What are the environmental protection tax levies, which are closely related to furniture manufacturing companies?

On April 1, 2018, the environmental tax ushered in the first levy. Since its official implementation on January 1, 2018, the environmental protection tax has been implemented for one quarter, and the first environmental tax tax has been issued throughout the country.

The new tax law has been levied as a traditional industry, What do you need to know about furniture manufacturing companies? Sina Home integrates environmental protection tax related policy interpretation, lists five major issues, please know:

Do furniture manufacturing need to pay environmental taxes? Which pollutants involve environmental protection taxes?

The Environmental Protection Tax Law provides for direct discharge to the environment in the territory of the People’s Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China. Enterprises and institutions that are taxable pollutants and other producers and operators are taxpayers of environmental protection tax. The pollutants that need to be levied on environmental taxes are mainly air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise.

As a traditional industry, air pollutants, water pollution There are four types of pollution, such as materials, solid waste and noise, which are almost entirely occupied by furniture manufacturers. Therefore, there is no luck, furniture manufacturers must pay environmental taxes, no doubt!

What is the environmental tax collection standard? ?

According to the Environmental Protection Tax Act The regulations for atmospheric, water, solid waste, and noise are not the same:

1 taxable atmospheric pollutants and taxable water pollutants are determined according to the number of pollution equivalents of pollutant emissions;

2 taxable solid waste is determined by solid waste emissions ;

3 taxable noise in accordance with national standards The number of decibels is determined.

Using current air and water pollutant discharge standards As the lower limit of the tax, the tax amount is set as the upper limit of 10 times the minimum tax standard, ie:

Atmospheric pollutants: 1.2 to 12 yuan per pollution equivalent;

Water Contaminant: $1.4 to $14 per pollution equivalent;

solid waste: ranging from 5 yuan to 1000 yuan per ton;

Noise: According to the number of decibels exceeding the standard, ranging from 350 yuan to 11200 yuan per month.

Corporate needs attention, environmental tax It is not only taxing pollutant discharge enterprises that exceed the prescribed standards, but also the pollutant discharge enterprises that do not exceed the standard. The Environmental Protection Tax Law stipulates that only the taxable noise emitted by taxpayers is taxed according to the number of decibels exceeding the state regulations. Taxable atmospheric pollutants, taxable water pollutants, and taxable solid waste, regardless of whether the taxpayer exceeds the national and local standards, should be calculated according to the actual discharge of pollutants.

Is there any tax exemption and preferential policies for environmental taxes?

Yes, but compared with furniture companies Small.

5 items are temporarily exempt from environmental protection Tax:

1 Agricultural production outside of large-scale farming emits taxable pollutants;

2 Mobile pollution sources such as motor vehicles, railway locomotives, non-road mobile machinery, ships and aircraft emit taxable pollutants;

3The centralized urban and rural sewage treatment and living Garbage centralized treatment sites discharge corresponding taxable pollutants, which do not exceed national and local emission standards;

4 comprehensive utilization of solid waste meets national and local environmental protection standards;

5 Other circumstances in which the State Council approves tax exemptions.

2 tax breaks:

1 The Environmental Protection Tax Act stipulates that taxpayers emit taxable atmosphere If the concentration of pollutants or water pollutants is lower than 30% of the national and local pollutant discharge standards, the tax will be reduced by 75%;

2 Taxpayers emit taxable atmospheric pollutants or water pollutants at a concentration lower than 50% of national and local pollutant discharge standards , minus 50% tax.

If a furniture company wants to be tax-free, it can For the fourth comprehensive utilization of solid waste, solid waste shall be stored or disposed of in facilities and places that meet national and local environmental protection standards. If it does not directly discharge pollutants into the environment, the environmental protection tax of the corresponding pollutants will not be paid.

The word “direct” is used here. The Environmental Protection Tax Law stipulates that enterprises and institutions that directly discharge taxable pollutants to the environment and other producers and operators are taxpayers of environmental protection taxes. There are two situations that do not belong to the environmental pollution tax that directly discharges pollutants into the environment and does not pay the corresponding pollutants. First, it discharges taxable pollutants to centralized treatment of sewage and centralized treatment of domestic garbage. The second is to store or dispose of solid waste in facilities and places that meet national and local environmental protection standards.

and the environmental tax is calculated based on the actual emissions of the pollutants Taxation, the word “actual” is critical. Enterprises with more sewage should pay more taxes, and less pollution can enjoy tax reductions, so companies should reduce emissions! Reduce emissions! Reduce emissions! (Important things say three times!)

How do I declare an environmental tax?

According to the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the tax payment for tax payment is calculated according to the fixed term. People, environmental taxes are taxed on a quarterly basis, but taxpayers still need to calculate the tax payable on a monthly basis, and report the tax payable on a quarterly basis. That is, “calculated on a monthly basis and declared on a quarterly basis”.

Unknown businesses may be on a monthly basis Calculations and quarterly declarations are confused. Here, we carefully explain that the environmental protection tax is subject to the policy of reporting and paying quarterly, but the taxpayer still needs to calculate the tax payable on a monthly basis.

every month–calculate this month Tax payable (no declaration, no payment)

Each quarter — summary report pays the entire quarter of the tax payable (requires declaration, need to pay)

In other words, each month only needs to be calculated. After the end of the entire quarter, all taxables for this quarter (three months) will be collected and taxed.

Is the company increased after the environmental protection tax? Burden?

Change the sewage charge to environmental protection tax It follows the principle of “tax shift”, and the scope of taxation and tax rate have basically not changed. After the environmental protection tax is levied, the taxation rigidity will be strengthened, and the collection mechanism will be more stringent. Some enterprises that have paid unpaid sewage charges will be included in the taxation scope, but the environmental protection tax accounts for a lower proportion of the enterprises paying taxes and fees, generally at 1%. In the following, in general, it does not constitute the main burden of the enterprise, and the fee change has little effect on the cost burden of the enterprise.

After all, environmental taxes are not for the purpose of increasing fiscal revenue Therefore, the impact on the cost burden of enterprises is limited. This requires enterprises to reduce emissions and reduce emissions. Re-emphasize the importance of emission reductions!

(Source: Sina Home)


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Software + hardware, home soundproofing

  Many villa decoration owners pay great attention to the quality of sleep, especially when they are in the noisy city, there is still a tweeter from the side of the road, early Noise from the city, etc., will affect our lives more or less. Therefore, we must start from a multi-faceted perspective of home life to achieve better sound insulation and reduce the impact of outdoor noise on us. So, how is Dongyi Risheng doing?

  1, rough Wall

  The main reason for the echo in the bedroom is that the wall is smooth, and the principle of echo is similar to the light reflection. , can be reflected through the smooth wall. Therefore, the rough wall surface can effectively reduce the indoor echo method, in addition, the selection of sound insulation materials in the wall and ceiling decoration can also receive good results.

&emsp ; 2, install thick windows and doors

  Environmental noise is mainly transmitted from the window gap, In most cases, a single-layer insulating glass window with better material quality can achieve better sound insulation, and for those living along the road, it is especially necessary to install a double-layer hollow glass window with good sound insulation.
  The double-glazed glass window is actually a layer of insulating glass than the single-layer insulating glass window, between the two sides of the glass There is a vacuum layer, and the vacuum layer can isolate the sound transmission. Generally, the sound insulation window larger than 1mm is better.

&emsp ; 3, fabric multi-purpose point

   can achieve better sound insulation by using more fabrics, especially It is a relatively large and relatively empty room, and the curtains can be properly installed. The carpet can achieve the sound-absorbing effect. The thick curtains installed in the home can not only block the strong light from entering the room, but also resist the noise outside.

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2018 consumption comprehensive upgrade Do you catch the bonus of the door and window industry?

Almost halfway through 2018, in 2017, the rising price of raw materials in the door and window industry gave the situation a severe situation, which intensified the industry’s reshuffle process. In the door and window industry of the survival of the fittest, if enterprises want to develop steadily, they still need to grasp the development trend of the industry. , how does the next aluminum doors and windows industry develop?

Because of the low barriers to entry in the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry, the use of brand marketing to enhance brand awareness has become a means of competition among enterprises. The technical content of aluminum alloy door and window products is not high, and there are quite a lot of companies joining the competition. There are more enterprises, and there are more brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The competition of aluminum alloy doors and windows brands is very fierce. How to improve the brand awareness of aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises has become the main problem of enterprises at present, and even some enterprises have multi-brand phenomenon, which can open more markets and increase competitiveness. For brands, it is necessary to promote the market share, but it is limited to high-quality brands. If a company does not have a good brand, then it is only useless, so it is not just a multi-brand, but a multi-brand!

Now, a lot of aluminum alloy doors and windows are produced The development of enterprises to a certain extent, most manufacturers feel that a single aluminum alloy door and window products can not fully meet the needs of enterprise development, many aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers no longer only produce a single aluminum alloy door and window products, but slowly began Transformed to the cabinet, wardrobe or wood industry. However, some manufacturers concentrate on research and development of aluminum alloy door and window products, and constantly upgrade and add value to the original products in terms of process, materials, and scientific and technological content, continuously improve the cost performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and then continue to develop products for aluminum alloy doors and windows. . The diversification of products should be based on the high quality of products. Blindly pursuing product diversification and neglecting product quality, this is undoubtedly a fire, as well as the company’s main product line, to lay a solid foundation and improve the product line

A grab-and-hold market share may end up due to quality issues My original product is doing bad together.

Before, most aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers At the time of the first venture, the investment was not large, whether it was in terms of capital or factory scale, and even some enterprises were small workshops or couple shops of three or five people at the beginning of their business. However, with the changes in the market and the need for development, a large number of aluminum alloy doors and windows brands are growing up from these small workshops and couples stores.

The market’s survival of the fittest and layer shuffling, After more than ten years of development, the small factories that have grown up are developing towards the direction of enterprise grouping, and they must grow and develop in the fierce market competition. The development of enterprise grouping is the only way out. Groupization is inseparable from the complete production equipment, and it is inseparable from the complete talent reserve. The early investment is not to be underestimated. It is not supported by strong financial, material and human resources. It is difficult to rely on the original singles. Climate. Therefore, large-scale investment and large-scale production are the development trend and the only way to the group.

The development trend of the industry is changing all the time, Door and window enterprises also need to understand the current situation, grasp the trend of the times, comprehensively consider various factors and make reasonable planning, so as to avoid the wrong way and miss the best development opportunity. In short, if you want to develop in the long run, you need to lay a solid foundation. Quality products win a good reputation and then proceed to the next step.

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No matter how late, we are all – a thank you letter from the northern wall

In the blink of an eye, 2017 is drawing to a close, and in the past year, thank you to everyone who chose Northern Xinjiang. Although it is not too early for you to meet me, I am honored to meet you when you need it.

In these 360 ​​days, you will be with you every day and night, and you will be aldehyde-protected.

Thank you, in the thousands of diatomaceous earth, let me change from powder to what you like. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple are the colors that you have given me.

embossing, danqing, texture, elastic coating, cloud top, engraving, dream, screen printing is the beautiful dress you gave me.

Thank you for choosing a skilled craftsman with such a craft, shaping me beautifully, so that I can proudly show it to the world.

I clearly remembered that you breathe 20Kg of air a day at home. On the day you go out to work, I am also working hard to create a healthy, fresh and comfortable environment at home.

In those days when the wind and rain are raging, no matter how many nights we never slack off. Declare war on the aldehyde world and keep your family away from decoration pollution. It is said that companionship is the most long-lasting dialogue. The northern diatom mud is willing to continue to protect your home health, accompanying you through the next spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Article reprinted from northern Xinjiang diatom mud


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Direct hitting the industry’s pain points

Since 1994, the concept of smart home has been in China for the first time since it was introduced to China for 24 years. China’s smart home industry has experienced the fascination of the budding period (1994-1999), the hard work of the pioneering period (2000-2005), the pain of the flood season (2006-2010), and the regeneration is now in the process of integration and evolution. .

Direct industry pain points smart home ecological construction speed up

Chinese companies have started late in the smart home industry, but their development prospects are promising. On the one hand, China has built a wide range of Internet infrastructure, and a number of technology companies have accumulated high technology in areas such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and IoT technology. On the other hand, China’s traditional home appliance manufacturing industry is very capable. . According to the data of Analysys think tank, the size of China’s smart home market is expected to reach 180 billion yuan in 2018. According to a report by market research firm Zion, Asia Pacific will become an important growth factor in the smart home market in the next few years. High prices, limited consumer demand, security, reliability, and interoperability have all become obstacles to the popularity of smart homes.

By benefiting from the penetration of technology in the realm of life, in recent years, consumers have The pursuit of texture life has gradually turned into a “sense of intelligence.” The digital home has also made smart homes begin to become fashion trends, imperceptibly affecting home life. From smart cities, smart transportation, to smart families, smart medical care, and wisdom education, from macro to micro, smart life comes to the fore. “Technical heat affects the direction of smart homes, AI will help new genes in smart homes. Smart homes have gone from ecological disputes to all-platform competition for product interconnection. The revolution has arrived.” Zhou Jun, secretary general of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, is in the smart The Life Series Summit Forum said.

With the wider and deeper cooperation between smart home businesses, mindset It is also becoming more open. During the year, there are many interconnections from the cloud to the chip, and more open platforms emerge. Enterprises actively promote the cooperation of the ecosystem to build complementary advantages, collaborative and innovative industrial chain cooperation and win-win platform, and explore new growth momentum of the industry. Leading the development of the industry to a new level.

The cooperation of the ecosystem has solved the painful link between smart home scenes. Let smart homes not connect for connectivity, smart and intelligent, it will enter all the home appliances into the smart scene ecosystem, so that the product’s intellectual ability can be integrated into the home life. This kind of thinking breaks the thinking limitations of traditional smart home solutions and forms a strong commercial support. It also brings customers to the market while revitalizing user resources.

The competition in the smart home field has already evolved from product and system to ecological Fight. The so-called ecological dispute depends on who has a platform to convene more partners, and the accumulated user base is large. Of course, the premise is that the smart home scene experience provided by the user is better, otherwise it will eventually be abandoned by the user, or even It is the first to become an escaper in the field of smart home. According to the author, the future ecological platform dispute will be the situation of “big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp”, and finally form the trend of “three countries standing”.

An important factor behind the Hundreds of Boxes is that the giants are fancy It is a smart ecology carried by smart speakers. The ultimate goal is to grab a line of entrances through smart speakers and get a ticket to the smart home ecosystem. In the process of the intelligent ecology of the giants, the smart speakers are like the Trojans that were put into the Troy city by the Greeks.

According to relevant industry insiders, the smart speaker connection data is large, and the smart speaker is at the front end. Each interaction generated will be fed back to the cloud platform. Brand operators can improve the products through the big data collected by the front-end, provide users with a better experience, provide more reference for their subsequent product development, and more importantly. It is to build a smart home ecosystem through smart devices to provide users with more content and services.


The digital revolution is in full swing, and intelligence has been fully integrated into social life. Deeply cultivating big data technology and grasping the opportunities for artificial intelligence development has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the smart home industry. The Juli AI Ecology, combined with the upstream and downstream industry chain, sharing high-quality project resources, jointly promoting the development of the industry chain, and building a smart life of the whole scene is the era trend of the smart home industry to achieve a win-win future.


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Decoding new retail, Mousse launches Golden Butler Service Brand

   June 1st, co-hosted by Mousse Bedding and Wu Xiaobo Channel “Retail New Species·Mussian Gold Butler – 2018 Muse Service Brand Launch Conference” was held at the Sheraton Xixi Hotel in Hangzhou. Wu Xiaobo, a financial writer, and Wu Sheng, the founder of the Scene Lab, and Yao Jiqing, the president of Mousse, attended the event and discussed the new retail breaks. They witnessed the official release of the new retail species, the Musijin Butler Service Brand.

  Goldhousekeeper is admiring The brand new service brand launched by Sis is different from the bed, mattress, row skeleton, pillow and other physical objects provided by Mousse in the past. The service is commercialized and branded, and the new retail outlet is well grasped. 360° matrix service consisting of full life cycle scene experience, full sleep data detection service, sleep consultation service, deep decontamination service, full life scene experience, and colorful sunlight distribution installation service, from the vertical and horizontal axes of time Power, really do a good night’s sleep, accompanied by life.

  10 years of exploration, 4 years of polishing, according to international advanced Service standards and process incubation have become the brand of Musi Jin Butler Service, which fundamentally subverts the traditional retail model of “selling goods and goods” after the past sale of the home industry, realizing the value reconstruction between enterprises and consumers. For the model of Mu Sijin’s housekeeper, financial writer Wu Xiaobo gave a high evaluation, and praised Mousse as an important practitioner of China’s consumption upgrade. As an iteration of a healthy sleep system, this new species of gold butler has become a moat for mousse.

  in new retail Under the turmoil, how to dig deep into the enterprise moat, how to use new methods, new methods, new scenarios, and better links with consumers? Long-term struggle in the first line of marketing, the president of Mousse Yao Jiqing gave the answer: return to the essence of business, build a super user. Through continuous upgrading of the link scene with consumers, it achieves strong correlation with consumers, high viscosity, and fully occupies the time value of customers. The customer is no longer a god, but a family member, so the Mussin Housekeeper is a healthy sleep housekeeper who spends his life with the consumer.

   at the press conference, Also unveiled with the Musi Jin Butler Service is the “M Expert’s second generation of anti-snoring mattresses”. The German imported Ivo珑 珑 螨 fabric makes the mattress more effective and hinder, and upgrades the use of imported latex, 3D materials and defense in Thailand. Interfere with the independent tube spring to create a comfortable sleep. It also forms a closed loop of “product + service” with the Golden Butler Service. The temperature-like service like family members and the continuous exploration and upgrading of products in the spirit of artisans constitute the life of Mousse in the “new retail era”. The complete solution.

  Wu Xiaobo at the event Share their own opinions. He believes that whether it is a new species, or a new retail, regardless of businessHow the logic changes, the fundamental standard of consumer judgment still lies in the product and the service itself. When the enterprise is a combination of hardware products and software products, you can get rid of the price of the Red Sea and upgrade your brand.

   At the same time, multi-scene links allow users and products There is an emotional connection between them, just like the super user created by the Musijin Butler Service, which is not only the consumer of the product, but also the loyal user of the product. At the same time, it may be the disseminator of the product and even the brand reputation, thus the materialized product. The result is a personalized brand.

   Wu Xiaobo, Wu Sheng, and Yao Jiqing also conducted in-depth discussions on how to play “new species” in the “new retail” era. The combination of theory and business practice experience has brought profound inspiration to the audience.

   As the initiator of the “New Species Experiment”, Wu Sheng believes that “new species” is an unfinished vocabulary, it requires more practitioners to create and attack, and enterprises must be for the current society. The trend has a deep understanding and it takes advantage of the trend. Sleep is a professional matter. In this sleepless era, the Mussin Housekeeper is the new species that comes to life.

  How do new species move away from the distance? Wu Xiaobo said that no matter how innovative retail is, it will eventually return to the products and services itself, and consumers will become your super users. The gold butler service brand released by Mousse essentially enhances the relationship with consumers. The moat that protects this group of users has been widened.

   Forum scene, Musi Yao Jiqing is proposed, The era of sleep knowledge payment has arrived, and the era of sleep butler service has arrived. Today, Mousse has a core competence that is based on its expertise in the field of sleep, culture, and the ability to sleep professional solutions. Mousse is no longer a product. It is a way of living a healthy life.

  in “new retail Under the tide of the rise, Mousse launched the Golden Butler Service as the key layout for the upgrade of the Mousse brand system, and it is also an inevitable choice for better fulfilling the corporate mission of “making people sleep better”. It is believed that the release of this new species of Mu Sijin Butler will also provide more reference and reference for the new retail of the whole industry, thus promoting the overall development of the industry and ultimately benefiting consumers.

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Is it necessary to install gauze curtains? How to choose gauze curtains?

  The curtain is an essential element for decorating a new house. Its importance is self-evident. A delicate curtain can become a beautiful landscape in the living room. . In recent years, many owners have adopted curtains and gauze to install them together. Is it necessary to install curtains for curtains? Today this article will share this issue with everyone, looking forward to helping friends in need.

  Do curtains need to be fitted with gauze?

   In recent years, gauze has become popular in home decoration. It not only blocks strong ultraviolet rays, prevents mosquitoes from flying indoors, but also creates a warm and romantic living room. Atmosphere. So is it necessary to install curtains on the curtains? Xiao Bian believes that it is not necessary to install gauze under any circumstances. Everyone should choose according to the actual situation in the home. It can be used for reference in the following aspects:

  1. You can start from the spacing of the residential buildings. If the spacing of the buildings in your house is relatively far, at least 60 meters, you can choose not to install gauze. If the floor space is less than 50 meters, the curtain can effectively protect the privacy without affecting the light.

  2. The floor is also a factor to consider. If the floor is higher than 20 floors, you can choose Not installed; if the floor is low, especially on the 1st to 3rd floors, it is recommended to install gauze, which can effectively protect the privacy; if the floor is on the 11-13 floor, commonly known as &ldquo;dust layer & rdquo;, the living room installation yarn can be effective dust-proof.

  3. In addition, everyone also needs to look at the orientation of the family. If the home is well lit, the south-facing living room TV is easy to reflect, and the curtains have a shading effect, which does not affect the overall light transmission of the home.

  How to buy a gauze
  The effect of seeing the gauze is still relatively large, then how should we choose the appropriate gauze? You can choose the color of the gauze according to the different space used in the home, such as the living room. If you choose a warm-colored curtain, it will set off a warm and warm atmosphere. If you study the room, you can choose fresh green curtains to create a natural, quiet and secluded atmosphere. In the bedroom, you can choose a balanced color to bring softness and comfort. A leisurely visual experience. For example, in a dimly lit north-facing room, it is suitable to choose neutral shades of curtains; in a sunny room with bright red or yellow shades, the strong light can be adjusted to soft astigmatism. The gentle texture of the room.

  How to choose two curtains
   In order to achieve good results, the area of ​​the curtain should be the same as the area of ​​the curtain. Before you buy, you should measure the corresponding window size and then according to the corresponding size. Tailored to create curtains. The area of ​​the curtain should be able to cover the window to have a good shading effect. The length of the curtains should be determined by the specific conditions of the window. Floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows require floor curtains; windows that are higher than the floor sill can use either floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains with window sills; larger windows should choose curtains that are wider than the window holes, so that the visual balance can be achieved. .

  How to buy three curtains
   In the past, the color and fancy of the gauze were relatively simple, and nowadays the style of gauze has gradually increased. When you choose the gauze pattern, you should choose the corresponding pattern from the decoration style, size and personal preference of the room. If the window is short, try not to choose a horizontal pattern or a small floral pattern. Small windows avoid the choice of large patterned curtains.

  The above is about the need to add curtains to the curtains, the curtains are generally suitable for the hall or The bedroom is used, and other spaces in the home are not suitable for the curtains! In addition, when you buy curtains, curtains, the size is very important, the length and width, so as not to buy the size of the curtains are not the same, resulting in waste.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network)<

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Large-scale home furnishing companies set off a wave of acquisitions. Can you really achieve a big home?

  With the rise of the concept of big home, in recent years, many large home furnishing companies have whipped up an acquisition wind, vying to go Acquire small and medium-sized furniture companies in other furniture fields to achieve cross-border and expand their sales channels. The cakes in the big home market can be divided. But behind this big acquisition, there are always some problems that make people feel uneasy. Can this method really achieve the era of big home?

  The buying tide of the home industry

    In January 2018, Meike Home purchased a 60% stake in MUSTHoldings Limited, a high-end furniture and accessories manufacturing company, for $4.92 million. In addition, VIVETINC, a subsidiary of its subsidiary, Meike International, intends to acquire a 100% stake in the middle and high-end custom soft furniture Rowe for US$25 million.

   In March 2018, Gujiajiao purchased a 99.92% stake in luxury furnishing furniture brand RolfBenz for 320 million yuan On March 22, it acquired a 51% stake in Natuzzi, the largest wholly-owned subsidiary of Italy, in Shanghai, for approximately RMB 500 million.

  In April 2018, Bunny invested about 335 million yuan to acquire the second largest shareholder of Nature Home Nature’s home 270 million shares, about 18% of the shares, became the second largest shareholder of nature home.

  In May 2018, Nature Home announced the acquisition of Wellmann, a German high-end cabinet brand, which is well-known in Germany. Kitchen and bathroom manufacturer ALNO Group. This has become commonplace in the home industry. With the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more industries are beginning to penetrate each other. In recent years, home furnishing such as building materials, furniture and decoration have been frequently acquired and incorporated into other brands.

  Single item To the big home, the interests are driving

  the home business mentioned in the above case, in fact As early as a few years ago, it began to conduct mergers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, thus opening up the deployment of the “big home” strategic model. Why is this model so favored by capital?

   “Large Home” is considered as an integrated upgrade of the home industry, the brand hopes to focus on a certain field At the time, divide a piece of cake. However, it is not practical to start from scratch. For big brands, it is necessary to set foot in a technical field that they are not familiar with. The cost of trial and error is too high. Therefore, the acquisition of small and medium-sized brands that have already explored a set of mature development routines has become a quick acquisition. An important way of benefit.

   As early as July 2013, Sofia released the latest advertising slogan to change the original “custom wardrobe” As a “custom home”, it announced the beginning of the strategic deployment of “big home”. Then in March 2014, Sofia signed a cooperation with the French kitchen manufacturer and established the Smy cabinet in June.

  In 2014, “Nature Floor” was officially renamed “Nature Home” and proposed “Home Integration” The company’s corporate strategy integrates the three products of flooring, cabinets and wooden doors. In the cabinet project, the company acquired the 9.09% stake in the kitchen and bathroom manufacturer ALNO AG; on the wooden door project, it reached a wooden door cooperation with the RWD Schlatter Group.

  Acquisition Really can achieve big home?

   Relevant data shows that the total output value of the home industry in 2016 has exceeded 4 trillion, expected In 2022, there will be a home business that breaks through 100 billion. The development model of “big home” is currently in the stage of continuous heating and rapid development. This directly expands the scope of the business,The way to increase the variety of products sold can indeed increase profits quickly in a short period of time.

   According to the 2017 annual report disclosed by Europa Home in April 2018, the deployment of “big” has been announced since 2014. Since the layout of the home, Oujia Home achieved operating income of 9.71 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 36.11%; in the same year, Sophia home revenue reached 6.161 billion, net profit of 9.07%.

   However, to expand the business section by direct mergers and acquisitions, deploy the “big home” strategy, behind this model The hidden dangers are equally obvious. While purchasing other products for labeling sales, whether it can guarantee the judgment of other unfamiliar product quality and control becomes a major pain point for the parent company.

  If you can’t get the same level as the original product, this type of merger is equivalent to several products. Bundle sales. In the long run, it will overdraw the trust of the brand.

   Although the revenue is as high as nearly 10 billion yuan, the overall gross profit margin of Europa Home is 1.91 lower than 2016. %. In addition, in this year’s 315 exposure, a number of consumers reacted to the serious quality problems of the European home.

   At the same time, another company, which was in 2016, was the company that bought the Blackjack wardrobe. — Del Home, while announcing the integration of resources, into the “big home” strategic deployment, was also exposed to serious quality problems in this year’s 315.

   At present, the definition of “big home” is still relatively vague, and the development model is also in the early stage of exploration. Most home furnishing companies, the blueprint for the “one-stop shopping experience” presented by the “big home” model is wonderful, but the process of landing practice is full of thorns of resource integration, cross-category operations and service system construction. waiting to be solved.

   In the next few years, whether the development of this model can be recognized by the market will take time to verify.


   Today’s big home is still a vague concept, requiring major furniture companies to lead the way . Of course, the current wave of acquisitions is only the only way they can start to explore. If you want to achieve the era of big home and win the hearts of consumers, in addition to the acquisition of furniture companies in other fields, the most important thing for furniture companies is to pay attention to the products of the company. Quality issues. Only when the quality is guaranteed can it be a stepping stone for this cake.


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The difference between carpet laying/rubbing, paving, and rugs

  The carpet is a common household item, which is sought after by many people because of its practical appearance and variety. Don’t underestimate a small carpet, just use it right, it is a clever combination with the overall home environment, you will receive the finishing touch. Today, Xiaobian will give you a little knowledge about carpets.

   First, the difference between carpet tile and carpet carpet
& emsp; & emsp; 1, according to the purpose of use, carpet tiles can be divided into patterned carpet and full carpet. The patterned rugs are mainly used for interior decoration and padding at a specific location, such as craft tapestries, hall blankets, coffee table blankets, door carpets, etc., which are generally expensive and used for local decoration;

   2, and full carpet used for the entire ground, is a large-area construction, the requirements for carpets are relatively low, so the cost is not very high;

  3, rug Usually flexible, it can be displaced without damaging the carpet, but the full carpet shift will damage the carpet because the full floor is fixed and the rug is not fixed;

 &emsp Second, how should the different bedroom carpets be laid separately?
  1, full shop

   For the bedroom carpet, some people choose to fill the floor, which is to cover the carpet floor. The width of this kind of carpet is generally 3.66 ~ 4 m. If the purchased carpet is larger than the floor area of ​​the room, the method of cutting and splicing according to the size of the bedroom can be used to achieve the full shop requirement. The bottom surface of the carpet can be glued directly to the floor, or the surface of the carpet can be stretched to minimize slippage between the carpet and the ground, and the nails are positioned around the wall roots.

  2, block

   Some people choose the carpet of the bedroom carpet, so that according to the needs of the bedroom, along with the terrain To assemble, without having to crop the map. The tile size is usually 500 m m × 500 m m, 450 m m × 450 m m or rectangular. The carpet surface is generally tufted, and the backing and middle lining are more elaborate. The finished product has a certain degree of stiffness, which can be bonded to the ground when laying, or it can be directly laid on the ground. The structure of the block carpet is stable and elegant, and the surface of the carpet can be printed or pressed into a pattern. It is very convenient to carry, store and assemble with the terrain and replace it in blocks.

  3, rugs

  At present, most of the bedroom carpets are rugs, most of which are woven carpets, fine workmanship, The flower pattern is complex and colorful, and the high grade has certain artistic appreciation value. The width of the rug is generally no more than 4 m, and the length and width are properly proportioned. The rug is laid on the ground, but it is not glued to the ground. It can be arbitrarily laid out or rolled up at any time. It is convenient to place it and it is used for many purposes.

   It’s easier said than done. It’s not easy to really use the colorful and diverse carpets on the market. Therefore, we still need to observe and combine our own aesthetics. Actual needs are tried repeatedly. If you don’t have the time and energy, you can also find us Master Wan. We are a professional home service platform. Here you can quickly find professional carpet installers, come to your door to solve problems and provide quality service! For more home information, please continue to pay attention to home repair and maintenance master Wan.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Have you got the correct posture to use the toilet?

  You must have such an experience. When you use the toilet, it is splashed on some parts of the body. The moment the splash is in contact with the butt, the whole person is not good. You think this is very Is it possible that your posture of using the toilet is wrong?

Japan’s X-ray photography found that the intestines were compared to the toilet The angle of defecation is better. According to Israeli research, the use of toilets is less than half of the toilets. The kneeling posture has always been the most natural posture for human defecation. The legs and body are 35° angles for better physical and mental health, when the rectal muscles are The greater the anorectal angle formed by the rectum and the straighter the rectum, the smoother the bowel movement. When sitting, the anorectal angle is about 80 to 90 degrees. When you squat, the anorectal angle can reach 100 to 110 degrees. In addition to the angle, abdominal pressure is high when squatting, which also promotes bowel movements. Solving this problem is very simple. Step on the bench with your feet and lean forward on your upper body to increase your abdominal pressure for smooth bowel movements. At the same time, your hands can hold your chin, and your elbows against your knees can stimulate your large intestine nerve to wriggle the large intestine. Such a toilet posture is the most standard.

The comfort angle is definitely more comfortable to sit, that is, there are some people who can’t do “standing reflection”, and even more People are deeply troubled by constipation. It is recommended that everyone get up to a good time rule after getting up every day. It will make your body react for a long time. If it is not discharged within 5 minutes, it is recommended to get up first, and then wait for the next time.

  Do you get your toilet posture correctly? You have more unlocking postures about the toilet. Please leave a message to let everyone know.


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