Tiles in the living room, what should you pay attention to when choosing a floor in the bedroom?

The rookie who first decorated it often feels at a loss when buying ceramic tiles. The smile of the shopping guide is even more in the heart: the people say it makes sense, but it is really hard to say what the bricks of their own shop are. . I have to know that the tiles have been laid out and found problems… the consequences are very serious! The following points are listed for the owner to be clear before the renovation, especially for rookie, these problems often determine the type, specifications, price and even the overall style of the home.

  1, what is the paving?

   This question seems to be very idiotic, and I don’t know if I don’t know the floor design of my home. ! In fact, the key to this problem is not what to use, but how to mix various materials. For example, some owners want to tile in the living room and choose wooden floor in the bedroom, so the problem arises – if the living room is covered with ordinary vitrified tiles and the bedroom is laminated with laminate flooring, there will be a height difference of about 3cm between the bedroom and the living room. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no keel under the reinforced floor.

   So is it right to choose solid wood flooring in the bedroom? of course not. Usually the solid wood floor is installed by the manufacturer and will use 3×2cm keel. If it is best to use the keel of 5×4cm in order to level the tile in the living room, the service terms of each floor manufacturer may be different for the replacement of the keel.

   Now understand, if you want to choose the way of floor and floor tiles, you must communicate with designers and construction workers (grey workers) to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here are two basic ways to introduce the rookie.

  tile+reinforced floor=flooring room with cement mortar padding height 3cm

  tile + solid wood floor = 5×4cm under the floor Specifications of the keel


   is shop 600? Or shop 800? this is a problem! Today’s floor tiles, especially the floor tiles used in the living room are mainly 500mm, 600mm and 800mm. The most used ones are 600mm and 800mm. How to choose? It is recommended that the rookie choose according to the area of ​​the paving and the placement of the furniture.

  Because the 600mm bricks per unit area are more than the 800mm bricks, it is visually able to create a sense of space expansion, while at the same time the scrap rate when laying the corners For bricks below 800mm, it is recommended to choose 600mm floor tiles for spaces smaller than 40m2 and 800mm for tiles larger than 40m2.

  It is worth noting that if there is too much furniture in the room (such as the bedroom), it is best to use 600mm floor tiles when covering large blocks.
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How much do you know about JS waterproof coating?

Polymer cement waterproof coating (referred to as JS waterproof coating), with its good physical properties, simple construction methods and construction on wet base, has been rapidly developed and widely used from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century. Promote the application. However, in recent years, such products have experienced great quality problems, leaving many construction units and management departments with extremely bad impressions and beginning to be skeptical. New products have been faced with inferior products in less than ten years. The embarrassing situation is regrettable. The reason for this is that in addition to the market low-price competition manufacturers intentionally sacrificing the quality and construction process supervision, the inability to let go of the work, and the misuse of this product and many industry insiders have misunderstandings about this product.

  1, misunderstanding of latex selection and ingredient ratio
  JS waterproof coating The principle is to modify the inorganic cementitious material with cement and quartz sand as the main component by synthesizing high molecular polymer latex. The formed coating film basically keeps the high strength and strong water resistance of cement cementing material. It is possible to increase its flexibility (ie elongation). At the same time, the polymer latex also brings a negative effect, that is, the decrease of hardness and the long-term water resistance and aging resistance are weakened. The magnitude of the negative effect is closely related to the type and amount of latex used (ie, the modification ability of the latex). There are two main types of latex used in the market for JS coatings – polyacrylate latex and polyethylene-vinyl acetate latex. The modification ability of the former is better than that of the latter, and the former having the same performance is also significantly less than the latter, and the negative effect is also significantly smaller than the latter. However, most people mistakenly believe that the JS coating should be the larger the amount of latex, the better the choice of different manufacturers of products at the same price compared to which plant’s latex is used. Therefore, some manufacturers or merchants in order to show that their products have a large amount of latex, they will mix the purchased latex raw materials with water and then prepare JS coatings. The quality of the products is far from the real JS coatings. What’s more, some construction teams are After the low-cost contracting waterproofing project, the commercially available polyvinyl acetate latex (commonly known as white latex) or polyvinyl alcohol glue (commonly known as 107 glue) is blended and applied. The consequences are unspeakable and seriously damage the reputation of JS coating. . At present, less than 10% of JS coatings used in construction projects are really using polyacrylic latex, which is the main reason why JS coatings slip into the ranks of “poor” products.

  2, insufficient understanding of classification use
  JS waterproof coating elongation is directly related to the amount of latex, but the amount of latex is directly In order to solve the long-term water resistance of the coating, in order to solve this contradiction, the technical treatment of engineering specifications and product standards is to divide the JS coating into two types, the type I is a large amount of latex, and the elongation requirement is more than 200%. For the part of the project that is intermittently immersed in water (such as roofing, exterior wall, etc.) to meet the requirements of large deformation. Type II is a slightly less amount of latex, and the elongation is as long as 80% to meet the engineering parts (basement, toilet room, etc.) with small deformation and long-term water resistance requirements, but it is not used in many projects, from the basement to There is one type of roofing, type I or type II, which not only does not achieve the expected results, but also has many quality hazards, which is disappointing.

  3, the relationship between the thickness of the coating and the number of construction times
   the best waterproof coating also has a certain coating thickness as a quality guarantee, in In the Technical Specifications for Roofing Engineering and the Technical Specifications for Underground Engineering Waterproofing, the basic thickness of JS coatings is 1.5 to 2.0 mm. In the actual project design and construction monitoring, it is often only pay attention to the number of constructions but ignore the final thickness of the coating. It is often seen that some design drawings only indicate “several coatings with JS waterproof coating” but no thickness requirements. On-site management also only cares about painting a few times. Some construction teams lacking integrity have been vacant, and after the paint is diluted with water, it is more than one or two times more than the design requirements, and it is also praised by the on-site management personnel. After the low-cost contracting to the project, it can earn a lot of profits. Products with superior performance can’t withstand such damage.

  4. Ignore the importance of the effect of on-site mixing on the properties of the film.
  JS coating is a two-component product, actually producing the product. The last process, mixing and phase separation, was left to the on-site construction team. I don’t know, the phase separation state of two-component products is crucial for the formation of coating properties. In addition, JS coatings are not as easy to separate as liquid-liquid two-component products, although each The manufacturer’s product manual has the correct method to explain the on-site mixing, but many construction team mixing process is perfunctory, and some even do not have a special mixer, the site to find the root hand to stir and stir. Very few people know the judgment and mastery of the “phase separation end point”, so that the final film performance is greatly reduced due to the incomplete phase separation.

  5, misunderstanding of tensile strength
   in the product standard of JS coating, the tensile strength requirements of the coating film are I type ≥1.2MPa Type II ≥1.8MPa, many people mistakenly believe that the higher the tensile strength, the better. In fact, in the tensile test method of JS coating, there is a standard curing process of heating for 24 hours at 50 °C for 7 days, many The coating products are rapidly increased in tensile strength due to the volatilization and migration of plasticizers during the heat curing process at 50 ° C, indicating that the heat aging properties of these products in the exposed use are changed rapidly and the service life is not long. Therefore, the product with abnormally high tensile strength should be alert and, if necessary, tested for heat aging retention. Instead of one-sidedly speaking, the higher the tensile strength, the moreit is good.

  6, arbitrarily set the base position
   in some engineering joints, in order to avoid stress concentration, the base layer is added to extend the dispersion stress to reduce the cracking of the coating. . Therefore, the setting of the base position directly affects the use effect. It should be that the closer the base is to the base layer, the more the dispersion stress can be achieved. In fact, many projects randomly set the position of the base without any problem, so as to set the middle of the coating. Some projects have placed the tire base on the surface of the coating. After discovering this phenomenon at a construction site, the author asked the construction personnel why the base was exposed on the surface. The workers answered: “The money that settles the fetal base with the contractor” is ridiculous.

  7, one-sided understanding “can be applied in wet base”
  JS waterproof coating is better than other waterproof coatings in the construction of wet base, there is a The degree of humidity is not a matter of any wet climatic conditions or very high base water content, because the latex in the JS coating is solidified by volatilization, too high moisture content in the base layer and too humid climatic conditions. The curing of the latex is unfavorable for film formation, which lowers the elongation of the coating film. At the same time, the cement in JS coating is solidified by hydration, too dry base layer and climatic conditions, and it is not good for cement curing. Therefore, in the hot and dry season, it is necessary to spray some water on the base layer before construction. In fact, JS coatings still have some requirements for the temperature and humidity range of the construction. Generally, the temperature is between 5 °C and 35 °C, and the humidity is 50% to 70%. The construction is forced regardless of temperature and humidity conditions, although it can also form a film. However, the performance of the film is quite different.

  8, misunderstanding of water-adding
   Most manufacturers in their product manuals indicate that water can be added to dilute the paint during the first application Improve penetration of the substrate and increase adhesion to the substrate. Therefore, many people misunderstand that JS coatings can be added with water, which is very harmful. The ratio of two components in JS coating – the ratio of polymer to cement (the ratio of polymer to cement) and the ratio of water to cement (the ratio of water to cement) It is determined by the manufacturer through repeated experiments. The effect of arbitrarily changing one of the components is much greater than that of the film. In actual engineering, the phenomenon of increasing the amount of powder and then adding water to adjust the consistency is everywhere. Many projects are based on the use of JS coatings to steal material, so the application, JS coatings have a long way to go.
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The enterprises in the financing home sector project can be roughly divided into several categories.

To a certain extent, the investment boom in the home furnishing industry has a lot to do with the prosperity of the entire venture capital market in recent years. When hungry capital seeks new investment targets, the home industry appears in front of investment institutions with labels such as “smart”, “technology”, “internet”, and “consumption upgrade”. “Daily Economic News” and the “Future Business” Investment Report jointly released by the Investment and Financing Service Platform, show that from 2016 to August 2018, the financing of home furniture sector has reached 229 times, in the field of large consumption. The financing list is second only to the restaurant chain, accounting for 12.4% of the total financing statistics.
Among these financing projects, enterprises in the household sector can be roughly divided into several categories: smart home enterprises with the banner of “Internet of Things”; Internet home improvement enterprises with the banner of “Internet + traditional industries”; The home logistics service platform of the last mile” problem; and the home improvement design platform supported by “cloud technology” or “cloud platform”. Disassemble separately below.   

◇Smart Home

In the absence of imagination in the traditional furniture and home manufacturing industry, smart home has become a hot spot in the home industry for the past two years. Security, lighting, speaker TV and other products around residential and home life have also emerged, and related investment events are also frequent. However, the author is more willing to classify it as “electronic technology products”, and the application in furniture is still at the stage of embedded equipment (such as smart sofas). In fact, a complete smart home must include three major systems: (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, and home security system.

The rest of the home wiring system, home network system, home theater and multimedia system, and home environment control system, etc., are only optional, and lack of the necessary system can not be called “smart home” . Overall, the domestic emphasis on “intelligent components”, such as smart door locks, smart speakers, etc., and the “smart home” with a complete system is still a lot of distance.


Internet home improvement was once one of the most closely related areas of the home industry and capital, but it also became the hardest hit area after the crazy investment boom. Since 2015, more than 300 Internet home improvement brands have appeared in the country. In 2017-2018, more than 20 Internet home improvement companies have received financing, most of which belong to the angel round or the seed round, which can survive to the B round. countable.

◇Home Logistics Service Platform

Most of the household products belong to non-standard parts, and the probability of damage is large. It is not only “delivery”, but also involves the installation of products and even after-sales maintenance. The most needed in this field is patience and pragmatism.

With the rapid development of home e-commerce, the home logistics service platform to solve the “last mile” problem has also developed. Rough statistics, including Hometown, Ant Anju, Rishun, Yizhitong, Master Wan, Delivery Artifact, Anda, Anbang, etc., a number of enterprises that help home end products and services, some of them It has been favored by capital, but its scale and frequency of financing are relatively small, which also indicates to some extent that this field still needs to be practical services.


In addition to smart homes and Internet home improvement, home furnishing companies relying on “cloud technology” are also receiving capital attention.

From the early start of the round side software, to the three-dimensional home, cool house music, dressing home, room box, Guju, Aifuwo, 72 Hyun, and the design cloud launched by Red Star Macalline Designers, etc., with the development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, and VR, also ushered in a climax. Although the design software can solve the problem of “what you see is what you get” to a large extent, help the terminal better. In terms of communication and sales, in the long run, solving the problem of low efficiency and poor consumer experience in the home improvement industry is the real value, not limited to the effect display. It is also noted that in the investment field of the household sector, the capital of Lei Jun, one of the founders of Xiaomi, is quite prominent. According to statistics, Shun Capital’s investment in the large home sector covers different areas from front-end products to back-end services. Home-owned companies that participate in investment include Fun Sleep Technology (8H), Love Space, and Li Weijia, Xiaomi, Shenong 007, Cool Jiale, Bronze Master and Green Rice have also listed their brands in the “Mijia Eco-chain”.

For example, using Xiaomi’s own platform, brand crowdfunding such as 8H mattress, copper master and green rice have been successful and merged into Xiaomi Youpin Mall.
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Old people benefit from smart home devices

With the advancement of technology, more and more people use smart home products in their daily lives and enjoy the convenience brought by technology. However, for millions of older people, they are not technically savvy and are not familiar with the operation of smart home devices, making them unable to use these smart home devices to improve their quality of life.

If you understand technology, you can naturally benefit from many different smart home devices that can help older people stay on the spot. At the moment when family members and nursing staff are not around, the role of smart home devices is particularly obvious. For example, they can use the camera to understand the actions of their loved ones and let them rest assured.
Assuming you want to add some smart home products at home, you first need to understand that these devices require home Wi-Fi, and at the same time, operate them through smartphones, tablets or voice-enabled assistants. There are some popular old-age smart homes. The product may be helpful.

Smart home helps the elderly to care for the elderly

1, voice assistant: popular products like Amazon Echo, Google assistant or Apple HomePod, can be operated with simple voice commands Smart home products. These devices can play your favorite music, read audiobooks, make phone calls, set timers and alarms, provide reminders for medications, appointments and other things, and be able to view traffic and weather, ask questions, etc., all through voice Command to complete.

2, intelligent lighting: the elderly are often worried about falling, which is usually caused by groping in the dark room, looking for the light switch. Smart bulbs such as Philips Hue can control the light switch by voice command, smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the brightness of the light bulb according to your needs and set the switch. There are also smart plugs like the Wemo Mini that can remotely control fixtures, fans or other electronic devices.

3, video doorbell: For the elderly living alone, security is also a problem, the smart doorbell can be installed through the smart phone, tablet, Google smart display, etc., and the person standing at the door Remote calls, no need to open the door, improve security.

4, automatic shut off the stove: In order to prevent the elderly from cooking at home to produce a fire, the device can automatically close the stove without the person to look after, use the motion sensor to close during the booking time Electric stoves and gas stoves, and will remind family members via SMS.

5, smart drug management: In complex drug treatment plans, the elderly can use the smart drug tracking system to remind when to take the drug, track the progress of medication, and inform relatives.

6. Home monitoring: Family members can remotely monitor their elderly relatives through intelligent home sensor systems such as smart home cameras to prevent emergencies.

7, other options: There are some useful smart home products, including smart door locks, intelligent thermostats, smart night lights, etc., can detect whether it is a fall condition, and remind the nursing staff.

The price of most smart home products ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. If there are related needs, they can be found in many local stores or online.
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Furniture touch up, easy to operate

There are many ways to make up the furniture. There are some methods that can be easily operated at home. This method is very effective for small-area furniture falling off. Solid wood furniture has always been loved, not only because the furniture itself is natural. The texture and solid wood aroma, but also placed in the home is also very environmentally friendly and durable, but after the furniture has been used for a long time, often the furniture wear and tear off the case, there are some owners after moving to a new home, the furniture moved caused a bump, if Daily care does not pay attention to furniture maintenance, it is easy to cause partial damage to the furniture, furniture can also be used to make up the paint, but the method of furniture touch up can be roughly divided into professional methods and common methods. Let’s look at the furniture together with Xiaobian. What are the methods of refinishing?
Simple home operation method:

(1)Furniture touch up special pen

Solid wood furniture can be said to have a family, nowadays the type of solid wood furniture used by the family A wide range, from dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, coffee tables to bed, wardrobes, solid wood furniture everywhere, if your furniture has been painted or bleached, then you can buy a furniture touch up pen to try, Xiaobian The pen was purchased from a Japanese grocery store and is currently available online.

Be sure to pay attention to the purchase process. The color of the furniture repair pen should be the same as the color of the furniture. Therefore, you should check the color of the pen when you buy it. Generally, the pen will be clear. The color logo can be referred to, nonsense is not much to say, let’s use this furniture to make up the paint artifact.

喔, the original pen is like this. I thought it would be a brush head. I didn’t expect it to look like a Mike pen. The price of this pen is not very expensive. I can buy it for a few dozen yuan. It is inevitable that the table will be scratched and scratched. It has long been seen that these traces are not pleasing to the eye~

The actual use, although the light color is not deep, but the surface will really color. This method feels very effective for small-area touch up paint, but if your furniture has a large area of ​​paint smearing, I am afraid it should be processed with a high-strength water sandpaper or polishing cloth to preserve the wood surface. Textured touch. In addition, the surface of furniture that already has a protective lacquer (glare lacquer) is not suitable for this method, because after all, this is not a real paint. Overall, the effect of this attempt is still good.

(2) Furniture touch up cream

The principle of furniture touch up cream is similar to that of furniture touch up pen. It is also suitable for small area furniture off paint decolorization. The products are also very common in online shopping malls and daily necessities stores. The specific use methods are as follows:

1. Choose a product that suits the color of your furniture. Common furniture touch cream colors are available. : Pure white, black walnut color, light walnut color, light teak color, ivory white, etc., can meet different needs of use.

2, usually the furniture touch cream has a slender nozzle, and a layer of furniture touch cream is evenly applied in the place where the paint is removed by squeezing.

3. The tail structure of the furniture touch up cream is generally the same as that of the toothpaste tail. We can use the hard plastic of the tail as the scraper to further evenly spread and smooth the extruded furniture touch cream.

4. Wipe off the excess with toilet paper and wait for the surface of the touch cream to dry.

Tips: Furniture touch up cream products usually do not need secondary coloring. There may be some differences in the way different products are used. It is recommended to read the operating instructions of the products before using them.

Professional operation method:

(1) Materials required for furniture touch up


2. Wood Filling


4.Transparent paint

(2) Basic tools for furniture touch up




Step 1

First The surface of the wood is clean, dry, smooth, and the sharp angle is smooth. The grease and resin on the surface of the wood are first removed with detergent.

Step 2

Apply 2-3 layers of preservative. Under normal weather conditions, the antiseptic treatment takes 2-5 days to completely dry.

Step 3

After the preservative is completely dry, if there are pits or undulations on the surface of the wood, the wood must be filled with wood to fill the pores, and then the grinding is smooth. In order to start the painting work of wood lacquer.

Step 4

Use a paint brush to brush the coloring agent on the wood, and quickly apply it along the wood grain on the surface of the wood. Then apply the second layer; how many times it will affect the color reflection of the wood.

The interval between each layer of application should be between 16-24 hours, that is, after the layer of the coloring agent has been dried, the layer can be applied. After finishing the coloring agent, the furniture should be protected from water or water.

Step 5

A layer of clear lacquer is applied to the easily worn parts.

(3) Construction Tips

1. Wood paint can be brushed or brushed. The brush is a brush similar to a brush and arranged in a row, so it is absorbed. The paint is more uniform than the ordinary brush. In addition, wool brush is also a better choice.

2, in the brushing technique, we must use the principle of “light and thin multi-layer”. Avoid applying a layer of too thick to create bubbles.

3, when purchasing colorants, try to buy non-toxic and high-quality coloring agent; in the brush, also use wool brush instead of bristle brush, use wool brush to soften The hair quality is brushed for better color quality.

(4) Precautions

1. Anti-corrosion work must be carried out before painting or coloring, and all surfaces of wood should be treated.

2, avoid close to fire or high temperature during construction.

3. Before construction, the surface of the wood should be clean, dry, paint-free, wax-free, etc.

4. Under normal climate, lacquering, soil filling or coloring agent (oily and water-based) can be applied after 2-5 days of anti-corrosion treatment.

5. If you want to lay the floor, carpet or the underlay of the decoration project on the wood, or stick the wallpaper, you have to wait six weeks, then the wood can be completely dry before construction.
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Light sharing articles, combined with different needs

Lighting design plays an important role in interior design. In different spaces, sometimes it focuses on the true restoration of lighting and color; sometimes it focuses on decorative effects; sometimes both. Therefore, in the choice, it should be combined with different needs, different characteristics, different uses and interior space decoration for comprehensive consideration.

When watching TV, when watching TV at night, you will find that the TV is very strong. Staring at the screen is actually very good for eye health. Therefore, a 3-level intensity atmosphere lamp, such as a wall lamp or a desk lamp, can be installed next to the TV set. It is mainly used to increase the transition of the lamp shadow, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

The lamps commonly used in the bedroom include bedside lamps and ceiling lamps. The ceiling light is to increase the overall illumination brightness. The correct position for installing the ceiling light is in the middle of the two corners of the bed, so that even if the bills and the bead curtains are placed, they are not affected.

Adding chandeliers to the table allows the diners to enjoy the delicious taste of the table and the appetite. Installation points: the height is appropriate, the four eyes can be opposite, there is no cover; can not hang too high, to ensure that the table can be seen delicious; do not use diffuse lights, to avoid appearing too “squeaky”.
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Custom home business is also pushing with reform

The 40th anniversary of reform and opening up also opened the second half of the Chinese market economy; custom-made home enterprises are also driven by the reforms, constantly sprinting, channels soaring, factories all over the place, which are all benefited from the dividends of the people, who seized There are many channels, and there are more customers, so the bonus is naturally more. But a fact is in front of us. The era of China’s rapid population growth is gone, and the era of enjoying the demographic dividend is gone. In the first half, it relied on grabbing the head to obtain traffic. The store was also hindered by population growth. The vicious competitive diversion and offline diversion of offline traffic, the external acquisition cost of online traffic is getting higher and higher, and the scale effect of traffic has long been Losing, you need to forget the welfare of past traffic, sinking your heart, the focus of the second half of the competition is to grab the user’s stay time and use time.
In 2019, the custom home industry opened the second half.

Before 2018, there were too many companies and products, the production efficiency was also increasing, the cost was constantly compressed, and the process was constantly improving. There is a surplus of products, and we now need to think about how to make these products more efficient and find the people they need and send them to them.

It means that products that cannot meet the needs of consumers can’t reach the consumers’ hands, find their own customer positioning, and send the products and services they need to them instead of giving them. All consumers, on-demand production, C2B, is what you have to rethink and define. In a period of time, the number of consumers has not changed much, but how to match the corresponding product efficiency to your users. How to revitalize the stock market and do your own one-acre three-point land. It can be judged that in the next ten years, the custom home furnishing industry will undergo tremendous changes. There are four types of companies that deserve special attention:

Industrialized custom-made enterprises

< 799, 19800 The company represented by 518 has a huge number of channels, overwhelming advertisements, and has seized the mental model of most pan-home practitioners and some consumers. Later, there are advanced R&D systems, product systems, production bases, and supply chains. Integration, such companies can make the production cost of the product to the extreme, the price is controlled in a relatively good range. This part of the company we call the "head brand", each step has a purpose, or to kill a part of the same category of companies to follow, if not to integrate the industry, the upstream and downstream channels are integrated. This type of enterprise has formed a general trend in the industry, revitalizing the stock market, their methods of attack, launching a war is a comprehensive promotion of land, sea and air, and the impact on second and third-tier enterprises is considerable, and will affect local small businesses. The original state of woodworking.

In the future, they will integrate into the whole big home, overall decoration, smart life, more enriched Internet distribution mode, to meet the consumer lifestyle and trajectory demand, tend to green consumption, personalized consumption, Quality consumption and emotional consumption, even because of the lifestyle advocated. It is conceivable that in the future, in order to satisfy more levels of consumers, they will also launch more brands to locate consumer groups and increase their breadth. There will also be more supporting companies attached to them, and become dominant in the next 10 years of consumption upgrade wars.

In the face of such a hegemon, when competing against PK in the market, you have no control over the price of similar products. Because of the endorsement of the brand, this powerful force, you can not fight positively. If you are not holding on to your current stock market, then do the second upgrade service and refine the service; if you are not actively upgrading the product system or lowering the product system, use the 25% price dimension to directly distinguish the target users.

Differential + industrial customization

When you are in two dimensions, that is, when you are parallel, you want to intersect, that is impossible. Such enterprises have a keen eye and a strong psychology. They have the mentality of long-distance running. When facing the first-class enterprises, they maintain a positive attitude, avoid the tit-for-tat battlefield, and look for virgin land that you do not want to do and the market needs.

This is a resource-matching enterprise based on the company’s own superior resources. They have great ambitions, courage to be the first to courage, and the first to prepare for crabs. The dividend brought about by the management, followed by a group of loyal dealers, worshipping the differentiated religion of the enterprise.
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Close connection between the whole bathroom and the real estate market

The real estate market is affecting the lifeline of the national economy. Recently, the “China Real Estate Industry Chain Strategic Integrity Supplier Research Report” was released, which has aroused the attention of various industries. Many foreign brands have occupied a prominent position in the Chinese real estate market. For example, in the sanitary field, brands such as Braun, Villeroy, Kohler, TOTO, and Duravit are on the foreign brands of China’s real estate industry chain strategic integrity suppliers.
Victorian, Kohler, TOTO, Berenger, etc.

The “China Real Estate Industry Chain Strategy Integrity Supplier Research Report” is derived from 5,000 members and 300 expert groups. The results Recognized as the most authoritative, we can see that the foreign brands in the list of ceramic sanitary wares listed on this list are: Kohler, TOTO, Lejia, American Standard, Duravit, Berenger and Villeroy, 7 foreign capitals. Most of the enterprises are 100-year old enterprises.

At present, real estate developers choose cooperative sanitary ware brands more and more critical, whether sanitary ware brands have strong manufacturing capabilities, product types are perfect, product quality is excellent, service system is perfect, home improvement experience, price level Corporate reputation, etc., are all factors considered by real estate developers. This requires foreign-funded enterprises to have a complete production and service chain in China.

In order to adapt to the Chinese domestic market, the foreign-funded enterprises on the list, in addition to Weibao, other brands have invested heavily in China to open modern factories and equipped with intelligent production lines. Among them, Kohler has more than 10 factories in China, and the recent unveiling of Shenyang Kohler Sanitary Ware has added an annual production of 6 million sanitary ceramics industrial parks. TOTO has 11 factories in China, 8 of which are wholly-owned and 3 joint ventures; Spain’s Lejia has 10 factories in China, and Duravit’s largest overseas investment factory is built in Chongqing…

Some of these brands pay special attention to the advantages of combining the development of the Chinese market, and build a Chinese production base and a flexible production logistics system at the level of Industry 4.0.

In addition, real estate developers not only pursue practical products, but also design high-end aesthetics. High-profile brands such as Braun, Kohler, TOTO, Villeroy, and other products have won international awards such as German IF, German Red Dot, and American IDEA.

It is worth mentioning that in the other categories of China’s real estate industry chain strategic integrity supplier column, there is a “whole bathroom class”, which is famous on the list. It can be seen that in the current real estate industry, the development of fully renovated and fabricated buildings has entered a new era. It can be said that whoever has occupied the assembled-style bathroom, will seize the opportunity of the development of the real estate market.

The whole bathroom has become the new favorite of real estate, and the long-term rental has become a new growth point

2018 is the year of the outbreak of the whole bathroom, the assembly house represented by the whole bathroom Zhengcheng is popular in China, and Vanke, Evergrande, Country Garden, Greenland and other first-line real estate developers are carrying out assembly-style decoration.

With the changes in the property market in first- and second-tier cities, the long-term rental housing market has begun to rise in recent years, and real estate giants are also in the process of arranging, especially the proportion of centralized long-rent apartments in the real estate industry is increasing. The whole house sanitary ware alone can not meet the development of real estate developers. The fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, drying area and storage have become new consumer demands, and the whole house customization has emerged.

At present, many domestic and foreign sanitary ware brands such as Kohler, Berenger and Jiu Mu have expanded their production lines to the whole kitchen area such as kitchen, balcony and wardrobe, optimizing the structure of the house and providing a more complete service system. . A properly optimized unit design must cover bathroom systems, storage systems, kitchen systems, smart home systems, pipeline systems, and equipment systems. A properly configured home design can reduce manufacturing costs and become a favorite of real estate developers.

In this process, the enterprise-provided design plan for the apartment is not only the quality and quantity of the supplied products, but also the comprehensive technology of design, construction, operation and service.

With the rise of self-assembly, hardcover, smart wear, interior industrialization, and assembly-style housing, the industry has entered a new era of information-sharing, technology-oriented, and integrated-oriented sharing and win-win. Home improvement channels and real estate channels account for a growing proportion of bathroom sales, and real estate developers and home improvement companies are increasingly picky about bathroom brand partners. How to take consumer demand as the guide, strengthen product quality and brand, improve the operation system and supply chain of the industry chain, the bathroom company represented by Braun is drawing a satisfactory answer.
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The difference between homogeneous and transparent PVC floor and composite PVC floor

Disadvantages of homogenous transparent PVC floor
1. Poor stain resistance, regular waxing maintenance
2. Containing a certain amount of stone powder, no PVC wear layer on the surface
3. Fear of cigarette burns
4. The texture is hard, the foot feels not as soft as the composite PVC floor.
5. Compared with the colorful printed layer of the composite PVC floor, the color is relatively simple and not enough.
6.Fire resistance Not as good as composite PVC floor
multilayer composite PVC plastic floor.
1. Not repairable, this is not as good as the product
2. Also afraid of cigarette burns
3. Fear of heavy-duty roller rolling, especially foamed bottom, easy to appear concave

Plastic floor and homogenous quality advantages:
1: strong decorative – plastic floor There are many kinds of colors on the floor, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, etc. The texture is realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and beautiful, the cutting and splicing is simple and easy, and the creativity and imagination are fully utilized to fully satisfy the designer and different users. Individualized needs of different decorative styles. And no color difference, resistance to light, no radiation, long-term use does not fade.  
Two: quick installation and maintenance, convenient maintenance
——Plastic floor installation is relatively quick, no cement mortar, it can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance-free, not afraid of water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances, generally cleaned with a wet mop, saving time and effort. No waxing after installation, just normal daily maintenance can be as clean as new.
3: Environmental Recycling
– Plastic flooring is the only ground material that can be recycled. It is of great significance to protect our natural resources and ecological environment.
4: Wide application – due to the unique material and super performance of plastic floor, plus convenient paving, quick construction, reasonable price and high safety, it is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories. , sports venues, entertainment venues, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other public places and individual families.
V: Feeling comfortable
——The structure of dense surface and high elastic foam cushion are treated seamlessly, the supporting force is strong, and the buffered heavy glassware falls to the ground and is not easy to be broken, ensuring the foot. Comfortable, close to the carpet, ideal for places with older people and children. Walking on a hard ground material, the foot feels poor, and walking for a long time will cause soreness and damage to the foot bones.
Six: small joints and seamless welding – the ground material is treated by hot-melt welding to form a seamless connection, avoiding the disadvantages of many seams and contamination, and it is moisture-proof, dust-proof and hygienic. The special color blocks are strictly installed and installed, and the joints are very small. The special varieties can hardly see the seams in the distance, and the environment with high overall requirements on the ground, such as the office, or the environment with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospitals. Operating room, etc. are the best choice.
Seven: environmental protection – the main raw materials used in plastic flooring are PVC materials and calcium carbonate. PVC materials and calcium carbonate are environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, non-toxic and non-radiative. It has been used in a large number of people’s daily lives, such as water pipes, tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc., is a green product advocated by the state.

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“Glue with straight technology” makes the floor a “furniture” that can be moved

Living in today’s era, we have to say that we are fortunate. The constant development of the times has promoted the continuous innovation of technology. Many new technologies have been developed to bring unprecedented convenience to life. What we are going to say today is something that looks inconspicuous, but it is vital in life. I believe that everyone is very familiar with the Velcro, and may pick up the same thing around, there is the use of Velcro on the top, what we are going to talk about today is the latest Velcro application technology – Velcro tape straight technology.
All along, only the composite and laminate flooring that can adapt to the floor heating in the country have been tried in the solid wood flooring industry but have not been successful. Solid wood flooring has always become the material of choice for people’s floor decoration with its outstanding foot feel, natural warmth, warm winter and cool summer, noble and elegant. The most common paving method for solid wood flooring is the wooden keel laying method, which is used to damage the ground and the floor, and it is depleted of manpower and material resources. It is also prone to keel pollution and is not suitable for geothermal paving in the northern region. . The gluing and paving technology solves the problem of expansion and contraction of solid wood flooring, and overcomes the problem of solid wood floor heating and paving, and directly promotes the geothermal floor.

In order to solve this problem, a floor manufacturer developed a solid wood flooring “bonding and straightening technology” in 2006, and after a year of field paving in Beijing and Shanghai. Inspection, has obtained national patents. In 2007, this kind of gluing and straightening technology began to spread on a large scale, so that the solid wood flooring really bid farewell to the “keel + nail” lock-up era. The hook-and-loop technology directly solves the most complicated technology in a solid wood flooring industry in the most “simple” way. To say that it is simple, it is because it uses the principle of double-sided tape, using a special environmental “sticking tape” to strengthen and connect the floor. After testing with the expansion and contraction performance of the floor, the company introduced the international leading adhesive tape production and processing technology to produce a fastening tape that can adapt to the expansion and contraction strength of the floor. Through the mechanical principle, the hook and loop fastener is attached to the floor and the wood board, the wood board and the wood board, and a close and organic adhesion system is established, which finally forms an overall paving effect.

No nails and no keel, both practical and beautiful, is the direct impression of the technology of the hook and loop. It is understood that since the technology was developed and widely used, it has continuously gained praise, and some consumers who have used it have even called it “magic pavement.” In today’s increasingly rare wood flooring, this paving technology can be used to provide valuable conditions for the preservation and appreciation of the floor. The floor has also become a “furniture” that can be moved.
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