anniversary of a press conference a complete success!

SIAF GUANGZHOU Industrial Automation Show after nine years of temper, has been at the forefront of South China intelligent manufacturing industry, promote the fusion of industrial technology and innovation , the industry has developed into an annual must attend event. SIAF 2019 exhibition will once again be held in conjunction with the Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition (Asiamold), on March 10 to 12 in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair ushered in the industry from around the world showcase applications include automotive engineering, appliance manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, packaging and printing, consumer products, lighting, textiles, medical equipment, intelligent manufacturing drawing blueprint for the future.
, January 22, 2019 afternoon, SIAF Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition held a press conference at the Hotel Sofitel Guangzhou Tianhe To mark the occasion. Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Limited Executive Director, Mr. Du Chenghua, Nanjing Phoenix Electric Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Long Intelligent Technology and Engineering Manager, general manager of Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. Mr. Fu Yang Fuqiang and media reporters attended the press conference. Executive Director
Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. Mr. Du Chenghua speech
Mr. Du Chenghua said at the news conference: “SIAF this exhibition will continue close to the pulse of the industry, focusing on six topics, namely the electrical system, connection systems, sensors and industrial measuring technology, industrial robots and machine vision, industrial Internet, intelligent warehousing, logistics integration solutions, showcase advanced products and technology. “in order to further enhance the audience’s buying experience, this museum pavilion will be from 2.1 to 5.1 by pavilion will exhibit different categories, to ensure easy for viewers to recruit cutting-edge products and technologies. At the same time, this year will be the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association tenth consecutive year, led by Taiwan pavilions SIAF show for the audience to bring innovative products and solutions to achieve business development. Apart pavilions CONTROL ENGINEERING China EditionAll right , the General Assembly will also be set up factories Hall No. 4.1 digital transition area, show help build software applications intelligent manufacturing plant. In “Made in China 2025” to promote and Industry 4.0, the development of the Internet industry has been raised to the level of the national strategy. Digital technology, industrial automation and drive reform the industry pioneer CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to create new opportunities for transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. SIAF 2019 show also attracted a number of industrial enterprises Internet theme exhibition, some well-known exhibitors include the Austro-Prussian cloud, Lupine pass, Xiken Mai, Star smart house, Lun Tuke technology, old dog science and technology, OPERA and so on. As a leading industrial automation development of South China exhibition, SIAF brought together many well-known brands at home and abroad CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , part of the exhibition will be unveiled businesses include:

domestic industrial robots, is the key to breaking technical problems

With the increasing demand for factory automation and industrial robot market in recent years show a fiery, manufacturing has become the “new outlet.” However, since last year , the wind and the industry began to expose problems. The first is the plug-in is not. In the past can harvest high financing robot industry is faced with the status quo investment weakened.

The capital withdrawal will undoubtedly part dependent on external funding to survive enterprises are facing a severe test. Second is the lack of innovation. With our other manufacturing industries, industrial robots also faced with the dilemma of “more than imitate, lack of innovation,” the. After several rounds of trial market, lack of core competitiveness of domestic industrial robot is very difficult to rely on the original selling point to attract customers. Finally, the core technology controlled by the people.

Currently Control Engineering Copyright , one of the shackles of domestic industrial robot is insufficient to grasp the core components related technologies, although central NC, Guangzhou CNC large number of companies are actively trying to break the technical barriers, but a short time still more difficult padded short board. December 6, by the China International Science and Technology Exchange Center, Shenzhen Science Association, Shenzhen Cooperative Association co-sponsored the “GBAS2018 big Bay Area Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Conference” opened in Shenzhen. At the meeting Control Engineering Copyright , new pine robot founder, president Qu Road Kui in his keynote address talked about issues related to the development of our robot, he believes now is not too smart, restricted the robot application and development, in fact, the performance of the robot body is the biggest bottleneck.

That Control Engineering Copyright , shuffled around the capital, market and other factors, including industrial robots, including domestic robots want to have long-term development, the need to strengthen the “internal strength.” With industrial robots industries, domestic machine tool also faced with the late start, the core technology controlled by others and so on. Innovation, technology, performance and quality of these much-needed domestic industrial robots and stronger internal strength also focus on the development of the machine tool industry.

Currently Control Engineering Copyright , domestic machine tool industry opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, lack of innovative capacity, limited technical level, the lack of core technology componentsAnd other factors lead to the loss of domestic machine tool is facing greater pressure from the competition. On the other hand, the influx of new sensor technology, the Internet industry, and artificial intelligence brings more likely to upgrade domestic machine tool. While domestic-made machine tools and industrial robots, are faced with all kinds of pressure, but objectively speaking, the machine tool industry is facing a more difficult environment. First of all, even compared to basic robotics industry on the outlet, the machine tool industry “air side” are not, many companies lack funds for more development, including R & D and equipment upgrades and other funds. Secondly, compared to the industrial robot industry, the development of the machine tool industry longer, the corresponding market has formed a relatively stable system, it is difficult to find a new breakthrough development. In addition, the intelligent technology is not sufficient in the machine tool industry, so this may not respect shortcomings in the field of robotics, there may be a limiting factor in the machine tool industry.