Unique hand-painted murals at Tokyo Garden Hotel

Tokyo Garden Hotel accommodates guests in a completely unique suite, from standard rooms to hand-painted art. The hotel invites famous Japanese artists to paint the walls, the ceiling in the bed and bathroom, and decorate the space with their original pieces.
So far, 8 rooms have been completed in different styles and themes. The artist was recently energized by the artist Qihai Ishihara and borrowed a colorful cultural festival. The first room was undertaken by Kimura Hiroy in a more traditional shade and features a sumo wrestler pattern in an ancient pose and posture. Tokyo Garden Hotel plans to add 9 artists each year to create a complete art building (31 rooms in total) in the next three years as part of the artist’s hotel project.

The artist’s hand-painted room cites an eclectic culture that can be found on the streets of the city of Tokyo. The concept of the room: ordinary or ordinary, everyday or special. When I travel, I always feel that the destination is special. This is a special day that makes my heart beat faster. A very special day, a holiday. I feel that traveling to this place resonates with the excitement of the festival. I think this festival will never end. I thought I could draw this never ending festival. I hope that the joy of enjoying the holiday will be fleeting in this room.

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Henning Larsen Foundation launches architecture and film competition

The Henning Larsen Foundation has just launched the International Architecture and Film Contest, which aims to reinvigorate the architecture used in the film and to strive for a new style of innovation. Based on the similarities between architecture and creation, the focus of competition is on the experience of building space over time.

Participants must create a 1-5 minute video with time as the main dimension of the architectural animated film sequence. The submission can be uploaded from February 1, 2015 to the deadline of the competition results on March 12th. The results of the Foundation’s website will be announced on August 20.

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D58 house interior design

The D58 house is located in Mikolow, Poland. The recently completed project shows the elegance, simple contrast and exquisite accessories of the house. The open floor combines a spacious kitchen, a dining room and a charming living space. A white sofa with black patterned pillows and a stylish black coffee table. Through all these elements, the balance is just right in the same room.

There is a black wall and a fireplace extension right in front of the sofa. Considering that the background TV is almost inconspicuous. The entire house always has the same three colors: white, black and American walnut, beautifully blended together. You can also see interesting stairs in the background. The design of the sculpture, again, features the same walnut-colored house.
A small balcony can be accessed on the first floor. The wooden framed glass doors are placed in the center of the living space, and the restaurant and kitchen have access to outdoor activities. As you may have noticed, the floor is divided into two. Half is the designated living space, including the kitchen and dining space, and the stainless steel hood also highlights its simple tubular design. The other half is the bedroom, with a large mahogany window that gives a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

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10th anniversary of the establishment of community furniture project

The Community Furniture Project was established after a successful project in Newbury, Boston, in 2004. It was founded on Johor Road and is just 10 years old this year. Over the years, community furniture projects have grown in size and now have about 80 volunteers helping people repair furniture, recycle furniture and deliver items. In the first year of the community furniture project, the purpose was to help people carry furniture, recycle used furniture, and attract people to buy recycled second-hand furniture. The goal was to open three weeks a month, attracting 80 customers a week and selling 56 pieces of furniture, with a profit of 1232 pounds.
Now, the project is still going on, open six days a week, attracting 2,878 customers per month, selling an average of 611 pieces of furniture, generating a profit of 14,506 pounds. Last year, a total of 1,118 pieces of furniture were added to the project for recycling and sale. Kelvin &middot, CEO of the Community Furniture Project, said: “There are three main benefits of hosting a community furniture project. The first is to reduce the cost of second-hand furniture, the second is to let people reuse, reduce the waste of resources and garbage in the local community, and the third is to give the working members of the society a working experience. ”

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River architecture in Serbia

Just took a look, the appropriate description is River House, and there is absolutely no problem, this place is a bit of a cottage, got its name. Located in the Drina River in Serbia, this house was originally built 45 years ago. The house is located on the rock of the river and has received a lot of attention on the network in just one year, when the National Geographic magazine published amazing photos.

As early as 1968, a group of young boys decided to take their own sunbathing rock and needed a comfortable place to relax. Boats and kayaks gather materials from nearby ruins to build the house – & ldquo; River House & rdquo;. In the past few decades, the house has been washed away many times by the flood, but it has still been re-established.

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Austrian pavilion creates sensory forest at Expo Milano

At the Milan Expo 2015, in order to promote the promotion of clean air quality, the Austrian Pavilion will revolve around the center of a 560 square meter forest. The project takes visitors on a sensory journey through hilly and lush vegetation landscapes, which are complemented by upgraded building options, events and exhibitions. Beyond the development of different plant life, the environment is characterized by “fog and smell”, which further participates in human senses. There are many additional scientists and engineers contributing to the landscape and the terrain of the urban planning studio.

The purpose of the pavilion is to emphasize the great significance of air production in food and energy, and to celebrate the higher air in Austria. quality. Through the connected buildings and planting landscapes, the project promotes an increase in urban environmental green space, with an oxygen-rich and cooled climate.
Forest plants, which lead to photosynthesis operations, capable of producing 62.5 kg of fresh oxygen per hour, enough for 1,800 people. The cooled microclimate is complemented by a passive building system that does not use air conditioning. The photovoltaic array produces the energy necessary for other exhibition functions.

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Production of wooden furniture in Barbados declined

In the past two decades, the production of wooden furniture in Barbados has fallen by nearly 91%, but the wooden furniture industry still has a major impact on the economic development of Barbados. According to recent research data from the investment development company of Barbados, the wooden furniture industry in Barbados produces about $43.8 million per year, which is one percent of Barbados’ total production.
Barbados’ wooden furniture covers a wide range of office furniture (desks, office chairs, conference tables, bookshelves), kitchen furniture (cask boards, knife sets, cupboards, cabinets), bedroom furniture (beds, wardrobes) , dressing table, comb), living room furniture (sofa, coffee table, rattan chair), outdoor furniture (half, open-air coffee table, folding chair), etc., make a huge contribution to the economy of Barbados every year.

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White building of a Spanish charity

The interlocking white building, this complex design was completed by designer Elsa Urquijo as a variety of activities for Spanish charities. The complex white rendering of the building occupies an area of ​​16,000 square meters, including nurseries, homes for the elderly and the homeless, and the church with the bell tower.

The building is seen as a sanctuary, a quiet space, and a humble design. This is the space around the needs of these people. The central courtyard of the flat-top architectural frame of different heights. The colonnade surrounds the buildings and courtyards, creating a connection between the main square and the complex different fields. The larger part of the facade of the glass is the entrance point and the interior space of the light. It aims to enhance visual coherence between internal and external.
The purpose of using covered walkways is to cite the isolated design of historical religious buildings, and the charitable and religious purposes of the echo structure. The porch is made up of stacked bricks instead of continuous masonry for the comfort of visitors.

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The Vietnamese Pavilion of Wuyi Fuzhong is inspired by Lotus.

Wuhan Fuzhong has launched the Vietnam Pavilion design at the 2015 Milan Expo. Inspired by lotus, the pavilion features a lot of bamboo bags, a pool support tree above the umbrella-like structure, in the composition of the Indian cafe reminiscent of them.

Lotus is the symbol of Vietnam’s national flower, purity, commitment and optimism. Growing up from the muddy surface above it rises with remarkable beauty. Flowers are proof that patience can turn difficulties into advantages. In addition to expressing the symbolic meaning behind the lotus, the architect Wu Hao also used flowers to describe the resourcefulness: “In addition to its beauty, the lotus is closely related to Vietnamese cuisine; there is no waste from the factory, and all parts of the plant that are considered delicious, As a temporary event, the role is to reduce its impact. This design uses bamboo, a fast growing and low carbon material. The pavilion is also designed to be detachable so that its components can be reused.
For its visitors, the pavilion will shade the bamboo structure and under the tree, and “Hollywood Moonlight” will have a cool microclimate in the pavilion. The screen will protect the elements from the cool of the sky, but can be removed on warm days and the pavilion will be cooled by the breeze. With the pavilion, Wuyi Fuzhong hopes to prove that “Vietnam loves nature and will share it with the whole world. ”

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Australia introduced a shower head

People usually choose to take a bath or shower, but the amount of water needed for bathing is not a good way for the earth where water is scarce. Instead, the amount of water used in the shower is small. More water-saving and easy to recognize, so most people choose to shower instead of taking a bath in order to save water.

Australia has introduced a shower head, which is made of stainless steel, has good waterproof performance and is not easy to rust. ,Do not fade. The nozzle can be directly mounted on the wall, and the water pipe is connected inside for convenient use.

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