The bathroom is covered with meteorites, and now it’s popular.

We all know that the bathroom is the largest amount of water, and if it is not properly decorated, it is very easy to cause moisture and even water. The decoration of the bathroom is also very important to pay attention to the details. If the bathroom is not designed, it will be very inconvenient for us to use it in the future.

What I want to say today is that the bathroom of every household will install the threshold stone for the water of the bathroom not to be discharged outside the bathroom, but the threshold stone now has some inconveniences.

Because the environment of the bathroom is very humid, if we do not do the dry and wet separation work, we are very uneasy to use, and there are also safety hazards, because it will be easy to slip. And the threshold stone is high, although it is waterproof, but it also has very bad shortcomings. In particular, there are basically elderly people and children in the family. Sometimes it is easy to stumble because of lack of concentration. It is very unsafe, and the long-term use of the threshold stone will accumulate a thick layer of ash, and the dirt that is not discharged from the bathroom will be accumulated. The threshold stone is on, it looks very unattractive. And we often have to spend some time cleaning the rock.

So now many people have not installed the stone in the bathroom. Nowadays, it is more popular to press the edge strip. The height of the edge strip is about 1cm, so we don’t have to worry about it during use. When you kick the ball to the side, you don’t have to worry about the old man’s easy trip. Moreover, it can also play the role of dry and wet separation. And it is very in line with the current decoration style. And suitable for small apartment bathrooms.

If the size of the bathroom in the home is large, we can make a shower room, not only can we get wet and dry separation, but also the separate shower room we use in winter. Not afraid of the cold. The shower room not only makes the bathroom look very good, but we can separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom, so there is no need to worry about the water flowing out in the future.

In fact, as long as we have completed the details, there will be no more trouble in the future. Especially when the bathroom is renovated, it must be done with a slope, and the water can flow down the low place, so there is no need to worry about the problem of water accumulation. Because the bathroom is dry, it has a certain impact on our health.
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Floor tiles to buy more snacks

The choice of floor tiles in the decoration process can be described as a top priority. If there is a problem in the selection of the floor tiles, then the post-repair and redoing is more laborious, then I will introduce you to these floor tiles today. All kinds of advantages and disadvantages, then I hope everyone can learn more about the purchase of floor tiles in the future.


The permeable brick is a kind of whole brick, the basic material of the permeable brick is clay or porcelain clay, used for wall wall covering Bricks are used for floor coverings. The color of the permeable brick is not rich in color, the gloss is not high, and it is generally frosted or matt. When used for a long time, various smudges and dust will penetrate into the brick body, which is seriously not resistant to dirt and price. Low-cost

Two polished tiles

When polishing bricks, the surface of the body of the brick body is polished to a bright brick, which is also a whole body brick. The polished brick is hard and wear resistant, has high bending strength, light weight and anti-slip function. Generally used for relatively high-end decoration space, variety of colors, and a lot of product names, such as silver jade, diamond stone, rainbow stone, etc., can not be confused by the complicated product name when buying, must distinguish the product attributes

Three vitrified brick

The vitrified brick is also called full ceramic tile. It is a bright tile that has been polished on the surface of the whole brick. It is also a whole brick. One. It has high luminosity, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption, small color difference, and its color pattern gloss can be artificially controlled. The pavement can play the role of sound insulation and heat insulation. Note that after the paving is completed, the brick surface should be waxed, otherwise the liquid stain will penetrate into the micropores of the brick surface to form a spot, which ultimately affects the appearance.

Influenced tile decoration effect is not only the craftsman of the construction master, but also the choice of cement sand. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the normal color of the cement should be blue-gray, the color should be too deep or Other changes may be too many other magazines. The high-quality cement powder should have a cool feeling when held by hand, and the hand feels slippery. It is also necessary to pay attention to the date of production. After 30 days of production, the strength will decrease. After 3 months of storage, the strength of the cement will drop by 15%-25%, and after one year, it will be reduced by more than 30%. I lost the cement in a friend’s hometown decoration. After three years, all the tiles in the house have been demolished and reworked. Everyone knows this and must choose carefully in the future.
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Five major trends in new home retail

The five major trends in home new retail
Combining the current state of the industry and the main features of new home retail, we believe that the following five major trends in home new retail are worthy of attention:

Life philosophy – from product sales to sales The change of life concept

Building, home improvement, furniture, electrical appliances and other local brands that sell products mainly have begun to change the concept of selling life. Under this transformation, “lifestyle first” has become a stepping stone to the hearts of consumers, that is, brand owners resonate with consumers by creating and promoting a certain life concept with motivation, which in turn causes them to pay attention to related products. . In terms of lifestyle communication, brand owners often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase. In this regard, some e-commerce brands have made many beneficial contributions by virtue of data accessibility and data analysis capabilities. The realization of the user’s portrait, around the key information such as the type of household, for the lifestyle and appeals of the representative customer group, the online experience store launched scene matching, the low-frequency home consumption scene embedded in the high-frequency retail scene. For example, the Life Aesthetics Museum jointly developed by Intime and Tmall creates an immersive shopping experience for consumers by setting up real-life scenes such as offline experience zones and scene display zones. We also saw that some brands and channel vendors such as Red Star Macalline have joined the team that uses VR and 3D modeling technology to build virtualized home scenes.

Channel Convergence – From multi-channel to omni-channel convergence

In the context of channel diversification, the active transition between consumers has become the norm. Take the home appliance industry as an example, 93% of respondents are omnichannel consumers. From the demand side, there are more and more consumers pursuing omni-channel non-sense shopping experience in 2017. The most fundamental technical support for omnichannel is the Internet of Things and cloud technology. To achieve the omnichannel of all stores in the future, retailers need to do the following things: the same user online and offline has only one ID; online and offline the same paragraph, the same price, unified inventory; whether online or offline channel purchase, You can choose to deliver the goods to your door or store; help the merchants to manage the separate online and offline channel inventory management, reduce operating costs; collect offline data through the Internet of Things and cloud technology, and open up with online data, unified processing And analysis.

Subdivided customization – from mass-based products to segmentation customization

With 80&90 gradually grasping the right to speak in consumer decision-making, as the main crowd of new home retail Most of them are tired of the homogenization of large-scale production of factories, and their needs are more subdivided and personalized. Brands have begun to discover the unique needs of these market segments faster and more accurately through various digital means, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to proactively study the most popular product features in the next season. Product design provides timely and efficient input. Today, custom services have extended from the furniture industry to the relatively standardized home appliance industry. For example, Haier has introduced a customized refrigerator that customizes the refrigerator volume, temperature adjustment method, door material and appearance pattern. However, for the niche but has certain common needs, the user asks for the demand on the platform, and the designer recognizes the idea and A number of samples were designed, and then voted by the user. After the technical feasibility verification, the pre-sales were released, and the products were iterated according to user feedback. The sales growth of Haier’s various customized products was as high as 57%.

Solutions – from buying a product to a user solution

The difference between the previous brand and the service provider provides consumers with a single category of home products, or simple services + Limited products (such as decoration services + building materials). At present, the big home strategy in the industry has been widely recognized and practiced. The home furnishing brand has changed from providing single-category products to multi-category products, and at the same time, it is accompanied by service integration with products. In the future, with the emergence of providers of high-quality solutions that provide consumers with everything from design to soft-package, consumers will enjoy a “what you see is what you get” consumer experience and user solutions.

We believe that there are two general ideas for implementing user solutions.

First, upgrade from sales items to sales items + services. In the context of ecological integration, the boundaries of products are also blurred. Brands not only want to gain value from selling products, but also find breakthroughs in products and extensions, such as increasing contact with consumers and providing value-added services. In addition to selling paint, Nippon also provides door-to-door service, creating new value growth points.

Second, upgrade to a full solution. More and more brands are beginning to offer consumers a complete solution to cover multiple aspects of their needs or in a specific scenario.

If home appliance manufacturers provide smart kitchen solutions, they can meet the needs of users in the specific scene of the kitchen. The smart kitchen has a range hood and stove ignition automatic association, the central control panel controls the oven switch, temperature and duration, and can realize refrigerator storage management and one-button ordering through the touch screen. It can also download recipes and even do it. When you see the dishes through the screen, whoever knocks on the door and talks remotely, gives an intelligent solution to what needs to be done in the kitchen and what may be encountered.

Regulating the market – from non-standard to standardization

New retail use and upgrading of standardized services, processes, and products to support higher frequency and personalized needs and services Make the new retail consumer experience optimized. In this logic, standardization and new retail are positively driven relationships.

The most typical standardization is the custom enterprise, which has an increasing installation success rate from scale, design, to production, logistics, installation, and standardization support based on the entire process information. In addition, we can also see the industry standardization in the home decoration process, many e-commerce platforms willSet up the entrance threshold for the decoration company, such as having the decoration qualification of Class C. In addition, UGC content and mechanism such as user comments, user questions and answers, designer works and even decoration forums, decoration diaries, etc., make the decoration company’s service quality, price and other information more transparent, monitoring and standardizing the chaotic decoration service market.
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Is it really a magic weapon to win sales at a low price?

Rising sales at low prices has always been the magic weapon for all kinds of e-commerce products. And relying on low prices to rush sales, it is not the way furniture products should go. In fact, it is not the sales of furniture products on the Internet is wrong, but after being brought into the non-professional online sales platform, only short-term profits, no matter how long-term word-of-mouth maintenance, there is a problem. In this regard, many furniture industry insiders said that in the past, furniture brands that touched the net often had short-sighted behaviors, explosive low-cost promotions, and their own service terminals could not bear it. The online and offline products were not differentiated or sorted out, and the price was chaotic. After that, consumers feel more distrust and unsure.
In the face of the current online shopping environment, the principle of consumption for most people is: do not ask for the lowest price, but seek high cost performance. It can be seen that the furniture online shopping brand that takes the low-price strategy can only temporarily attract some low-quality consumers, and can’t impress the consumer groups that really know what they want and have higher brand follow-up.

However, this principle is not well known. Whether it is in the well-known furniture brand self-operated online store or on the third-party online shopping platform, the “crazy promotion” in various names is still comparable. All are. “Low price”, without exception, is involved in the same scuffle as all other commodities.

In fact, the “low price strategy” can not only win high profits for itself, but also affect the brand’s regular online shopping price system and customer quality. Previously, there were a lot of furniture brands eager to make online shopping. However, the product update could not keep up, the pricing system was not perfect, and the logistics distribution was slow. Because the preparation work was not done well, some brands made the online shopping into a dross. It’s a pity that it’s tasteless. It can be seen that the after-sales service of the brand is not in place, and touching the net is equivalent to suicide.

In reality, some furniture brands are “too anxious” and can’t help but seduce short-term sales. However, once their operations cannot support their sales, they will not be able to serve consumers and bring trouble to themselves. This kind of short-sightedness not only brings trouble to consumers and brand owners, in fact, furniture stores have become another victim of furniture online shopping.

It is understood that in the past two years, the proportion of complaints about the online shopping of furniture to the store is extremely high. Many consumers purchase furniture products on various online platforms. Once quality problems or delivery and installation problems occur, The first thing to look for is not the brand, but the store. The reason for this is that the consumer’s original words are: “The XX brand has a store in the store, who is not looking for a store?”

In the chaos and confusion, some well-known online homes Brands are actively expanding offline channels to achieve crazy expansion.
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Since 2018, many international sanitary ware brands have closed, sold and merged their subsidiaries or factories.

Recently, Moen announced that it will close its water tank factory that has been operating in the United States for 50 years. Since 2018, many international sanitary ware brands such as Vipshop, Suizhu, TOTO, Geberit, etc. have closed, sold and merged their subsidiaries or factories due to market shrinkage, operating losses, and lower production costs. .
Moen shuts down the factory to make concessions to the local IT industry

On November 27th, Moen celebrated its 50th anniversary at the sink manufacturing facility in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA. , announced that the manufacturing plant will stop production and close next spring. It is understood that this plant is Moen’s only factory in the United States that produces stainless steel sinks. Since 1968, it has opened more than 50,000 square feet. In recent years, it has produced 600 sinks per day and has more than 50 employees. As a good employer, Moen has always created stable jobs and economic benefits. Therefore, the closure of the stainless steel sink factory in Moen has attracted the attention of the local media and the government. According to local Moen employees, due to the increasingly developed IT industry around the factory, the provision of a large number of jobs has promoted economic development, resulting in an increase in the overall salary level in the region. Due to environmental pressure, Moen decided to close the factory.

The Moen parent company recently established a partnership with Elkay, a leading US sink manufacturer. It is hoped that synergies will be provided through the combination of products, while using distribution channels to promote the scale of manufacturing sinks. Moen hopes to accelerate growth through a series of strategic plans, while building multi-brand, multi-channel businesses that offer a wide range of products to customers and consumers. In addition to Moen, since 2018, many well-known international sanitary ware companies have closed their factories or subsidiaries due to environmental pressure, poor management, operating losses, and parent company business upgrades.

Geberit closes two factories in Europe
According to the semi-annual report released by Geberit in 2018, Europe is the largest source of revenue for Geberit, including Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. The growth rate is the largest. However, due to the poor revenue of Geberit’s sanitary ceramic products in Western Europe in recent years, the annual revenue fell by 2.3%. Geberit closed its two factories in France, one of which has been more than 60 years old. On the other hand, due to the rapid growth of sanitary ceramics in Germany, Geberit began to integrate the European ceramics division and transferred the production of some ceramics (Geberit AquaClean Mera) to the Wesel plant in Germany.

Victorian demolished 200-year-old production base to concession urbanization

In September this year, the German ceramics company Villeroy announced that the factory in Luxembourg will be demolished. . The plant is the main production base of Villeroy & Boch in Luxembourg and has been in the country for over 200 years. It is understood that the factory is located in the Rollingergrund area of ​​Luxembourg, has won the title of “Royal Ceramics Manufacturer” and has met with many queens and leaders. For a long time in the past, the Villeroy & Luxembourg factory has provided more than 1,000 jobs to the local area. However, due to the increasing popularity of automated production and increasing production costs, Vippo permanently shut down the plant in 2010. It is reported that the factory will soon be razed to the ground, replaced by a new residential community, office buildings and shops. The demolition marked the end of Villeroy & Boch’s “Luxembourg Times”.

The sale of the 3.6 billion subsidiary failed.

As early as August 2017, the company was due to its subsidiary Parmes Dilisha (Permasteelisa) The revenue is not good and it is intended to be sold to China Guangtian Holding Group at a price of 467 million euros (about RMB 3.66 billion). It is reported that Palmas Dilisha is a curtain wall enterprise headquartered in Italy. It has 40 years of history, more than 50 branches and 10 factories. According to the 2017 financial report, the company has total assets of 1.609 billion euros and operating income of 1.286 billion. EUR. However, since 2018, due to various reasons such as Sino-US economic friction, the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) has repeatedly rejected the sale of the squatting, which directly led to a net profit loss of 8.629 billion yen in the first half of 2018. About RMB 531 million, earnings fell sharply from the same period in 2017.

TOTO merged two subsidiaries

That is also the poor operation of the subsidiary, TOTO chose to merge the two. It is reported that TOTO AQUAIR and TOTO ENGINEERING, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of TOTO, are engaged in the construction, assembly and renovation of the whole bathroom and kitchen. Due to business overlap and poor operation in recent years, TOTO merged the two companies in February this year, and established a new company TOTO AQUA-ENG with a registered capital of 100 million yen, and started operations in April this year. It is understood that the two companies that have been merged have certain business overlaps. TOTO hopes to integrate the construction systems held by the two companies to improve service levels.

Capital operation is risky

In summary, the main reason for the closure of factories, mergers, and sales of subsidiaries of major international companies this year is to reduce the scale of production. Production costs continue to rise. Since the economic growth of European countries in recent years is much smaller than that of the Asia-Pacific region, most parent companies have chosen to re-integrate their capital, and their business has shifted from Europe and the United States to the Asia-Pacific region. However, capital operation is risky, and companies still need to be cautious when integrating major production operations. Taking the Group as an example, the company involved in the Zhongyu bankruptcy case several years ago, which led to a decline in performance. At that time, the tenant Xinxin replaced Fujimori Yoshiaki as the CEO of the group, and now the factor company’s sales and purchases led to a large loss, leading to the group’s CEO. Change again. Obviously, this is something that production companies need to pay attention to.
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Upscale European curtains, aristocratic breath

Nowadays, people follow the “light decoration, heavy decoration” when decorating the house, and people are now paying more and more attention to the matching of soft clothes. Curtains are a kind of soft-fitted match. Now all kinds of high-end European-style curtains appear in people’s lives. So, how should European-style curtains be purchased? What brand of European curtains? Next, please ask the small series to learn about some of the high-end European curtains.

Upscale European Curtains

Upscale European Curtains—-Features of European Curtains

1, European Curtains . One of its advantages is its illumination and light transmission are particularly good. Many people like sunny places, so the curtains must be designed to transmit light and let the sun shine in. It also shows the beauty of the furniture in the room.

2, European style curtains with lace, gold rim or gold thread, regardless of quality or style, are very distinctive, are very good choice.

3, each girl has a princess dream. I want to decorate my house with some luxury items. It makes people feel very glorious. Now people decorate the curtains and pay more attention to them.

Of course, the curtains are the color of the entire decoration. Style has a lot of influence, and choosing the right style will give you a visual impact.

4, European curtains have many functions, such as curtain materials, generally choose fabrics that are not easy to fall off and fluff, and then add patterns, whether animals, flowers, or even some more abstract art patterns , will make it a “value” effect has been achieved. You can also add some ornaments to the edges to look more beautiful.

5, in terms of technology, the box above the curtain will use metal, plastic, almost all lightweight materials, and then the surface is coated with no odor, the paint is non-toxic, the paint color will choose The color that matches the overall decoration style will be folded and floated in the design structure, giving a three-dimensional feel.

Upscale European Curtains—-Selection of European Curtains

1. European styles can be classified into traditional European, Nordic by region. And Jane Europe, it mainly emphasizes gorgeous luxury, living room decoration likes more lighting, can create a noble atmosphere, the wall is of course using wallpaper, biased towards some bright colors, such as yellow-brown.

The floor will choose the floor, the sofa will be a fabric sofa, and some oil paintings, sculptures and other crafts will be suspended. These are indispensable elements of European style. Of course, the essential curtains are added to the living room.

2, let me talk about how to choose curtains. First, we must consider whether the color of the curtain matches the entire decorative style. This is also the most important. If the furniture is very dark, you must choose a softer curtain. If the living room is large, choose a curtain with lace trim.

Upscale European Curtains

If it is a small apartment, it is recommended to choose a light color that looks more intimate and soft. In addition, there is a decoration style suitable for large and small units: rustic style. The choice of such curtains is mainly based on flowers.

Upscale European-style curtains—- Which curtain brand is good

1, Conley curtains

The high quality personal life of Conley Curtains is the philosophy that is dedicated to the quality of life of thousands of family experiences. With professional designers, we have a personalized design concept.

2, Auchan Curtain

Auchan Curtain is a well-known curtain brand, very good at R&D, design, production and sales of high-grade curtain fabrics, Finished curtains and bedding.

3, Molex curtains

As the first large curtain company in China that integrates R&D, production and sales, Molex curtains are in fabric Color, style and overall product design are very important.

4, Paris, France curtains

The use of green curtains gives the family a sense of relaxation and vitality. These are the biggest product advantages of fabric curtains in Paris.

5, Milan Curtains

Upscale European Curtains

The curtains in Milan, Italy have been constantly Improve your own quality and creativity is endless. There are also some brands in the Milan curtain brand to ensure their position in the curtain market.

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What emerging markets can the “new fulcrum” of the home industry incite?

After experiencing rapid expansion in the past few years, China Home has ushered in the opportunity to meet the industry 4.0, innovative technology, innovative channels, innovative products are coming. In the context of today’s new economic cycle, what aspects of the big home industry should focus on in order to continue to develop steadily? In order to explore the new program, on December 13th, the “Decoding Archimedes – 2018 China Home Industry Development Forum and New Wave Awards Ceremony” jointly sponsored by Sina Home and Leju Home was launched in Beijing. Nearly a thousand elites in the home industry gathered to talk about industry trends, explore innovative solutions for the home industry, find promoters in the home industry, and keep up with the times.

   In addition, Wei Xiaofei, general manager of Leju Home Media Group and general manager of Sina Home, released the “Three New” strategy in 2019, deputy general manager of Leju Home Media Group and editor-in-chief of Sina Home Dai Wei published a content plan around the home 2.0 layout and a Sina home media strategy release speech. Sina home tracking reports throughout the entire process, bringing the latest exclusive information.

  Focus: A new strategy under the new home cycle

  In the era of multi-industry integration and digitization, innovation is getting farther and farther, new The efficiency brought by the model is more prominent. At the meeting, Wei Xiaofei, general manager of Leju Home Media Group and general manager of Sina Home, released the development strategy of “New Media, New Advertising, New Tools” in 2019 to create a comprehensive media platform.

   In terms of new media, Leju Home will redefine new media with media credibility, platform penetration, industry insight and user aggregation. The two major platforms in 2019: Sina Home and Leju Finance will be positioned as an integrated marketing platform with media attributes and a leading position for branding and communication of home enterprises.

   In terms of new ecology, Leju Home will further realize the content of advertisements, and let consumers be willing to accept advertising behavior through professional ability; use big data and artificial intelligence to achieve accurate dissemination of content; At the same time, resource integration and intelligent delivery are used to achieve coverage of the scene; in the end, efforts are made to turn the audience into fans and generate “power of onlookers”.

   In terms of new tools, in 2019, Leju will launch a mobile social intelligence marketing solution called “Lighthouse”. Its main functions include: intelligent marketing tool matrix, cross-platform content push, data management and personal IP creation, and finally set up a new application scenario, releasing all social energy.

   Wei Xiaofei said that Leju will help brands deliver the most accurate users through marketing and brand-level media and smart advertising platforms. Especially in terms of media content, Wei Xiaofei said that Sina Home will create a comprehensive media platform from the three dimensions of resources, channels and users, and launch a trump card to serve consumers. And Leju Finance will launch several major columns in 2019, such as “7 × 24 hours”, “70 years 70 enterprises”, the distribution of high-quality content to different platforms, in order to maximize the effect, content accuracy. LeTeng Home was released at the end of 2017. Today, the 2.0 version of LeTeng Home will be fully upgraded from the perspective of new ecology and new tools in 2019.

  Speech: Content Economy and Brand Potential

  In the oligarchy that resources and capital are increasingly concentrated, the home industry needs not only If you invest in hard power, you need to develop soft power. Content and brand is the breakthrough point for home furnishing enterprises to take a higher level. At the conference, deputy general manager of Leju Home Media Group and editor-in-chief of Sina Home, Dai Wei, and Ma Qi (global) co-founder of brand management, Wang Zude, respectively brought the “The Opening of the Home 2.0 Era: Sprint Marathon Run” and “Let Brands become competitive, and share their thoughts.

   Deputy Director of Leju Home Media Group and Sina Home Editor-in-Chief Dai Wei said that at present, there are three major changes in Chinese society: one is that unique content has become a new traffic portal. Second, the rise of mainstream consumer awareness; Third, the popularity of mobile Internet tools makes it easier for friends to build. The media has played an important role in this trend, and the media’s strategy of focusing on speed and depth is very consistent with the characteristics of these times and generates great value.

   At the same time, Dai Wei also announced the 2019 Sina Home’s media strategy, including news, information and design. Currently, these three sections have representative columns. In the future, we will continue to deepen and expand the scope of content innovation to witness the new development of the home industry.

   Maggie (Global) brand management co-founder Wang Zude brings a speech on “Let the brand become competitive”. In today’s highly globalized era, the importance of brands to business development is self-evident, and the brand competitiveness of the home industry is gradually emerging. How to shape the brand, build the brand, and promote the brand, Mr. Wang brought enough examples and analysis.

   Mr. Wang from the safety of IKEA Huawei, and then to the secrets of longevity of brands such as LV, Rolls Royce, Burberry, Mercedes-Benz, etc., shows the commonality of brand building: It is a team, one As a result of the creation of a group of strivers for a goal, the brand connotation is therefore broad. In today’s business climate, business owners not only need to operate brands externally, but also internal, because successful brands are often generated from within the company and become market-seekers.

   Forum Focus: Innovation in Retail, Channels and AssemblyThe border industry

   The home industry has been working for more than 30 years, and now it has ushered in the digital ability of the technology Internet forces. How to develop rapidly in the future in the new era? How can household enterprises adapt to the trend of technology and endogenous cracks become long? It is a topic worth exploring. At the annual meeting, the new retail and new channels, the two-package forum gathered a number of industry big coffee, and collided with many wonderful views.

   At the forum of “Finishing – Leaping Innovation of Advanced Products”, Chen Hui, Chairman of Dongyi Risheng, was the forum sponsor and moderator, and elaborated with many guests. The development and changes of the trend of the whole assembly. Participants included Wang Micheng, President of Hongyan Electric, Wan Xuebing, Vice President of Qijiao, Ye Long, Chairman and CEO of Ziguang Property, Tao Jupeng, Managing Director of Mango Tiles, Zhang Jingyu, Chairman of Meichao Group, and Wang Rui, CEO of Orange House.

  The forum site, the guests not only focus on the whole set, but also talk about emerging technologies – 5G, smart home and other aspects, as well as the transformation of the home industry The current ecological status and future trends of the overall industrial chain of the home.

   At the “New Retail and New Channels: The Stars of Home 2.0” forum, Li Jiacong, the general manager of Shangpin Home, was the forum sponsor and moderator, focusing on the home with the guests. The new retail has been shared and summarized. Zhao Jianguo, Chairman of Jimei Home, Lu Weijia, Chairman and President of Asia Group, Chen Wei, Vice President of Boss Electric, Wu Nani, Vice President of Qumei Home, Wu Xingjie, Executive Director of AUPU Op, Li Hongyao, Director of Federal Furniture Group, Zhang Yan, Deputy General Manager of TATA Mumen Participated in the forum together.

   A consensus in the forum discussion is that “new retail” has become a trend vocabulary very fast, and attempts in the home industry are still in the groping phase. However, the channel changes involved in the new retail industry will indeed have a major impact on the home industry. The entrepreneurs who are in the front line of the home have a deeper understanding and feel the same: to bring better products, services and experiences. To consumers, it will not lag behind the trend, but also the essence of business competition.

   In addition, at the forum of “Ask the Question”, Zhang Kai, Chairman of Jiusheng Floor, was the forum sponsor and host, and exchanged the frontiers of industry, life and times with the guests. explore. Guests include Jane Eyre Home Brand Director | Jane Life Founder Ye Zi, Yun Shi Tong Group General Manager Chen Guanhan, Bayfield International Chairman Luo Yiran, Grammy Group President Yang Yuan, Ou Ya Da Commercial Holdings Group Chairman Assistant and Supply Chain Peng Cheng, general manager of the financial company, Lin Yuanling, deputy general manager of the international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition, Lin Youyu, executive vice president of Champion Building Materials Group, Dai Xianyan, general manager of the current decoration.

   Highlights: “New Wave” insight into the past, leading the future

   The highest moment of the annual meeting belongs to the “New Wave” festival. The 30-year development of the home has created a wave of leaders who are catching up with the trend of the times. They have created a benchmarking enterprise in a sub-sector, or they have led a trend with a new type of product innovation. Undoubtedly, they are the era of innovation. A group worthy of attention.

   At the annual convention, the conference first revealed the “2018 Home Innovation Marketing Award”. “Red Star m+, China High-end Interior Design Competition”, “Fussenmei Home – New Youth·Dream”, Qumei “still rejuvenating, ecomagination” green box three projects, because it represents the design field and content innovation Award winning.

   The most important thing in the festival is the “New Wave” award, including the character award and the brand award. It is reported that the selection has been evaluated by national experts and scores. In the end, a national jury composed of authoritative academic research institutions, financial and economic fields, mainstream media and a number of heavyweight experts composed more than 200 experts selected the final winners to ensure fair and objective management of corporate CEOs in the home industry. The professional selection has won continuous and enthusiastic attention from the whole industry.

   “New Wave” is divided into characters and brand awards. Among them, the character category includes 10 groups of awards, industry drivers, elites, youth pilots, and store managers. A total of 100 industry leaders won the award; the brand category includes brand reputation, influence, and consumer trust brands. A total of 29 annual awards, including product design innovation, and 290 outstanding brands were on the list.

   In the final session, the “Special Contribution to Industry – Thinker” special award was also presented, honoring industry experts who have followed the home industry for many years. In the new development period when the “new economy” has become a gathering point, what new markets can the “new fulcrum” of the home industry be able to shake? We will wait and see in 2019.
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Is it necessary to install a window cover?

With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more concerned about the grade of home improvement. The appearance of the window cover makes the window look more beautiful, but what is the window cover? What are the benefits of installing a window covering? I believe many of the friends who have been renovated are in doubt. Let’s talk about the window cover.
First, what is the window cover?

The window cover is the vertical side of the vertical side of the window. It can be used as the outer wall frame or flush with the outer wall. In short, it is the door and window cover. The last cover, commonly known as the window cover.

Second, what are the benefits of installing window coverings

1, the biggest role of window coverings is to protect the window. If you don’t wrap the window cover, the window will be blown by the wind and the sun will be exposed to the sun. For a long time, the edge of the window will cause some damage, and repairing later will bring a series of troubles.

2, the window cover has an excellent decorative effect. If the window cover is not included in the decoration, the window gives people a more monotonous and rigid feeling. The window cover has different patterns and different materials, which bring different effects to the whole home. It plays a good decorative effect while protecting the window and becomes a beautiful landscape in the living room.

Third, the installation window cover precautions

1, window cover installation time is not limited, you can install at any time according to your needs. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the window base is firm and whether the window opening is square. If conditions permit, it is best to carry out anti-corrosion, fireproof and moisture-proof treatment.

2. When installing the joist frame of the window cover, it is normally the upper end, and then the two side joists are placed. Be sure to check whether it is flat and firm. In addition to the thickness of the board, it is recommended to put a wooden mat on the gap between the joist frame and the wooden brick to make the connection more sturdy and longer.

3, the corresponding base board must be fireproofed, moisture-proof and insect-proof in advance to ensure that the base board is installed more sturdy.

4. When selecting the window cover, pay attention to whether the panel color and pattern are in harmony with the overall style. Note that the board surface should look clean and smooth, straight, try to be larger than the joist skeleton. When docking, pay attention to the pattern should be smooth, the joint position should be left on the cross braces, it is best to avoid the range of normal sight.

5, it is best to ensure that the window panel surface and the window should be tight and flat.
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The role of bathroom cabinets in the entire bathroom can not be ignored

The bathroom cabinet is an indispensable equipment for modern home decoration. In addition to the functions of ordinary basin and wash basin, it also has the function of storage and storage. Pots, towels, shower gel, shampoo and so on can be put into it. The space is used to make the bathroom more tidy and more convenient to use. In addition, it has decorative effects, and different materials, colors and patterns can also be used to embellish and decorate. When we buy a bathroom cabinet, we must first consider whether its color and style match the style of the bathroom. Of course, its function and service life are more important. We will talk about how to choose bathroom cabinets from three aspects: countertop materials, cabinet materials and mirrors:
     How to choose bathroom cabinet
  One of the bathroom cabinets: How to choose the countertop
  The countertop materials of the bathroom cabinet are mainly ceramic, and other artificial stone, glass and marble. The choice of countertops must first consider its anti-fouling ability, secondly whether it is easy to scrub, and shape. Ceramic and artificial stone are recommended. Ceramics should be the preferred material for bathroom countertops. It has high hardness, high water-repellency, and scratches in fabrics. The glazing process is not only bright and bright, but also difficult to hang dirty, and its craftsmanship is mature and its shape is varied, so it is very popular. Marble has been popular for its natural texture decoration, but its shortcomings can not be ignored: 1. Difficulty in processing, so the shape is single; 2. High water absorption, easy to crack; 3. Radiation is difficult to control; 4. Expensive. The artificial stone countertop overcomes all the shortcomings of marble. There are many kinds of flower samples, the price is also very suitable, the waterproof ability is super strong, the crack is of course not broken, and the processing shape is diversified. Disadvantages: Due to the large amount of pressed granular material (plastic component), the hardness is slightly inferior (easy to scratch), and long-term high temperature is likely to cause deformation. The tempered glass has high hardness, strong waterproof ability, and is not easy to be scratched, but the shape is single, it is easy to hang dirty, and it should be cleaned frequently.
   Bathroom Cabinet Option 2: How to choose the cabinet main material
   Cabinet is optional The important aspect of the bathroom cabinet, the material of the cabinet is the key factor in determining the grade of the bathroom cabinet, whether it is durable and the service life. The selection of high-end bathroom cabinets is mainly solid wood, PVC and MDF. It is recommended to use solid wood board, followed by PVC board, and MDF is not recommended. Although the price of solid wood boards is higher, it is more durable. To buy a bathroom cabinet with solid wood as the base material, we must first look at its construction process, whether the surface is smooth, smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, creped, etc. The solid wood cabinets that are qualified for work are very resistant to moisture and mildew, and are not easily deformed. Followed by PVC sheet, the water resistance is undeniable. Because PVC sheets have a large amount of plastic components, their environmental protection and high temperature (heating) capacity are greatly reduced. Less suitable is the MDF. Since the MDF is made of wood shreds, the moisture resistance is weak. It is prone to mold, deformation and peeling in the humid air for a long time.
   Bathroom Cabinet Option 3: How to choose the mirror
   First, the quality of the mirror itself, this is very simple, take a photo, no discoloration, no polygons, and then see if there is a liner and back plate on the back of the mirror to prevent mercury wear. The second is to see if it is multi-functional, whether there are boxes behind the mirror and next to it, it can make the bath more convenient. If you want to choose a bathroom cabinet, the above three considerations are more important. As for the color, style, shape, etc., you can see your aesthetic ability and your aesthetic taste. As for the price, it is naturally a penny. Of course, you have to compare several to get less.
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Consider these before changing the balcony

In the adjustment of the home improvement pattern, the balcony is often the area that many people want to adjust. Especially for the owners who have two balconies at home, they usually consider renovating one of the balconies. However, although the balcony is generally small in size, but there is still a lot of problems that we need to pay attention to if we want to change or package it! Today, I will tell you about the six issues that need to be paid attention to in order to seal the balcony, so that everyone will be free to seal and leave a security risk.

1, package remodeling needs to pass the approval

Here to insert a sentence, the industry mainly pays special attention to the closure of the balcony must obtain the consent of the community property management department. News reports Many property owners have installed the balcony, the property is coming to the door. Because in order to maintain the façade of the buildings in the community, the property is not allowed to refurbish the balcony. If the occupant packs the balcony without the permission of the residential property management department, it is likely to be punished and repaired.

2, to distinguish between the primary and secondary

Before the decoration, the main balcony and the secondary balcony should be separated, and the function of each balcony should be clearly defined. The balcony is generally adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom. It is the main balcony. The function should be based on leisure and fitness. It can be installed in the gym, tea room, etc. The decorative materials on the wall and the floor should also be consistent with the living room; the secondary balcony is generally in the kitchen, or in addition to the living room and master bedroom. The rooms are adjacent, mainly for storage, washing and other functions, and the decoration can be simpler.

3, understand the load, do not arbitrarily change

The balcony of most houses is not designed for weight bearing, so whether you want to transform the balcony into What space, you must know its load-bearing in advance, try not to put too many heavy items on the balcony to avoid danger. In addition, there is a wall between the living room and the balcony. The door and window on the wall can be removed, but remember that the lower half of the window must not be removed, and do not explore the balcony in order to expand the space. This is very dangerous. the behavior of.

4, to ensure that the window is installed firmly

The balcony window must be installed firmly, pay attention to its resistance to wind. The drawing points of windows and walls, lintels, and slabs must be sufficient, and the nodes should be strong. The fixing should be firm. The frame and cross frame of the aluminum window of the balcony must be fixed on the guardrail and top of the balcony. It should be fixed in the concrete with nails and rivets, and then reinforced with painted angle steel.

5, pay attention to seal and drainage

The balcony package should be sealed, otherwise the air leakage is equal to no seal. The lower part of the window sash is most likely to seep water. Generally, a gap of 2 cm is reserved under the window frame, and it is filled with a special sealant or cement. In addition, there should be an outward slope on the outside of the closed form to prevent water seepage; in addition, because many owners now install faucets on the balcony and put on the washing machine, this requires the waterproof and drainage system of the balcony floor. In order to avoid leakage.

6, do a balcony package acceptance

The window packaged balcony requires close closure, uniform clearance, close connection of the fan and the frame, flexible push-pull, complete accessories, correct position installation It is firm, flexible and suitable for correct appearance. In order to prevent the rainwater from flowing back into the room, the outside of the window frame and the window sill interface should be filled with cement mortar, and the outside of the window sill should have a running water gradient.
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