was very hot, and the cooling facilities in the camps were inadequate. Syrian refugees living in tents faced new survival challenges.

“Abu & sdot The Farris & rdquo; refugee camp is located in the Bekaa Valley, which is named after the person in charge. This camp was established at the time of the Syrian crisis, and most of the refugees here came from Syrian Deir Zur, Raka and other places. At present, there are nearly 300 households in the camp, with a total number of more than 1,500.

Abu & sdot; Head of Farris Refugee Camp Abu & Sdot; Faris: Since 2012, the size of the camp has gradually expanded to what it is today. As a result of the spread of war, more and more Syrians have fled their homes and sought refuge.

Faris said that among the more than 1,500 Syrian refugees in the camp, Nearly half are children. Since last month, Lebanon has warmed up and the temperature in the afternoon camp is close to 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the poor power supply in the camp, the tents are very stuffy and many people can only be outdoors. The high temperature has become the biggest threat to the health of children. Playing in the sun for too long, coupled with insufficient water supplementation, makes children very prone to heat stroke.

Abu ⋅ Abra & Sdot, head of the Farris refugee camp; Faris: High temperatures have made many children sick, and one child died a week ago, a six-month-old baby.

CCTV reporter Sun Hu: Because of heat stroke?

Abu & sdot; head of Faris refugee camp Abu & Sdot; Faris: Because of heatstroke died.

CCTV reporter Sun Hu: Didn’t go to the hospital for emergency treatment?

Abu & sdot; head of the Faris refugee camp Abu & Sdot; Faris: It was too late to go to the hospital and could not be rescued.

Abu ⋅ Abra & Sdot, head of the Faris refugee camp; Faris: The overall situation is like this, the weather is very hot and has a great impact on our life in the tent. You know that children need a cool environment, they play as usual, but there is no cooling measures, no air conditioning and fans, only the heat in the camp.

Switzerland will enforce restrictions on immigration policies or trigger tensions with the EU

Original title: Switzerland will enforce restrictions on immigration policy. This may lead to tensions with the EU

Switzerland on the 9th “to oppose large-scale immigration” initiative to hold a referendum. The results of the vote showed that those who supported the proponent of the Swiss citizen won with a slight advantage of 50.3%; in the state, more than half of the states supported the position. Analysts here pointed out that the results of this referendum will force the Swiss federal government to set a quota for the number of EU immigrants, which in turn leads to tensions between Switzerland and the EU.

The history of the referendum can be traced back to the Athens city-state of ancient Greece, but only one country in Switzerland is still holding a referendum. The Swiss Constitution stipulates that Switzerland implements a direct democracy in the form of “citizen voting” and “citizen initiative”. A referendum can be initiated as long as it can collect 100,000 legitimate citizen signatures, and once the referendum meets the dual conditions of majority voter and most state support, the results of the referendum have legal effect and must be enforced by the Swiss federal government.

The “Anti-mass immigration” initiative was proposed by the far-right Swiss People’s Party. The party proposes to reinstate the annual foreigner quota policy and calls for priority consideration of nationals in resettlement. According to statistics, the referendum vote rate of the referendum is 55.8%, which is 12 percentage points higher than the average rate of voting in the past and is at a historical high. However, from the results of the voting, the German-speaking areas of the German-speaking and French-speaking regions are very different. The cantons of the French-speaking regions of Switzerland and the German-speaking regions of the German-speaking region all objected, while the German-speaking regions of central and eastern Switzerland were basically supportive.

The main reason for the dissatisfaction of Swiss citizens with immigrants is the rapid growth of EU citizens who have worked and lived in Switzerland in recent years. On June 1, 2002, the free movement agreement between Switzerland and the European Union came into force. At that time, the Swiss federal government had stated that the maximum number of people accepted in Switzerland in a year was only 8,000. The Swiss community has had a heated debate around whether to extend this agreement to the new EU member states. The supporters believe that the strong economic growth of the new EU member states and the free flow of people with these countries will inject vitality into the Swiss economy. The other side believes that the influx of labor will increase the unemployment rate in Switzerland, the society becomes insecure and threaten the vital interests of Swiss citizens.

In 2004, the Swiss federal government and parliament approved the extension of the free movement of people to new EU member states. Since then, with the outbreak of the European debt crisis, the bright Swiss economy has become more attractive to EU immigrants, and immigration has further increased. Statistics show that the number of immigrants coming to Switzerland each year has reached 80,000. At present, foreign immigrants in Switzerland account for 23.5% of the total population, or 1.88 million, of which 1.25 million are from Europe.

After the results of the referendum were announced, some political and economic circles in Switzerland expressed their concerns. Some even referred to the 9th as “Black Sunday”. They said that the adoption of the initiative will affect Switzerland’s engagement with the outside world, especially with the EU countries. The European Commission has issued a statement saying that it regrets the results of the referendum in Switzerland, and the European Commission will study the consequences of this initiative on bilateral relations.

The Swiss federal government has previously called for a vote against the initiative of the People’s Party. However, after the referendum, the Swiss federal government is expected to have to re-examine the free movement agreement with the EU and set a limit on the number of immigrants to Switzerland according to their own needs. (Chen Jian)

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Algeria military aircraft crash accident confirmed 52 people killed

February 11 in eastern Algeria A scene of a military aircraft crash in Mbwaji Province. Algerian military spokesperson Rahamedi · Bukaran said on the 11th that 52 people were killed in the accident of a military transport plane crash in Umm Bhuggi province in eastern Afghanistan. According to official Algerian media reports, Bukaran said that the wrecked aircraft belonged to the Algerian Air Force. At that time, there were 77 people including crew members. At present, 52 people have been confirmed dead and one person was rescued. There have been reports of 103 people on the plane. Xinhua News Agency issued

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